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Satire: Teen Suicide – What’s Stopping You?

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“She belly-flopped in front of a car wearing a suicide note… just another case of a geek trying to imitate the popular people and failing miserably.” — Shannen Doherty, Heathers

Last month’s issue of Spin ruined my day. I opened my mailbox to find Gerard Way’s stupid pasty Bowie-wannabe face staring at me from the pitch-black chasm of his metal coffin, suffocating among the unpaid bills and slicing his wrists on credit card offers. “Kids were gonna kill themselves. Then they heard our music,” blurbs the My Chemical Romance frontman. Funny — that’s how I feel when I hear My Chemical Romance — l like I want to do myself in.

The article goes on to give quotes from a bunch of weasel-faced wankers on message boards such as ImNotOkay.net. My favorite was “I even wrote my suicide letter. I even planned a date that I was going to kill myself. But then, My Chemical Romance came into my life.” I hear that phrase a lot on Sunday morning talk radio, only instead of My Chemical Romance, it’s Jesus, and there’s no chance Gerard Way is the savior — patron saint of mopey mallrats, sure, but certainly not the He Who Will Redeem.

“What the world needs now is some new words of wisdom, like la la la la la la la la la” — Cracker, “Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)”

I say, if all it takes is some asinine song lyrics and some black eyeliner to save your life, you probably weren’t that suicidal anyways. The music industry is cashing on the surging popularity of teen angst, manufacturing it so that if you’re not miserable, you’re obviously, “suppressing the darker side” to be “the happy bunny” this so-called “everyone” wants you to be. Horizontal arm scars are a fashion trend much like skinny jeans, (and just as ugly) and your most recent suicide attempt is a lunchroom buzzword.

This culture of teenage suicide encourages self-mutiliation by making it acceptable to give into pain, because apparently, some white-haired douchenozzle in LA gives a crap about your self-inflicted sense of alienation. Instead of telling you to grow the hell up and stop being such a whiney little wank-job, the Hot Topic/My Chem culture encourages surrendering to your idiotic tendencies because it’s the hip new thing to do. By putting so much emphasis on self-destruction and thus bringing it to light gives it the power to become a heroic trend, much like eating disorders and school shootings.

Teenagers love to talk nonchalantly about their problems, like “whatever, I just cut myself and bled all over the carpet and my mom was all mad because it’s brand new, but whatever, it’s no big deal, it doesn’t hurt, I cut myself all the time to let out my inner torment,” because other morons, (usually girls) will squeal “omg, that’s, like, so sad and you are, like, so deep!” They love the attention their angst gets them—teenagers want bLaCk_WhIsPeR_13 to *huggles* them and say, “there there, please don’t hurt yourself, I <3 u,” and thus, such sentiments become emotional heroin. Early Childhood 101 tells you that acknowledging negative behavior only reinforces said behavior, when if you ignore it, eventually, the child stops trying to get your attention. Parents, combat this trend in your teen by handing your precious little Poe a shovel and say, “Get outside and clear the walk, Gloomy McMopeypants.” “The music brings out the shit in them,” Gerard Way in Spin, complimenting his fans. Well put! I can’t imagine a more pathetic scene than a bunch of pre-teens with eyeliner running down their faces, (especially the boys, yuck) sobbing over tepid lyrics like those found in “Drowning Lessons:” “From the times that I've killed you and then/We can wash down this engagement ring/With poison and kerosene/We'll laugh as we die/And we'll celebrate the end of things/With cheap champagne.” I should start by pointing out that he probably stole these sentiments off Belladonna Mourningstar's (age 14) poetry.com page. Secondly, they suck, and third, how does this make anyone feel less like killing themselves? I want to gouge my eyes out having just read them, which would have been especially bad since I just went deaf from stabbing my eardrums out with toothpicks. “Life is pain — anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something” — William Goldman, The Princess Bride I got news for you, Gerard, most teenagers are miserable—they’re stuck in crappy schools, they’ve got raging hormones and bad skin, and they’re confused enough about the state of their tiny worlds without some bleached turd in a black suit reveling in their angst for the exorbant price of concert tickets and special edition CDs. You and every other terrible rotten shitty emo/goth/suburban pseudo-punk band exploit their fans sadness because if they’re not miserable, they won’t buy your albums (Billie Joe Armstrong, I'm talking to you!). And I got news for all the My Chemical Romance fans with scissors to their wrists—you’re right, no one gives a s**t about you. Think about it—you don’t care about anybody else, so why would they waste their time caring about you? I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway. The only thing stopping you is that you know if you’re dead, you can’t soak up any more attention from your short-bus internet friends, and they don’t allow razor-blade masturbation in Heaven. The world could always use one fewer useless, sulking, door-slamming adolescent. Go on, apparently, all the cool kids are doing it. Quotes and lyrics deliberately used without permission—what are you gonna do, cry about it?

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  • Benjamin Cossel

    Fucking Brilliant.

  • Ashley Mitchell.

    “I say, if all it takes is some asinine song lyrics and some black eyeliner to save your life, you probably weren’t that suicidal anyways.”

    That was rather ignorant.

    I have no idea what you know about suicide or what your experiences are with it, but as for your experiences with My Chemical Romance, you’re completely and utterly wrong. They’re not just “some asinine song lyrics and some black eyeliner”, they’re a band with an amazing potential to do things that others can only dream of doing. The message they put out is a positive one – they encourage kids to seek help if they’re depressed, or suicidal. The fact that they might look menacing or repulsive to some narrow-minded people in this world is another matter altogether. Everyone has his or her own opinions but really, get your story straight.

    “Quotes and lyrics deliberately used without permission–what are you gonna do, cry about it?”

    Ah, one last bout of ignorance to shove out there I see. I’m thinking that you read too much of the Daily Mail. Just recently My Chemical Romance have been in more than a few newspapers, being held responsible for what ‘Emos’ do, which is apparently ‘wearing small t-shirts’ and sporting ‘black hair’. And of course, slitting their wrists.

    Give me a break.

    What you’re saying here is making about as much sense as they were saying there – it’s absolute rubbish.

    It seems to me that all you’re really doing is jumping on the bandwagon here. My Chemical Romance is a band that has gone through stuff like any band does, like any person does, and they’ve overcome it like anyone else. However, maybe because of the way they dress, or the way they act, or because their words are misinterpreted by money-grabbing journalists with no experience whatsoever, they’ve been slated time and time again, being wrongly accused of this, that, and the next thing.

    You’ve made what some might call ‘harmless fun’ at a band that really doesn’t deserve it. And as for the kids who look up to them, well, if you think this is meant to change their minds then you’re wrong. Again.

    Get your facts right next time, and maybe then you’ll earn a little more respect. Because for the time being it’s almost painfully clear that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

  • Last month’s issue of Spin ruined my day.

    I know what you mean. My day is ruined every time I see a new issue of Spin. “Oh, for the love of Holy God!” I say. “They’re still publishing Spin? Why?!”

    As for the rest of your article, well, let me simply add another quote to your arsenal of them here:

    “‘It may be bleak, but the music is really getting to the crowd.’
    ‘Eh, making teenagers depressed is like shooting fish in a barrel.'”
    — Lisa and Bart Simpson

  • tterbed

    Right On! Your views on this crap are correct. All they are are a whinny bunch of babies who never intended to off themselves. But there is more too it. They are also very manipulative, in an abusive way. The terror they cause their families by cutting themselves and talking of suicide is ABUSE. Flat out ABUSE. No worse than a drunken parent beating the crap out of their child.

  • Toby


    You need to fight to get what you want in this world. Not whine.

  • Katie

    sobbing over tepid lyrics like those found in “Drowning Lessons:” “From the times that I’ve killed you and then/We can wash down this engagement ring/With poison and kerosene/We’ll laugh as we die/And we’ll celebrate the end of things/With cheap champagne.”

    while I don’t agree with most of your arguement, this is just plain stupid. The song is 5 years old, of course it’s going to suck. That song hasn’t been on a setlist in at least a year and a half. And frankly, they only have one song that directly talks about suicide, “Headfirst for Haloes”. That was written as a joke, while high.
    if you’re going to try to make a point, at least get the facts right.

    I have to agree though, 90% of My Chemical Romance fans suck.

  • “I am alone. . . . . . I am UTTERLY alone”–Lydia Dietz in Beetlejuice.

    I love you all. Thanks for the Simpsons quote, Michael, you loveable bastard. Benjamin, you’re right, I AM fucking brilliant, and you’re brilliant just for reading me. Tterbed, you’re DEAD on. Toby, keep fighting the good fight. As for you, Ashley and Katie, I love you the most because you two played right into the troll trap I placed for you. Thanks babes!

    Your Retro Music Chick

  • Dear Retro Music Chick- You are wicked and evil, a heartless monster. I think I love you.

    A lot of this nonsense seems to be an unfortunate side effect of being rich fat Americans. They mostly don’t have anything but petty little “cracker problems” as Chef would say, and they’re got the leisure to sit around moping and making stuff up.

    I bet a week living in Darfur and fleeing government death squads would snap some of these goth motards out of their narcisstic self-indulgence.

  • Ashley Mitchell.

    Troll trap?

    Get a grip.

    Really, you’re nothing but nonsense.

  • jnk

    that’s why hardcore music is so much better than emo sell-outs. Hardcore is all about being positive and standing up for what you beleive in. Fuck emo.

  • Dear Al,
    I love you too. Let’s get married. Gerard Way said he’d play at our wedding, but he won’t be happy about it.

    Dear Ashley,
    As nonsensicle as someone who keeps replying to an essay they hate? *pinky finger to side of mouth*

    Dear J,
    Rock on. Or hardcore on. Whichever.

    Your Retro Music Chick

  • Retro Chick- I think the only proper way to mark our marital union would be to have Morrissey sing at the reception – and finally at long last kill himself on stage.

    I’m imagining that might end up like the Woodland Critters Christmas on South Park – “Blood orgy, blood orgy!”

  • Mark Saleski

    The terror they cause their families by cutting themselves and talking of suicide is ABUSE. Flat out ABUSE. No worse than a drunken parent beating the crap out of their child.

    this is a fun (and funny) article…but i can’t let this particular comment pass.

    i know someone who works in a shelter for girls. cutting behavior does go and for the most part, nothing is made up. go ahead a tell a girl who’s been locked in a closet (for weeks on end!) by her parents to just cheer up….or maybe another who’s been sexually abused by her father on a regular basis.

    yea, just cheer the hell up, will ya??!!


  • zingzing

    actually, i knew a girl who cut herself. she did so because she was very emotionally crippled, i think. she wasn’t some silly teenager. i don’t know everything about how she grew up, but i’m sure there was verbal abuse. (christian household.) she acts out in all sorts of ways, has violent mood swings and trouble controlling herself in various ways. i caught her once in the bathroom and confronted her about cutting herself. it was not a pretty scene. if someone is cutting him/herself, it is a symptom of a larger, more dangerous and very real problem. teen angst only goes so far.

    also, this girl had very good music taste and wouldn’t be caught dead listening to this crap. and she rarely wore heavy makeup. she did wear silly socks with individual toes.

  • Ashley Mitchell.

    The reason I’m replying to this is because you’re unoriginal and need to come up with better gags next time. Or whatever you want to call these accusations.

    Although it does make no sense for me to keep replying, but I’m determined like that. or stupid, some might say. Either way, I know what I’m talking about and you don’t.

  • Sure.

    Thank you for making me vomit inside my own mouth.

    Instead of picking on a band, who you’re obviously jealous of, go get a day job. Because you have way too much time on your hands.

    “Think about it–you don’t care about anybody else, so why would they waste their time caring about you?

    I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway… Go on, apparently, all the cool kids are doing it.”

    You’re a hypocrite. You’re bashing these guys for supposedly promoting self-harm, then you yourself do it.
    Suicide isn’t funny, but making fun of it makes you a lot of things I have the decency not to type out.

    Seriously remove the stick out of your rear end.

  • me!

    Oh you haters, quiet yourself. Retro Music Chick landed a blow squarely on the face of a subset of teens, and this amazing piece that she wrote is correct.

    “Suicide isn’t funny, but making fun of it makes you a lot of things I have the decency not to type out.”

    I hope that one day you can fully appreciate the fact that nothing should be off limits of poking fun at.

  • Dear Sure- YOU say that suicide isn’t funny, but that’s just you wanting to prove your superior faux sensitivity. In fact, suicide or the idea of it can be highly amusing. Suicide is a common source of humor, even in vintage Warner Brothers cartoons.

    Brother Saleski [comment 13] is as usual ever ready to play the sob sister. OK, there are a few kids locked in closets, beaten, raped daily by stepdads, etc. I’ll consider sympathy for such things on a case by case basis.

    But I’ll bet that for every one of those, there are dozens of bored whiny rich kids like the Chris Kattan and Molly Shannon Goth Talk sketches from SNL decrying the desolation and misery of working at Cinnabuns.

  • Sure.

    Hmm… why yes suicide is so very amusing, I can’t imagine why I thought differently. Let’s go watch someone blow their brains against the wall or try to hang themselves. I’m sure it’ll be a real riot.

    As for me having ‘superior faux sensitivity,’ that doesn’t really come over as an insult. Maybe I have PMS and my thoughts are clouded, but laughing at a person who wants to kill themselves doesn’t seem to be right. Call it fake if you want, but at least I have some.

  • Fluffeh

    Amazing. Absolutely brilliant.

    I truly hate the bands like MCR. I guess that my bands such as Pantera, Slayer, Lamb of God, and Otep aren’t much better in eyes of people like you.

    I think that emo kids should really just suicide instead of being attention whores. At least metalheads like myself aren’t attention whores… we’re just pissed 🙂

    Nice article though.

  • Fluffeh

    I must reply on a general basis to some of these comments above me.

    If you’re a person who cuts yourself for attention, obviously that’s retarded, I know a ton of rich-ass kids who just want attention, they’re just the posers who want to feel loved.

    Clearly, being abused by your parents is an entirely different thing. But, I can say that you’re still just a weak and worthless sack of flesh if you don’t buck up after awhile and get over it. Seriously.

    My dad kicked me in the nuts when I was only 12 years old. It took me less than a week to get over it.

    Grow up, kiddies. You’re never going to get anywhere if you take solace in your self-pity.

  • I’m not sure that teen suicide is funny, per se, but I’ll say this: I remember some kids in high school committing, or attempting, suicide. Not one of them, not a single one, was goth. They were mostly waspy, preppy kids. The goths’ approach to dealing with teenage angest and hormone-charged mood swings seemed to be a lot of sulking and playing Nine Inch Nails CDs really loud.

    In sum: Serious psychological depression and actual (successful or attempted) suicide? Not funny. Using depression and the prospect of suicide as a fashion statement? Not sure that’s funny either, but it sure as shit ain’t to be taken seriously.

    P.S. All of that said, I’m fairly sure that if my dad had kicked me in the nuts when I was 12, he and the Louisville Slugger in my closet would have done some bonding.

  • Caitlyn George

    ok Im not emo or anything but um this is not right ok you guys dont even know the mcr fans or the guys. I mean My chem are nothing but a bunch geeks that really care about their fans and know how they feel for excample gerard used be a fat depressed drunk kid then when he got older he said to himself “i got to stop this before i hurt myself” but they do not I repeat DO NOT cut or hurt themselves. and gerard kids alot so thats not true. And if you really respect god and stuff I wouldnt be jugding these people if were you like the bible said “Judge not ye be judged.” Io I suggest you do more research and get you story right.

  • Simone Jackson

    This is a bunch of crap.

    Get a grip.

  • Ahh, to be a teenager. Kids, you who are commenting here, do yourselves a favor: bookmark this site. Then come back when you’re 25, so you can be amused at yourself at 17.

    Terribly mean-sounding, I know, but also terribly true. I wouldn’t have believed it back in the day either, but hey! There it is.

  • The “adults” should do the same thing.

  • Sure, I do in fact have a day job. I’m a college English professor and I teach creative writing at a youth center, so actually, I have TWO day jobs. Thanks for playing.

  • Anonymous

    This has got to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read. My Chemical Romance is an amazing band that cares a lot about their fans. No, I’m not going to say they’ve saved my life. But they have changed it for the better. I find it funny how someone can say something like this when they obviously can’t even figure out the meaning in their songs.

  • Mia Rose

    I’m disgusted with this article

    You’re the only wannabe around here. You wrote this just to get a reaction and here is mine.

    You know nothing about MCR and what they do for their fans, and how you’ve just portrayed them, tells me how ignorant you are. If they can help kids with their music, then why question it? You may not understand it, but don’t knock it. And as for calling kids “Weasel-faced wankers” that’s disgusting.

    If these kids want to believe that MCR saved their life and it makes them feel better, then let them believe. Who are you to make fun of them?
    Oh and BTW, I’m not a teenager; I’m 36 years old and love all types of music including My Chemical Romance.

  • Jackson Dale

    Go and listen to their song Cancer and then tell me that their music sucks.

    You haven’t got a clue lady.

    My Chemical Romance are famous all over the world. You my dear, are not.

    Keep your sad opinion to yourself.


  • Alex.

    i refuse to finish that article. you and your narrow mindedness disgust me.

    i don’t believe in jesus, but i believe in My Chemical Romance. they give me a will to live. they have helped me through so much.

    in my opinion, the only reason you dislike them, is because you do not understand them! [Edited]

    my chemical romance have always been there for me. and always will, even if they ever break up. so consider other people before you flout your stupidity on us.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    I have a newsflash for all of you dudes out there.

    Most of “teen culture,” “pre-teen culture” and the rest of the garbage is made up by people who have products to market and want to make money.

    If someone didn’t hustle the idea of “teen rebellion” and “teen angst,” they wouldn’t be able to make money off of a multi-billion dollar entertainment industry.

    In short, they would be out of work, and would have to find jobs at Burger King feeding frozen whopper patties into a broiler, instead of selling huge whoppers of bullshit that result in thousands of hours of air time on “entertainment” shows that sell the latest idiot dressing himself like a fool to sell a lousy song.

    Next time you put on the TV, note carefully who is targetted for sales, and you’ll understand what I mean.

  • Alise

    Wow! You are so awesome! Being a snide, heartless, Internet-brave bully of a music snob is totally original! You are so much better than everyone because you listen to Morrissey! That is so groundbreaking! Oh, and because you’re “retro” too, huh? From this article, I can probably correctly guess that you were the one making your classmates lives a living hell. In all honestly, I felt the Spin article went a little overboard, but belittling the kids who like MCR and making them feel like shit because a band made them feel better about themselves is disgusting. [Edited]

  • whatever

    did that make you feel tough?

  • Kim

    I see near the add comment box… “Personal attacks are not allowed. Please read our comment policy.”

    Does this rule apply to articles? Does this article constitute a personal attack on the boys in MCR?

    oh well, I have my own for the blogger….


  • Rowan Booker

    Wow, this is the most narrow-minded, horrid thing I’ve ever read. The Daily Mail article was funny, but this is over the top.

    You know NOTHING about MCR or their fans, obviously, or you wouldn’t post this. I found it annoying that kids at my school seemed so narrow-minded about My Chem, but to have a fully grown woman like you writing an article about a band you hate so much makes my laugh.

    I love MCR. I’m not going to say they’ve saved my life, but they’ve certainly changed it. I’d never felt anything towards music before, until I found MCR, then I finally felt I’d found a band that means something to me. Not only do they have awesome songs (which a sad person like you are probably jealous of) but they are the most amazing “celebs” I’ve ever seen. In a teen-world were the cool thing to listen to is The Pussycat Dolls and P Diddy, MCR are a band that stand up for what they believe in and set out to touch peoples lives with their music. They, unlike so many bands and artists that are popular with teens today, actually care about their fans and the messages they hear and how they lead thier lives. That is why thier fans are so dedicated and protective – This band has done more for them they anyone else probably will.

    I’m going to quote Gerard Way now – Maybe it will make you see some things clearer. “If for one minute you think you’re better than a sixteen year old girl in a Green Day t-shirt, you are sorely mistaken. Remember the first time you went to a show and saw your favorite band. You wore their shirt, and sang every word. You didn’t know anything about scene politics, haircuts, or what was cool. All you knew was that this music made you feel different from anyone you shared a locker with. Someone finally understood you. This is what music is about.””

    I’m going to leave you with that quote, and hopefully it will make you realise that so much you have said is wrong. You don’t understand it at all, really. Please, do some reasearch before jumping to conclusions and making judgements – Judging and labelling happens everyday with teenagers and your no better then ignorant bullies that are normally the people that drive a lot of teens to suicide. Thing before you judge.

    P.S Did you know that MCR LOVE Morrissey? Gerard goes on all the time about how they made a huge difference in his life. Theres a similarity between him and you.

  • Rowan Booker

    Oh, and you make want to check out this link: It might make you realise some things, and if not, it must be great to know how many people you’ve offended.

  • olinda


  • wow congrats on only caring 4 urself

    heres sumthing 4 ya they are a gr8t band and dont make people suicidal wot world do u live in if only i could go on but i would love to settle this on my url on my space and so wot if myURL IS A BIT DODGEY??

  • and also you have just ruined my day why dont you read some interviews or watch the interview on utube and i have met the band there a gr8t bunch of guys sounds like to me someones trying to get publicity hmmm????

