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Say Goodnight Gracie… The Final Will and Grace Airs Tonight

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I’ve been a Will and Grace fan for about two years now. Not because of the new episodes but because of having been able to watch the early seasons on DVD box set and the nightly reruns on local TV. And as much as I would like to see the exploits of Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack continue on, NBC has decided to give the show a graceful farewell.

Now if you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years then you need to know that the show is about dysfunctional friends who can’t seem to get enough of each other. Will and Grace are long terms friends who get on each other’s nerves but they love each other. Their friendship often gets in the way of any relationship the other might have. Grace dated Will during collage but later found out that he was gay. Enter Jack, who brings Will out of the closet and is his tour guide through gay life.

Then comes Karen Walker. She’s a pill popper, a drunk, a lady who lunches, and just one of the funniest characters on TV in a long time. She’s what you’d get if you mixed Lucile Ball with Dynasty’s Alexis but she makes you laugh again and again. She’s been married and divorced several times but is mainly in love with the never seen Stanly Walker. And this cast of wacky characters all make up the groundbreaking show known as Will and Grace.

So tonight marks the end of the eight year run for the show and the show promises many emotional twist and turns. As we can see from this preview, Grace and Leo will get back together and “be gross” with each other.

But other questions remain to be answered like:

1. Will Will and Grace finally separate from each other or will they be friends joined at the hip for life.

2. Will Jack become a big mega actor?

3. Will we finally see what Stan Walker looks like?

4. Will Rosario find love or will she work for Karen forever?

5. Does Will stay and help father Grace’s baby or does she leave with Leo?

6. Does Will reunite with the man he just dumped to help Grace raise her child?

All these and more questions will be answered tonight on the final episode of Will and Grace. So get your popcorn and your tissues cause it’s going to be a fun and bumpy ride.

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  • I’m not looking forward to an end of an era. These four brave souls along with everyone behind the scenes have brought us out of the Dark Ages in the television medium. Many thought it was no big deal. The Fundamentalist Right did its best to demonize the show. But, in the end, the show prevailed — not because it was about some gay guy and his friends; but because it was entertainment at its best. Thanks Will, Grace, Jack and Karen. You’ll be sorely missed.

  • I just saw it, was glad the way Will & Grace turned out, but was disappointed that Karen and Rosario turned out to only be a dream, they deserved to work out together as a couple. I also wished Jack would’ve found a love.

    I sort of hoped they’d have found a suitable actor so we could’ve finally seen Stan.

    I lovvvvvvved Beverly Leslie’s fate.

    Much as I hate to say it, it didn’t live up to my expectations, but then how could it? The first 3 season were hard to beat or top.

  • I’m sorry I missed the show. 8pm is often too early for me to watch TV in peace. 🙁

    I’ll have to wait for the DVD.

  • The series finale was too cliché. I would have liked to have seen more romance and passion between Vince and Will. The network took the “safe” way out. Thrilled at the way Grace and Leo turned out. Would have liked to have seen all FOUR parents in the dorm corridor. That song of Karen & Jack’s brought tears to my eyes — Hayes and Mulally made the show what it was.

    Now that it’s over, I’m ready for a new series. How about a West Wing type show with a gay President? Or is that too much for Robertson and Falwell to bear?

  • Why settle for just gay?…lets make it a triple threat president—-gay, black and female. Who’s balls are big enough for that?

  • Wanda Sykes.

  • Does anyone remember the title of the show where Patty Duke was the president, her husband was Ted Bessel from “That Girl” and she had a gay personal secret service agent?

    I thought it was “Hail to the Chief” but I’m not sure?

  • Silas…..Lmao!

  • That song of Karen & Jack’s brought tears to my eyes

    Silas – the song was perfect!

    The ending was a bit odd, almost like Chronicles of Narnia, ‘cept the four kids didn’t slam down shots and turn young again! lol

    I’ve always always liked the show, just havn’t watched much recently because I get busy w/other things. Like Chantal said – 8:00 is pretty early (kids and homework and etc etc) Even 9:00 is a little tough.

    I’ll enjoy them in reruns : )

  • The song was “Unforgetable” as performed by Nat King Cole, and later done as a “computer” duet with his daughter Natalie

  • Well lets not forget that Megan Mullany will be back ono TV this fall with the Megan Mullany Show. I’m not show how it’s going to go over but she is a great comedic talent and a great singer. So if she can mix all of that into her show she will be ok!!

  • Oops, I missed out on this one as I went to a lecture on screenwriting. And I simply forget to tape that one. Yet I must admit that I did not watch more than tree shows of them all together. That Latino house keeper was really hysterical in that episode where she pretends being dead, when her boss–the actress with the high voice is coming to visit.
    But I am sure they will re-run for the next ten years just like “FRIENDS”.
    Yes, I agree with #1–Good Bye’s are never fun. Maybe that is why I did not want to watch it to begin with.
    A ground breaking milestone in TV history. I just wonder how people in redneck states would digest that sort of comedy on TV. Meaning the gay comedy of course.

  • Jen

    Does anyone know the name of the song they played at the end of the Say Goodnight Gracie episode?

  • I could’ve sworn I covered that in comment 10???

  • Ang

    There was another song at the end when they were in the bar. Anyone know what song that was?

  • “A ground breaking milestone in TV history. I just wonder how people in redneck states would digest that sort of comedy on TV. Meaning the gay comedy of course.”

    It’s been on network TV in the redneck states since 1998. The republic has survived.

  • Has it really? How do you know.

  • Katie

    Does anyone know the song that was played at the end of the behind the scenes episode that aired right before the final show? It played as a slideshow… thanks if you can

  • Breza

    I think the song at the end of the show was “I Will Remember You” by Ryan Cabrera. You can find it at iTunes, and listen to it first to see if it’s the one you were thinking of. Good luck.

  • Sandra

    Thank you so much to everybody involved for bringing us so much laughter for eight years! Especially to the four great actors who brought so much life, love and comedi into their characters. The characters Will, Grace, Jack and Karen will be dearly missed….but I´will remeber you…..

  • charlee

    I tried finding the song that the played at the end of the SPECIAL, “Goodnight Gracie”… I can’t seem to find it. Does anyone know what it’s called. It’s not that Ryan Cabrera one or the ‘Unforgetable’ one either. Anyone?? Please help!

  • Sandra

    It´s called “I will remeber you” sung by Ryan Cabrera. But it seems like the song only can be purchased on itunes. Try there…

  • Ironwind

    You can get it here. Find the link below: for free. Its another link to it. Try there…

  • anga

    there was a song played at the very end of the episode when they were in the bar its NOT the ryan cabrera song and NOT unforgetable. it said something like “don’tcha know your my best friend” if anyone knows what this was could you please email it to me i would like to use it in a wedding.

  • S A

    Well since you posted yesterday I guess this is still relevant. After a VERY thorough search I determined the song is:

    “You’re My Best Friend” by Queen

    Imagine typing “ooh you’re makin’ me…and …you’re my best friend” into a lyric search engine. Not fun 😉

  • Does anyone remember the song at the end of 8 episode of Angel “I will remember you” when Angel and buffy cry and kiss ! I really want to hear it !!!
    thanks !