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Saw to be Featured at Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights

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Yes, it's only June, but Universal Studios Hollywood is already planning the coolest Halloween attraction around: Halloween Horror Nights. I've been to Universal's Halloween Horror Nights for the last two years (as well as pretty much every other Halloween attraction in Southern California) and I can vouch that Universal puts on the best Halloween attraction.

The attraction always features the best Universal horror films. Whether it's being scared because there's a pig chasing you with a fake chainsaw (It happened) or the Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze or walking right next to the Bates Motel (Psycho) after riding the Terror Tram, Universal always produces a great event. Other horror movies featured last year included Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Strangers.

So, I'm listing all of these scary movies, but it feels like something is left out. What about Saw? Why wasn't Saw in the line-up? After all, it was a very successful movie and had like a billion sequels (Okay, only four, but that's beside the point.) Well, Saw fans, fear not. This year, Universal will add Saw.

“Guests at Halloween Horror Nights have come to expect the world’s most authentic, imaginative and truly terrifying ‘live’ Halloween experiences and the record-breaking SAW film franchise provides us with an ideal platform for meeting those high expectations. We’re thrilled to be able to work with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures in what we expect to be a perfect marriage of creative forces,” Larry Kurzweil, the President and Chief Operating officer of Universal Studios Hollywood, said.

Saw will be given its own maze (which is awesome, because the more mazes, the better) and will be in multiple "scare zones" (places like where the pig chased me with a fake chainsaw) and will somehow be aboard the Terror Tram.

The Terror Tram is pretty awesome. During the day, people go on trams to tour the Universal back lot, where a lot of famous movies are filmed. Also, guests actually get off the tram and can walk around the back lot — seeing stuff like the Psycho set and the War of the Worlds set. It's something that Knott's Scary Farm can't offer.

I know Halloween Horror Nights is months away, but this year's event sounds great. Last year was much better than the year before and I suspect this year will be better than last year too. Stay tuned for more Halloween Horror Nights information… I know I will. It's going to be amazing.

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  • china

    Im so excited for oct. I went to 07 and 08’s horror nights and I’ve always asked why don’t they do a saw maze its gory (since people love the texas chainsaw maze) I think a saw maze would be awesome.. This yr they’re finally gonna give jigsaw a maze which is gonna be so cool..I also hear rumors about michael myers having one as well (gosh I hope so).. I also hope they have the frequent fear pass as well. I do knotts scary farm, fright fest and others but universal takes the cake I love it.

  • I played the character that gets his face ripped off in the SAW MAZE at Universal 2009. A time I will never forget.

  • Jamie

    I went to ‘2007’ with my x boyfriend and his sister. It was a blast. I loved it! I can’t wait for this one. The way you make it seem is like danng you gots to go!;] My very truly best friend bought My 2 best friends, hers, & mine annual pass! We Can’t wait for this one! Im gonna love it and the best part is that we never get tired of going to Universal Studios! I just want to go right now!