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Screen Time 6/22/10 – Getting Hot in Cleveland

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On tonight's episode of Screen Time, the last episode before the next episode (which will be mid-July), Erin Medley and I spent much of the time discussing the summer programming options.  Those "summer only" dramas are returning in full force and a bunch of new ones are slated to debut this year as well.  Of particular note was the return this evening of Hawthorne which has been paired with the new series, Memphis Beat

Erin had not yet watched Memphis Beat, but I had the opportunity to see the pilot episode and was… not disheartened by what I saw.  It's a show not without issues (you'll just have to listen to Screen Time to hear what those are), but they could be overcome.

What Erin had seen, and was completely against, was ABC's new game show Downfall.  Not only did she not enjoy Chris Jericho's delivery as host, but she seemed to feel as though the entire thing was ill-conceived. 

Happily, Medley was able to take some solace in the fact that Betty White has returned to regularly scheduled television with Hot in Cleveland.  Both Erin and I agreed that the show has some laughs and I thought that while Betty White fever may be a little odd, no one deserves the accolades more than White.

To find out more, just visit Screen Time's BlogTalkRadio webpage.

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