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Sea of Anonymity

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About Aug

  • taliesin

    I’ll bite.
    Being (still, perhaps, somewhere) a Brit. Long happily immersed in the ocean that is France.

  • Phillip Winn

    I’ll confess to complete bewilderment, but I’ll comment nonetheless.

  • Augustine

    And I thought I was being crystal clear!
    OK, here’s the explanation:

    I’m hoping for more Comments (aren’t we all?) in the Comments box of my blog (and here too, of course) because responses make us feel protected from the deep dark sea of anonymity which threatens us.
    So the cartoon shows me building a protective wall made of ‘Comments bricks’. Get it?
    Naturally, this is an illusion. We’re still all alone out there in that deep sea, no matter how many comments we can accumulate.

  • Eric Olsen

    Very glad we finally got the technical aspects worked out for you! Welcome.

    Comments matter a lot to many bloggers, my wife for example, gets really pissed if she doesn’t get feedback. It matters to her more than traffic numbers. They are also important on a group site like this as an entirely new level of information and perspective.

  • Natalie

    Thanks Eric and Phillip for your help in getting me up here. Will keep on posting.