  • Sara

    You say this as if all kids who want to commit suicide are cutters.Thank you, but I’m more of a stand on a balcony and stare at the ground until I finally decide that my nice comfy bed would be more inviting. Suicide isn’t brought on by music. In fact, My Chemical Romance and so many other bands are lifelines. Why? Because they give us something to relate to. We realize that we’re not the only ones going though this, and that if they can survive and get as far as they have, we can too. Have you listened to his speeches? Have you experienced the same pain as we have? It’s not always teen angst. It’s moving, abuse, loneliness. Your views are opinions, don’t be so harsh. I’ll listen to your music and say whether I like it or not, but I wouldn’t slander you and call you names because of it. It’s really painful to see articles such as these, because I was taught all my life to know what I’m talking about before I argue a point.
    For all the fans out there, I’m sorry people like this are trying to get you down. Stand up, and shove it back in their faces. They don’t deserve your words.

  • Kat

    thats gold.

  • Marie

    Music makes people want to harm themselves? Crap. Someone should have told me this before now.

    Why stop there? I mean horror novels and violent movies must make us want to do bad things too. I was trying to figure out why I was having this overwhelming urge to sneak a suitcase full of snakes onto a plane and spout really bad dialogue, but you are a frickin genius.

    Thanks for clearing it all up for me. (Incase you haven’t noticed, I am talking down to you)

  • Ash

    Was this article a joke? You mentioned trolling .. do you believe that stuff about MCR though? They do make a difference to people’s lives, and you can say that if it stops them hurting themselves they can’t have been that depressed in the first place, but if the pain seems real to them, then can’t they just enjoy their lives seeming a little better? It’s just music. It’s going to affect people differently. I don’t get why you guys (some of the people who’ve commented) have to be so agressive and insulting. It’s like racism … well not racism, but like persecuting a people for their religious beliefs, something they chose for themselves. You’d all come off as much more mature than the ‘scene’ kids who go ’emo’ for attention if you just let them be. You can’t pander to the attention seekers, but you can’t say every miserable teenager is that way for the attention, or that every person who wears black or listens to bands like MCR or Greenday, or, (i dont know) the Used, cuts themselves. I guess I’m just repeating what other people have mentioned .. and maybe you’ll flame me for this, or make some smart comment reducing me to one of the many labels used on here. It’s just music. It’s a living for the musicians, yes, and some fans take it way to far, but it’s about appreciating something that touches you. Some people get that from the top 20, some from classical music, some from dance, and a fanatic of one of those will be considered ‘weird’ by others; maybe the world is just sick of teenagers. You guys have to be patient with us, we’re trying to find our own path, if we bother you use a condom and stay out of MCR concerts and Hot Topic (i dont shop there, but apparently its an emo scene shop?). Peace.

  • Personally, Retro Music Chick, I suspect that you would probably find it helpful to, you know, do a little bit more research on MCR, and maybe listen to the songs, and perhaps get your facts straight. I can’t believe nobody’s thought to suggest these things to you yet!

  • You are wrong. DEADLY WRONG. As the aunt of a teen who killed himself, I can only hope that your advise to ignore depressed kids is a fucking joke. I wish my nephew had found My Chem in time – I wish he would have shared his feelings of isolation, abandonment with us, his family, or his friends, or his teachers, I wish he would have found this band the way so many others have. I believe My Chem does save lives, I believe those of us who have never really belonged anywhere, can relate to them, and their music and find strength there with our own kind.
    I am in my 40’s and have listened to MCR for years. They are artistically and philosophically brilliant, they give hope where there was none before. I honor the spirit of my nephew Joshua, each and every time I listen to My Chemical Romance.
    After looking at your site and YOUR taste in music (and I use that term loosely) I understand why you don’t get it! AND YOU NEVER FUCKING WILL!

  • Robin

    I can’t understand why you would put these kids down like you have. These days kids need something to believe in, and if it is MCR then I think that’s great. Personally I wish they had been around when I was a teenager. I don’t think the band promotes any kind of self hurt or suicide. I personally love them and I am 37, but no they have not saved my life, but I talk to kids all day who say they have. Who the hell are you to judge these kids? I co-own a fansite for fans over 30 years old, and I hear the same stories from these people as the teenagers. MCR does save lives whether you like it or not. Shut up and get a life!

  • Ash

    Oh I just wanted to put in this quote from Gerard Way, against negative self-image.
    “Hey, girls, you’re beautiful. Don’t look at those stupid magazines with those stick-like models. Eat healthy and exercise. That’s all. Don’t let anyone tell you you aren’t good enough. You’re too good. Love your family with all your heart and listen to it. You are gorgeous whether you’re a size three or fourteen. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside as long as you’re a good person. As long as you respect others. I know it’s been told hundreds of of times but it’s true. Hey, girls, you’re beautiful.”
    Can anyone reading this seriously say that MCR is an emo-death-cult band which encourages fans to self-harm themselves?

  • M.C.R

    Whatever…MCR are a band that understands young people who decide to lead that life….Not everyone likes the same stuff as you!

    Get a life!


    Libby Cudmore was born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but raised in
    Cobleskill, New York. The daughter of a storyteller mother and an author father, Libby was gifted with an active imagination from the beginning and pursued her love of the written word throughout her childhood. In high school, she attended
    numerous writing conferences, including the Pen in Hand—of which she is a
    three-year alumnus—The St. Lawrence International Conference and in her senior
    year, was selected as one of 25 writers in New York State to attend the Silver
    Bay conference. Libby is entering her senior year at Binghamton University as
    an English/Creative Writing major, and was recently named a recipient of the
    2004-2005 Andrew Bergman Scholarship for Creative Writing and was a
    first-quarter finalist in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest.
    Libby’s previous publications include CosmoGirl, Long Story Short (Where she
    was the featured author for July of 2003) and About Teens.
    ******L> Ron Howard??? Isn’t he a fucking scientologist??? abducted by aliens or some shit??
    writing for “CosmoGirl” the next Stephen King, I suspect!!
    WTF retro-music chick Hope you aren’t still teaching young people –

  • Angel

    This article was an awful assault on My Chemical Romance. Horrible. Just…ugly. Attention all MCR fans, we shouldn’t even be here glorifying this, or paying it any mind.

    “I see near the add comment box… “Personal attacks are not allowed. Please read our comment policy.Does this rule apply to articles? Does this article constitute a personal attack on the boys in MCR?”

    I agree. If personal attacks aren’t allowed in the comments, then it damn sure shouldn’t be allowed in the article. And Gerard Way was very much singled out and attacked.

  • Wendy

    Attention whore: What’s the difference between cutting your wrists for attention and writing a very scathing and controversial article? They are both “in”.
    I have a hard time believing you are a college professor who writes “anyways”.

  • Wendy, there’s nothing wrong with wanting some attention, particularly to your ideas as formulated in a story for public consumption. For one thing, it’s a contribution to civic debate, and could even conceivably do a bit of good. Maybe some moping MCR fan somewhere will read this and clue up.

    It’s an entirely different thing, however, to be going around acting all self-destructive and suicidal to get attention. I’m going to tend to look at that as wicked and wrong, a vampiric abuse of other people’s natural empathy.

    Angel [comment 51]- Not to put too fine a point on it, stop with the baby whining. How old are you to be carrying on like that? You’re going to run to teacher to complain that the writer shouldn’t be allowed to make fun of a cheesy pop singer?

    Seriously, do you have such a limited scope of knowledge of the world that a digital slight against a singer would even make it onto your radar screen as an injustice requiring intervention?

  • Hay

    k so i find this article rather rude.

    I also agree that if personal attacks are not allowed then they should be in this article too.

  • Franklyn

    You talk crap =D Major crap! xD


    Hey Al Burger (#53) Spoken like a true van halen fan. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    THERE was music with a meaning!

  • your wrong mcr is one of the most dedicating bands ever they are heping these kids your full of it go playin traffic:)

  • Yes indeed, The Other. In the Diamond Dave era, Van Halen were indeed beautiful, sophisticated music with deep meaning. VAN HALEN PHOTOS

    Separately, besides being much better MUSIC (you know – melody, rhythm and harmony) than any of these cheesy goth bands, classic Van Halen would be a much more mentally healthy and uplifting thing on which a confused or depressed teenager could fix their mental energies. “Mean Streets” for example would likely tend to inspire determination and resolve to rise above your tough circumstances rather than go out and shoot yourself.

  • mcr_rox

    wat is wrong with u!I am 1 of those many mcr fans and i for one think tht you are very wrong!not all the ppl who listen to mcr are suicidal or have those kind of problems!I listen to mcr because there music rox!

  • Kate

    I am 32 years old and I don’t wear black any more often than anyone else. I don’t throw temper tantrums while cutting myself. I’ve never tried to kill myself and I’m not an attention whore. I work a full time job as a counselor and write and sew in my spare time. On lazy Saturdays I watch MASH reruns and drink tea with friends.

    I love My Chemical Romance.

    You can call me childish. You can call me ‘emo’. You can do and say whatever you like. But you will never be able to call me cruel, that which is the worst of human nature. You on the other hand, seem to reach pinnacles of ecstasy by rolling in the derelict filth of degradation and judgmental spitfire. This blog is completely uncalled for and represents nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt at making oneself feel better by cutting down others. You call the fans of MCR childish teenies?! Your behavior here reminds me of bullies in high school.

    I find it terrifying that you run a writing workshop. I hope that your prospective ‘students’ are aware of the lengths to which you will go to cut down their creativity and judge their inspirations. I certainly hope that this foray into cruelty has brightened your day. I feel sorry for you. It is my hope that one day you can rise above your own insecurities to embrace passion and life in others. It doesn’t matter what inspires us…the world needs all of the happiness and excitement that it can hold. Be glad that kids haven’t killed themselves and be happy that others have found an emotional ‘home’. You may not understand it, but that doesn’t make it invalid or wrong. Look in the mirror and see if you feel better about yourself after stereotyping an entire group of people that you clearly know nothing about. If you don’t like it, don’t listen. I certainly don’t plan to ever READ your bullshit ever again.

  • Oh, dear.

    Ruvy tried to spell it out for you (#32), but he appears to have been too abstract about it. RMC was even more blunt, but it still seems to have gone over your heads. Maybe I can bottom-line it here.

    Nobody is suggesting that My Chemical Romance makes adolescents sullen, moody, or bleak. God knows, if there’s one group that needs no help at all being bleak, it’s adolescents.

    What My Chemical Romance does to adolescents is actually worse. They exploit your inherent tendencies towards sullenness, moodiness, and bleakness. They tap into it, and very successfully I might add, because they understand that doing so will allow them to sell records.

    The haircuts they sport, the clothes they wear, the accessories they carry–their image–is what we commonly refer to as MARKETING. It is designed to appeal to a certain cross-section of consumers. And so, I might add, are their magazine interviews, album covers, videos, photo shoots, t-shirts, posters, and other merchandise. They want you to buy those things so they can make money, and to do that they have to convince you that their product is important to you.

    Did you note that word “product”? That’s what their music, and everything else they do in public, is. It may be art–that I don’t dispute–but it is also product. They may be artists, by the same token, but they are also capitalists. They are contracted to Reprise Records, which is owned by AOLTimeWarner–making My Chemical Romance a subdivision of gigantic American corporation.

    MCR know that adolescents are miserable: adolescence is a miserable time to be alive. And what they do, in essence, is take their knowledge of your misery, pretty it up with pop melodies and lyrical cliches, put it in an attractive package, and sell it to you.

    It’s business that peddles to your emotions, just as surely as Doritos are business that peddle to your appetite.

    If it appeals to you, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you despise it, there’s nothing wrong with that either. (And even if there was, I assure you, Gerard Way is perfectly capable of taking care of himself.) Just recognize it for what it is: business, manufacturing and selling you a product.

    But you almost certainly won’t listen to me, and you probably shouldn’t. It’s part of growing up. Just ask yourself this: if MCR genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing, if all they want is to save your life and be there for you when no one else will….how come they’re charging $16 a CD and $30 a concert ticket? Would someone who really cares about you, charge you for their caring?

  • Robin

    Come on now #61 Michael – Of course they are selling a product, but is that not what all bands do? I am sorry but you just don’t understand kids these days. I know for a fact that parents are not as involved in their kids lives as they should be, and these teens need someone to turn to. To my kids music is very important, and yes I grew up in the Van Halen era (I even saw them in concert) but they had no message. Shit as far as I am concerned they were drunk drug addicts. Gerard has cleaned his act up and shown these kids they can get through their problems without drugs or self hurt. Have you seen his high school picture? I am sure he had a hard time in school and that his lyrics come from experience. Who are they hurting? Why are the adults so scared of them? Maybe you should talk to some of these kids and see what I see. MCR does save lives and I love them for that!!


    I think the next well thought-out blog should be on how bad these (so-called) artists:
    * Tom Waits
    * the Smiths
    * Siouxsie and the Banshees
    * Warren Zevon
    * Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
    * Joe Jackson
    * The Cars
    * The Police
    * Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
    * Royal Crown Revue
    * Anne Dudley
    * Danny Elfman
    * Oingo Boingo
    * Sting
    * July for Kings
    * the Killers
    * Reel Big Fish
    * One Who Stayed
    * The Gin Blossoms
    * Westz
    * the Lightning Seeds
    * Cracker
    * the Trash Can Sinatras
    * Billy Joel
    * early Elton John
    * The Crash Test Dummies

    SUCK REALLY HARD! [Edited]

  • Nikki

    You disgust me….narrow minded, self centred rants about something you know nothing about!
    i myself am a 32 year old mother of 3….I had the classic emotionally scarred childhood….many many seriously disturbing experiences that you could only ever think up in your warped little mind.
    My Chemical Romance are a Major part of my life…and i feel sorry for you…..sorry because you will never get the feelings other MCR fans get when listening to these lyrics.
    I can only pray that you find other ways in future to pass off your shitty, pathetic, unwanted opinions. No one wants to know what you think if you cannot write it without assulting a band because of the music they write/play.
    I pity you….

  • Ok Iam 28 I also dont wear black anymore then anyone else. My hair is its natural color. I dont own black eyeliner. My babies nursery is not decked out in black bats or skulls.Iam one of the most optimistic and bubblie people you will ever meet.Yet I love My Chemical Romance. There is no way MCR can be exploiting anything because you dont have to be depressed to enjoy them. There music has reached out to people in need but wheres the crime in that? Thats what music does, it inspires and if it doesnt then whats the point? Why do you care so much that depressed or happy people found a band to lose themselves in? Why is that so ofensive to you? Leave us MCR fans alone let us enjoy what we want. Its our money and our ears not yours. Just because you cant relate doesnt mean you should put it down.

  • Sarah – New Zealand

    Well, well… that was quite the tirade. Not the most intelligent piece of writing I’ve ever read but then the fact that the writer doesn’t “get it” (i.e. MCR’s music & message) shows a lack of intelligence anyway… As does the use of name-calling (wanker, turd, etc, etc) – in fact, it was the most childish piece of writing I’ve ever read. But then, you know what they say – people who resort to the use of swear words have a limited vocab.

    I will be 34 years old next month and am a big My Chem fan. I have never attempted suicide and only ever contemplated it in my teens once, but then I had just watched my mother die of cancer so I think I was entitled to at least one moment of self-pity. I work full-time for a law firm as an IT professional and own my own home. I have met loads of teenage fans at My Chem shows and they are not all suicidal and depressed – in fact the fans I’ve met looked pretty happy to be seeing their favourite band. They do not promote self-harm – far from it and in fact Gerard Way has been known to track down kids he has seen in the crowd who clearly self-harm and talk to them and their parents about getting the teen some help. Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to see MCR live would agree that they are a fun band who give kids/fans who feel like they don’t fit in a place to belong. How can that be a bad thing?

    PS: And yes, I wear some black but it’s a very flattering and slimming colour!!

  • Beth 28 yrs old

    You’re a little close-minded and don’t get life at all. People find what makes them happy and if MCR is it, it’s not for you to judge. I’m 28 yrs old. The happiest and brightest girl you could ever meet. You may not understand me because of my love for the 5 guys, but don’t put me down.
    I agree some teenagers do things for attention. There are others who really do hurt inside and this music helped them. Yes, HELPED them. Everyone has different opinions about everything in life. But when it comes to music, it’s just opinions and you shouldn’t dislike or put down what you yourself don’t like. I absolutely cannot stand when a band screams lyrics…I totally don’t get it, but some people love it. And good for them. It makes them happy.
    You’re so full of hate. If you can tell teenagers to go ahead and “do it”… you just seem like an evil evil lady to me. It must be so terrible to wake up every day with such anger inside of you. I’m sorry for you. Try taking a vacation and clear that head of yours. You need some joy in your life. I know!!! Pop in The Black Parade CD and you will feel so fabulous!

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    You remind me of this interview I read when reading a book about John Lennon. After he said that thing about Jesus, A Klan member accused the Beatles of promoting Satan worship.

    Insulting people for no reason is immature and useless. Please do a little background research before speaking writing something like this.

    I usually hate music today. I really do. Other than Muse, The Arctic Monkeys, a bit of Fall Out Boy (good workout music, oddly enough), and The Bastard Fairies, I’m not much liking the music these days. I don’t care much for Hot Topic and I find the Nirvana romanticism these days nothing short of puerile. I don’t like that kids worship Kurt Cobain, he was a heroin addict that got his wife addicted to smack and killed himself leaving her and a little baby when people were determined to hate her. It was a really dreadful thing for me to realize there would never be another MC5 again. I can’t believe what AFI did to themselves. The two Saint Davids of rock: Bowie and Byrne, are two of my heroes. I have a dependance on Fleetwood Mac and Patti Smith. I’ve actually spent time praying to Joey Ramone. I feel sick for having been born the same year Freddie Mercury died, but I think it’s so cool I have the same birthday as Morrissey.

    That’s right. I’m fifteen. Going on sixteen.

    In May, 2004, I was not looking forward much to my thirteenth birthday. It was a terrible year. I won’t go into detail, but a lot of restrained memories came flashing back and not just in my head. I never cut myself, I never attempted suicide. I did not wear all black. I had friends down the street and everyone thought that for a twelve-year-old, I was a pretty happy person. In reality, I had nothing and didn’t really give a shit about anything. I did not want to die, but I didn’t care if I did.

    For my thirteenth birthday, I got a burned CD from a new friend who had just moved from Jersey. It was MCR’s first CD, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love.

    I listened to it and started caring again. I had a rough summer, but I had that CD to hold onto. I wasn’t even too sure who they were or what the names of their songs were (she had not labelled the CD), so imagine my surprise a few months later when I learned that the same band had come out with their first major-label release exactly seventeen days after my birthday.

    Therefore, I started loving MCR BEFORE they became big. Fuck, their first record still hasn’t gone Gold. BUT I LOVE THEM.

    As for Gerard Way, one thing I guess that I especially like about him is that to me, when everyone was worshipping Kurt Cobain, he seemed like the Anti-Kurt Cobain. He TRIUMPHED over his alcohol and Cocaine addiction. He resisted suicide and still held love for his music. He treats his band members with respect and loves his fans.

    And guess what? Not only do I believ in MCR, I also believe in Jesus. And I believe Rudy Guiliani could make a great President. Not really the stereotypical MCr fan, am I? Even though I’m a teenage girl?

    I also believe something Iggy Pop (who loves Peanut Butter even more than I do) said recently about how there don’t seem to be many real bands these days; just one person with the talent then a bunch of backup musicians with the same haircut. But every member of MCR contributes to the songwriting, which makes them by Iggy Pop’s standards a real genuine band.

    But guess what? I don’t dwell in sad shit. I love to write. I want to write when I grow up. And I want to be a comedian. I love laughing and thinking of stuff in a funny light. I thought the Black Parade sounded like a chapter in the civil rights movement. See? I don’t actually cry much, accept when I stub my toe (That really fucking hurts) or watch The Parent Trap (don’t ask). I laugh. And now I’m laughing at you.

    And yes, I am an attention whore. But I don’t get it through acting sad and shit. I don’t see what is wrong with liking attention as long as you don’t try and get it through destructive or overexcessive methods. Usually if I want attention I’ll shout something like “ANNE COULTER IS LUCIFER!” or “Oh wow! There are WORDS in this book!” in the middle of a Barnes and Noble. Or I go up to my mom and kiss her on the cheek. Or I tell my friends I love them.

    I do that stuff a lot.

    And I think in addition to this, if I want to do something funny, I’ll think about this blog and laugh about just how stupid you really are.

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    One more thing– If My Chem really just cared about using the dark thing for money and did not give a shit about their fans, then they’d be doing ads for hot topic-esque crap instead of spending hours at meet and greets. Because let’s think: It’s really easy to have your picture taken and people pay you for it. Meet and Greets: No one is paying you jack shit and after playing a draining set you’re hustling outside and standing their for hours in the cold, signing pieces paper so that everyone there is not disappointed.

    Hmmmmmm…. Which are they doing again?

    Oh yeah, the Meet and Greets.

  • Angie

    I can hardly bring myself to reply. I really can’t believe so many people have jumped on the ‘don’t-have-a-clue-about-music-or-life-but-let’s-slag-off-MCR bandwagon’! And why would people actually WANT to prove their lack of intelligence by spouting all this non researced trash?! YAWN!

  • B.H.

    TO: — Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    I think you said it all. You will be an awesome writer one day!

  • We have now several testimonials from fans of MCR saying that they don’t fit the goth stereotypes that the RMC invokes in the article. That’s fair enough. I’m sure she’d say that it’s an if-the-shoe-fits deal. Hey, I’ve even heard from Black Sabbath fans who are apparently not glue sniffing Beavis and Buttheads.

