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Politics is usually my game, but I thought I’d take time to note this.

MSNBC Because bunnies are such adorable little critters, people are hopping mad about a Web site called savetoby.com, filled with photos and even a video of a cute rabbit named Toby, accompanied by a threat on his life.
“On June 30, 2005, Toby will die,” proclaims an anonymous author on the site. “I am going to eat him. God as my witness, I will devour this little guy unless I receive $50,000 into my account.”

This is simply absurd. The hosting site made an incredibly bad moral and buisness move in allowing the site to continue.

But GoDaddy.com, an Arizona company that hosts the site, refuses to pull the plug. Bob Parsons, GoDaddy founder and president says, “There’s nothing illegal about the Web site. It’s perfectly legal to eat a rabbit.

Who cares if it is legal to eat a rabbit? Honestly, if you can’t pull it because it is wrong, pull it because it is bad for buisness. That is just my two cents.

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  • KOB

    I support GoDaddy’s decision not to pull the Web site. I know it’s been under pressure to do so, but that would be censorship and once you start there … however, that said, the people behind this effort should be ashamed of themselves.

  • Eh, GoDaddy has every right to pull it.

  • I saw this on the news too. Unfortunately, the reporters forgot to check their facts. Look here…

  • You failed to state why it is wrong other than the fact you don’t like it. Will you give up your blog if I can find one person who thinks it is “wrong”? Also, you haven’t proven that it is bad for business other than your not referring anyone to GoDaddy.com.

    Before Benning’s comments did you actually think it was real? Looks similar to when SNL left the death of a lobster up to viewers’ phone calls. I think the kids would say “you’ve been punk’d.”

  • i’ll repeat here what i said when one of my mates first alerted me to the save toby site:
    what a genius! it’s a great way to make money. I seriously doubt the guy will ACTUALLY kill his pet if he doesn’t raise the money. He’ll fake it one way or the other. And he’d already made over $10k when I visited, a number of weeks ago. Wish i’d thought of that…

  • hah, after checking snopes, it appears my suspicions were correct…

  • Dear Jeff,

    Bob Parsons, President and Founder, of GoDaddy.com here. I can tell you that while there are without a doubt some people upset about the SaveToby.com website, most people either find it amusing or simply don’t have an opinion. I suspect the people who are upset about the site are about 5% of those that have taken the time to look at it.

    You can be sure that I wish I wasn’t in the middle of this, but the fact is that I am. We (myself and my general counsel) looked at the website, and while it is unusual to say the least, there simply is nothing about the site that is illegal. There’s no cruelty to animals issue — if there was we would take it down. All the site is about is a guy who says that if he doesn’t receive a sum certain by a particular date, he’s going to eat a particular rabbit. That’s about it.

    The problem with us stepping up and taking it down is one of then where do we draw the line? We host over 400,000 multi page websites at present, and over 8 million domain names in the Go Daddy Group. There’s quite a few that are strange to say the least.

    I don’t have an opinion one way or the other with regard to the SaveToby.com website. However, I’m very comfortable with our opinion to leave the site in place.


    Bob Parsons
    President and Founder

  • Eric Olsen

    thanks Bob, very standup of you to stop by and give us your side of the story.

  • Rabbit is good meat, folks, and all this hoorah just shows the basic hypocracy of our pet-vs-meat reaction. I’ve kept rabbits for meat – the named pair, Ferdinand and Isabella, were sweet friends, whose purpose was to produce a litter every so often.

    We never named their kids, just slaughtered and skinned them when they were old enough. The breeding pair, on the other hand, lived to a ripe old bunny age, and brought us lots of income while they did.

    Just like Toby.

  • Eric Olsen

    I believe the concern is with the extortion angle