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Scott Farr’s Jazz Farm

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Artist: Scott Farr
Title: Jazz Farm
Genre: Rock-Blues-Jazz-Instrumental Fusion
Label: Banana Bread Records

The cacophonous introduction to Scott Farr’s CD Jazz Farm has you scratching your head for a few minutes before everything settles in on the crazed opener “Grain Auger Amputee.” As the music relates to the “farm” and all its wonderful equipment and how you can turn your body parts into hamburger, the music itself takes a little trip through a mixing bowl. This is the weirdest it gets for the entire CD and then it just seems to get better with each song.

“Eff-Yoo” gets a little more civilized with sharp blues and jazz licks from Farr’s six-string, accompanied by the always-wonderful sounding Hammond B3 Organ. “Chicken & Bitches” starts you off with an intro regarding performing oral sex on one’s self with a complex set of ropes and so forth…however disgusting that may be, the guitar work just rocks and you quickly forget those comments, which were surely not meant for any deep thought, the focus here is the music. Farr is one serious dude when it comes to his music. This is air guitar stuff (don’t do this while driving) for all of you guys out there that practice that on a daily basis, and no, I am not going to admit if I do that. “King Anhydrous” takes you to a land far away; it is yet another example of this man’s ability to change guitar sounds and textures like the many faces of silent film star Lon Chaney. “Manure Spreader” is a vocal/guitar work out; the song actually reminded me of the character in the Movie School of Rock. Even when he is just kidding around and singing a crazy song like that, Farr plays some seriously rockin’ guitar.

Well, you gotta “Love This Life” when you have fun music like this to listen to.

Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck

August 13, 2004

1. Grain Auger Amputee (3:36)
2. Hey Staci… (3:04)
3. Eff-Yoo (3:30)
4. Chickens & Bitches (3:04)
5. Skruffy Skezix (3:28)
6. King Anhydrous (2:43)
7. Manure Spreader (3:01)
8. Love This Life (3:11)


Workers on the farm:

Scott Farr-Electric guitar, vocals
John Wood-Hammond B-3, clavinet, fender Rhodes, XB2, Wurlitzer, sruti box
Nate Wood-Drums
Tony Austin-Drums
Evan Collins Conway-Bass
Jonathan Marmor-minidisc hanky panky
Eric Sbar-Valve trombone
Jason Mears-Alto sax
Kris Tiner-Trumpet
Sharon Fatoorechic-Vocals
Keiko Johnson-Vocals
Matt Wrobel-Tanpura
Robert Jacobsen-Voiceover on track 7

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  • godoggo

    Well, Kris Tiner was playing with Vinnie Golia’s band (which also included guitar god Nels Cline) when I saw them a few weeks ago, so I figure this is likely cool, leastwise by my twisted standards. Nice that fusion’s back.