    But the sanctimony of some of y’all here who denounce the supposed wicked cold heartedness of the Retro Music Chick is not very convincing. How DARE anyone question YOUR unique and special pain? To quote the perhaps most obnoxious version of it here:

    But you will never be able to call me cruel, that which is the worst of human nature. You on the other hand, seem to reach pinnacles of ecstasy by rolling in the derelict filth of degradation and judgmental spitfire. This blog is completely uncalled for and represents nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt at making oneself feel better by cutting down others. You call the fans of MCR childish teenies?! Your behavior here reminds me of bullies in high school.

    Oh my! What an evil monster she is! This makes me feel all tingly!

    But I’d actually file this under “tough love.” The sob sister crap doesn’t really help you past a certain point. Perhaps being a band marketing to the self-absorbed misery of adolescents is truly cruel and exploitative. Whereas, a good sharp slap, and showing them the error of their ways might be the more truly loving gesture, ya think? Hey, maybe being a rich suburban teenager stuck in Fresno ain’t so bad.

    Besides which, you’re wasting your lives listening to emo junk when you could just as easily be grooving on Cab Calloway or Johnny Cash. Crikey, no wonder you’d think there was nothing worth living for, if this goth crap is all the more you know of music.

    Then there are frickin’ maroons like The Other who apparently thinks he’s proving something by pasting in RMC’s fave band list with “sucks” at the end. For that to mean anything, you’d have to actually back it up.

    Take one of these bands that she likes, and explain what sucks about them. Please elucidate what your beef is with the Police, other than that someone likes them who doesn’t like your fave band. What songs would you use to contrast why MCR is great and the Police are not?

  • HOLY SHIT !!

    okay go get a job than playin around !!
    well i have no cmnt about ur stupid fuckin article !!!

    ppl i mean real mcr fans stop cmntin this crap !!
    we have alot of things 2 do 4 our guys than reading stupid things like that well i feel fuckin sry 4 u cuz u dont rly know whos mcr n they did change this world mcr rawwwwwks n i do love n support them till death so get over it n goo get a job !!!
    seems like u envy them cuz they did a great job !!
    n they play music 4 us not only 4 fuckin money n u do the same too, u work for money every1 is doin the same …..
    so stop sayin shit bout them also gerard way is a good man !!!!
    I LOVE HIM !!! hes an amazing person also he has the most beautiful personalty in the whole intire world hes totallly amazing !!

    N btw this stupid article will nvr change our thoughts bout them cuz they rock !!!!!

  • Cindy

    I’m 46 years old and I love My Chemical Romance. They have helped me a great deal. I have met a lot of great people and made a lot of friends through MCR. I know that you and your “you’re-so-right” fans will make fun of me, but I’m sure my MCR friends never would. It must be great to be so knowledgeable about all music that you can pass judgement on it without really understanding it.

    The fan base of MCR is mostly teens now but it is growing in other age groups, too. They’re getting more and more fans in their 30s and 40s. That must be due to their clever marketing schemes!

    Oh, well, like I said, if you read this at all, you’ll probably just make fun so you go back to your narrow category of music you enjoy and I’ll go back to mine. You wouldn’t fit in with the MCR fans anyway.

  • angel

    [#53.] I am 21 years old. Not a “baby”, thank you. And I assure you, Sir, I wouldn’t waste my time posting another comment (or, in some cases comment. after comment, after comment.) here unless I was personally addressed. Which I was. I have already said my piece, why did you find it necessary to single out others who, just as you(over, and over, and over, mind you.), only wanted to express their opinion. Please, I’m asking that you do not address me anymore at all. I am not planning to visit again so I will not be able to defend myself. Get free publicity for your blog, or whatever it is that you do, from insulting someone else. Thanks. My previous statement stands.

  • Melanie

    It’s too bad personal attacks are not allowed in the comments, when there are so many of them in the article itself.

    I suppose this whole exchange would be more entertaining if adolescence were not actually full of emotional pain and frustration, if we didn’t all go through this phase of life where we used whatever we could to make us feel better, if people’s musical choices were not so personal and therefore so sensitive a thing to attack, and if we all were as well-adjusted and mature as teenagers as the author obviously was, with such critically-acclaimed impeccable musical taste, and not at all self-pitying.

    The thing is, pretty much everyone does and says things as teenagers that we are embarrassed about later. And all of us were told at one time or another, by an adult who ostensibly knew better and had been through it all already, to suck it up and get over it. And of course none of us “listened”, it didn’t make any of our problems any less real or any of our emotional pain any easier to bear, just like none of the kids you’re so respectfully addressing in your article are going to smack their foreheads and say “You’re right! The music I like is horrible! I’m just going to suck it up and stop feeling sorry for myself!”

    And it would be more interesting if none of this had already been done many, many times before. Actually I’m pretty sure I read another satirical article a few months ago by a different writer talking about how teenagers should stop whining about how they’re suicidal and just do it already. I highly doubt they were the first, either.

    I personally like MyChem. Aside from liking the music itself, I find something very energizing and cathartic in singing along with the lyrics. I think for most people, regardless of personal musical taste, there is something about a sad or depressing or angry song that can make you feel better listening to it and singing along, even for such a simple reason as it makes you feel better to know that someone else feels like you do and understands.
    Personally I found inspiration in Duran Duran to help keep from slitting my own wrists when I was a teenager.

    Also, I think there should be an apostrophe in here somewhere:

    “You and every other terrible rotten shitty emo/goth/suburban pseudo-punk band exploit their fans sadness because if they’re not miserable…”

  • Sure.

    A couple people have been saying MCR is all product. But if you go back a few years you’ll realize you are sorely mistaken. They were one of the biggest messed up pack of guys you’d seen. They’ve simply cleaned up their act. Everything you’re seeing in them is a creation of your own imagination. They’re really big goofs with hearts of gold. You’re just to blind to see it. They really are beautiful people.

    If you actually listen to the words in their music, “I am not afraid to keep on living” “We’ll carry on” etc. Does that sound like they’re tapping into teenaged angst and depression to gain fame and fortune? No. They’re trying to give you a message. One that you’ve seemed to so clearly miss.

    Before you pick apart everyone else, examine yourselves first. No one is without flaws.

  • If people said that what you wrote is “Brilliant” then they don’t know what they just read. How could you write such horrible things about such amazing people? If you actually knew everything the band ands their fans went through then maybe you wouldn’t have written this. I can’t even believe that you could write something so hateful and so degrating. Have you seen the things that people have said to you because of it? I’m not talking about the praise I’m talking about the heartfelt comments that meant something and hopefully you will take it to heart. My Chemical Romance isn’t just a band they are life savers. So many people haven’t died because of the songs that they have sung. They don’t sing songs that are worthless they sing songs that save lives. So what you’re basically saying is I hope people die. So thanks for wirting something so hateful, because you have made me love this band that much more. Hopefully your hateful words have opened the eyes of others so that they know never to read anything you have ever written or will write. After i post this you will never hear from me again because I hate what you have written. “So long and goodnight”.

  • MCR Lover

    Your post is down right hateful & mean! MCR rocks & you know it. It’s people like you that torture other’s that makes us want to cut. I’m not going to say anthing else to sink down to your level so,” So long, & Goodnight.”


    Okay, #72 — Al Barger
    “Take one of these bands that she likes, and explain what sucks about them.”
    Okay – I will go slow so you understand – NOTHING is wrong with her bands, just like there is NOTHING wrong with My Chemical Romance! If you professional opinion-givers shut the hell up long enough to fucking listen you would GET IT!!!
    I was simply making a point – I would not listen to any of her bands, but by the same token I would not denegrate and mimimalize what they have to say (IF of course, they said anything at ALL – which they DO NOT). You forget she also attacked Billie Joe Armstrong, who actually has the balls to say what he believes in. What do the Cars believe it?? Billy Joel? Elton John?? BBBBBBenny and the Jets?? WTF??
    I DID notice there were NO Beatles, no Pink Floyd, and no Clash.
    Do you possibly understand that some people expect a little MORE from their music than silly-ass lyrics that don’t say any fucking thing at all?? JUMP??? Go ahead and Jump – was Van Halen also talking suicide???
    I wonder . . .

  • Just curious. Does anyone here think that personal attacks shouldn’t be allowed in the articles if they’re not allowed in the comments?

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    Michael J West, you appear to be a rather conflicted individual. You did not seem to be supporting what this person said, then you seemed to back it, now you are calling out this person’s hypocracy. Hmmmm…

  • I’m not so sure you passed the test on satire. While you were certainly mocking and at times witty, I fail to see where you exposed any wickedness (at least on anyones part but your own). I feel sure you wrote this mainly for the known response you would get – all of us writing to you in defense of our favorite band.
    It really wasn’t very nice what you said. And I don’t think Jesus would approve of you anymore than you think He would approve of MCR. But, that’s being judgemental.
    You may be pulling an Ann Coulter. Go ahead, say it, I was just joking. OK we forgive you. Now straighten up and go out and have a nice day.
    PS By the way, you are certainly not the only one who relates music to their past. The first time I saw Queen. A Friday night The Midnight Special. Thay sang Bohemian Rhapsody. The same weekend I had my first kiss. Now isn’t that sweet. The fact that MCR reminded me a little of Queen didn’t hurt.

  • Wendy

    I noticed that Al is pretty verbal while the author is curiously silent. Judging by her usual blog page, with little to no comments on any post, all this attention is pretty scary and overwhelming for her, and she has decided to stay in the background. She even directed her blog page “traffic” to this page, yet only Al seems to be speaking up for her.
    Hey Al, isn’t so-called civic debate in your words supposed to be 2 sided?

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    Hey, Wendy, we have the same name.

  • Frank

    How amatuer of you.

  • Mia Rose

    Hey Wendy, I was wondering the same thing…

    Al Barger

    Are you married to Retro music chick? Sounds like you’re one in the same.

    So where is your wife? She had a lot to say yesterday, but now, nothing….. Maybe she feels embarrassed about writing such crap without getting her facts right.

    So she should


    Yeah – NO QUEEN listed on her music list
    so she obviously is NOT THE SHARPEST KNIFE IN THE DRAWER!!!
    You “normal” people are some hypocritical, sorry bastards, aren’t you?
    ANOTHER reason I would not like to be like YOU.

    I GOOGLED our Retro Music Chick and found this:

    Libby Cudmore is especially qualified to teach a class on personal writing because she is the most self-absorbed person she’s ever met (see what I mean?) When she isn’t getting dressed in the mirror or fawning over the various men in her life, she is sitting in front of her computer drinking French roast and writing until her fingers cramp up.

    That would sure make her parents PROUD ~

    oooh, wait is that TOO personal?? Maybe you should just go JUMP!

  • Nikki

    hahaha…THE OTHER…you rock!!!!
    Thanx for saying exactly what i wanted to!

  • katie

    if you would have listened to their lyrics or
    done some research before you wrote this
    then you would have known
    my chemical romance are totally against that.
    they’ve done interviews about teen suicide and
    and self harm. they think its wrong
    also if you havnt heard
    they’ve helped alot of kids.

    im sorry but thats just the most fucked up thing to write when you obviously dont know shit about the band.



    You are quite Welcome, Nikki!
    All US losers have to stick together so the “normal” people don’t corrupt us and take our souls like the VAMPIRES they truly ARE!!

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    He won’t ever let them hurt us, he promised

  • go play in traffic!:)

  • Nikki

    LOL @#90…… omg! J i fuckin luv ya………..you rock!

  • zingzing

    wendy… maybe… i dunno. someone asked why more people aren’t defending the author’s pov.

    one reason is that, while her main point (mcr exploits its fans) is solid, her method of going about it was a little manipulative. so, she deserves what she gets, because she obviously wanted it.

    that plays into the second reason for why no one is here to defend her: who wants to get in a verbal fight with a bunch of rabid, kamikaze teens about some teenie-bopper band?

    not i. go on, have a fit.

  • Proud to be Fifteen Year Old Girl, so get over it.

    I. Am. Not. Exploited.

    By the way, if you don’t want to get in a fight, then why exactly did you say anything?

  • hey post this shitty blog down!!

  • Nikki

    Ummmm excuse me…but “who wants to get in a verbal fight with a bunch of rabid, kamikaze teens about some teenie-bopper band?” call me confused…….but rabid i am not…..kamikaze…..no way…..teenie bopper band…i think not…..god damn it,…people for fucks sake believe what you wanna….just dont share the negatives unless you wanna get into a verbal fight……there are too many people of many ages who will support MCR.

  • Suck it up. So what! Think what you think but geeze. MCR are accomplishing way more than you are, sitting at your computer trashing them, when they obviously could care less. For god sakes maybe if you didn’t jump to conclusions liek that you’d realize you don’t understand the reality. For god sakes SUCK IT UP.

  • Know what’s stopping me from teen suicide?

    About 5 years of age.

  • I got 1 and a half years…we should get started on the mid-life crisis suicide post…

  • This article is really uncalled for, its just music and like all music some people will like it and some people won’t, there really is no need to go into a full-on personal attack on all of MCR’s fans and MCR themselves. I’m 17 and have never felt depressed or suicidal, on the contrary i’m the happiest person i know and i still love MCR’s music.
    I personally don’t like Morrisey, but to be perfectly honest i’ve never taken the time to properly listen and understand their music, if i did maybe i’d have a different view. But instead of writing a poorly worded and offensive article about something i clearly don’t understand i’d keep my views to myself, because lets be honest theres more important things going on in the world to complain about.

  • Ashley

    well for someone who is a “college English professor” and “teaches creative writing at a youth center” you seem like an incredibly unintelligent, immature, and misinformed person who has nothing better to do than sit and write articles bashing, viciously misquoting, and taking the song lyrics completely out of context, in which case you could take almost any song from any artist and come up with the same image you have portrayed. you want to know why? because, that’s life. that’s what happens, so that’s what artists write about. if you want to be constructive, then why dont you talk about some of the songs country singers write? i’m sure you’ll find alot more “emo” lyrics and things about suicide and depression then MCR’s. then there’s also rap music. lyrics that talk about drugs, rape, and other related topics? isn’t that a bit worse than a band whose message states: “i am not afraid to keep on living” or “we’ll carry on”? and honestly, if you have to mindlessly spout out negativity, you could at least get your facts straight first. you are obviously a selfish person who couldn’t care less about other’s feelings. did’nt you ever stop to think that maybe all the crap in the world might not happen if people could just shut the hell up instead of going around bashing other’s thoughts and opinions senselessly? try being a bit more open-minded. if you don’t like something, then suck it up and get over yourself. going around putting others down about it isn’t really going to change their opinion, and it only makes you look like the immature, unintelligent person you are. if you don’t like My Chemical Romance, then fine. you don’t have to. and frankly, they dont care. cause they’re here for the people who do care, and realize that they can make a difference in this world. i seriously dont understand why someone would devote so much of their time just to write something derrogatory. and if it is, as many people who go around putting others down say, “just to see people get angry” or other things to that effect, then who is the real messed up one?

  • Wendy

    “that plays into the second reason for why no one is here to defend her: who wants to get in a verbal fight with a bunch of rabid, kamikaze teens about some teenie-bopper band?

    not i. go on, have a fit.”

    I am 39. Surprise!
    And, I am quite sure you have not seen a fit yet. But this author has not warranted a fit by any means.
    Her insensitive comments about suicide are just that. Comments.
    The reason no one else defends her pov is that no one until now has read her.
    She really doesn’t deserve any more attention. Unless, Of course, she starts “masturbating with a razor blade.”
    Anyways…Such a cultured vocabulary for a “college professor.”

  • Music does not make a person want to kill themself. The person already had issues to begin with. If you spent more time helping a person instead of bashing MCR then maybe you would be a better person yourself. I am 41 and listen to MCR and love their music. My brother killed himself and music had nothing to do with it. All we can do is support each other instead of bash each other. I don’t like you but at least I am not bashing you.

  • I didn’t post earlier today because I was at a wake, and besides, I’ve said all I need to say, I’d like thank each of you indidually and as a group for making me one of the most commented on articles on blogcritics.

    Your Retro Music Chick

  • Melanie

    I’m sure I speak for many of us when I say that I’m glad we were able to give you the attention you needed. Any time you want to write another overwhelmingly nasty article about something a lot of people love and the people who love it, I’m sure more people will come forward to make yours one of the most commented articles again.
    Well done.

  • Kate

    To #72 My dear Al,

    “To quote the perhaps most obnoxious version of it here:

    But you will never be able to call me cruel, that which is the worst of human nature. You on the other hand, seem to reach pinnacles of ecstasy by rolling in the derelict filth of degradation and judgmental spitfire. This blog is completely uncalled for and represents nothing more than yet another pathetic attempt at making oneself feel better by cutting down others. You call the fans of MCR childish teenies?! Your behavior here reminds me of bullies in high school.

    Oh my! What an evil monster she is! This makes me feel all tingly!”

    Hmmmmm…obnoxious. Nevertheless, I’ve certainly gotten your attention haven’t I? I never said my pain was more important or unique than anyone else’s…and if that’s what you got from reading my statement then I wonder if you can comprehend the english language.
    I said there is no need to be needlessly cruel. But you appear to be big proponent of random cruelty as well so I suppose it’s not surprising that you took a shot at me. I hope this behavior works out for you.
    Let me ask you something…when was the last time that being slapped when you were hurting helped you? …I’m waiting….

    By the way…I’m glad I made you all tingly. I’m drooling about it as I write this. Lickity split. 😉

  • Jude

    I’ve always thought putting others down to make yourself feel better was always a juvenile thing. This whole article made me cringe in embarrassment for you. I hope you’ve gotten your angst out in a way that best suits you (writing this article); the rest of us will cope in a less obnoxious manner by playing our My Chemical Romance and our Green Day.

    “Billie Joe Armstrong, I’m talking to you!”

    Do you think he’s listening? I don’t think so. I’ve never in my life thought of Green Day as a band to listen to when you’re feeling miserable. A lot of your article was unfounded, but that took the cake. I’m not sure which barrel you scraped the bottom of to find that gem.

  • Kate

    #112 Retro Music Chick

    You’re more than welcome, sweetheart. Making this blog the most read in the entire universe doesn’t make you better or more popular…it means that more people than ever know what a cruel and scared person you are. I’m happy for your success! 🙂

  • lucky

    I deal with kids all day every day.
    I teach kindergarten and I have a teenage daughter.
    I love My Chemical Romance to the point where I will not miss a show in my area, buy their cds and concert tickets on presale, and spend a hell of a lot on merchandise.
    As someone who is old enough to know, I think your opinion is ignorant. Anyone who has researched My Chem at all would understand that the opinion and/or image you have attempted to color them in is presumptuous and false.

  • Mia Rose

    Well goodie for you Retro chick… Your blog is very popular, and you have lots of people talking about it and you.


    ” I’d like thank each of you indidually and as a group for making me one of the most commented on articles on blogcritics.”

    I’m glad you’re the most commented person on blogcritics..I hope people keep talking and talking about you and your disgusting article.

    You’ve made a fool of yourself and now you have nothing to say.

    I bet you get paid for each comment we make. What do you get? $1.00 for each post?

    lol what a joke!

    Here’s my $1.00… use it to buy a heart.

  • Suicide would probably improve many of the comments.

  • Jerry

    Just because you listen to a band that someone who is suicidal listens to doesent make you a cutter, and that shouldent label the band either! if i listened to a song Hitler listened to does that mean im gonna start killing Jews or something? And for another thing, those who are truly suicidal dont tell everyone, they hide it. and it IS a sickness, theyr not doing it for attention. but the trend of cutting yourself for attention is growing, about the only good point you made, but saying its a bands fault is ridiculus. Maybe it was (god forbid) the parenting, not the music lyrics that fucked up these kids. MCR is a great band with beautifull lyrics of love and passion and somrtimes dark elements, but thats great. everyone needs to see some darkness every once in a while to let them appreciate the light. Read the song lyrics to cancer and then you say this band is stupid and meaningless.

  • Billy Bob

    Back to my sheep. Tomorrow is Spring planting fer my turnips and okra. If ya all have questions about farming just ask. Glad to help.

  • Come on now #61 Michael – Of course they are selling a product, but is that not what all bands do?


  • Howdy ho, all you MCR fans. I was just watching SOUTH PARK – specifically the “Raisins” episode with Butters explaining explaining to the goths exactly where they’re wrong. I HIGHLY recommend this episode. I was obviously thinking of y’all as I watched it again.

    If y’all are wanting a singer who understands pain, and felt the presence of perhaps even literal demon spirits, then I’ve got just the thing for you to check out: ROBERT JOHNSON. You’ll note that I have his entire catalog available for free download. I recommend you start here with “HELLHOUND ON MY TRAIL”.

  • Also on the other side, I confess to never having paid a lot of careful listening to My Chemical Romance. I’ve seen them in passing on video a time or two, but none of what I heard made enough impression to inspire me to seek them out.

    However, I’ve kinda backed into an argument with MCR fans – though I’ve not really criticized MCR specifically, more the general idea of goth. But the general point of not criticizing stuff you don’t know about in various comments does have merit, so I’m hunting down some MCR on the LimeWire. So far, I’ve got “I’m Not OK” and “Welcome to the Black Parade.” I’m not particularly impressed with either of these songs, but they’re not just horrible. I’ll give them a couple of spins, see if I’m missing anything. I’m listening as I type.

    But I’m just guessing at song titles. What are the couple of best MCR songs I should be checking out to see what they’re capable of?

    A couple of y’all, apparently a bit lacking in love interests, are curious about me and Miss Libby. She is but a sister Blogcritic. She caught my special attention here though, especially with the part about razorblade masturbation in heaven. As Eminem would say, that talk makes my pee-pee go da-doing-doing-doing. Wild thing, I think I… love you.

