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Scott Weiland Suffers Seizure On Plane

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Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland suffered a seizure on a flight from Los Angeles to Miami.  The 41-year old singer's mild seizure forced an emergency landing at Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

A publicist for the singer said he is "doing great" and is expected to make his scheduled performance in Miami.  Weiland has had previous seizures.

Weiland had recently finished a string of shows with STP, the band he helped lead to multi-platinum success before internal tensions and a string of legal troubles related to a serious drug addiction tore them apart.  The band reunited and parted again.  Weiland then joined up with former Guns 'N' Roses bandmembers in Velvet Revolver, making two records and touring extensively.  Internal tensions led to Weiland's departure from VR and he resumed his solo career and reunited with STP. 

Weiland was traveling with members of 'The Scott Weiland Band,' touring with him in support of his Happy in Galoshes CD, released last year.  He is also scheduled to make a promotional appearance on behalf of a new fashion line his is introducing.

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  • May be for a change, instead of writing reviews about the established famous popular bands, how about writing reviews and critics on the music from some unknown talents? Please visit my site and find some good/bad/worse music by undiscovered talents. It may be fun to review them.

  • lol…If you look around here, I think you will find that Fanboy writes A TON on the indie rock side of things. I think many of the writers here write on the indie rock side of things.

    I was even around, I believe when that “phrase” became used in songs by bands like Archers of Loaf and Picasso Trigger. The thing is at one point Scott Weiland was an undiscovered talent.

    Did you know he was all into the Depeche Mode, Cure type sound before turning to a more “grunge”. I believe and I could be wrong, but the night he was on MTV with his red hair, in a wedding dress singing Sex Type Thing (I believe) and at the time was pretty indie. They were signed what like a year maybe less and to play on at an MTV event in the rain as a lead act to the “established” that you disdain.

    I used to think like you that, bands were only real as long as they kept playing small clubs and staying on little labels. And while I do love seeing a quality rock band in a smaller venue (i.e. when I saw Chris Cornell at the Center Stage in Atlanta this year with 900 or so other folks), eventually these folks need money, they need to get rewarded for what they do.

    That or they quit and become ex-bands. There are exceptions to this rule (see Matador records list of bands), but isn’t the point of anything job related or even art related to do it well and get recognized and subsequently rewarded?

    I also write on the “unknowns” such as Seam, Ed Harcourt, Sunny Day Real Estate, Yo La Tengo (who is on that Matador), Helado Negro, etc…etc…but, I am pretty sure the point of this update was that a major force in music, someone who has influenced your unknowns had a pretty major scare with a seizure (having had a few I know they are no fun).

    Look around…if you don’t find any indie stuff on this site, you aren’t looking hard enough. If you want help finding it, I can def. point you to places like the author’s site Confessions of a Fanboy My HS and college friend’s site Aquarium Drunkard, Riddled Phantasms Magazine> or