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Saving money is such a common phrase, it’s almost a by-word. Of course we want to save money, and many assume that people want to save more money in more economically depressed times. But when advertisers suggest people will “save money”, what does that actually mean?

In general, it means that we will spend less on a product than we might have in another situation. If we spend less, we save money. But what do we do with the money saved? Is it put away in a savings account? Is it used for wise investments? Sadly, most often it is not — it is spent on more consumer goods. It’s a great tactic to clip coupons and shop for bargains, as long as the “money saved” is recognized and capitalized on. Next time you see the “You saved…” portion of your grocery bill, consider transferring that into your “savings” account.

Bloggers speaking about ways to save can be found at sites like hip2save and savemoneyblog.

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