    On the other hand, I may be too evil and coldhearted even for a beast such as Miss Libby. Heck, I’m even an ANN COULTER FAN. What could be more evil and heartless than that?

    By the way, I think you visiting MCR fans should direct your ire to that Matthew T Sussman guy. He’s TRULY wicked and heartless. He’s far worse even than me. Why, he’s even a… REPUBLICAN. Sic him!

  • wendy

    okay, first of all i am disappointed that anyone would publish such subjective content. I thought that being a “writer” meant being able to objectively propose the “reader” to make up his/her own mind about art. You are entitled to your freedom of speech, but to attack something that you don’t understand or like is pure ignorance. This type of writing is offensive to me. YOU ARE teaching the teenagers to subjectively look at art and impose their beliefs on others with the written word. HOW ARE YOU HELPING THE TEENS YOU PROFESS TO WANNA “SAVE” FROM THIS MUSIC?! You are no different than those who picked on kids in highschool and bulllies everyone to think like them. What kind of artform would be left in this world if it was left up to you? Butterflies and kisses?!? Well, that may exist but to those who really see life, they know that the butterflies and kisses can turn cold. It’s called loss and growing up. I am 30 yrs old and yes, MCR helped save my life literally. So, next time you want to author anything, please keep in mind that you are not the almighty judge. Your style of writing proves that you need to grow up. If u don’t believe me, just read what you wrote…
    “Gloomy McMopeypants.” -very original and mature

    “I can’t imagine a more pathetic scene than a bunch of pre-teens with eyeliner running down their faces, (especially the boys, yuck) sobbing over tepid lyrics like those found in “Drowning Lessons:” – okay, enough said. I think this proves my point.

  • YOU ARE teaching the teenagers to subjectively look at art and impose their beliefs on others with the written word.

    She’s teaching teenagers to be music critics?

  • MCR helped save my life literally.


    Like, you were about to fall off a cliff, but the band members caught you at the last second?

  • Mia Rose

    Hey Al

    off their 1st album

    Early sunsets over Monroeville
    Skylines and turnstiles

    off their 2nd album

    To the end
    Thank you for the venom
    The ghost of you

    Off their 3rd album
    I don’t love you
    The sharpest lives

    If you can’t find these songs
    go to this link
    and read their lyrics, they’re amazing. Put the music and the lyrics together and you get something brilliant.

  • The Other [comment 80]- It’s curious to me that of all the many musicians I’ve written about, you’d pick up on Van Halen as a point of mockery. I might have thought you’d go for making fun of perhaps Conway Twitty or Porter Wagoner and his nudie suits.

    But instead you picked maybe the exact best counterpoint that I would have picked out of all my fave acts there against the whole goth thing. It’s not like Van Halen didn’t have their demons – and they’ve sure gone to seed now. But they were looking at those “Mean Streets” as a challenge and promise rather than as a curse.

    It’s particularly precise that you’d pick

    #124 Al Barger

    Try “Famous Last Words” and “Cancer” those are their most powerful, besides “Welcome to the Black Parade.” And look up “Teenagers” that’s about gun violence in schools.

  • Thanks Mia- I’ve just got “I Don’t Love You.” I’m digging up some of these others as I type. And do please hit MY MP3 STASH. Again, for that dark flavor, I recommend trying some of the Robert Johnson.

    “Questions” by Ray Charles. Sample lyric if it gets your goth juices flowing, “I didn’t mean to sound too morbid, and I hope I didn’t spoil your day (ha, ha, ha!)”

  • Jack

    Hey Al,
    so you’re listening to MCR?
    Look out!
    You may just find that you’re going to turn into a fan.
    MyChem are bloody fantastic.

  • Mia Rose

    Will do Al

    I think it’s only fair that if you’re listening to the music I love, then I should listen to the music you love.

  • zingzing

    wendy: “I am 30 yrs old and yes, MCR helped save my life literally.”

    wendy, same wendy?: “I am 39. Surprise!”

    yes, yes i am.

    on to other things. i second al’s robert johnson suggestion.

    obviously, al doesn’t like goth. neither do i much, but i appreciate good music whether or not it’s got some darkness in its soul. so:

    try these:

    joy division

    oh hell, that’s enough. now there’s a guy who found beauty even if he was depressed as all fuck. of course, he did end up hanging himself, so if you are dangerously close to any such thing, either stay away or learn a lesson from his silly, stupid act.

    hey mike, wendy said they “helped” save her life, “literally.” so, there must have been some firemen there or something and MCR were there, you know, like telling them there was this woman on a cliff and that their uniforms were really inspirational and all that.

  • Rax

    Does anyone realize that the point o’ this bloody article isn’t even My Chemical Romance? I think you’re focusing on the wrong things here. Especially the adults. You did do critical reading in high school and college, aye? Read between the lines, young jedi. The true meaning, you will see. Yesssss.

    Actually no. Don’t do that either. Just ignore the words My Chemical Romance and read it…

  • NecroDendroPhiliac

    We must all obey, he that is Gerard Way,
    The One True Path can be found through the
    Bryar patch
    We cut ourselves to feel alive,
    yet while we live, could we ever die?
    The Black Lord himself will sieze your soul
    and %$&# you gently with his chainsaw hold
    Into the depths you’ll flee to suffer at
    the hands of Dark Lord Way, all ye who blaspheme against, all that is Our Chemical Romance.

    A plague o’ both your houses! I’m writing about this in my Livejournal, Retro_music_chick!

  • Kate

    “Heck, I’m even an ANN COULTER FAN. What could be more evil and heartless than that?”

    Not much. Have any opinion you like, but Ann is a bastion for idiolic, senseless conservative, bitter bridges bullshit. I see now why you were threatened by what I wrote…because it was intelligent.
    Good luck with cruel longings….they will serve you well in your next 80 katrillion lives, not to mention this one that you have the unfortunate karma to blunder through.
    And should you think that you’re ‘above’ all that ‘karma’ nonsense…then just what do you think ‘do unto others’ means? We’re treating you just as you’ve treated us….does it feel good, honey?

    Yours in Ann Coulter orginess,
    *oh yeah, lick me Ann*


    #123 — March 16, 2007 @ 00:37AM — Al Barger

    I wasn’t mocking or ridiculing Van Halen – hell, I listened to them WAY back when – before I knew better and Freddie Mercury made music art again.
    My point is only that music touches each individual human being differently and all us “Freaks” need our haven just as you “normal” people control the universe (and doing a bang-up job of it too, I might add).
    You are right about Conway Twitty and the Porter Waggoner – If I would have seen those I probably would have pissed myself with laughter, but maybe another time.
    I will credit you with TRYING to understand us – unlike the blog mistress. She is locked in her own personal hell, me thinks.
    I find it curious that you use blues music as an example. Isn’t the blues terribly depressing, causing, dare I say it, (in my best church lady voice) SUICIDE??

  • “Like, you were about to fall off a cliff, but the band members caught you at the last second?”

    I envisioned more of the lead singer jumping toward her Secret Service style in slow motion yelling “nooooooooooo” as he batted the razor blade out of her hand.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    Thanks for the back-up at comments #61 and #116. Nobody wants to get it through their heads a point that Shark likes to make – “marketing is news and news is marketing.” And marketing is all about pulling money from your pockets – like $16 for a piece of plastic with “music” on it.

    Teen “culture” is as artificial as a cigarette commercial and is based on squeezing money out of the the raging hormones that teens have in their bodies. But if you read HISTORY, not to mention real literature, you realize that HISTORY is largely the story of what teenagers did because they were viewed as adults. Their bodies had matured and they could make babies – and did. They could fight wars – and did.

    Alexander the Great didn’t masturbate with a razor. He taught his soldiers to use razors to shave their beards so that the enemy couldn’t pull them closer and stab them with swords. He was a kid when he became king of Macedonia. He died at the age of 33.

  • Miss Kate [comment 131] sez: “I see now why you were threatened by what I wrote…because it was intelligent.”

    Yes, that’s exactly right. You are WAY too smart and insightful. I am frightened, intimidated and repulsed by smart, fiercely independent minded women. It’s kind of odd, though, that you deduced that from my interest in Ann Coulter, which would seem to go to the opposite point.

  • Well, Ruvy, I’m not entirely sure that it’s much healthier to treat teens as full-grown adults: even Alexander didn’t join in military campaigns until he was 18 (and didn’t lead until he was 20). The hormones that wreak havoc on their skin and reproductive systems do the same thing to their brains. And having been a teenager not too long ago, I certainly wouldn’t trust them with either a baby or a sword.

    That said, I would certainly agree with your overall point about “teen culture”; the very word “teenager” was invented by advertisers who realized the untapped potential of the 13-18 market.

  • Dyakatte

    “I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway. The only thing stopping you is that you know if you’re dead, you can’t soak up any more attention from your short-bus internet friends, and they don’t allow razor-blade masturbation in Heaven. The world could always use one fewer useless, sulking, door-slamming adolescent. Go on, apparently, all the cool kids are doing it.”

    Can someone say Hypocrite? you say that My chemical romance encourage teenagers to kill themselves yet I, and I hope everyone else that has commented, can see that you’ve just done the very thing that you’re complaining about.

    I myself, are a fan of their music. am I therefore an attention-seeking emo? You have no idea of what some people go through in life. Not everyone just glides through and never has any problems. People need someone who at least try to understand and not someone who basically is telling them to stop crying and get back to normal. That is their normal.

    I do agree with one thing, however. Gerard Way is not some messiah. He’s not some person who can wave a magic wand and make everyone happy. But the reason that teenagers going through their problems look up to him is that he’s been through it all. He’s been to hell AND got the T-shirt. Teens see him as an example of hope that they can get through that hell too and emerge stronger than they have ever been.

    So in all honesty, I pity the fact that you can’t see the good that My chemical romance has done. Maybe someday you’ll listen to one of their songs without prejudice and actually hear the message that thousands of the “emo’s” have been saved by.
    And then you understand.

    P.S I would recommend Helena, Cancer, Famous last words and Disenchanted as good examples to start.

  • Eddie

    They’ll be no personal attacks as long as you can stop the generalisation.
    Yes, I listen to Green Day and My Chemical Romance and I’m a teen. I also listen to many other stuff such as the Commodores.
    I don’t slit my wrists, and people who do aren’t ’emos’. Emo is a sub-genre of Punk music.
    I am a depressed teen, but it’s very hard not to be depressed when you’re a Transgender.

    Billie Joe Armstrong is a punk rocker, anyone wh’s ‘angry’ will buy their CD’s, anyone who can see the injustice in the world will like them.
    I listen to them because my brother used to.
    Oh, I’m sorry, what are Green Day? Activists!
    That’s right. Punks that try change the world for the better. I’m a activist, also, but not because of them, I have been before I liked them.
    Billie Joe’s past could give him the right to be upset (if you find out things about him), but he isn’t.

    You see, you’re coming off really bad, you slip up with your lack of knowledge on them.
    The people who generally listen to these guy are the upright thinking people. And I like to be around them.

    Listen to the albums and realise they’re more about determination than depression.

    This message was fuelled by Green Day.

  • Eddie

    @tterbed AND

    Green Day don’t whine they fight, you’re wrong, and all your words are simply useless to the faact that they show you know NOTHING about the bands in questions.
    You are obnoxious, conservative, shit stirers.

  • zingzing

    re: 132

    “I find it curious that you use blues music as an example. Isn’t the blues terribly depressing, causing, dare I say it, (in my best church lady voice) SUICIDE??”

    that’s the point of it. people don’t listen to katrina and the waves or “i wanna hold your hand” when they feel shitty. people listen to the blues, or to some goth, something that reflects their mood, lets them know someone out there felt or feels the same way, so they can reflect on it and get over it.

    people generally don’t need an obvious guide to their emotions. they can interpret them how the will.

  • Teenagers aren’t what they used to be!

  • zingzing

    green day are about as punk as yesterday’s underwear.

  • Green Day have the odd halfway decent song, a quality they share with those other retro bores Oasis, but Punk is now over thirty fucking years old! Kids these days are so retro…

  • The Other [comment 132]- First off, you don’t know me well enough to be slinging accusations that I’m “normal.” Little do you know. For one thing, I as much as have a whole little section on my website specifically for the movie Freaks.

    And if you think that Porter Wagoner is “normal,” then you’ve probably never heard “The Cold Hard Facts of Life” and most definitely not “The Rubber Room.”

    Your pronouncements of good vs bad music seem really arbitrary and scatter shot to me. On what basis is it that you say that Queen is real art and Van Halen is not? I’m all in favor of Queen and all, but what are you thinking there? Perhaps you should have your own blog, so you can break such things down in detail. You could start with an essay on your favorite Queen album.

    You’re on to something though when you picked up that I’m recommending blues songs, and particularly things with dark themes. Neither I nor anyone else here is arguing that such things are illegitimate artistic themes, or that music and art are all supposed to be happy faced. Death, despair, sadness, and suicide are certainly important parts of the human experience to be refracted and examined and dealt with through art.

    But they’re not the only, nor even the most important things, and a constant diet of mostly that is not good for your soul.

    More particularly to this article, the author and others of us are skeptical of the artists and audiences that seem to reduce such things to mere marketing niches and fashion statements. I don’t know these things well enough to make much criticism of specific bands, but treat it as an if-the-shoe-fits thing.

    It’s one thing for Kurt Cobain to have the dark and suicidal type themes, which were obviously all too real to him. He didn’t need to be dressing in black and made up like a corpse. Such themes were not really a CHOICE for Cobain or Robert Johnson or Biggie, but true demons with which they struggled because they had to.

    But when you start getting to the point of it being a fashion statement, and folks are purposely putting on such things as a public face, one might start getting skeptical.

    And when you get bands distinctly marketing to that mentality, it’s only natural that others of us are going to get suspicious. How much of this is a true expression of inner torment, and how much is shtick?

    And I’m inclined to view ANY shtick in this realm in a very harsh manner. It’s one thing to be cynically marketing some crappy but harmless boy band, and it’s something else much worse to be cynically marketing to the darkness and despair of the human soul, and encouraging folks to wallow in it.

  • All of you shut the fuck up!!! MCR is the best band ever!! They make me feel good after a bad day!!! I’m not saying you have to like them but don’t talk bad about them!!!

  • Green Day is really cool to!!!

  • Let me say one more thing MCR deosn’t make me want to cut or kill myself they actually make me feel better!!! I LOVE MCR SO GET USED TO IT!!!!

  • pauline

    Obviously she doesn’t know all that much about MCR. If people took the time to actually research the things that they critcize they might actually find that they are wrong about the things they assume!

  • My Chemical Romance are indeed a mighty fine band, I like them a lot.

  • A Concerned Citizen

    HISTORY is largely the story of what teenagers did because they were viewed as adults.

    I agree with this, but what’s your overall point? I’m interpreting this as, “quit treating teenagers like children, they’re adults”. If you say that, then yes, I agree.

    As a teenager, part of the problem I think is the system itself. In the earliest days of humanity, teenagers were ADULTS. They hunted, killed, fought, married, etc. They were allowed to move from childhood to adulthood without impediment. In the present system, we’re forced into stagnation and a prolonged childhood. For example, the education system. After 14 years, I’m tired of playing pretend inside the classrooms. I want my hard work to amount to something. Maybe it all will someday, but at least not for another four to eight years. No wonder teenagers are conflicted! The whole culture lives and breathes that accomplishment is the sole goal in life, and yet at the same time we’re kept unable to make any substantial happen in our own lives. We spend all day every day going through shallow simulations of life, each day obligated to obey whatever is set before us. When do we start choosing for ourselves? When do we begin to define who we will be, and sink or swim on the merit of our own actions?

    I believe that this stagnation in the development of our young people is one of the major causes of this “depression” (outside of extreme circumstances, such as rape, abuse, etc). Man can never be happy when he is trapped in one place because it is in his nature to move.

  • I’m interpreting this as, “quit treating teenagers like children, they’re adults”. If you say that, then yes, I agree.

    Of course you do.

    And if your comment is any indication you’re going to be a Hell of a writer one day.

    But with no offense intended, you’re not an adult.

  • Now You Have Something To Die For


  • Now You Have Something To Die For

    I LOVE GERARD WAY!!!! those who dont suck and will you stop takin the piss out of emo’s slittin their wrists because i am an emo ok. mcr are not emo and if you thimk they are then go fuck you fuckin pandsy’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am an emo and proud

  • Now You Have Something To Die For

    I f gerard way is on this site right now then ……….. Hell i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A Concerned Citizen


    Wow. Seek therapy. Seriously.

    And if your comment is any indication you’re going to be a Hell of a writer one day.

    But with no offense intended, you’re not an adult.

    Thanks for the compliment! However, after reading my post again, it seems like I might have come off a bit younger than I am — I’m 18. Legally an adult. Maybe not emotionally or in experience (the two places it counts), but I can help elect crappy Presidents if I really want to. And I do, o’ boy, I do. But you’re right, for where it counts, I am not yet an adult. I just feel like being caught in the environment of high school is part of the problem. It’s far too sheltered and I’ve gotten all that I can from it. I’ll be out soon, though. . . . 🙂

  • A Concerned Citizen

    The first part of my post was meant for Now You Have Something to Die For. The second part was meant for Michael J. West.

  • This is ridiculous! I am a fourteen year old ’emo/goth/punk’ type girl who cuts, and no i don’t tell anyone and no, it doesn’t hurt.MCR and Green Day help me alot. I’ve contemplated suicide many a time, but never have because of them.

  • Siti


    If you hate “Emo” people so much or My Chem, just don’t waste your time talking about it. Or better, write a signboard with “MY CHEM SUCKS.” and paste it on your forehead.

    Cause you’re obviously ignorant about the meanings in their songs. & How much good they have done to thousands of people out there.

  • Ali

    First of all you have decent points. Teen suicide in general is pretty gay shit. However Lumping “EVERY” person that likes MCR or that cuts is emo and suicidal and crap like that is a generalization. To be quite frank, you personally dont know a persons situation, or background that causes them to be the type of person he/she is. To a lot of people, black is just a color, not a symbol of depression. And yes, I do agree with the fact that some people cut just for attention. But what about the people with really fucked up lives, like the type of people who are beat up by their family and crap like that. You cant know someones situation until you live in it. And thats what music is about. It not about record sales (as much as some bands think it is, its not usually bands that only care about money suck). it’s not about doing this or that. It’s about connecting with people on a subconsious level and spreading a message. I have seen a lot of bands. And the majority of them dont give a shit about thier fans as long as they get their money. MCR specifically, is different in that aspect. And as for the music, the first few albums were, to honest, the band getting over depression and drugs. But if you look at all of thier music from start up until today you see it change and evolve into something worth hoping for. Granted that every person is entittled to an opinion, i just felt that i would share mine. If you dont like Mcr, thats fine, but by writing article you stirred up a lot of people. And on top of it, teens are not children, but they are not ready to be adults, we just dont have enought common sense and real world experience for that. Angering teens is usually not the best idea. Let them listen to what they want. It dosent affect you, if you dont like hearing tens obsess over bands, dont read message boards,It’s simple really…

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Mike at comment #136.

    I generally agree with you. I have two teenaged sons.

    Concerned Citizen at comment #150 and Ali, comment #159.

    You can bet that my sons get MY perspective on life – which is pretty cynical and was formed as a teenager seeing just how much education was so much garbage designed to keep me out of the work market.

    In my own opinion, until one reaches age 20, his reasoning faculties are not fully functional, so his judgment is not “mature.” But life can pack a hell of a lot of responsibilities onto kids younger than 20 and usually does. My own sons have had to adjust to an alien culture in an alien country when we left the United States, for example. In addition, my oldest son has to report for military duty (serving in the army is compulsory in Israel) and he is not at all cut out to be a combat soldier. But because of the way society is structured here, I do hope he gets into the army, though not as a combat soldier, but in a non-combatant role.

    My main point is that teenage “culture” is a manufactured product designed to rip you off. If you buy into it, you will be that much poorer for having bought all the garbage shoved you way, and that much poorer for having accepted all the garbage shoved down your throats – including “teenage angst” and the apparent solution for it talked about in this article, a band and its music.

  • Erin

    My Chemical Romance is not in it for the money! They love what they do! And they saves lifes! Get over yourself! I bet you made this to get money!

  • Emily

    Wow…I love how you don’t know one thing about My Chemical Romance and you automatically hate them? Do you really know them personally? Because hating they’re music gives you no right to hate them! I highly doubt you ever met them so you don’t have a real reason to hate them. MCR is my favorite band and I haven’t commited suicide…OBVIOUSLY! Or I wouldn’t be typing this! Do you just have nothing to do so you feel like being a complete jerk and writing stuff like this?
    What do you have against My Chemical Romance, and their fans.
    Are you just JEALOUS of us?
    Do you want to BE us?
    Are you INTIMIDATED by us?
    Does it make you feel better about yourself to harrass other people because they don’t reacdh your standards?
    Well I’m sorry I’m not worthy of your likings then! The world doesn’t revolve around you, and it doesn’t revolve around MCR or their fans. So please…just go play with your little toys and leave MCR alone!

    Have a nice day!

