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Satire: The Faces (and Bodies) of the Tea Party Rallies

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Welcome to “O Caption! My Caption!” Blogcritics’ examination of news, sports, and politics utilizing the most efficient and timesaving method: looking at pretty pictures and deducing what happened based on the pixels.


Ah yes, the coveted underboob shot.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)


A fun gal with a fungi keeping that flag attached!
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

Well sure, there was that awful guy I dated and the money pit I bought, but what does any of that have to do with anything?
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

Say hello to my fanny pack… Ladies!
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

…to another U.S. citizen of a different political bent who
could rightly hold the same sign in opposition to me.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

The big fucking deal is that we’re all adults who use asterisks
to make it look like we’re not swearing when really we are.
(Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers)

…her sign says as a not-dead news media photographer took a picture of her sign and it showed up on the not-dead news media site, Baltimore Sun.
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Isn’t Sarah speaking to you, sir?

The site hosting this image offered the option of “Enlarge Photo.” I declined.
(UPI/Brian Kersey)

The people who had to clean up this place after these guys left probably weren’t that impressed with their use of “Clean Sweep.”
( AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

It’s cool that the Chinese still let you dress up in the flag, though.

Salutin’ with a cig! You go, you!

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby!
(AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Shawn Raaecke)

This is great! He wouldn’t see me at all before the health care
reforms. I’d thank you in person, but I gotta go to work.
(AP Photo/The Idaho Statesman, Shawn Raaecke)

C’mon down! Get your “Obama is Destroying Capitalism” buttons!
(Bill Hartigan/WCVB)


(Photos without credit were found that way. All photos are linked to their source.)

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About Diana Hartman

Diana is a USMC (ret.) spouse, mother of three and a Wichita, Kansas native. She is back in the United States after 10 years in Germany. She is a contributing author to Holiday Writes. She hates liver & motivational speakers. She loves science & naps.
  • Very clever, Diana. Oh my on the women with the Wonder Women outfit.

    I am sure the majority of people in the Tea Parties are NOT hatemongers like the left makes them out to be. And how soon we forget the Hateful attacks against Bush at Protests (Kill Bush), and elsewhere.

    I wish BOTH sides would use more civility when protesting.

  • I’m not biased. I’ll make fun of any picture with a caption that jumps out at me and was released within the last seven days.

  • Mark Schannon

    Keep ’em coming Diana. Doesn’t matter whether they’re right-wing or left-wing nuts, the pictures tell it all.

    In Jameson Veritas

  • It would be fun to see a similar photo-article just focused on the signs. There are so many, and they tell a [sometimes funny, often quite alarming] story.

  • Diana, these are damn funny, except for that Wonder Woman who is very frightening.

  • Nice job Diana. Fun stuff.

    Not “enlarging” was probably the wiser choice.


  • Baritone, I had to pass. I try to leave any enlargement to the subject lines of email spam.

  • Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. It’s only going to spawn more. You’ve been appreciated, and warned. 😉

  • Whoa. All I can say is that Wonder Woman has more balls than I do.


  • Oh Joanne. Oh, all I can say is Oh. You’re probably right, but man, Oh.

  • Right on, Diana, saw some of your others ones too. lmao!

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Diana –

    Okay, gotta ask – I’ve been trying to figure out how to embed images for some time, but I guess I’m code-challenged. How do I embed images in the articles?

    And as for “Wonder Woman”…um…that’s just not right….

  • Diana,

    I linked this to my Facebook page. It is receiving all the love it deserves which is much. 😀

  • ROTFLMAO!!!!

  • You’ll notice that risible though the folks in Diana’s images are, none of them appear to be engaging in any kind of racist or terroristic activity, contrary to the scaremongering.


  • We can find plenty of those signs, too, if you like, Dave. The trouble is that they are not as reliably funny, and in fact often are nauseating. [“We came unarmed — this time” is a mild example. Referring to the government as “gangsters” was pretty classy too.]

    Comparing the president to Nero is merely ridiculous.

    My favorite line of the day came from Pres. Obama himself: At Tax Day rallies, you’d think they would be saying thank you,” since virtually everyone attending paid lower taxes in 2009 than in 2008 thanks to stimulus rebates and other tax breaks.

  • Irene Wagner

    Sartorially speaking “things” appear to really be “heading south” for one of the revelers in particular.

    Perhaps, though, if you ever reconsider your decision NOT to use the Enlarge button, you will discover that tromp l’oeil was employed in the most…attention-getting…part of the get-up. Look at the wrists. Flesh-colored sleeve lines. Same with the thighs.

    Hit the enlarge button. You know you want to.

  • Irene Wagner

    Stop being buzz-kills Handyguy and Dave.

  • I agree on the Nero sign. Nero deserves better.


