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Scarlet – Something to Lust About

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I am the savior of rock ‘n’ roll
I am your electric shock control
You feel me up and you feel me out
I give you something to lust about!

Swagger and defiance are something that many bands try to portray, but usually they screw it up so bad that they end up looking like arrogant jerks that are so full of crap that they don’t know how bad their music really is. The members of Scarlet are masters of the swagger game. Their breathtaking aggression reeks with authentic metal credibility.

While many will associate their current members as being a part of Spitfire, no one will confuse the two. The only comparison to be made would be their heaviness and (apparently) their live show.

Chock full of heavy metal riffs, they mix it up with the occasional quasi-industrial breakdowns (Sell Yourself sounds like it could be a track straight off of Training for Utopia’s Plastic Soul Impalement).

This EP serves simply as a teaser; you will want more. You will lust for the new release; and you will be overcome

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