    OH! and p.s. your little friend up there ^^^ who says all Americans do is sit around and mope all day. If you live in your fucking little “Darfur” then how owuld YOU know?
    And if you HAVE ever been here, then why did you come in the first place! What is WRONG with you sick people! Why do people have to be so mean and take it out on the music lovers? JUST because they shop at Hot Topic doesn’t make them Goth, JUST because they wore a black jacket one day doesn’t make them Emo! And JUST because they are a fan of My Chemical Romance doesn’t mean they’re suicidal! Get a life! Do you not have anything better to do? Go play in traffic, go stick your foot in a food proccessor, go get stuck in your chimney! Go do whatever! Just LEAVE US ALONE!

  • Emily [comment 162] and other MCR/goth fans to whom it might apply: You really need to get over yourself. For one thing, you’re not being actually constructively critical of the author, but merely spiteful. That’s not constructive, pretty, or ladylike. I know, I know: You can’t be expected to be civil when you’re in so much pain.

    Also though, you’re not nearly as clever as you think you are. Your tone seems to convey that you THINK you’re really showing her up, or disproving the things she’s saying. You’re just not. Such displays are only re-confirming the negative stereotypes of goth fans the RMC describes in the article.

    “Leave us alone!” You are SO welcome to shut up the completely ridiculous whining. She didn’t do anything to you to be quitting. I swear, some of y’all are worse than the bitchy little Mariah Carey fans. You hunt down a criticism of a band on a website, and then choose to take it as a personal insult. Do you have any idea how bad you make yourselves look carrying on like that? Do you think you’re convincing anyone of anything that way?

    Siti [comment 158], the RMC does not need to carry a signboard saying that MCR sucks. That wouldn’t do the job. She’s not just saying that this band doesn’t appeal to her, but explaining in some detail what exactly she objects to. There’s substance to her complaint, whether you agree with it or not.

  • Amanda

    As someone who has been an overlooked teenager from a not so together family and as someone who attempted suicide thrice during her life mainly due to an undiagnosed mental illness which most adults mistook as a cry for attention instead of seeing it for the true clue that something was chemically off upstairs I’d just like to say:
    1. Making fun of teens who may or may not be suffering geniune mental angst isn’t very mature.
    2. Telling children to just grow up and deal with pain is well I can’t even think of what how to explain my feelings on that. They’re children. Children. They aren’t capable of processing pain and emotional distress in the way adults are because they are CHILDREN and thus telling them to just get over it is not at all the way to go about this. Tell your adult friends to just get over it. They’ll understand that yeah crying about the guy/gal who dumped you and left you feeling like a complete waste of a human being is a passing phase but at 15 you can’t expect someone to really understand and process a loss like that cause for them it’s a first time thing.
    3. Again, we’re talking about children and like it or not children like to feel like they belong to a community and I’m sorry to say it but nowadays most schools, parents, communities are seriously failing to offer kids a network of support to properly teach them how to deal with all the negatives that come along with living. Children deal with death, physical abuse, drug addiction and all the rest of that and if some band out there is the only outlet they can find to help them figure out how to address those issues in a cathartic way then I don’t see the point in bashing them.
    Lastly, as someone whose been found unconscious in a locked room and brutually forced back into existence despite making it very obvious it’s not what I wanted I can truely say that sometimes just knowing someone else out there at sometime has felt the incredible pain that leads to suicide and found a way to fight back and say fuck you life I’m gonna keep at this for a while longer is just what you need. That’s why they have couseling and suicide hotlines because hearing someone else say yeah you’re not alone in feeling this way can make all the difference. Sadly most kids today don’t have access to the mental health outlets they may really be in need of so if they can hear a song on the radio that talks about the issues they’re dealing with or the negative fantasies they’re having or hear from an artist who has said “I failed at everything I did” and yet here they are now finding their way back to heatlh and gradually seeing that they have some self worth then why bash them.
    If you don’t like MCR that’s fine but please remember the fans you diss here are children who just need to feel like they belong somewhere and that in a world where adults they can’t vote against are sending their older siblings off to die or denying them basic rights like universal health care they’ve found something they can connect with and a community they can call their own. As an adult you should understand that all youth deserve that sense of community and while you may not agree with the fashion sense of their scene you once had the same need and it hurt like hell when some adult discounted you as just another little punk kid who really didn’t know shit. So basically I’m asking that next time you attack these kids (because in the eyes of kids that’s what you’re doing. Bullying them the same way the tougher, wealthier kids at school do by calling them names and making fun of the way they dress) you think a little harder and ask is it really worth picking on someone younger than you?

  • Alexis

    Right . I think everyone has said what I wanted to say .

    I just want to say this ;

    Research about the band before you do personal attacks on them . Gerard Way wrote the lyrics when he was in his teens , and he saw the 9/11 happen , which started My Chemical Romance .

    Mm . So you’re still going to preach ‘ emoo ‘ but yeah . He saw the bodies going down , he saw the building going down , everything .

    You still going to be a bitch ? Go ahead .

  • While I take the point of the post I would never suggest to anyone that they commit suicide.

    I currently counsel a twenty-something who cuts himself frequently. He talks about how he almost kills himself by cutting but unless he’s talking about dying from infection, the chances of death due to his cutting are slim.

    I don’t think it very uselul to generalize. The statistics don’t lie, about 80 Americans kill themselves ever day, and young people are a growing percentage of that number.

  • laxy-

    yeah,i saw an oprah of that once. i just dont get why most of the teens today express their “emotions” by killing themselves but that just doesnt do anything with my chemical romance! what are you trying to do? give them a bad name?? that’s just s**t!..

  • noneofyourdamnbusinessb*tch

    For starters, “RETRO CHICK” what exactly is it that you listen to? Retro what? Because if it’s vintage rock n roll, you and I are on the same page, my friend. “Pasty faced blondes singing about death…” hmmm let’s see – do the names Johnny Rotten, Robert Plant and Roger Daltry mean anything to you, dumb-ass? Or did you just mean retro pop? Cuz if so there’s no such fucking thing. DUH!

    So why exactly DO you hate younger people so much? Did your childhood suck that bad? Did those posts hit a nerve? Or are you just some wasted old thing pining away for her lost youth in a bitter pool of self-pity?

    Yes, I like MCR – no I’m NOT 14 years old (although my son is) and lo and behold, I’m articulate too! Didn’t know we existed huh? I guess you were hoping to pick on people who weren’t your size.

    Hey btw – your article claimed you were an award-winning journalist. So how come you misquoted the “Spin” article by attributing the following statement to Gerard Way: “The music brings out shit in them” when it was BOB BRYAR who said it? Maybe this is why you write for st8ke.com (whoever the fuck THEY are) INSTEAD of Spin which you no doubt wish you did but they wouldn’t hire your illiterate ass.

    Also, if you’d BOTHERED to do any more reseach before launching into your tirade, you’d know that the band just played Nassau Coliseum for $27 a ticket, that they had NO IDEA their fans were so young, and that their message is meant to be POSITIVE i.e. “I am not afraid to keep on living” and “We’ll carry on.” Oh those quotes are from MCR’s two latest singles right now – I won’t bother to tell you which ones, since you are clearly a fact-checking connoisseur!!

    I WILL share this one final fact with you however: the “blonde turd” bleached his hair in order to relate to cancer patients – find something derogatory to say about THAT.

  • Theatre Techie

    I find it interesting that you are judging and stereotyping a group of people who follow a band that teaches people not to judge and stereotype.

  • Milo

    OK do you even know My Chemical Romance?! Well to tell you! Gerard and the rest of the guys help the teens through all that shit they go through ok!? This really pisses me off your just some fat ass guy that sits at the computer and writes shit like this to make money since you can’t do anything else!

  • Satire is the highest and most intelligent form of comedy. Yeah, it pisses people off, but usually just the stupid ones. So don’t let it get you down.

    Having attempted suicide myself (due to a battle with a real chemical imbalance called manic depression–which, trust me, is no romance–and not until I was well out of my angsty teenage years)I give you full license to make fun of it. I’m pretty sure that that is nearly the equivalent of having a black person telling you it’s ok to say nigger, so have at it.

    Oh, and hey, I think I love you. I too have an uncanny habit of thinking in terms of song lyrics, which often leaves my co-workers and acquaintances quite puzzled and bemused when I break out into a lyrical soliloquy based on some random association.

  • Brittany Wolfe

    I think your a fucking idiot you have no idea what teens do and how they feel and i feel sorry for you…Gerard Way is a insperation to me he did save my life…I Owe my life to someone i will never meet but owell…You need to get a little respect…O and im 23 im not no fucking teen…So get your facts striaght!

  • Brittany Wolfe

    I think you need to read up before you post lies…Gerard Is a inspiration and you dont have any idea what your talking about.

  • Gerard Way’s Lover

    I LOVE GERARD I cut my friends dont know and i dont see why you have any flippin biz telling kids to go kill themselves…Or for that fact saying My Chemical Romance sucks cause all there songs mean diffrent things to diffrent people so….Shut up!

  • My Chemical Romance is not in it for the money! They love what they do!

    That’s why they’ve given back every penny they’ve made on what they do, right? Because they’re not in it for the money?

  • personalattacksareNOTallowed

    “That’s why they’ve given back every penny they’ve made on what they do, right? Because they’re not in it for the money?”

    OMG what is the point of that statement? Who does that? Sure, some bands do free shows on occasion (like The Who or Springsteen – but they’re WAY loaded alredy.) Others do free signings and giveaways (LIKE MCR!!!) but nobody just gives EVERYTHING back – how would they eat, moron? Should you do your job for free?

    As far as using the term “satire” to describe this woman’s ramblings – you obviously do not know the definition of the word. A satire is a send-up (spoof) of something, NOT a thoughtless, angry assault on individuals like she what she did.

    Encouraging teens to slit their wrists because no one cares about them is satire? If so, I hope this woman NEVER has children and stays the hell away from mine.

  • OMG what is the point of that statement? Who does that?…nobody just gives EVERYTHING back – how would they eat, moron? Should you do your job for free?

    No, I shouldn’t do my job for free. Because guess what? I am in my job for the money.

    There are millions of musicians all over the world who have day jobs, in offices or factories or restaurants or whatever, that they spend 40 hours a week at, THEN go out at night and have band practice, gigs, and recording sessions. The money they make is supplemental, and most of the time is just enough to cover their expenses plus a few extra bucks per person. Those people make money, but there’s no question that they’re in the game for the love of what they do.

    The very second that a musican decides that music is what he/she is going to do as their primary job, what they will do to make a living…they are in it for the money. They may ALSO be in it because they love what they do. But obviously, money is the reason that it’s their primary job.

    And there’s NOTHING wrong with that! Nothing at all! If you can make money being a musician, do it! But it’s absurd to pretend that they’re not in the music business to make money.

  • TheAri

    Oh hell. I really shouldn’t be getting into this shit. But whatever.

    First of all, all the people who are offended by the article, claim the writer to be ignorant and not know anything about MCR, and THEN proceed to insult them and post assumptions about them are deeply hypocritical. You are doing exactly what you accuse the writer of doing. If you want to defend the band, do it on the merits of the band and your experiences with them, but don’t be a moron and go all ad hominem.

    Second of all, to all of the “I am an MCR fan and guess what? I’m (place comment about not falling into depressed teenage stereotype here), the article isn’t attacking you. I can understand how you can feel attacked, but nowhere does the writer say “All MCR fans are suicidal depressed teens”. She is instead talking about a specific teen angst subculture that is stereotypically linked to MCR, even admitted by the artists themselves. You’re a 15 year old MCR fan who’s not depressed and just likes and is inspired by the music? Wonderful! You’re a 39 year old MCR fan who just likes to rock out to the music? Great! You don’t apply to the group the writer is talking about then, and therefore don’t need to take the attack personally.

    I agree with the writer on her claim that most of the kids who were “saved” by MCR most likely were not going to commit suicide anyway. Are there probably a few who were? Most likley. But face it, being “saved” by a band is a lot more romantic in some teenager’s eyes than “i was strong enough not to kill myself”. What are they going to claim happened? I too am disgusted by this teen angst cash cow companies are cultivating, and by the teens who are buying into it. Is it the fault of MCR? No, no more than punk was the fault of the Sex Pistols (which also was a marketing scheme by Malcolm McLauren to promote his clothing store…at least in regards to the English punk movement) or the Backstreet Boys were the fault of the boyband craze (or should I say NKOTB?). The bands and the artists themselves may be passionate about what they are doing, but that doesn’t mean the people behind them, the ones making them big, are innocent of this insidious marketing scheme. It is vouge for kids to be depressed, to cut themselves, to whine. It is part of a new narccissistic culture set up by Madison Avenue to exploit people by making them feel alone and then give them salvation. And sometimes I want to shake these teenagers and tell them to “DO IT ALREADY” instead of posting about it on their Myspace (which incidentally, I never had growing up, and couldn’t tell hundreds of anonymous people when I wanted to kill myself) or showing people their scars from cutting themselves (which I more or less covered up instead of wearing like some sort of sordid badge of pride). I think in the end though, the anger isn’t directed at the teenagers themselves, but what they have become, or rather, what they were turned into.

    In the end, it wasn’t music that “saved my life”. It was an inner strength through the raw anger of what I was feeling that made me perservere. I can only hope these kids can stop looking towards lyrics to give them strength (which are a nice place to start, but a horrible place to end) and find some sort of strength within themselves.

  • boyareyoustupid

    Oh and one more thing:

    You apparently don’t know your own music either. It’s “Runnin Down A Dream” by Tom Petty, not “Runnin Down THE Dream.” God who armed you with a pen instead of a sword to stab yourself with?

  • yeahokay

    Now we have a real discussion.

    To lead it off (and finish it actually, as far as the suddenly mute author goes) I attacked this woman for quotes such as “Teen Suicide – What’s Stopping You?” and “…do it…The only thing stopping you is that you know if you’re dead, you can’t soak up any more attention.”

    If you feel this way about your own children, I feel sorry for all of you. Isn’t anyone in this forum familiar with the phenomenon that occurs with suicide victims (and yes, they are victims. Willful ones, perhaps, but victims nonetheless, of desperation no doubt caused by misery around them.) in which you deny it, and then they do it? How would you really feel if you said that to a child and it happened? Would you be able to forgive yourself for having that statement be your final one to a hurting kid? I know I wouldn’t.

    And I also attacked her credibility. Sorry, but if you want to play the journalism card, you need to be both accurate AND articulate. She appears to be lacking the latter gene.

    Finally, despite the contentions being made by her supporters, she DID attack the teenagers who love the band with her statements, not just the band and certainly not Madison Avenue (in fact, she never mentioned the promoters, the press, or the label at all.) IMO, she went for the throat of an easier target. This makes her a coward. And the anonymity of the internet enables this (so what if she has a short bio posted – she’s wearing SUNGLASSES in it.)

    As an older person, I agree with you about the greed and exploitation that occurs within EVERY corporate faction. But don’t shoot the messenger.

  • The Ari

    I still maintain that she wasn’t attacking the teenagers themselves as much as voicing her frustration over their behavior (which is in part attributed to the whole exploitation blahblahblah). I feel it was more an exclaimation of disgust a la (as cliche as this is in mentioning satire) A Modest Proposal. Problem is, in posing it as an opinion piece, there were wires of communication that were crossed and the message recieved got skewed, one way or another. That has less to do with credibility and more to do with people usually understanding something as satire only if it’s blown up, exaggerated, and pantomimed. Something more subtle can be misconstrued easily.

    I feel the piece was not for the people she talks about at all. It was for people removed from the angst scene, since no suicidal teen is going to see the humor and sadness in subscribing to an entire subculture of narcissitic misery.

    Then again, let’s say for argument’s sake it really is her opinion that this collective group of “emo kids” should have a Jonestown party complete with Kool Aid refreshments. Well then, that’s her damn opinion, and you’re free to argue yours just as she’s free to argue hers. Your problem there lies not with her writing, but with her opinion, and thus that is what should be commented on. You’ll think she’s a bitch, she’ll think you’re a sap. The world will go on.

    Personally, I commend her for having the balls to put something as inflamatory as this on the internet in the first place. She obviously knew some of the feedback she’d recieve for something like this, and anonymous or not, she’s not the one making individualized personal attacks on one’s character. It’s a lot easier to ignore something mean said about people as a group if you’re part of it, than it is to ignore something that’s said specifically about you.

    But I’m not going to argue anymore, since I have a whole lot of shit to do, and you’ve already suckered me into writing a response! 😛

  • whoever.

    oh just stfu. i respect ur article,but,keep ur problems to urself.me,as a my chem fan must say,ur critical,yet u dont know what it takes to being one.

  • kill urself! mcr rules…!

  • u suck! u don’t know the real meaning of mcr’s songs!

  • WithoutASound

    ‘I’m an english professor and I teach creative writing.’

    Ha! No, really, I gotta hand it to you. You have some real creative writing here. ‘Weasel faced wankers.’ For a 40-year-old stuck up son of a bitch, calling the heroes to so many kids ‘weasel faced wankers’, you must be one HELL of a dude!!

    Suicide is a serious topic and when people criticise and make fun of something so touchy, that’s just crude. Maybe you could tell these kids that suicide is perfectly normal and that you’re just a wanker, get over yourself. That is just fucking disrespectful. If you don’t wanna see his weasel face on the cover of spin, keep your freakin’ flap closed and cancel your subscription to it.

    You’re just some ignorant twat who feels the need to slam a band so admired by many and needs to make fun of people who attempt/commit suicide. Great, you go do that in a MENTAL INSTATUTION! Sort out you’re demons and stop listening to your crappy hip-hop shit-top crap.

    If you’re really gonna slam a band;
    1. Get you’re facts right.
    2. Listen to the music
    3. Listen to the people!!!

    I really suggest you go to the gym or do something to get off your fat asss, because you have WAAAAY too much time on you’re fat hands and really do need a shower…

    Please, think of your piers =]

  • violet

    this article angered me MAJORLY! my chemical romance is great. people can relate to their music. their songsg are emotional and go strait to your heart. they are great musicians and i love them!

  • I laughed at this so hard.. you kill me i swear..
    So much rage. So much pain!? i bet.
    MCR aren’t hurting you. They have saved lives and if you have a prejudice against teens feeling better about themselves, well I’m sorry. Some of them do feel better now. I am far from being a teen. But MCR’s message is so different from the way that you are seeing it and it is quite hilarious.
    Thanks for that. I wont even try to explain what they mean to me. Ill just say that I hope you got your rage out and that you feel better now.

    *hugs* Holly

  • ZorcnPals

    Yes, please think of your piers. For instance, there are lots of nice ones in the San Francisco Bay Area that are a popular gathering spot for lots of sea lions. You should think about those. Sea lions are funny, and they go “ort ort ort!”

  • Stash-tell789

    Hmm, reading this, I was a little apauled with the bashing, however, what you say is unfortunatly true.

    I am a MCR fan, and proud of it, and you have caused unecessary anger and hate.

    But, I think you must have a very boring, pathetic life to write this about some guys who have, for some reason saved kids lives.

    What is funny is how you have quoted from their songs.

  • You are retarded who ever wrote this. Because obviously you are a bitch.

  • Diana

    First off, if I were a L.A. teacher, I’d probably give this an ‘F’ just on the awful focus of the paper.
    You want to bitch about how music make people “slit their wrists” and how you find it pathetic– yet you encourage it why? You really don’t say. Any decent writer with half of their brain could come up with a better reason than “because I just don’t like them.” Then why don’t you just avoid the scene? If it’s on the internet you MUST be seeking it out. And why do you get the magazine? Even if you did, just chuck it in the trash! Come on, you have to be so immature as to bash people because they deal with things differently than you?

    And what is with this? –
    “Think about it–you don’t care about anybody else, so why would they waste their time caring about you?”

    Oh, you care! Trust me. You just posted a whole ARTICLE about it. Try and save yourself some time, and think about how contradictory you are- and stop wasting your time on something you don’t ‘care about.’

  • brianna

    “The terror they cause their families by cutting themselves and talking of suicide is ABUSE. Flat out ABUSE. No worse than a drunken parent beating the crap out of their child”

    What do you know about any of this??? A parent beating a child is WAY different than a child cutting themselves and talking of suicide. When a child is beat by a parent, it makes the child feel worthless. No, I am not talking about teenage hormones and thinking the world doesn’t care about them or whatever, I am talking about really feeling bad about themselves because if a parent beat them than the child must have done something bad to deserve this. And by hurting themselves, they are just doing this because they think they deserve it. They are NOY being melodramatic. At all. And if they com from a loving, normal family, and they are suicidal, than they probably have real emotional issues. Don’t talk about what you don’t understand.

  • Brianna – I suppose it’s a subjective judgment call, but I’d personally MUCH rather take a beating than be constantly worried that my child was going to kill themselves. Beating children isn’t good, but depending on the specific situation, this emotionally manipulative cutting and suicidal behavior seems considerably worse. Kids can be just as evil as adults.

    Stash-tell [comment 189] sez: “you have caused unnecessary anger and hate.” You’re wrong on two counts in just seven words. RMC has not caused anger and hatred. If YOU choose to hate her for stating tough truths, that’s YOUR DECISION, not something inherent to her story.

    Also, this article is NECESSARY, not unnecessary. Call it tough love. She’s making a pretty strongly worded criticism of this corner of the culture, but it’s for your own good.

    Basically, the unnecessary anger and hate is the MRC crowd in petulant denial of obvious truth. Some folks are going to choose to get mad, as if their mere anger was proof that their right.

    But if this little slap to the face gets through to a couple of these folks and causes them to wise up, she’s certainly done a valuable public service.

  • You are goddamn right. In fact, teens who are seriously depressed and suicidal don’t mention a word of their pain in the school cafeteria.