  • zingzing

    dave: “You’ll notice that risible though the folks in Diana’s images are, none of them appear to be engaging in any kind of racist or terroristic activity”

    then you’ll also notice that they’re all white, right? see a minority? if someone wanted to put up a post full of the tea party’s racism, would you say that the tea party was 100% racists? because someone could. this doesn’t let them off the hook whatsoever. no more than a bunch of photos of teabaggers being racist shits would.

  • zingzing

    …indict them. sorry.

  • Dave, there were plenty of pictures of verbal confrontation between either side, but no captions sprang to mind other than, “I’m fondly reminded of drunken Thanksgivings while the Vietnam war raged and my cousins plummeted me in a rousing game of Kill the Guy With the Ball.”

  • Baritone, thank you for the FB nudge 🙂

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wow. That is all.

  • Arch Conservative

    The last time I checked there were no minority hosts on MSNBC. Therefore MSNBC must be a racist network right?

    Kelly O’donnell actually found a black man at a Tea Party rally and asked him if he felt uncomfortable. When he said no she laughed at him.

    I guess liberal msm “journalists” laughing at minorities who don’t take the bait when the insinuation is that all tea partiers are racist are actually not racist while tee partiers not holding signs with racial overtones are?

    The left’s attempt at painting the movement as racist is failing miserably because it is not true.

  • Jordan Richardson

    What the hell are you talking about, Arch? Are you ever not absurdly angry?

  • Clavos

    Referring to the government as “gangsters” was pretty classy too.

    Well, when the shoe fits…

  • The last time I looked, the current administration was elected by a strong majority of the voting public. The main thing one can take from the response since is that Republicans are perhaps the worst losers in American history, or at least since the end of the “war of northern aggression.”

    Instead of graciously admitting defeat, licking their wounds and regrouping for the future, they opted to become totally obnoxious obstructionists whose only goals were to discredit Obama and bully their way back to power. If some of that “bullying” sparks some violence, so be it.

    Republicans and the likes of Palin and other tea party leaders purposely use the language of violence in their speeches and comments claiming they are merely metaphors, but knowing full well that there are in fact those on the fringe who would love nothing more than to respond in the literal sense.

    Should that happen, should there be another “Oklahoma City,” or should some of the threats against Democrats or other liberal voices come to fruition, the Reps and tea partiers who used incendiary language can just shrug their shoulders, disavowing any responsibility – even so far as publicly condemning such actions – while privately smiling in satisfaction to themselves and each other.

    The same thing happened after the last abortion doctor killing. The killer got tacit approval from much of the supposed “moral” right. Hell, O’Reilly came out after the fact and openly said that the doctor had it coming.

    I don’t care how one characterizes the tea party movement. In large part, most of the people involved are just along for the ride. It gets the blood flowing. Unfortunately, the blood may ultimately be flowing in the streets, not just in their veins.


  • John Wilson

    Gosh, the Tea Party is really appealing! Everybody in the pictures is just like me: old and white. The only brown threatening face I saw was on a poster of Obama Hussein.

  • Arch Conservative

    Hey Btone….I didn’t see you riding around on that high horse when Bush was president and liberals were joking about killing him all the time.

  • I’m sure there was some such crap coming from the left. BUT – and this is a BIG BUT! – it wasn’t coming from congressional democrats or others perceived as leaders from the left.

    There were no congresspersons or former half governors, or whole governors for that matter, talking about “taking aim,” “targeting” and “reloading.” There were no calls coming from anywhere that I recall to organize large rallies in or near Washington D.C. with everyone packing heat.
    What the hell is that? Just asserting 2nd Ammendment rights? That’s a load.

    What it is – is something calculated to intimidate – to send a message: “Do what we want, or there will be consequences. Bang, bang, you’re dead! Oh, and god bless America.”

    And this vitriole isn’t just aimed at Obama, or congress. It’s a threat meant to be heard and heeded by anyone to the left of Joseph Goebbels.

    Bar and Grill

  • For more on the tea party and race, see Charles Blow’s excellent op-ed in today’s NY Times,
    “A Mighty Pale Tea.”

    He reports that the stadium sized rally he attended had some black faces on the speaking podium but very few in the audience.

    Earlier this week, the NY Times poll attempting to define the tea partiers demographically and by stands on issues found that 1 percent of tea party supporters are black and 1 percent are Hispanic.

    On the other hand,
    32% believe Obama was born in another country,
    57% believe the Obama administration favors the poor over other groups,
    26% believe the administration favors blacks over whites, and
    52% believe too much has been made of the problems facing black people
    [on that last one, the figure for all independent white votes was 21%].

    Racist? You decide.

  • That was “independent white voters,” oops.

  • Baronius

    Oh, good! More on the tea party and race!

    Handy, that wasn’t a poll of tea partiers. 78% had never donated to or attended a tea party, and 68% had never been to a tea party website (if I recall correctly). So it was a poll of people who happened to be near their phones.

