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The concept of science represents a collection of efforts put forth to expand the knowledge base of mankind, through research made in the fields of natural, formal, social, and applied sciences. The scientific method is at the core of these pursuits, with a general structure involving questions formulated leading to conducted experiments, followed by the results being analyzed and published for all to see.  The future of our understanding is based on this research, and resulting scientific discoveries are communicated through the blogosphere in a speedy fashion.

The rate of discovery increases daily, with various blogs reporting on items such as the  condition of the Large Hadron Collider experiment, the expanded usage of stem cells for the benefits of living organisms, and the continued development of nanotechnology for the medical and electronic advances it provides.

Individuals seeking scientific updates in editorial form have multiple choices at hand, including NASA's homepage with space and aeronautics updates, the Wired Science blog, and BlogCritics own science and technology section.

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