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Seahawks Drop The Ball Against The Bears

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Chicago 25, Seattle 19

Another disappointing loss, one that Seattle was dominating in the first half, one that the team may look back on later in the season as the reason they are home for the playoffs.

Picking a play of the game is hard but I am going to go with Chicago’s last play, a quick shot to Devin Hester. Travis Fisher was the Seahawks corner in coverage and was struggling to keep up with Hester. That became impossible when Seattle safety Deon Grant crashed into Fisher after Hester made the catch. Fisher may not have caught Hester but he had a better chance if he hadn’t been knocked out by his own teammate. Even with the two-point conversion, Seattle was only down by 6 with 2 minutes to go and should have done a better job at getting down the field.

The Good:

1. Nate Burleson. Top receiver on the field, Burleson came to play. He pulled down 9 catches for 109 yards to lead all receivers.

2. David Hawthorne. Filling Lofa Tatupu’s shoes is a big order but “The Hammer” did that and more with 15 tackles and an interception.

3. Julius Jones. 98 yards on 19 carries proved Jones can be a full time running back. Complimenting that with 3 catches for 39 yards and a touchdown means all around goodness.

4. Deion Branch. He actually played, so that was good.

The Bad:

1. Jim Mora. When was the last time a head coach threw his kicker under the bus for missing two field goals? Especially when he made four in the same game? Hey coach, how about actually attacking the end zone instead of relying on your kicker to score points for you? Like Don James said, you need to get six down there, not three to win the game.

2. Seneca Wallace. Yes, his stats were okay (26-44, 261 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT) but his decision making was horrid. Especially in the second half after right guard Rob Sims left the game with a strained oblique and the Bears opened up the blitzing to take advantage. Wallace looked like a deer in headlights on more than a couple of occasions. I hate to compare QBs but I felt Hasselbeck would have done more out there.

3. Deion Branch. Welcome back. I know it’s the first time you’ve been on the field in awhile but we’re really expecting more than two catches for 13 yards from you. I won’t even go into the failed endaround for an eight-yard loss on 3rd and 1.

4. Play calling. Okay, here’s where I call out that endaround. The team is driving. Julius Jones is running well. Why call this? Seriously, sometimes it is just getting cute for the sake of getting cute.

The Ugly:

1. Injuries. Along with Sims, Ken Lucas restrained his groin late and was out on the fatal completion to Hester. Hester may have still caught the ball but Lucas is a better tackler than Fisher. Unless Grant manages to knock Lucas out of the play as well.

2. Olindo Mare. Yes, I know he isn’t the complete goat here but damn, those two misses were makeable and ugly in execution.

Next up, a trip to Indianapolis to face the Colts. Yes, the same Colts that just decimated the Cardinals in Arizona. If the Seahawks don’t turn it around soon, it may quickly become too late.

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