    Please, die for me, little bitches.

  • yeahokay

    Al Barger, are you banging this chick or something? You jump to her defense like this is the most brilliant piece of journalism ever written or something. This woman is no Citizen Kane, Dude.

    “this emotionally manipulative cutting and suicidal behavior seems considerably worse. Kids can be just as evil as adults” Do you have any children, Mr. Barger? Do you love any? If you do, I feel sorry for them. Any cry for help in your house will no doubt go unheeded. If you don’t, that sure explains your ignorance.

    Emotionally disturbed people are not focused on who they’re hurting around them, because they’re hurting. Didn’t anyone in this forum ever take a psychology course?

    You remain stubbornly convinced that this person is performing some sort of sacred public service. Perhaps she should volunteer her time at a facility for mentally ill teens, a runaway shelter, or an adoption agency. Perhaps you should as well. Maybe gain some perspective on what it is you speak.

    How come no comments from this lady? If she’s so journalistically outspoken, shouldn’t she be defending herself right now? Why are you the only one doing that? She’s a coward.

    As for you, Joe Harris, why don’t you take your own advice, Psycho?

  • brianna

    What she said is hardly a public service. She could have maybe worded it differently to get her point across. What she said was really offensive and did cause unnecessary anger. What was the reason for all of that?
    And you are very right in saying “Emotionally disturbed people are not focused on who they’re hurting around them, because they’re hurting”, yeahokay. That is so correct but unfortunatley so many people are too stupid to realise that.

  • sam

    Youre a COLLEGE ENGLISH PROFFESSOR?????? oh my god you deal with 18-20 something year olds all day???? and the best you can come up with to describe people who comment on message boards is “weasel-faced wankers”?!?!?!?! wow you must be an amazing college proffessor, where do you teach, i really think i should apply there so i could learn from you!

  • get a life

    so your dad kicked you in the nuts when you were 12 , big deal. i know someone who was abused by her parents starting at a very young age and moved from foster home to foster home, always to be disappointed. she became very depressed in her late teens and felt like no one cared for her- you can understand why- so really its not something you can get over, not something you can say “grow up kid, get over it” maybe you guys are the ones who need to grow up and stop bashing people because you dont understand why they are a certain way

    oh and to say “up the street kid, not across the high way” your fu*king encouraging them to do what you’re saying is stupid or selfish or whatever make up your goddamn mind!!

  • shistrocks

    personalattacksareNOTallowed: so bassically you are my hero for- “OMG what is the point of that statement? Who does that? Sure, some bands do free shows on occasion (like The Who or Springsteen – but they’re WAY loaded alredy.) Others do free signings and giveaways (LIKE MCR!!!) but nobody just gives EVERYTHING back – how would they eat, moron? Should you do your job for free?” i luv you!!

  • bianca

    omg so the “artical” that i read… or so i thought… well this is wut i got to say… that the person who wrote this piece of crap…[non-important complaint] is “trying” to become someone …. and well hun it didnt work!… i so happen to like My Chemical Romance and Greenday and making in fun of bands that..are who they are… is really stupid … i honestly think the person who wrote this should go see some one about their personal issues and stop taking it out on other ppl and bands that didnt do anything but write music that “I” so happen to like,
    and im going to have to agree with “personalattacksareNOTallowed” and say i hope NEVER have children and ur probuly never gonna have some one because u probuly insulted them!!

    GET OVER YOUR SELF!!!! please.. it’ll help the enviroment!!

    yours truly Bianca XxX

  • bianca

    well “Al Barger” i think you should stop “trying” to be right because NEWS FLASH your not….. brianna has a good point…. and i back that up 100% if any one has a problem with ppl being who they are then your the one who has mega problems and RMC or who ever wrote this piece of crap worth nothing artical should take it down because no one wants to hear about their favorite bands being dissed… ok o and “Al Barger” shove it up because i dont want to hear ur pussy ass defence remarks about this so called “writer” who is supposeivly ” the best writer” in ur eyes…

  • brianna

    how was she stating “tough truths” when what she is stating is opinion, Al Barger? What exactly is she trying to say to teens who are suicidal? it cant be that teens should stop cutting themselves, because she is encouraging it. Is she saying that its because of the music we listen to? But then she says that “horizontal arm scars are a fashion trend”, so it cant be because of the music. and how is saying “I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway”
    considered tough love when she says to straight up do it? how is it for our own good? and since when is cutting yourself “hip”? how do you even know whats hip or cool? oh thats right you’re a college professor, so you’re always with young people. Is that why you hate them so much?

  • bianca

    once im gunna have to agree with a MCR fan .. because i am one….. “NiYael” i am one of those ppl who LOVE MCR and i fully think that the person should listen to MCR because their songs are meaningful and i understand alot…

    MRC lover and fan 4 LIFE!! ..and no artical can stop that!!


  • bianca

    …. straight up ….. i know…well with that piece of advice … “lets go slit our wrists”……not…. im fully agreeing with you ..Brianna……. im not at all depressed and im listening to MCR right now and if u ..”rmc” want to come in my house and make me stop listening to “my” favorite music i say go for it because thats pretty much wut ur saying ……….”I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway. The only thing stopping you is that you know if you’re dead, you can’t soak up any more attention from your short-bus internet friends, and they don’t allow razor-blade masturbation in Heaven. The world could always use one fewer useless, sulking, door-slamming adolescent. Go on, apparently, all the cool kids are doing it.”…alrighty…with that when ever i cut my self… note: when i listen to MCR ill be thinking of u and when i bleed to death then ill still be thinking of u …. wow wut a way to remember some one… o and by the way

    YOUR ADVICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • brianna

    bianca …. i pretty much lylas..lol.. yes, agreed mcr rocks the best band not just for their music but also for the things they do example: he creates art work to raise money for causes, like the fight against breast cancer. so please, like said above by many other mcr fans, do research on the topic you are going to bash before you accually do the bashing

  • Che

    Al Barger: Thanks for the Robert Johnson link. My fave blues artist. Now there’s some passion and torment in THAT music.

    I’ve not heard MCR so I can’t really comment on them but I will say this. Lets not forget that in the teen years, when identity is still nebulous and forming, youngsters often explore identity through various means like music and clothing. Often music can become a ‘badge of identity’, which would explain the many heated emotional responses to an article that I found perhaps a bit rude, but also quite amusing.

    I was a goth in the 80s, back when goth was fun and no one was taking themselves too seriously. Nowadays it seems like it’d be an awful lot of hard work. I still like a lot of the music I listened to in those days, and I like some of the newer stuff too, but my musical tastes have expanded into a vast eclecticism, and I can no longer give myself a one-word label and define myself according to my musical tastes.

    And sure black is slimming but pajamas are comfy and I prefer them to any high-maintenance fare.

    Adults, keep in mind that they’re teens. They often identify with their music and are prone to be emotional about it. Be patient.

    Teens, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Some opinions are bound to differ with yours. Take a breath, calm down and realise the author has a right to express her opinion in a public forum, just as you do. And while I do take teen depression and suicide seriously, when razor scars become a fashion accessory and depression a pop commodity, it has just entered the realm of mockability.

  • sam

    oh god, if personal attacks are allowed in the articles than i think they should be allowed in the comments. so libby, or retro chick, i googled your name to see if you really are a college professor or whatever and i saw a lovley picture of you. but dont worry, since your a “writer” not too many people will have to see your face so dont be too embarrassed.

    how does that feel? maybe you should take your own advice and go “up the street not across the highway” with a face like that, i would.

  • Bridget

    i listen to my chemical romance, i have for a long while now. and i cant say for one moment that i have wanted to stop commiting suicide because of their music, nor have i wanted to start for that matter.

    i also think that giving people a label or catagory from the music they listen to is stupid and immature. peronalities arent changed due to any genre of music a person listens to.

    also, why are you having a go at each other about their opinions about this article, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but making it personal, thats taking it a bit far dont you think.

    but hey, go ahead and be my guest, call me a bitch for typing my opinion. because im probably not going to check this page again, i just wanted to tell you that your all being silly over someones personal opiion.

  • Bandit Emo

    “I play copycat. It allows me to copy your catch phrase ‘I want to kill myself’.”
    “What? You can’t say that! Only I can say that! It loses all meaning if you say it!”
    “Eh? I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. I was too busy listening to MCR and wanting to kill myself.”
    “You don’t want to kill yourself! You don’t even have scars on your wrists1”
    “Oh I’m sorry. I guess I forgot to put them there because I was too busy WANTING TO KILL MYSELF.”


  • jimmy

    damn, this is the reason why i dont like people who listen to stuff like vintage alternative new wave 70’s piano punk/ Angry Young Men post-punk bar beatniks classic rock alt-country neo-new wave cheesy 80’s early 90’s pop alternative! all the old people keep on saying that suicide people are just attention seekers, which is not true! In case you havent realised,suicide usually means u have so many problems in your life you just cant take it any more. You wouldnt have any understanding of it.

  • Leslie

    “But then, My Chemical Romance came into my life.” I hear that phrase a lot on Sunday morning talk radio, only instead of My Chemical Romance, it’s Jesus, and there’s no chance Gerard Way is the savior — patron saint of mopey mallrats, sure, but certainly not the He Who Will Redeem.”

    Sure, Gerard Way actually exists and isn’t a fictional character that blatantly rips off previous fictional characters. He just takes his look from previous musicians, but MCR fans aren’t stupid enough to proclaim otherwise.

  • brianna

    “Sure, Gerard Way actually exists and isn’t a fictional character that blatantly rips off previous fictional characters. He just takes his look from previous musicians, but MCR fans aren’t stupid enough to proclaim otherwise.”

    I know i might sound dim, but what do you mean by this leslie? That jesus is fictional? I dont really get what you’re trying to say.. elaborate, please? :]

  • brianna

    Oh and Libby, you may be in for a BIG surprise. ;]

  • Smitty

    Well ya know what?? MCR Is the best band to ever walk the planet and theres nothing you can say that will change this

  • brianna

    FYI libby, that was Copyright infringement , deliberatly. Are you that dumb? To put this article on the internet? Do you really want to get into that much trouble? Anyone can read this, and they will see it. Are you really that arrogent in thinking you won’t get caught? Be very carefull hon, someone could report you. But even if you do try to take this article down, it might be too late. But maybe not.

  • Brianna, now seriously, do you think that the author or site owners are going to get in a panic and take down the story you don’t like on the basis that some teenage idiot declares completely out of the blue that they’ll get in trouble? Uh oh – Brianna says we’re violating copyrights!

    Child, are you seriously that retarded?

  • youareajerk

    Al Barger, you are a bully. Why don’t you stop lurking about in the anonymous world of internet, picking on children a third of your age and enter the world of serious journalism, or were you not good enough to give up your day job.

    This piece deserves to be taken down because it is outrageous, inaccurate and potentially harmful to the mindsets of impressionable children.

    Everyone is quick to jump on the “Blame the artist bandwagon” but this falls under free speech. What hypocrisy! I hope you were careful, too, in ensuring that none of your favorite artists were ever guilty of perpetuating anything but good old-fashioned Laura Ingalls values.

    Get a life – move on. Let the kids listen to whatever they want; you’re obviously too old and out of touch now to understand it. Why don’t you and Retro Chick go smoke some grass, get groovy to Hendrix and leave the new millenium to those who still live in it?

  • ZorcnPals

    Oh christ. Children are way too busy being young and impressionable victims of bukkake granny porn than to be young and impressionable victims of some random article.

    Aren’t you “blaming the artist” by saying this article could cause damage to kids? Talk about being a hypocrite.

    PS: Brianna should spend less time listening to MCR and more time reading up on what the definition of a copyright law is, and how one infringes upon it. Better get your internet lawyer!

  • lee-ann

    Why dont u keep listening to gerards beautiful voice and kill urself – do everyone a favour

  • ohman

    To ZorcnPals:

    “Oh christ. Children are way too busy being young and impressionable victims of bukkake granny porn than to be young and impressionable victims of some random article.”

    A Howard Stern reference! How clever!

    “Aren’t you ‘blaming the artist’ by saying this article could cause damage to kids? Talk about being a hypocrite.”

    Dude wtf are you talking about? If you’re going to argue intelligently, at least try to make some sense first.

    “PS: Brianna should spend less time listening to MCR and more time reading up on what the definition of a copyright law is, and how one infringes upon it. Better get your internet lawyer!”

    Quit picking on that kid – the author is the one who mentioned violation of copyright laws.

    To Lee-Ann:

    “Why dont u keep listening to gerards beautiful voice and kill urself – do everyone a favour.”

    Um first of all – no. Second of all, you sound like a fan there yourself.

  • Chloe

    If you don’t know them don’t talk about them I’ve met them and their very sweet guys and if you think their promoting suicide listen to their song Famous Last Words where the first line of the chorus is I AM NOT AFRAID TO KEEP ON LIVING!!! I’m only 13 years old and I have to say My Chemical Romance really helped my deal with my problems and I’m a lot happier now then I was before I heard of them and I can’t actually express in words how incredibly pissed off I am by reading this article and now I’m just going to lose it a little bit

    p.s. sorry for any spelling mistakes spelling isn’t one of my strong points

  • Lauren

    Your article made me want to gouge my eyes out. Pure ignorance. How dare you attack a band that many people love and adore? You have no right to say stupid shit like this. This makes you sound like an angry child. I hope you get sued.

  • Anisa

    Wow, after reading your article, I felt like running upstairs of my house and jumping off onto a hard surface.

    Now I know people have their own opinions, and this one was obviously yours, your strongly opinionated against this whole “emo” thing. Saything that kids give into trends.

    The word emo is a trend, the whole emo thing, is a trend and you gave into it by calling other people emo.

    Next time, write an article on hypocrisy.

    Ah, and when you replied to a girl who was obviously against your article, you said something along the lines of “why do you continue coming back to an article you hate?”

    Was that your comeback? So you obviously have nothing to back up what your saying with?

    Do your homework kid :]

  • Molly

    Your an idiot. My Chemical Romance is’nt even emo. Your also a hypocrite because your writing an article saying how MCR basically encourages kids to hurt themselves when you put somewhere in the article “I say, do it. Up the street, kid, not across the highway”. You dont know anything about My Chemical Romance. They do have a good message to give out and they save lives. So screw you. You are so close minded-its not even funny o.0

  • Lyndsay

    wow, okay first of all you’re completely wrong about everything you said about my chem. For example my chemical romance has said several times they do not promote self harm, or suicide in their music.You are completely ignorant for saying such crap. You obviously judge them by the so called “emo” stereotype. But the thing they aren’t emo they’ve said that themselves, so don’t think you know everything about my chem by the way they look. And don’t judge people like that.it’s not right and it’s arrogant. Do research on my chem before you insult them because anyone who says they’re emo or a death cult can die, because they don’t even know how wrong they are.

  • brianna

    Fine then, zorncpals, what exactly is the violation here, if you’re so smart? Does it really matter? It was still a civil crime wasn’t it? It’s still a type of plagiarism, isn’t it? She’s going to a college and if they see this, she could get kicked out.

  • brianna

    “Brianna, now seriously, do you think that the author or site owners are going to get in a panic and take down the story you don’t like on the basis that some teenage idiot declares completely out of the blue that they’ll get in trouble?”
    No maybe not, but if its reported to the right people, she could get into trouble. The record label for the cd the lyrics were copied from might be interested.

  • ZorcnPals

    There is no violation. She’s not gettin money for this, so she doesn’t need their lyrics to make a profit (wherein, if they didn’t get any money from the profit she made, that would be a copyright violation, if she used WHOLE SONGS for the purpose of entertaining others). It’s not plagerism either, because she’s not taking credit for the lyrics. Haven’t you ever read a music review? They constantly publish lyrics from certain songs to give examples of the songwriting. No civil crime has been caused. If you could get in trouble for quoting lyrics, you wouldn’t be able to ever sing songs aloud.

    Since college only cares about stuff that happens that involves college, they really couldn’t give a shit as long as she keeps paying for classes.

  • laura

    well i just got to say that just cuz u like my chemical romance doesn’t mean ur just some pathetic emo that likes to slit their wrists. i do agree that people who slit their wrists and say that the band say their life is quite pathetic, but i engoy listening to their music, and GERARD WAY IS F***ING AWSOME!!! even if he is some goth/emo freak

  • Chloe, you seem like a nice girl, except there for a second where you were kinda acting out like a little child. It’s okay if you like MCR songs. I like at least a couple of them myself.

    But in future, rather than simply cursing someone who criticizes your preferred band, you might do better trying to articulate an explanation of what you see in them. I find that searching for the exact words to explain why exactly I like a record or movie helps me to appreciate it more.

    But with the “Famous Last Words” where he’s going on about “I’m not afraid to keep on living,” well that still strikes me kinda weenie-fied. What, you’re not going to KILL YOURSELF because you broke up with a girl? You want a freakin’ medal for that?

    It’s a decent piece of music, but they really need to set the bar higher than not killing yourself.

    A little MCR is okay, but a young teenager such as yourself needs better nutrition. Again, I recommend raiding MY MUSIC STASH. New stuff, old stuff, blues, country, gospel.

  • RMC – I thought this post was hilarious and spot on until I read the comments and I’m sorry Retro Chick but you’ll never be as (unintentionally) funny as all the little kids here.

    As a former pre-teen with suicidal thoughts, I’d like to call WORD on the person who suggested that all the teens here bookmark this page and come back when they’re 25. It’s going to kill you… in a good way.

  • “What, you’re not going to KILL YOURSELF because you broke up with a girl? You want a freakin’ medal for that?”

    I dunno, Senator. I know of a fellow who tried just that at the girl’s wedding (with someone else). The trouble with his attempt was that his chosen method of suicide (vodka and pills) just wasn’t enough and all he did was fall down thinking he was drunk and really out of it.

    The girl eventually divorced the fellow she married (that fellow got convicted for serial killing in Ohio of all places – I didn’t believe such things happened there), and with time the girl tried to get back together with the guy she had spurned who tried to kill himself with the vodka and the pills. He turned her down, ultimately.

    At the time there was no “My Chemical Romance” to save him – just his own stupidity at trying to kill himself…

  • Ruvy, at the risk of creating the mistaken impression that I’m an unsympathetic asshole, it sounds like the world would have been better off if that whole little three-way you’re describing had managed to check themselves out of the gene pool.

    Meanwhile, I’ve got a mix CD going with MCR back to back with Frank Zappa’s classic “Stuff Up the Cracks.” It’s really a perfect answer to that whole range of thinking.

  • “I bet a week living in Darfur and fleeing government death squads would snap some of these goth motards out of their narcisstic self-indulgence.”

    Raising the eternal question once again of what it would take to make Al Barger snap out of his.

  • haw haw

  • brianna

    Well if there is no violation, then why does she say that she used the lyrics and quotes without permission? What was the point?
    And if colleges really don’t care about stuff that happens outside of college, then why do some people get kicked out of college for things they post on myspace or blogs? And it still is the unauthorized use of material that’s covered by the copyright law, because she didn’t ask for permission, right? People could say that this was written to turn people against the band, and she used the lyrics against them. Even if that does sound like crap, it could still happen, things like thaat do happen. And how do you know that she isn’t getting paid for this?

  • Brianna asks “Well if there is no violation, then why does she say that she used the lyrics and quotes without permission? What was the point?”

    I’m finding it difficult to believe that you’re so dim-witted as to honestly not understand her very simple point there, but let me dumb it down for the purposely stupid. She’s making fun of goths for being wussies.

  • brianna

    She’s making fun of goths? Oh come on, that can’t honestly be the reason, that’s ridiculous. This may be a little off topic, but why are you labeling people who listen MCR as “gothic”? A goth would be a Teutonic person who invaded parts of the Roman Empire in the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries. So why excactly are you labeling people “goths”? And I really was hoping for a better explanation than that. You honestly can’t come up with something better? At least make your time here more worthwhile, and make some sense. Please. Accually, I was hoping I might get an answer from the author. I would really like to know what the whole motive for writing this article was.

    Al didn’t you run for senater in 2004 or something? Just curious, why are you on a blog that involves teen suicide and really kind of picking on 15 year old girls? Don’t you have anything better to do?

  • No Brianna- You’re not getting any sympathy with that “picking on 15 year old girls.” I’m doing nothing of the kind. I have been civil and friendly. In fact some young people who perhaps have not been raised properly have come in being hateful and disrespectful to ME. Being hated on and cussed by a teenage girl does not constitute ME picking on anyone.

    Again, you seem to be being purposely thick about “goth.” Pretending not to get the relevant point is not a valid technique of argument, and doesn’t impress anyone. You can pick whatever broad term you want for them, goth, emo, whatever.

    Anyway you want to slice it though, MCR is a band targeted to a core audience of poor sad troubled teens supposedly just on the edge of suicide. To make it real clear, RMC is making fun of the imnotokay.net crowd as crybabies. Thus, “what are you gonna do, cry about it?” That general crybaby idea was a big part of her whole point here.

    Did you honestly not understand that very simple, rudimentary mockery? Disagree – but do you understand what she’s saying?

    As to having anything better to do, there’s nothing more important than educating the youth. If I can contribute any small lesson or insight or clue to a troubled youth such as yourself, I’m sure I’ll be rewarded in heaven.

  • brianna

    Wow, I finally get it. You’re educating the youth! I see. So yeah I think maybe I’ll go kill myself so you can have a good laugh, since according to you “suicide or the idea of it can be highly amusing.” I’ll get all my friends to do it too, since you think it’s so fricken hilarious. Yeah great way to “educate the youth”! Please…
    Oh and how are you possibly being “civil”, when you practically insulting people?

