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Scarlet “Something to Lust About”

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Seething, dripping, sweaty metal is on the prowl. It’s name? Scarlet, and it is hungry.

Scarlet is a metal core band on Ferret Records and is contains members of former Solid State Recording artists Spitfire. This preview disc entitled, Something to Lust About, is a teaser and is only available online with a full length available everywhere to follow in the coming months.

With looped techno beats in the background and a screaming fury of vocals hitting you in the face like a pair of brass knuckles, Scarlet is a band to be on the look out for. It doesn’t hurt that they are on Stretch Armstrong and A Static Lullaby’s former label, Ferret Records either.

Overall, if metal is your cup of tea, then you are missing a premier example of one of today’s brightest up and comers by not having this disc.

Buy it now at Ferret Records

Jeff PEtermann
The Underground Mayhem Society

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