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Satire: Ten Chick Lit Titles for Sale (Bid in US Dollars)

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Writers! Here are ten titles that would sell your chick lit books like rubber balloons on prom nights!

I have the copyright for all these titles (see the footer of my webpage, if you are in doubt, or contact your lawyer or mine).

If you are interested in using any or all of them, I shall sell it to you with a discount. Contact me soon, before they are sold out to the hardest, er, highest bidder (in US dollars).

And sorry, you need to write the story yourself. As such, I sell only titles.

Now for the titles:

1) Cotton Candy, Rotten Panty
2) How Beer Beta Got Fizzed Got Mild and Got a Dyke
3) Snooty Couple Invite Trouble
4) How Ms Windows Got Glazed Got Riled and Got a Hike
5) Newage Cleavage
6) How Ms Widows Got Boozed Got Nailed and Got a Hike
7) My Sex, My Ex and My X (for Chinese readership)
8) Prom, Mom and the Storm
9) My Breast, Your Comp, the Earth and Other Silicon Implanted Things
10) How to Keep an Arabian Date and Not Eat it

My other prude readers (especially righteous Texans), who are anyway not going to pay me in dollars: If you are outraged by these titles, especially from ME, check these titles that were actually published.

1) The True Meaning of Cleavage
2) Vegan Virgin Valentine
3) You Are SO Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah!
4) The Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things
5) But I Don’t Want to be a Movie Star
6) Gossip Girl

and of course,

7) How Opal Mehta Got Kissed, Got Wild and Got a Life

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  • I can’t believe you left out my favorite — Chicks in Chainmail and the sequal Chicks and Chained Males.

  • Chicks in Chainmail is now a series with about nine books published. I read one recently (Turn the Other Chick), and it was actually a fairly decent collection of fantasy short stories that featured women (often wearing armor of some kind) as the heroes.

    As for the titles, I’m not much of a fan of chick lit, but I’d be willing to read #2 if it ever got published. 🙂

  • Warren: That was hilarious. I shall certainly include your sequel in a sequel post “Ten more chic lit titles for sale”.

    Anna: When the potential writer knocks at my door, I shall sell that title first – afterall, it has assured readership…;)

  • Arunn, Write for Desicritics, the Blogcritics network site focusing on South Asia – email me and see this article

  • Chic-lit – giving a whole new dimension to tasty literature done in good taste.

  • Hi Aaman,

    Thanks for the invitation. Nice of you.

    I emailed at the gmail address given in desicritics site, but didn’t get a response some days back. Perhaps you were busy. Eric here responded with an invitation and I started here.

    No problem. I shall write to you again now (to the gmail ID mentioned in desicritics).

  • I must’ve overlooked it – will make amends forthwith

  • Thanks Aaman. I have sent you an email request. Amen.

  • Arunn,

    This is a nice read. About writing to desicritic I had the same problem, got no response. I am part of blogcritics, but I don’t write that much here.

  • Gautam: Thanks for the read and comments.