  • That is a bogus allegation, Baronius. When the numbers don’t match your narrow world view, you just claim the numbers are screwed.

    There’s plenty more talk coming about Tea Partiers and race, bub. So fasten your seat belts.

  • Baronius

    No way, Handy. You’ve been playing that game ever since you got back, talking about how people say things without backing them up. You say that people should retract what they say when they’re proven wrong, so here’s your chance. That poll wasn’t a poll of tea partiers.

  • Most of the descriptions of tea partiers to date, both sympathetic [like Dave’s] and critical [like, say, Keith Olbermann’s] have been anecdotal. This was a stab at getting some real information. Rejecting it out of hand, or swallowing it whole, is not necessary.

    The Times published the entire results of the poll – 41 pages – and a detailed methodology of the poll. They chose to run this story at the top of their front page earlier this week.

    This doesn’t automatically make it valid, but it’s unlikely the Times would put that kind of emphasis on a shoddily executed piece of research. It’s not the absolute last word; in some ways it’s just the first.

    The group being profiled were people who in the course of the ongoing NY Times/CBS polling, described themselves as “supporters of the tea party movement.” You may prefer a different definition, but no one is making anything up here.

    If you have some alternative, real evidence to offer, let’s hear it. Shouting it down because you don’t approve of the content is just kindergartenish.

  • The particular demographics of the many and varied “tea partiers” is not terribly important. Suffice to say, they are heavily white and pretty much to a man and woman are hotly opposed to Obama and his agenda.

    Some of the opposition is racially motivated to one degree or another, but I am willing to believe that most have put on their adorable tea party hats and their impressive Wonder Woman outfits, their stragecally placed fanny packs, in response to their fear of health care reform, fear of higher taxes and fear of socialism.

    My point is twofold: 1. Their fears are largely unfounded having been stirred up by lies told them by Republicans and the likes of Mr. Nalle who announced to me and others of his pride in having long been an instigator of just such lies. 2. The rhetoric coming from those same people has gotten more and more harsh, more and more accusatory – accusing Obama and the Dems of being anti-American, of being socialists, communists and fascists – sometimes all at once, of being the anti-christ and the essence of evil incarnate. Why anyone would be surprised that the result of such accusations could result in violence is beyond me.

    Frankly, it is NOT the mainstream tea partier I am concerned with. At some point, the thrill will wear off, and most will retire to their appointed Lazy Boy Loungers in time to catch the bulk of the NACSAR season on the tube. However, it is the fringes, those who Nalle and Palin and the rest dismiss, from whom violence is likely to bloom. The seeds have been sown, and the hate has taken root. The divisiveness that has taken hold of this country is getting stronger and more virulent. It’s just a matter of time. Boom!

    Bar None

  • All due respect, Baritone, that’s all based on hearsay and speculation. I’m not just hyping the Times poll, but everybody [including me] has been expressing strong opinions about these people since the 2008 campaign.

    I am interested in who they are and what they believe — and I’d rather not base it on the few loudmouths who get the most TV coverage — or the softpedaling image Dave Nalle has created.

    At least the Times research offers some real pieces of information to compare the caricatures to.

  • I’d hardly say it’s all heresay and speculation. We’ve seen a lot of it from various news sources. Palin can’t open her mouth without saying something stupid and yet provocative. Through much of last summer and fall we witnessed any # of Republican congressional members out and about at town hall meetings AND a # of the tea party gatherings. Newt Gingrich has been quite active in that arena as have Palin and Bachmann the latter recently characterizing the Obama administration as “Gangster Government.” The tea partiers are eating that stuff up.

    I think overall, the tea baggers are a widely varied lot. There are many so called tea bag organizations (even calling some of them organizations might be a stretch) all across the nation, with about as many stated agendas. Some are heavy on social/moral issues, some on taxes, health care, etc.

    Some are totally local in nature and very loosely organized while others have apparent backing and steerage, if you will, from outside groups such as Dick Army’s Freedom Works group and of course the active promotions coming from FOX news.

    Bar Celona

  • doug m

    Actually there are minority hosts on msnbc. Feel free to do some research

  • Yes indeed. Rachel Maddow is gay, and Joe Scarborough is a Republican. Two minorities right there.

  • zingzing

    maddow is gay? shows how much i watch tv… really? huh.

  • lena

    I guess superheroes do age afterall 😛

  • Pretty ingenious, B-man.

    Try Bar Mitzvah next. Might make peace with the Ruvster.

  • Arch Conservative

    I don’t know who Rachael Maddow is…is she related to Ricky Maddow, that clean cut looking young fella that comes on after Keith Olbermann?

    You moonbats can cry about the alleged racism of the tea party and bemoan fictional violence against Democrats from now until November and it’s not going to change a damn thing. So knock yourselves out.

