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I have to say I was surprised by the great reviews this movie received. I thought it would just a stupid, enjoyable comedy, and I guess that’s what it was. But I didn’t realize that it was directed by Richard Linklater, of Before Sunrise fame. So it was a really funny and well made stupid, enjoyable comedy. Plus it had Jack Black, who is really funny but hasn’t been in a whole bunch of good movies. Sure, he had a great bit part in High Fidelity and Orange County had its moments, but other Black movies have uniformly sucked.

The movie had a great supporting cast, too. I love Joan Cusack, although she was a little underused. Amy Sedaris was in the movie, too, playing (I think) a fellow teacher at the prep school, but I didn’t even recognize her. And Sarah Silverman has to be the best annoying, over-bearing girlfriend ever.

But Black and the kids were the stars. Especially good were Zach, the lead guitarist, Tamika, the overweight, underconfident backup singer, and Summer, the kiss up band manager and teacher’s pet. Beth really liked the tiny little blonde girl who was a backup singer, and I thought she was cute, too.

Of course I have to mention the soundtrack. It was awesome… lots of AC/DC, some Clash, and a Stevie Nicks (who I hate) song was really well used. The original number that School of Rock (the name of the band, as well as the movie) used for the battle of the bands was pretty cool, too, although it should have rocked out more on the verses.

All in all, a wonderful little movie. The movie frequently made me laugh, smile, and brought a few tears to my eyes, especially the triumphant battle of the bands. Everyone will enjoy this one.

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  • What makes me want to see this movie is that it is written by Mike White who wrote “The Good Girl” (probably the best movie which isn’t “Office Space” Jennifer Aniston was in).

    The combination of Linklater, Ebony and Ivory is almost enough to get me to a movie theatre.

    Ahh, who am I kidding, but I will catch the DVD the week it is released.

  • Taloran

    Speaking of Stevie Nicks, have you heard her voice on the new Flea Twoodmac* album? She sounds like she’s trying to imitate Marianne Faithfull after a two-week binge, but comes across just sounding like crap.

    * I call all the band’s music after the arrival of Buckingham Nicks “Flea Twoodmac.” They stopped being Fleetwood Mac when they fired Bob Welch.

  • Don’t forget my review of the sneak preview (http://blogcritics.org/archives/2003/09/10/131606.php) I saw weeks ago. Man, I had the scoop on this waaaaaay before anyone else did . . . but did anyone care? Nooooooo! Now everyone loves the movie, but is there love for me? Nooooooo!

  • Eric Olsen

    Been very curious, glad you liked it, very nice review Matt, thanks.