    And for your comment #193, you say “I suppose it’s a subjective judgment call, but I’d personally MUCH rather take a beating than be constantly worried that my child was going to kill themselves”, have you ever actually been there? Were you EVER in either position? Because, I mean if you were, than I can understand that this is your opinion on that and I won’t think anything of it. But I really don’t think that you should have any opinion on this matter if you don’t understand what you are talking about.

  • brianna

    Oh, and how do you know if I’m a “troubled youth”? Maybe I’m just someone who is trying to educate the youth and trying to get people to understand that teen suicide is not something to be taken lightly, and let suicidal teens know that people DO care and that there are people who are there for them, but no, they end up coming here and they read that suicide is considered humorous to adults (who, BTW, have a sick sense of humor)and decide that it is okay for them to kill themselves. Again, what a great way to educate the youth, Al.

  • Stinkey

    What is an MCR and what do it stand fer?

  • sam

    WTF???? My Chemical Romance its the greatest band of all time what are you doing here if you dont know who they are??!!

  • Stinkey

    Sam, What kind of music does MTF and MCR play?

  • ZorcnPals

    1) To be obnoxious and to be able to use the “cry about it” line. That’s what the point of the permission statement was.

    2) People get in trouble when they post pictures of themselves drinking or using drugs. That’s usually (wait for it) ON A COLLEGE CAMPUS HAVING TO DO WITH COLLEGE. When they’re usually underage.

    3)Quoting a couple lines of a song usually falls under the fair use doctrine in copyright laws. If she copied whole stanzas there would be a problem, but courts haven’t established that using ANY lyrics is punishible under copyright laws. Plus, the internet gives an entirely new dimension of fair use.

    4) I looked on the BC website and it doesn’t look like anyone gets paid for any of these things.

    If you want to keep arguing about something, do some research to back up your point. You’re welcome to prove me wrong if you find something that supports your argument, and if you find something, then I suppose I’ll be wrong then. I could care less about blindly arguing my side trying to be “right”.

  • sam

    WTF stands for what the fuck , dumbass

  • Stinkey

    Sam, Im 93yrs old. Not up on todays music. Thanks for your help.

  • brianna

    Okay first of all, fair use allows limited use of copyrighted material without permission from the right holder- for scholarship or review
    It provides legal, non-licensed citation of copyrighted material under a four-factor balancing test, which is the importance of the multiple factors in the case.

    Purpose and factor: Questions whether the use fulfilled the intention of copyright law to stimulate creativity for the general public, or if it aims to supersede the object (to force out the use as inferior and also assesses the quantity of the original copyright work that was used in the new work.
    BUT it is not always considered fair use and any use that seems fair is not always fair use. And strict adherence to fair use protects you from being sued, and fair use is defense against copyright infringement, therefore, the rights owner can still sue. If it’s copyrighted, than it’s not always fair use.

    So yeah, I did research.

  • sam

    No offense, but why are you here than if you dont know what all this is about?

  • Brianna- I understand that you and many people here are offended that Retro Music Chick criticized your favorite group and that you’re upset. However, I do want to clear a few things up for you:

    – We at Blogcritics do not get paid. We write all our articles on a volunteer basis.

    – RMC can’t be sued for copyright violation because she a.) provided the source of the lyrics, and b.) isn’t making money off them.

    – You can’t sue RMC for writing something that you disagree with.

    – You can’t get her kicked out of college (is she even in college? I thought she’s an adult.) because she wrote something you didn’t like.

    If you feel that angry against what she said in this article, then go to your own blog (if you have one) and write a rebuttal.

  • Kristi

    Oh ya suicide is a hilarious topic.
    Especially when its your neighbor or your best friend. Friggen comedy.

    Do you actually know what its like? To have someone close to you die that didnt have to? I really dont think you do.

    Why don’t you ask my neighbor’s son? I mean his mom committed suicide, maybe he could provide you with some useful information on how it feels.

    You know, almost 33,000 people commit suicide a year. Is that something to laugh about? I dont think so.

    So go ahead, think you’re all clever just because of your arrogant views, and I hope that one day you’ll be able to see what its actually like.

  • Dear Kristi- Your superior sensitivity shames me. However, life is for the living. If it’s not worth it for you though, it’s your life to end. I’m not sure how that qualifies as “arrogance” though.

    Plus, useless oversensitivity to reports of misery will tend to absolutely counter productively re-inforce indulgence and wallowing, and generate more of it. There’s a balance between being sensitive to a cry for help vs not encouraging stupid narcissistic wallowing and carrying on for attention.

    And again, my principle beef here is precisely with the narcisstic grasping for attention element using and abusing our natural sympathies for the truly suffering. I’m going to be a little bit skeptical of some of it, and not want to encourage self-indulgence in misery when it’s not absolutely unavoidable.

    Or you can just start clubbing critics with the insensitivity stick if we don’t just immediately start gushing great mother-humpin’ loads of sob sister tears over every little whining pussy at imnotokay.net. Okay, I’m a bad guy.

  • You are talking pure rubbish!!!
    There are different kinds of teenagers.
    There are immature ones who slit their wrist to get attention and the ones that are purely deppressed for their own reasons. Dont pick on teenagers in imnotokay.net they dont slit their wrists to get attention nor sympathy. they dont slit their wrists in the first place because they listen to MCR music. I know you keep bashing Gerard Way being Jesus or a fucking saviour, but these kids think he helps them and as long as they stop hurting themslef then that’s fine. Stop bashing Gerard Way, at least he’s doing something to help depressed teens not writing ignorant articles about them being “pathetic whiney babies”.

    Get a life. You have a lot of time in your hands so do something worth while!

  • brianna

    I wasn’t saying that she was going to be sued, but yeah it did look like i said that. That’s not what I meant, sorry about that. I’m pretty sure that she is in college, I think she goes to BU.
    Wow kristi, I think you are the first one to get Al to admit he was wrong. Thank you! Really though. You are completely right.

  • u dot need to know

    WTF!! MCR is a great band… it have change many of teenagers life…
    and make it better… please juz get a grip… please if u write something… please be sure ut is right…

  • ellz

    Urm.. why write that what is wrong with you.
    I love mcr they didnt save my life but i think they are amazing and black eyeliner rules.People admire them because some of the people in the band have been through the problems that many teenagers have been through and they pulled through and look at them now there very famous are you famous? NO!!

  • sam


  • sam


  • Suuti


    First. What gives you the right to say how suicidal teens are? You don’t feel what they feel. So what gives you the right to say that? You don’t feel what they feel. Does that mean you can discard their feelings as true feelings? You’re the If-I-don’t-feel-it-its-not-real type of person. What if we were all like that? Does that mean we can burn you because we don’t feel it?

    Second. you’re probably just jealous you’re not as big as them. and why are most of the attacks on Mr.Gerard Way? Just because he is the vocalist doesn’t mean he is the only one who made these things possible.

    Third. Not all teenagers are suicidal. So why lump them together? I bet you’re one of those guys in high school who pick on the geeks but came graduation day and you didn’t get you diploma and to this day you pick on those who are better than you even in the most pathetic and desperate way you can.You just don’t like them because you can’t relate so you try to bring the world to the things you like so you’ll be “in”.Fuck the 70’s piano punk.Award-winning author my ass.You could be the worlds most powerful woman but what you said still cant be further from right. People won’t go to their concerts if they suck.In short don’t talk about things you don’t even understand.

  • MCR Rocks got a problem with them then suck it. I used to cut myself but i didn’t listen to MCR then. You people are dumb.. I will run you over with the MCR tour bus.. CAMMOS SUCK!!!! MCR ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life stupid losers…!!!!!


  • TK

    My Chemical Romance isn’t satanic, and don’t cause suicide.. Get that through your heads idiots.. If you hate them that bad how come you know so many of there songs.. I’m a christian and I Listen to MCR they aren’t a bad influence..

  • TK


    Long ago
    Just like the hearse you die to get in again
    We are so far from you

    Burning on just like a match you strike to incinerate
    The lives of everyone you know
    And what’s the worst you take (worst you take)
    from every heart you break (heart you break)
    And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
    Well I’ve been holding on tonight

    What’s the worst that I can say?
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight

    Came a time
    When every star fall brought you to tears again
    We are the very hurt you sold
    And what’s the worst you take (worst you take)
    from every heart you break (heart you break)
    And like the blade you stain (blade you stain)
    Well I’ve been holding on tonight

    What’s the worst that I can say?
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight
    And if you carry on this way
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight

    Can you hear me?
    Are you near me?
    Can we pretend to leave and then
    We’ll meet again
    When both our cars collide?

    What’s the worst that I can say?
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight
    And if you carry on this way
    Things are better if I stay
    So long and goodnight
    So long and goodnight

  • TK

    Hi Brooke…

  • Gerard Way

    I Rock..! You ppl suck..!

  • dude… this retro..metro.. ass person is a waste of everyone’s time… including mine.. all that i got to say is that she should, stop writing all this crap about people doing their jobs, ie: gerard way; he writes music and is a singer.< -just stating the obvious.. well if u can call him out on doing his job then, ill call u out, its only fair.... dont argure with something u dont know, and get ur facts right.... and im still not dead and i listen to MCR EVERY DAY!!.. soo give it up somethings U just dont know and this is one of them. IM sick of older ppl "trying" to tell us to STOP listening to our favorite music, ill never back down on something that i believe. "Brianna, now seriously, do you think that the author or site owners are going to get in a panic and take down the story you don't like on the basis that some teenage idiot declares completely out of the blue that they'll get in trouble? Uh oh - Brianna says we're violating copyrights! Child, are you seriously that retarded?" "Child, are you seriously that retarded?" ....^ DUDE thats rude and immature. who do u think u are?.... i dont even let my mom and dad call me "child"..... hey if thats how u get out ur inner problems.. so be it.. and for the sake of it she even said; ---> “Quotes and lyrics deliberately used without permission–what are you gonna do, cry about it?”

    ….ummm last time i knew if u “deliberately use”
    quotes and lyrics, u can be finned… but wut do i know im just a kid who happends to be emo and likes MCR… and dont call ppl morans
    “al barger” …. its insulting and rude!…

    go suck it because My Chemical Romance is a really good band and if you dont like it…. i have one solution..!!DONT LISTEN TO THEM!! problem solved ur only hurting ur self and dont hate other ppl because u hate ur self…and this is alot.. *im almost done*..GET A REAL JOB!.. instead of debating against younger youths like myself.

    PS: we know more about mcr then u EVER will!!!!

    sincerly, xxxemoxxxgirly

  • brianna

    Ha Bianca I love you! But seriously though, why are we still comenting on this? Oh yeah because we care, and was that really Gerard Way? Cuz that would be pretty cool and yeah he does rock.

  • TK

    I Listen to MCR and they are awesome..! Gerard rocks

  • TK

    MCR Rocks and if you don’t like them leave it at that.. Honestly i mean who would waste there time criticizing a band. They started out in New Jersey and have made it to the top With there album The Black Parade. Previous Albums include Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, Life On The Murder Scene, And I Brought You My Bullets You Brought Me Your Love. The only reason your making fun of them is because your jealous that they are rich and famous. I hate rap, but I’m not Posting comments about them and criticizing there work. And My Chem doesn’t cause suicide. Gerard Way, Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, And Ray Toro are people just like us. Except famous. MCR doesn’t Cause suicide, People cause suicide, Last time i had a suicidal problem it wasn’t because Of My Chemical Romance, It Was Because Of these Pricks at school picking on me. There music is great, and if you don’t like them then quit listening to them.. End Of Story..! Have a good day -:)

  • romani and helena

    Mcr is an awesome band and all of you who hate it can go burn! Quit blaming some peoples stupid decision on someone else. What is some you ppls problem, i never see kids depressed when they listen or talk about mcr. Ever since i’ve been listening to mcr i havn’t been suicidal! The reason most are depress is because stupid ppl like u are trying to change them and make them into something their not!

  • TK

    Romani And Helena Have a great point..

  • romani and helena

    hi troy wats up! it’s helena!

  • Bianca says “ill never back down on something that i believe.” I appreciate that point – but you might consider that sometimes you SHOULD reconsider your position. Ideally, you’d read, say, this article or other input on your topic of belief, and consider whether the opposing viewpoint has merit.

    Also, I’m far less than impressed with the repetitions of the basic argument that us adults should just ignore you kids and your kid music and fashions, etc. Again, some of y’all MCR fans and emo/goth lovers are going to some effort to call for attention, what with the fashion and the cutting and the carrying on – and then bitch about getting it if it turns out to be anything other than fawning and sympathy. Oh, you poor thing!

    Some folk are suffering and most need sympathy and comfort in their struggles. Others are whining and indulging destructive self-pity, and it is ultimately to their own benefit to be called out for correction and told that they’re full of crap. Not pointing the finger at any specific person, but a lot of the emo/goth crowd clearly appears to fall in the latter category.

    So then, besides issues of civility and being respectful, it would be to YOUR benefit to drop the belligerence and consider the merits of another point of view such as this column.

    Also, if you wish anyone to take your ideas seriously, you should learn to write. Not necessarily anything fancy, but you need to learn how to use basic grammar and sentences. How seriously is anyone else supposed to your idea if you’re not serious enough about it to be bothered to even try to intelligently articulate it?

  • emo lover

    fuck off! u bitches need to chill! mcr didn’t do anything to u so shut up!

  • TK

    Al Barger you have no clue what you are talking about. And last time i checked if i want to hurt my body i can, But i Don’t.. Just because i wear black it dosesn’t make me a bad person, I’m still a christian. You are just some old guy, who probably doesn’t know anything about MCR, and your just bored with your own life so you pick on a great band. You are just jealous because they make millions and you don’t. I’m immature? I’m not the one posting comments to some randon 8th grader. You have a great day..

  • helena and romani

    tk has a good point. al barger have you even gone through depression, i bet not but it has to alot of us, and it’s not mcr they actualy made us less depressed! So all i got to say i wrap yourself in tin foil and stand out in the middle of the street! muwahahaha!

  • Someone

    MCR rock.
    I am listening to them at this very moment in time.You all suck.

    MCR <3<3

    They help emo's...like they helped me when I was an Emo!

  • The same Someone

    I listen to MCR everyday…and I am Not Dead!


  • ams

    don`t use the word “emo”

    it`s a god damn type of music
    get it threw your head.

  • Amanda

    People really should stop using MCR as a scapegoat. The problem isn’t with MCR because they really are out there to help people. The problem is with the teenagers. The ones that really do need help have to be willing to accept that help. The ones that do it just for attention need to grow up and realize that they are being immature brats. But don’t blame a group of people trying to help the situation.

  • TK

    I strongly agree with Amanda. She has a great point. MCR is out to help, and some teens should quit being suicidal for attention, but if they do need help they should get it.-:)

  • All right, look. I’ve read all the comments, the article, and everything.

    First of all, the arguements were quite entertaining.

    I see both sides. Teen suicide is a problem in today’s society, I’ve even had a very close friend attempt. She’s mentally and emotionally unstable, and she needs help, and if anyone ever made fun of her, I would kick their ass.

    But, it’s also partially her own fault. She won’t accept the fact that she needs help, when she goes to therapy sessions, she curses at her shrink, she doesn’t take medication, and she’s on a downward spiral to self-destruction. But, it’s entirely her fault.

    I also hate MCR. I don’t know all of the fans, but from the ones I do know, they’re ridiculous, self-loathing hypocrites who need to get over themselves.

    Just because you cut / harm yourself doesn’t make you “emo.” There is no “emo.” “Emo” is a style of music, that’s all. An expensive haircut doesn’t make you “emo.” Studded belts and little shirts don’t make you “emo.” And, cutting yourself doesn’t make you “emo.” It means you have emotional disturbances.

    I, personally, laughed really, really hard at the article. I love it, and I want to read more by the person who wrote it.

  • well.. i found this article brilliant.
    and all of your dumb argumentative comments amusing.
    one of my best friends tried to kill herself two months ago. My other best friend and I found her. But yet i still find this article truthful not offensive.
    And secondly I and people I know have met the members of “MCR” and they were all jackasses.
    they want money not to make you happy.

  • PS: Comment number 79.
    You just made her stereotype true.

  • ummm yea.. “emo” yea it is a life style.. just to let u know … “emotinal”.. get it.. no i didnt think soo..well im emo and its like saying to someone that being jewish (not making putting jewish ppl down, my best friend is jewish!) isnt a life style…it is and well its VERY offencive..O.k…and .. yea.. im still not backing down.. srry.. i dont care wut other ppl say because older ppl just dont get teenagers these days!. and in MY oppinion MCR is a really good band. soooo wut u dont know.. DONT ASSUME!

    well i dont care wut u think, as long as u dont win some type of medal or something for this artical.. and the reason why u were the most commented blog on this..wut ever it is… is well hun ppl dont like ur articals and you should stop “trying” to make ur “assumes” right .. because you’ll never know!…..no matter how much you research it.

    oxoxo xxxemoxxxgirly

  • Jason

    Though there are some things i disagree with, for instance, Hot topic being a place where emo and goth teens go (I shop there and I am the farthest from emo or goth. I just like their belts 🙂 ) I do agree with the idea that the world is progressing and while suicide and self mutilation is tragic, the world will eventually progress and teenagers will grow up. If I were to die, I expect all my family and all my friends to stop for a day or two, maybe a week, and mourn. After that, every gets back to work, me being on the back burner. All I’m saying is, life progresses after one’s death and suicide/mutilation is just the easy way out.

    I almost forgot to mention that I am 17 and I am mature enough to not give into the fads of today’s teenagers.

  • Billy

    this article is so true…what you said was what i have been saying for years…thank you

  • i am responing to the idiots who agree on this u guys are sad this goes to especially
    and more but this isnt worth my time and to the person who sai they met MCR an all they want is money u are a lying bitch an why would u meet them if u dont like them duhhh
    an plus i am not following a fad i am just me so there

  • Hi, I’m 15 years old, come from WA state and my name is Kelsea.
    When I read this all I could think was, WHOA! People look up to them because whenever they listen to them, they feel relieved that they’re not alone! Music is about self-expression and they are not bad at all. I am researching MCR for my high-school english class, and I think I got the jist of what you are trying to get at.
    I love music, love, love it! And I am starting to like My Chemical Romance more and more each day. (Why didn’t I hear them any sooner?) And whenever I’m angry, they are what I go for, or just rock in general! But other people have different ways of expressing there anger and pain! I think that’s what you’re doing in this article too, is telling people how it is stupid for people to cut themselves and that MCR and Gerard are a bunch of knock-offs. Your opinion, that’s fine. There have been MANY kids who have credited MCR with helping them thru painful times, it has also been published that the teen suicide rates have gone down in %’ages since music like MCR’s and others have come out speaking about pain & teen confusion.
    I might not know as much as you do, but I think it’s kind of wrong to go around saying that kids go around saying that they want to kill themselves for attention and that a band which is known for being a band that helps, is making life harder for kids/teenagers and their songs are sending out false messages over and over again repeatedly exclaiming, “Kill me now! Kill me now! My life is worthless, so someone drown me in a dark abyss!”
    I myself have not seen a blog yet stating dreary self-poetic feelings that lead to a horrible ending sort of thing; it’s probably a metaphor though. As far as I am concerned, it’s your opinion and I am not trying to trash it, but how much have you listened to their music, really?
    It sounds like they’re discouraging cutting in the song, “Cemetery Drive,” saying,

    “Back home, off the run
    Singing songs that make you slit your wrists
    It isn’t that much fun, staring down a loaded gun
    So I won’t stop dying, won’t stop lying
    If you want I’ll keep on crying
    Did you get what you deserve?
    Is this what you always want me for?”

    That to me, as a teenager with daily troubles and a past that I will say wasn’t much fun, it says that you shouldn’t want to kill yourself, it’s not fun, and you hurt me so I’m asking you, why? Why did you do that, how can you be so cruel? Basically, give the traitor back what they gave; pain. And make them feel bloody guilty! The lyrics of the verse also may come off to other people as, I’m here singing sad songs, with gun in hand, look at how you made me feel! That sort of thing comes to mind also.
    Death scares a lot of people and killing yourself when your that young doesn’t make sense, but it’s one of those things that if you were close to someone in that position yet they felt misunderstood, left out, or just plain angry at the world for several reasons that might come across other people as useless…i guess you have to be in the person’s shoes to understand what they’re going through.

    Also, an article from the magazine called, Disorder, featuring an interview with Gerard Way and Taylor Glasby, Nov.13th, 2006, asked/said/declared Gerard this and I quote,
    “Disorder: You really seem to be wearing your influences on your sleeve this time round, particularly on ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’ that is so Queen it hurts. In fact, it’s almost like a national anthem come to think of it.

    Gerard: It was really a call to arms for our army, for our kids, but not delivering the message of we’re going to fight using violence or we’re gonna destroy everything. We’re not preaching hate or aggression, we’re saying let’s buck the stereotype. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, let’s stop crying and show the world how strong we are.”

    Tell me, am I the one who has less of a back-up on information, because I think I’ve done my research pretty well…or is this information what you think is ‘fake’?

    I hope you understand where I am coming from and I do not wish to get trash thrown at me, although then, what the hell did I get myself into…? But hey! Stand up for your opinions, right? RIGHT!
    I live in the country that has freedom of speech, so if you wish to throw trash at me or try and persuade more to me, I am willing to listen. I do not know what your beliefs are and if you have children or if you were raised to stand up for what you believe in, while what I have to say might sound like mumbo-jumbo to anyone who’s reading this…but in your position, it’s a contradiction to yourself whining about how teenagers whine, bleed, and spill their guts out over songs.
    Once again, it is expression.

