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Scrotum greasing

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Justin Hawkins, the Darkness’ insatiably flamboyant lead singer, has
commissioned two new outfits for their three Robbie support slots at Knebworth, 1-3 Aug. He added that they are so tight he will have to be naked underneath. Hawkins, who has Kylie Minogue’s stylist working on the costumes said: “The costumes are having to be chiselled on rather than sewn. They’ll be really spectacular. Because I’ve got to change quickly I’ll be going commando. It’s a case of greasing round the scrotum with Swarfega and shaving my buttocks so nothing catches on the fabric. Bands like us aren’t going to be cool
forever. We need to get stuck in.”

In a Radio interview with Jo Whiley conducted from his bath yesterday, Justin who has a longstanding contempt for the magazine, said that he was delighted to be on the front cover of the NME: “we co-operated fully… not.”

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