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Saturday Night At The Movies is an institution at TVO. However, since the retirement of host Elwy Yost, it has been adrift.

I remember first seeing Yost (the father of Graham “Speed” Yost) as the host of “Magic Shadows” in the 70s. They also used to present an old-time movie show with a serial such as “Flash Gordon” in with the features. Elwy is affable, friendly, and his affection for movies is contagious.

However for the past couple of years, SNAM hasn’t had a host, and such as last week’s presentation (“The Searchers” and “Unforgiven”) is screening movies already available on DVD with extras and commentary.

They are restricted by the distributors from showing the original prints (generally they screen pan and scan versions), they haven’t done any new interviews, are they doomed? (The fact the province’s premier looks like Paulie Walnuts isn’t a good sign, and his girlfriend runs TVO).

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  • How can one send a message/question to Mr. Yost?

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  • Re: Mr. Yost

    This is to let you know that Mr. Yost is currently recovering from a serious operation at his home in West Vancouver, BC.

    Anyone wanting to send a get-well card can send it to his home address: 6237 St. Georges Cres., West Vancouver, BC V7W 1Z3

  • Re: Mr. Yost

    Mr. Yost has also turned 80 this year & I think, along with a get-well card, we should also send a birthday card. We love you, sweet, lovable, Elwy!

  • Re: Mr. Yost

    Though Mr. Yost has retired now, TVOntario has an incredible Archive of all the interviews Mr. Yost made on his many trips to Hollywood. He was the best-liked of all the interviewers because he didn’t ask personal questions, when the others were trying to delve into the stars’ very personal lives. When the stars realized he was harmless, a lot of them relaxed, sat back, & opened up to Elwy. Sometimes things could get quite emotional. I think both Elwy Yost & the late Brian Linehan were the best interviewers ever.

  • SNAM fan

    Dear Mr. Caruthers,

    I couldn’t agree with you more about the appeal of Mr. Yost. I worked closely with Elwy for many years and he does posess a charm and skill that breaks through the hardened exterior of many jaded interviewees. I would, however, like to correct you on a few assumptions you’ve made in your blog. Saturday Night at the Movies rarely screens pan and scan. When it does happen it is only after a considerable and exhausted search for a proper print. They also refuse films that have been edited or colourized. You are correct in saying that many of the films shown are available on DVD with extras. Still, these are not first run movies and therefore not immediately films people choose when going to the dvd store. I would also like to add that new interviews continue to be added to the show yearly. In short – I don’t think SNAM is doomed, rather it continues to grow in strength and numbers.