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Satire: The News in Pictures XXVI

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Welcome to "O Caption! My Caption!" Blogcritics' examination of news, sports, and politics utilizing the most efficient and timesaving method: looking at pretty pictures and deducing what happened based on the pixels.

Look for a new installment of The News In Pictures every Monday and Thursday.

“Oh yes, very sophisticated, very high tech. Now what does this doohickey here do?”
(UPI/Alex Volgin)

“Leave me be, I’m protecting and serving. Protecting and serving!”

Cast Away
(AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

“Time to go already? But I haven’t had my lap dance yet, er, I mean ‘tea’.”
(AP Photo/ RIA Novosti/Vladimir Rodionov/Presidential Press Service)

“Yes, you can eat it. It came from the ground, not … what the heck is ‘Farmville’?”
(Sam Wolfe)

“All right you guys, who took my pie?”
(AP Photo)

“Daddy, something with a tag is tangled up in my kite. What is ‘endangered’?”
(AP Photo/The Newport Daily News/Jacqueline Marque)

“Snow body knows the trouble I feel.”
(AP Photo/Billings Gazette/Casey Riffe)

“How weird that the stock market would plunge on an episode of Glee while
we’re at work. Wait a minute. Dude, we are in so much trouble.”
(AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

“So this is where you guys have been stashing the Oreos!”
(Denis Balibouse/Reuters)

It’s always a privilege to be present for the birth of a new neurosis.
(AP Photo/Oshkosh Northwestern/Jeannette Mertnen)

No really, it’s fine. I don’t need anyone to keep me from falling in, you slackers!
(Jimmy May/AP)

“I don’t know how many light bulbs it takes to … Gawd, I hate that joke!”
(Bryan Patrick)

“This ‘Arrivals and Departures’ schedule is really confusing."

Study: Reading in the Middle of the Street is Dangerous
“Hmm, I should remember that for future reference.”

“You darn pigeons! I just cleaned that wall!”
(Alkis Konstantinidis / AP Photo)

“Can they hear you now?”
(Daniel Mihailescu/AFP/Getty Images)

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Diana is a USMC (ret.) spouse, mother of three and a Wichita, Kansas native. She is back in the United States after 10 years in Germany. She is a contributing author to Holiday Writes. She hates liver & motivational speakers. She loves science & naps.
  • I love that picture of the dad and kid with the kite! Thanks, Diana!

  • I would like to know where the pie went as well!

  • Well done, Diana!