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Saying a Little More with a Mother’s Day Teddy Bear

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Who says you can’t be thoughtful, practical, and creative all at the same time? Your momma raised you better than that! She kissed you and tucked you in, sang you songs, and drove you around to all the places you needed to be. Even as you think back and remember all the times your mom surprised you with her kindness, thoughtfulness, and patience, it’s hard to think of a gift that perfectly translates your appreciation.

Whether you’ll be home to say “Happy Mother’s Day” or a thousand miles away, there’s no doubt she’s only looking for a hug, and giving her a personalized teddy bear is a great way to symbolize just that. Give her the gift of an everlasting hug with one of these Serious Teddy Bear Mother’s Day gifts.

Still, maybe you’re looking to add that little extra something to her Mother’s Day present this year. Bring a smile to her face with a few of these gift ideas that pair really well with those seriously fuzzy bears.

Favorite Movie or Television Show

We all have a guilty-pleasure television show or movie, one that breaks us down and brings us back as we watch it over and over again. Tell mom it’s time to prop up those feet and let the television do the work for once. Get her a remastered version of a favorite movie you used to watch together – or be daring and grab a television series that you know she’ll love. Maybe she’s a closet CSI fanatic, or maybe she’s always asking you what you’re talking about when you quote Lost, Arrested Development or House. Plus, what good is a movie if there isn’t anything to cuddle with? She’ll be more than happy to snuggle up with as she takes some time to watch some flicks and relax.


If you’re like me, you found your mom the perfect necklace or earrings, but accidentally couldn’t help yourself and had to give them to her right away. Maybe you found a small piece of jewelry that matches, but just doesn’t seem to hold its own as a complete gift. Spruce it up and make it fun by letting the bear don the jewelry in lieu of a stuffy box.

Crafts for the Kids

Nothing says “I love you” like a little bit of your time. There are so many things you can add to a teddy bear that will make it personal. If you’ve been trying your hand at knitting, crocheting, embroidering, or sewing, why not make a hat, scarf, shirt, or even
for the bear that throws a little bit of your spunk and personality into it? Have some real fun by trying to make the bear look and dress just like you! Your mom won’t be able to resist such a familiar, albeit fuzzy hug.

New Blanket, Pillows, Pillow Case, or Comforter

Maybe your mom has always been the practical one in the family and likes to play the “I have it all, and I don’t need anything” card. Well, tough cookies! This is a perfect time to surprise her with something you know she’ll be able to use. New pillow cases, decorative pillows, satin sheets, blankets, and bed comforters make great gifts for mom. If you have a teddy bear waiting for her on top of her newly dressed bed, you’ve added a flair that lets her know that her practicality is what you love and respect about her, but she should also learn to love snuggling up to luxury with her new satin sheets.

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