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The beats move fast, yet precise. There are few if any uncertain moments as to where the music is going theoretically from the perspective of he who is transporting it into my ear canal. Up in the boiler room. Yes sir. That’s where the stuff percolates and transitions into new idioms. Translating undulating sound into emotions thoughts words deeds, all that good stuff.

What I’m trying to say is the music on this disc covers the gamut of bringing up these ideologues as a digital readout inside the noggin. The noggin is what knows, or what thinks it knows. But the real answer may be, no, not in the heart, but in the legs, they bobble, kebab, bounce, do the rhumba, things like that, you feel the nuances of the sounds, and actually the rhythm, if you have good enough speakers, can reach out & grab you, cliché riddled as it sounds.

There’s one song that makes it sound like the police are after you. I really thought they were the first time I heard it, as I was driving in California at the time, and I always seem to get pulled over by the cops if I leave my safe island enclave. LA cops and me don’t get along. Well, I shouldn’t go that far into the woods, I’ve avoided the pen up to this point, but they like trapping me in weird real tv monitored traffic fiascos.

But that’s neither here nor there. In short, there are quite a few astromedallions that would happily sacrifice themselves just to be a small part of the positive vibes & energy and otherwise muy bien jenne say kwah type dillios that this compilation engenerates.

I like this record; it’s been in the rotation pretty regularly as of late, which speaks for itself. That being said, happy easter and don’t forget your ovaltine. (healthy bones, etc., sugar is the new chartreuse)

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