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Scorpio Lovers – Manipulation: Astrology-based Advice

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scorp card 2Hi Elsa,

I’ve been seeing my Scorpio boyfriend for almost a year. As a Scorpio myself, I’m used to getting in peoples’ heads fairly easy… but he’s a tough nut to crack. All his friends tell me he’s crazy about me, and I believe that – but why doesn’t he talk to me about real issues? I am the kind of person who needs a deeper emotional connection, so it’s very upsetting to me to find out he is opening up to all these other people besides me. And to be honest, he rarely says he loves me or gives me a compliment.

Every time I try to talk to him about all this, he freaks out. But I really need for him to reach out to me. Sometimes I feel as though my feelings and emotional needs aren’t important to him. I love him a great deal and I would love to take this relationship to an even deeper level. But if he’s not opening up because he doesn’t want to be with me or doesn’t feel this is long-term… then I feel I have the right to know.

How do I get him to open up?

Scorpio Lover

Dear Scorpio Lover,

First of all, forget about manipulating Scorpio! I don’t think you’re going to get this guy to do anything. WYSIWYG. Think, What You See Is What You Get, because this is the deal. But it doesn’t mean you have to go hungry.

I think you can solve some of this if you go deeper yourself. For example, what do you care what he says and doesn’t say? What does he doooooooooo? Most particularly, how does he screeeeeeew? Does he share his energy? Is there a deeply meaningful sexual exchange? Because this is how Scorpio loves and communicates. Beneath the surface, that is.

So if you can feel his energy on you – if you can feel his focus – then I think you should just focus on feeling it. Because you’re not dating Gemini here. You’re not dating “chatty”. And his energy is most personal thing he has!

If you can do this, I think it will lead you closer to where you want to be. Because pressuring a Scorpio, even subtly, will not endear them to you. What will is appreciating the intangible things they give you.

And regarding his friends, don’t worry about them. He doesn’t sleep with them does he? Well then, it’s not that personal.

Good luck.

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  • soap

    I was with one for two years… I’m an Aquarian and all I can say is run. He was the same way toward me but I figured out to be manipulation. It’s all a game to them until you walk away. Then they’re too proud to admit their wrongs and walk away without a fight.

  • Ship

    I’ve been dating a scorpio for about three months and its so true about what you see is what you get but the longer you wait the more you get as time passes. Just be patient and give him space when they need it. You just have to give them time to unravel what you’re all about before they can truly release some of their feelings. Its a slow process but have enjoyed every second of it. I’ve never been so infatuated by such a strong but yet gentle and caring personality once you get to know them. I’m a Taurus and love to be on the receiving end to this wonderful creature.