  • Roger – been there, done that. I’m working on more, though. I gotta million of em. – Well, maybe a dozen or so. We’ll see.

    Arch is such a clever and obviously enlightened fellow.

    MSNBC – Tamron Hall is Afro-American, Andrea Mitchell is Jewish and Keith Olbermann wears glasses.

    Bar ney Google

  • Bar None
    Bar Sinister
    Bar Fight
    Bar Stool
    Katie Bar the Door
    Bar Knuckles
    Barfoot in the Park
    Bar Simpson
    Bar Stupak

    Are we setting the bar too low here?

  • Everyone, especially Baronius, will be delighted to know that Frank Rich’s column today is a rebuttal to the criticism he received about that previous column on White People’s Rage.

    He finds especially fertile material in boneheaded Virginia Gov Bob McDonnell’s various missteps regarding “Confederate History Month.”

  • Hey handy, you’re steeling my thunder. I thought I’d BARely scratched the surface, but there are limits.

    The afore-mentioned Rachael Maddow has also been making hay regarding the honorable Virginia governor and his various gaffs.

    I actually think that all these stupid hijinks perpetrated by various Republicans and others on the “right” are looked upon lovingly by their adoring fans. I guess they think it’s cute to leave slavery out of a “celebration” of the Confederacy.

    BAR nes & Noble

  • er – stealing my thunder, that is.

    BAR ney Fife

  • Great link, Handy. Thanks for posting it.

  • I, too, read the article, handy. Good thoughts.

    BAR bara Ann

    (Decided I didn’t need to be gender specific.)

  • BJ Lindy

    I have to admit that the captions under the photographs are somewhat funny; however, the state of our union is not. These people are standing up for something they believe in, which is their civil freedom. Half of America have their heads in the sand (or elsewhere). So political party aside, just take a good honest look at the state of the country and where we are headed in the future. It is not good and something needs to be done before it is too late. The politicians (Democrats and Republicans) are no longer working for the people. Instead they are working for their best interests and it is stripping us all of our civil liberties day by day. Our system is broken and it needs to be fixed!

  • Diana,

    Your piece was satire – a few laughs here and there, and the like.

    This was not. This was the attempt to publicize the face of the new Obama fascism making its presence known in America.

    The aide to Governor Jindal was beaten up by leftists with murder on their minds, and everybody – including Bobby Jindal – is doing his best to look the other way.

    Most of you at Blogcritics are too blind to see the fascist state developing under The One; you’ll only pay attention when some government thug tells you to mind your own business and move on when you see an obvious violation of civil liberties. By that time, it will be too late.

  • And, of course this was Obama’s fault, right? Why hell Ruv, he should have been there in person looking out for those poor folks. Why does he think he can just sit around DC with his Jew hating thumb up his ass? If a president can’t protect his nation’s citizens from this kind of violence, what the hell good is he?

    I think there is some talk amongst tea-partiers in the know that the Iceland Volcano’s eruption was caused by Obama who actually sent Rahm Emmanuel up there with some evil left wing volcano starter to set it off. Ruvy, you make connections that simply don’t exist.

    Actually, it is likely Israel that will send us into the next major conflict when the idiots running your military decide to nuke Iran.

    BAR calounger

  • And, of course this was Obama’s fault, right? Why hell Ruv, he should have been there in person looking out for those poor folks. Why does he think he can just sit around DC with his Jew hating thumb up his ass? If a president can’t protect his nation’s citizens from this kind of violence, what the hell good is he?

    I think there is some talk amongst tea-partiers in the know that the Iceland Volcano’s eruption was caused by Obama who actually sent Rahm Emmanuel up there with some evil left wing volcano starter to set it off. Ruvy, you make connections that simply don’t exist.

    Actually, it is likely Israel that will send us into the next major conflict when the idiots running your military decide to nuke Iran.

    BAR calounger

  • Actually, Ruvy is incoherent. As a man of God, he ought to accept his lot with Joblike patience. Yet he’s in desperate need to blame the human agency – Obama, Hitler, what have you. In short, he wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

    God’s vengeance isn’t enough for Ruvy. The holy man that he is, humility too is a dispensable virtue. There is only one purpose, one overriding idea – to serve as God’s duly appointed representative and to express God’s wrath.

  • zingzing

    there are three r’s, three r’s, three r’s… repetition, repetition and ruvy.

  • Of late, I usually try not to engage Ruvy. It’s so pointless. But, now and then, he just pushes my buttons. He somehow is both a doomsayer and a mass of contradictions at the same time.


  • He’s been banned from preaching in Israel. That’s why he’s been doing it here.

  • STM

    Lol. Just discovered this one. What a hoot. Good on yer Diana.

    I nearly pissed meself laughing.