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Saving money requires efforts on both self-discipline and value conscious spending. You need to think about how to optimize your money and use it in the most efficient manner.

To optimize your saving, you can open a high interest bank saving or CD account where you can earn an interest. You can also invest that money in money market fund or mutual funds so that you can have a professional manager who knows the market and watch it day-in-and-day-out for your money. You will need to think about financial planning so that you know how much you should save for your retirement and how much you should save for your rainy day.

To optimize your spending, you should spend time look for best online and offline deals. There are many online shopping sites like Amazon that provide a decent saving compared to shopping through a local retail store. You should also watch for your daily spending areas such as electricity, water, heating etc to ensure you don't have wasteful habits. Being effective does not just mean being frugal, you need to know where to use your money to get the best bang for the buck.

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