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Sci/Tech Review: Targus Notebook Rechargeable Laser Mouse

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For years I’ve been using the Gyration Ultra air mouse, but the battery recently failed and it’s become almost impossible to replace. I tried ordering a replacement battery and never got it.

A quick trip to the local electronics store was disconcerting. I wanted what I wanted, but I had to have something that worked. I picked up the Targus Notebook Rechargeable Laser Mouse after watching a friend use hers. I was prepared to hate it because I usually hate change in my computer software/equipment that I work on every day.

The laser-driven software turned out to be amazing. Within a few minutes, I was using the mouse like I’d been using it for years. I’d often forgotten to put my old mouse on the charger and it was aggravating waiting for it to charge back up. With the USB power cord that comes with the Targus mouse, charging while you’re working is no big deal. Not only that, but it charges extremely quickly so you get back to being cordless in a short time.

I don’t know exactly what the life expectancy of the rechargeable batteries are. I’ve used the mouse till it has died because I work till I can’t see straight, but I didn’t keep track of how many days had passed. An indicator might have been a good addition, but it’s not necessary. When the mouse is almost dead, you lose control of the cursor and you can tell. But it charges really quickly.

The purchase price is really agreeable as well. After looking at all the other brands and models on the shelves, I feel the Targus is competitively priced and often offers more than most of the others.

Although I still miss some of the freedoms of the air-mouse, I enjoy the Targus because it slid right into my workstyle so effortlessly and keeps pace with everything I do.

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