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Scared Artist: Capricorn Rising, Fear Of Success/Failure

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Dear Elsa,

I have crippling self worth and money issues.

I've been in therapy for three years and have come a long way. I'm an artist and my career is beginning to blossom. The problem is that my intense insecurity is hindering just about everything. I'm confident in my work… until faced with the idea of interacting with people. I sell my paintings for very low prices.

I could be doing so much more than I am. I don't know what I'm so afraid of! It feels so much easier to hermit away and paint and live in poverty. That's not practical — I have three kids to support. Any insight from an astro standpoint?

Painter On The Half Shell

capricorn steiff goatDear Half Shell,

Yes! You are simply going to have to show up for your life! And I can explain not only from an astrological perspective, but from a personal one. Because you and I have a lot in common.

You and I both have Capricorn rising. Saturn rules the chart. Saturn has a 28.5 year cycle (give or take) — around the wheel it goes. And wherever Saturn is, this is where our attention is focused. And right now, Saturn is climbing towards the top of the chart.

When it gets there in roughly seven years, “how we’re doing” will be public. In other words, we will reap whatever we have sown, as far as career goes. Does that scare you? Too bad! You’re going to have face your fear, because you know what? You are not going to be able to stop that planet any more than I am. Get it? This is happening.

My career is beginning to blossom as well. And like you, I have kids. And we need a bigger house! And like you, I am frequently scared. Oh… maybe every other day or so. Okay, I am scared every day. But it’s astrology that saves me.

Understanding Capricorn, I know that commitment is KEY. And planning long range is Capricorn's forte. So these are the things I think will help you:

  • Commit to be successful …in about seven years.
  • Recognize that between now and then, you will enjoy a slow climb commensurate with the effort you put forth.
  • Feeling fearful is expected and accepted. But since you are committed…well there is only one path.

Last, imagine the whole thing a mountain. Because you're a goat, you know. And there is nothing to do but climb the thing in front of you.

Right now, you are potential. In seven years, do you want to be somewhere? Or do you want people saying, "That Half Shell could have been someone but I guess she got scared?"

Riiiight. So get your ass in gear.

And for the record …yes. This is the status for all Capricorn risings and Saturn-ruled Aquarius risings as well.

Good luck.

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