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ScreenTime 5/25/10 – The Celebrity Apprentice, More Lost, and Randomness

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What with Sunday's big doings on television, there was but one thing for Erin Medley and I to discuss tonight on ScreenTime.  That's right, we talked about The Celebrity Apprentice Finale.

No, seriously, we did talk about The Apprentice finale, which, let's face it, was kind of boring with no bad guy and with Bret Michaels getting such a massive sympathy vote.  It made it all horribly anti-climactic.

Of course, we did talk about Lost too.  Medley and I fall into the camp of quite enjoying the episode.  That being said, there are so many questions we both want answered that never ever will be, and that is a definite disappointment.  We're not asking for someone to hold our hand, but connecting a few more of the dots would have been quite beneficial.  Call us slow if you want – worse has been said about us – we just want to know more.  It's certainly not that we're angry at the producers except in that they agreed to end the series.  Surely there are more stories to tell.

There wasn't much time tonight to talk about the new fall season, but we did have a couple new thoughts and Erin Medley is embarking on a foolish quest to convince me to watch The Vampire Diaries.  That will not be happening, but her quest could be enjoyable.

Take a listen, and, as always, feel free to shoot us an email and maybe we'll read it on the radio!

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