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Scary movies kids!

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I have a number of movies to watch on Halloween.

You get to decide. Lucky you.

So is it:

1) Young Frankenstein

2) Rocky Horror Picture Show
3) Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Halloween & Fear Itself
4) Halloween

Your vote is important, because otherwise, I could go out and get laid. Conversely if you want to get all whatever with me, let me know.

So, what movie should I watch?

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  • The Theory


    Go and rent Bambi.

  • Halloween

    or get laid 😉

  • C’mon! Make a Late Night, Double Feature of Rocky Horror and Young Frahnkensteen!

  • The Theory

    For the double feature, Bambi followed by Dumbo.

  • Actually I’d prefer a double feature of “Polyester” and “Debbie Does Dallas”.

    And with the scratch and sniff cards.

  • Young Frankenstein (that’s Frank-en-steen!). Mel Brook is a genius.

  • Perry Perdis

    I would say a double feature of Resevoir Dogs follwed by Full Metal jacket. That’s enough gore and violence for any halloween lol

  • I’d say The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And afterwards you should have much fun getting laid;-)

  • 1) Motel Hell
    2) The Omen
    3) Lemora
    4) The Monster Club
    5) Dinosaurus
    6) The Howling IV

  • If we are just going to Tacky grade-ecch, then we’re looking at:

    1) Carnosaur – Clint Howard and a chili-dog

    2) Amazon Women on the Moon – hey, it’s a bald fat guy in his underwear on my teevee!

    3) Rabid – okay, so I see Marilyn Chambers, but when is she going to get nekkid and do the nasty?

    4) Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers – do you want a shower cap?