    Hope you get where I am coming from and thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Also, this is a little off topic, but I would like to say that I like to write and have only been in my high school newspaper as a reporter for one semester and reading your piece, putting aside the fact that you don’t really like a band that I’m standing up for and like, your piece was pretty brutal and down-right honest. The creative-ness rocked!

    Kelsea, 15, WA! goofygirl813-214/SoHelpMeGodImStoned

  • wow… that pretty much summed up EVERYTHING that everyone was thinking..(the mcr fans) and honestly i give Kelsea props for that!…

    And yes i am still a My Chemicle Romance fan.. forever and always


  • tragedy

    what a fucking dumbass.
    is this the only thing you have to do all day?
    i mean honestly get a life
    and stop fucking complaining about people
    who have problems because
    your just trying to get attention.
    im sure if you actually tried to understand
    what METAPHORS are then you wouldnt be this ignorant.

  • Mel

    Yet again, another mindless, obviously narrow minded piece of trash decides to trash My Chemical Romance. What is with you people and Gerard Way! The guy went through his own depression and does it hurt if he incorporates that through music? He touches peoples hearts and his voice is orgasmic.
    And then you go on to trashing teenagers. Since when have teenagers NOT followed trends? So why start flaming us now? And skinny leg jeans are sex.
    So im guessing you have nothing better to do then trash bands, and i have nothing better to do then comment on why you have nothing better to do.
    Its people like YOU who bottle bands at festivals, people like you who bring down the artistic talents of musicians, people like you who degrade music in any way possible!
    So im wondering, can you produce a chart topping album? Can you gain millions of fans world wide?
    I think not.

  • Dorna

    In a world where our kids have a war few people believe in, a president less people believe in, a world where people with guns walk onto a college or high school campus and start shooting, a world where peace is perhaps the most endangered entity on the planet you have the unmitigated gall to attack something that the kids have to hang on to! When I was a kid there were still things in the world to believe in, there had never been a Columbine or 9/11 and I was never afraid that the newest branch of the “government” was going to show up on my doorstep and take me into custody without reason or recourse. Our children, and I mean from early teens to mid-twenties have so few things to believe in. If they get pleasure or solace in a band like MCR who are you to question, or even comment on it? I am a 47 year old mother of two who has been a social worker for 15 years. I was skeptical about MCR when my 23 year old daughter started listening to them but I adore my daughter so I listened to see what she was hearing. I heard the screaming guitars and the screaming in general, but I also looked past the black eye make-up and heard the lyrics telling the world that they learned how to get past things. I heard lyrics that told the world “fuck you if you don’t like me, I like me and that is the important thing.” Calling Gerard Way names accomplishes nothing. The man did something, he got past the drugs and the alcohol and he learned to love himself along with his fellow band members and fans. He made a step that so many “rock stars” haven’t ever even attempted. Comparing MCR and Van Halen is like talking in Japanese to a Russian blue collar worker. My generation did not need more than a good time from their music, we have music that means something and we have music that just blows off steam. MyChem has found a way to combine those things for a new generation of kids who need something….anything… however “commercial” or “Product” that you see it. I hope to God that you don’t have children. I pray to God that MyChem and all the boys continue to give this generation something to hold on to. Emo, Goth, whatever the music speaks to them and they are listening, I have to ask, are you?

  • amelia

    i don;t see why if you don;t like the stuff you can;t just leave it alone.
    as of you;re probably hippocritical, but you may not understand.
    im not holding “scissors to my wrists” but, i sure do have the right to stand up for the kids who do, and half those kids don;t flaunt their stuff around like whores in the eighth grade.
    some people keep it to themselves, and some people can actually relate to the things that bands/vocalists/whatever are saying.

    plus, i see more girls and boys that are out there listening to rap and hip-hop that slit their wrists, more than the “emos” or “punks.”

    and slitting doesn;t usually do much to you anyway, just gives you a reason to sit in the bathroom and bleed on a fur rug all day.
    some people actually find interest in it.
    let people do what they want.
    jesus. they aren;t bothering you and putting their bloody razor blade to your neck or anything now are they?

    by the way. has anyone even noticed, LABELS.
    people label.
    and people label bands too.
    as in my chemical romance. people label them emo.
    why? because their dressed in black, and wear make-up, um. yeah, that doesn;t technically mean they are “emo.” and by their music. their lyrics doesn;t mean their emo either.
    maybe people should learn the meaning, and then label things or people… CORRECTLY.

  • Vanne (VANESSA)

    So…Heres my thoughts on what was just written..Someone has to be really down on them selfs for having to attack something they know nothing of! MCR..Has truth to there lyrics and its HUGE message that they send…YOUR JUST NOT LISTENING! If you actully listen to them you would know dat they dont say “go cut ur self” or “Suicide is cool” NO, THATS NOT WAT THEY SAY..THEY SAY SUICIDE IS A COP OUT AND NOT TO DO IT..INSTEAD TALK TO SOMEONE, A FRIEND, ANYONE….BUT YOU DIDNT HEAR DAT DID YOU…CAUSE YOU KNOW NOTHING BOUT WAT UR TALKIN BOUT…AND THIER NOT EMO…My point is, What gives you the rite to trash G and MCR for wat they do…THEY SAVE LIVES, like it or not..its true..ask the fans…asK me…im not emo..im not goth…im just A gurl thats going throw life and fallin sometimes and MCR PICKS me with their music, their lyric and their messages…and im 22yrs old and i just think thats your thinkin to hard on this subject and i think befor you trash talk them you should listen to them and look beyond our generations style or fads…but read between the lines…IM SORRY YOU CANT HEAR IT..CAUSE ITS A TRUELY BEAUTIFUL THING..AND YOUR MISSING OUT! I love you MyChem!!

  • M29

    OK, I may be a sixteen year old girl. I may be a massive My Chemical Romance fan. But I wear no more black than the average person, nor have I ever slit my wrists or attempted suicide.
    I love My Chemical Romance and have done for 2-3 years…yes before they hit the “mainstream”.
    I’ve made quite a few friends through this band and met too many people who have said “My Chemical Romance saved my life” to take the statement with a pinch of salt.
    My Chemical Romance are just five guys, in their late 20s (apart from Gerard, who is now 30), who are geeky, into Star Wars and also in a very honest band. Yes, some of what they produce is most probably down to marketing, but go and watch Life On The Murder Scene and you can see the issues they’ve been able to overcome.
    Like I said, I’ve never attempted suicide or slit my wrists, but they’ve helped me a great deal.
    For example, last summer my Grandpa died. Due to the fact that we are not fluent in the same language and because he lives in Mauritius while I live in the UK, we’ve never been close, but he is the first person I knew who’s ever died and that fact hit me quite hard. (The fact that my father, who also lives in Mauritius who I have not spoken to in nearly two years out of my own choice showed up at the funeral and burial did not help).
    So back to the point, after the burial, I went and listened to the “Ghost Of You”, a song from their second album “Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge”…and suddenly I was at peace with his death and I knew, although I am actually agnostic, that one day I’d see him again.
    My Chemical Romance understand what teenagers who may be suicidal/almost at the point where they are becoming suicidal are going through. Why? Because they’ve been through it themselves.
    Mikey Way was depressed at the time of recording “The Black Parade” and Gerard Way battled depression, alcoholism and drug addiction for a couple of years. Frank Iero’s family used to be so poor that at times they couldn’t even afford milk. Yet they still pulled through and managed to be part of the brilliant band who many people throughout the world know and love today.
    I myself used to drink WAY too much for someone my age. I still do occasionally and I don’t mind admitting to that, but it’s only really at parties. This is because I’m trying to follow Gerard Way’s example.
    They are all brilliant role models for the teenagers of today. I would know, being one myself.

    To whoever wrote this article (I don’t know, and to be frank, I don’t particularly care), go back and check your grammatical mistakes, PLEASE.
    I’m perfectly aware that I have made some myself, but I’m a sixteen year old girl, not a college professor.

  • M29

    Oh: I almost forgot: to the author
    1) If you say that you never got seriously upset when you were a teenager, you’re lying and
    2) It seems someone’s jumping on the bandwagon and being a bit of an attention whore themselves.

  • What is sad to me here…
    You have a buch of people ragging on a band for putting out something kids find to be a positive thing.
    I do admin for the bands street team..the MCRmy.
    I can tell you first hand(from someone who knows the fans probably better then the band does)
    This band is nothing but a positive influence for these kids and anyone who views them as negative..just isn’t listeing.
    I don’t understand why people feel the need to rip kids apart for something they find inspiration in…And seriously…if you feel that strongly about it..why are you typing and not being proactive by trying to reach out to these kids and give them something better then eyeliner and tears? This band makes these kids feel like someone is listening to them. If you feel this generation is a bunch of fakes…Maybe you are just not paying attention.
    Correct me if I am wrong but the two things you quote…Heathers and Teen Angst…were both quiet the scene things in there day.
    So my guess…based on these…you are a 32-36 year old who has never made a connection to the generation behind you.
    These kids are growing up with enough anger and negative feedback in there everyday lives..Most born into a society headed for destruction. Most whitnessing 9-11 as one of there first current events. This band speaks to a generation you do not understand and maybe that is why you do not unerstand this band.

    I welcome anyone reading this to join our site and come on..(with a positive attitude) to these boards. Actually ask these kids what they are thinking instead of being like every journalist(I use that loosly) out there and simply pull quotes out of context on the internet…

  • Pernille

    Umh.. someone and you said something about selling right?

    How the HELL are they going to be able to put out the message and the wonderful music if they didnt have the money to do so?
    You know clearly how the world is today and how many things money is involved in..

    They sell t shirts and all that shit for people to buy, and to have as a little of piece of them.
    Because they care about their fans and want to make everything they can to make them feel like they DO care!
    They want more people to know about them because they want to help as many people they can!
    the only way to make people know about them is to make other fans promote! And i promise you, MCR fans want them to reach out their message just as much as the band want it themselves…
    so they PROMOTE! by; buying t shirts bags and buttons! posters and all that stuff.

    As for the action figures? MCR is a big fan of stuff like that, and has clearly said that they didnt make them to make money, just because they wanted it.. they had a choise, they could say no, and probably would if they werent interested in action figures from the start!

    they have said a dusins of times that they had a choise, that they didnt have to make everything huge and ‘overrated’ as they have (yeah! they have admited it themselves! they have said they are over the top)
    Even the record lable asked them if they were completley mad! But they did what floated their boat and obviously it made it through!
    They managed to get a lot of fans, not because they were cool, but because of their message and their wanting to help people…

    Your article here is so.. so.. IGNORANT!
    I know i havent talked about the thing you wrote about. but i just had to make it clear that they are anything but ‘sell outs’!

    many people have already stated their opinion, which i ‘surprisingly’, agrees in.
    So i have nothing else to add.

    so, go get a life before you kill people from typing their ass of.

  • Lara

    dude seriously… don’t give your opinion about stuff you don’t know shit about.. it makes you look kinda dumb

  • Cassie W

    #68 – You are wise beyond your years, far moreso than the writer of this “satire”, obviously.

    To start, I understand what you were trying to say. I understand that you were ATTEMPTING at satire, scrutinizing the way music is marketed, But.. Isn’t satire supposed to be funny… ironic? I fear, you failed miserably.

    I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan and believe that they were the WORST possible example for your almighty topic-to-end-all-topics. As was said before, if they were the evil behind marketing to the “suffering of teens”, would they not be out shooting ads for a company that targets such people? They’re not. They’re spending countless hours meeting the people (as you generalized, depressed teenagers) who buy these products and letting them know that they are appreciated. Above this, it is absolutely ridiculous to blame the band, itself, for something that they have really no control over. If I am not mistaken, the record label sets the prices and does the marketing. Hell, I’m a member of the MCRmy, My Chem’s street team. I guess this means I am a part of the evil- I’m “exploited” as some have said. No, I’m not. I’m a 17 YEAR OLD who has chosen to make a difference in her life after having listened to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE’S very inspiring words and music. I am a HUMAN BEING, not a “turd” or whatever immature name you may chose to call me. and I am PROUD to say that I support the band through and through and that I am still here because of them.
    Of what are you proud, “Retro…”? Being a bully? Making satirical argument that features stereotypes and generalizations- things that would be more suited as satire topics, themselves? Being supported by people who use the terms “emo” and “goth” to describe other persons and expect to be taken seriously?


    Oh, and-
    Just to play devil’s advocate (from a Morrissey fan): Aren’t sardonic critics such as yourself being targeted and fooled into buying Morrissey albums by his lyrics of woes about a world for which he is obviously too good?

  • janelle

    just because people listen to mcr doesn’t mean they’re stupid teenagers who cut themeselves. besides, if we did cut ourselves, its not because of mcr..mcr is pro-life not anti.so stupid..nd those people who cut don’t necessarily do it for attention..its cuz they have a lot of problems and thank God there are bands like MCR to stop them! so annoying

  • I hate you you are the ingorent jourolism that Gerard Way talks about and by the way i love My chemical romance and they are 20 times better than you idiot so go moan to your chav friends and see if we Emo’s care and MCR are not emo’s they are far from it xoxo =]

  • m.

    hello. thank you for sharing your input on this tragedy with the entire internet world… and now you can hear MY opinion on it.

    1)Not all MCR fans are pre-teens. When a 42 year old mother of three is willing to drive her children 9 hours to see them in concert, chances are really good that she is not a suicidal 14 year old boy trapped in a life of angst.

    2)The ratio of girls to boys is about equal now, yet you mention that there are an alarming number of boys at the concerts.

    3)The band openly tells their followers at the shows that suicide & violence aren’t the answer to life. yeah, shit happens and it sucks, but that’s how it goes.

    4)While the music of My Chemical Romance does involve lyrics about death & killing, IT’S A METAPHOR. The music is suppose to be interpreted, not to be taken literally, which is what people doing music reviews are suppose to do.

    5)If you still think that everyone in the world who listens to My Chemical Romance is an adolescent who is emo, crys 24-7, and cuts themselves every night with scissors, you are gravely mistaken. Most of us don’t even own scissors.

    Watch who you screw with honey,
    cause we’re a fucking army.


  • Shelly

    Heres my opinion on all of this
    a -most mcr fans ARENT EMO. I am not emo, none of my friends are emo, hell, even preppies listen to mcr.

    b- You are taking the lyrics literally. they are supposed to be interperated.They don’t want us all killing oursleves. they have even stated at many concerts and interviews that they think that suicide is the sissy way out of your problems, and that you need to face them. plus i’m not gonna kill myself cuz a band told me i should.

    c- just cuz i listen to mcr doesn’t mean i cry in a corner cutting myself. i don’t even have scissors.

    d- the more you post stuff like this, the more we want to listen to them
    I agree with # 304. were an effin army

  • Michele

    I’m terribly sorry you wasted your time writing this. Get a life, honestly, does it bother you that much you had to post a big article about it on the internet? Grow up.

    Obviously you have no idea what you’re talking about. Are you a psychiatrist, psycologist, or a doctor? NO. But you MUST have all the answers as to why people cut, are suicidal, or have mental diseases, right?

    Music doesn’t cause problems. Isn’t it terrible that teens have found a save haven in music. GOD FORBID!

  • Jessie

    Having just read your article, I have the following words of wisdom for you:

    A)Using lyrics and quotes out of context is very unprofessional. The lyrics you chose are from there first record, and I’ve seen much worse content in rap and goth bands lyrics (or for that matter horror films) than in that particular line. Yet you chose to rag on mcr and their fans.

    B) I have met many mcr fans in my nearly three years in the fandom, in person and online, none of which resemble the “self harming,whiny and melodramatic” ones. I understand there are mcr fans of that nature, but there are many more intelligent and caring fans than ’emo’ ones.

    C) As for your statement that you have to be depressed to enjoy their music that is completely false, if anything the opposite. If I was depressed while listening to their music I would get absolutely nothing out of it. I use music to cheer me up and mcr most deffinatly does that for me.

    D) I have NEVER, seen or heard of anyone, mcr fan or not, actually post pictures of / brag about cutting (online or in person). I know shitloads of mcr fans and since we’re usually the ones supposedly doing such things, I think that speaks loudly about the ’emo” stereotype as a whole.
    I do own scissors, but I make collage’s with them instead.

    E) Next time you decide to write derogatory piece of writing on a certain group of people, at least try to understand where there coming from. Listen to them, then decide where you stand. If you just talked to any of the sweet kids I’ve talked to on the mcrmy or livejournal.You would hear how this band has affected their lives or how their fans have. You would never think,or let alone write, anything of this nature about any of them.

    ps.- about the whole bookmark this and come back to it when you are 25 thing:
    There are plenty of 25+ people making the exact same argument as teens/ early twentysomething’s, so what is your point?

  • You make it seem as though all My Chemical Romance fans are pre-teens. That’s not true at all. I just graduated from highschool and will soon be attending college; I’m far past my pre-teen years. I also know many My Chemical Romance fans who are much older than me, so I wouldn’t go so far as to place the fandom between the ages of 9 and 13.

    I was completely appalled by the manner in which you discussed suicide. My best friend recently attempted suicide and came very close to dying. She was in a hospital for quite a while and then was placed in a mental institution. She was lucky to have survived. It was one of the most painful times of my life because I came so close to losing a person I care about more than anybody, and it wasn’t from a natural cause of death, but rather self infliction. You have no idea how much it hurts to know that somebody you love could’ve died because they hated themselves so deeply. Suicide is an extremely serious issue and is not something to joke around about.

    I think it’s great that everybody be entitled to his or her own opinion, but make sure your facts are straight and know your boundries.

  • Mike

    You realize that “emo’s” arent the only people that cut themselves for attention right? And that not all of them do it? When I was in high school, one of the captains of the football team, who dressed in Hollister and Abercrombie, and listened to radio hip-hop was taken to the guidence counselor every week because he cut himself horizonally. The only reason it is more publisized with the “emo” kids is because America is too afraid to admit that their upper class rich kids are just as fucked as the people that will actually have to work for something one day.

  • “Early Childhood 101”
    what does early childhood have to do with adolescence?

    “Award-winning author”?
    you’re an idiot.
    and so is whomever awarded YOU anything.

    you clearly know nothing of the band or their fans. please, for goodness sake, stick to what you know.

  • Emily

    Ok. I know people on here will probably hate me for this, but I personally love My Chemical Romance. To me they are a great band with alot of talent, BUT…thats just my opinion, so people wasting their time saying how horrible and shitty they are. come on! GET A FUCKING LIFE!Don’t you have better things to do?
    And yes, the whole ‘Im so emo, I cut so deep’ is a load of bullshit.
    Emo doesnt exist to me, its just a bunch of losers who try to get attention, like others said up there^
    Of course ive been labeled emo by retards in normal clothes, but that doesnt mean I am so called ’emo’.
    I just choose to dress in a way that I like to and express myself through…whats wrong with that?
    And just because they are mcr fans and cut themselves doesnt mean that they are cutting for attention. (Im sure quite a few of them do, but not all of them)
    What you said up there Retro Chick or whatever, was a waste of your time and totally uncalled for.
    Keep your rude opinions to yourself.

  • VampierSoldier


  • Guest

    This thread shows us that if you don’t agree with someone under the age of 20, then you just need to get a fucking life. Apparently only those who agree with teenagers these days have lives. Excuse me, fucking lives.

  • Billybob

    What in the hell is a vampierSoilder? Hope she/he dont come around my trailer park and suck my blood. Man what a potty mouth. If my daughter talked like that Id slap the bitch up sideways. This little piss ant teenagers today sure are stupid. Maybe they should read the good book. Their just a bunch of maggots eating dog shit.

  • Joleen

    Billybob, don’t forget to pick up a pack of smokes on your way home, you lousy fuck.

  • Michele

    “If my daughter talked like that Id slap the bitch up sideways” -Billybob

    Nice mouth for you too. If you think we’re all fucked up teens, why are you wasting your time on the computer talking to us? Maybe you should get your ass off of the computer and get a better job so you can move out of you shitty trailor park.

    We’re going to be so much more than you ever were, so underestimate us all you want. You don’t have to be jealous because you are not where you want to be.

    This article is sick and discusting and the fact that she even calls herself a journalist makes her deserve a smack in the face.

  • Jen.

    Stereotypical much?

  • LizzieMurder

    ok.. this is seriously fucked up. i mean some ppl go through ruff times, and its my chemical romance that takes that change and get through them with their music. most bands cannot do that.

    i mean, if u say who would care about u… what if u were that emotionaly depressed kid? how would u feel? u would need support! i mean comeon.

    seriously, grow the fuck up!

  • LizzieMurder

    Wow, what an ignorant little bitch she is. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about. The tragic thing is that she probably does stuff like this all the time, just for the attention it brings her. But still, it is quite funny that she would spend that amount of time writing an article that is such utter bullshit. I’m sure she thinks she’s brilliant now, but I just think she has a total lack of intelligence. You don’t have to love MCR, no one does if they don’t want to, but at least try and accept other peoples musical tastes. And how she can even link this band to a subject like suicide is totally beyond me. In fact, let ME quote Gerard Way; ‘We are a very anti-suicide band’. Okay? Could he make it anymore glaringly fucking obvious for you? I don’t know how many times this band have to repeat themselves before people listen to them. They aren’t telling kids to go cut themselves, or kill themselves, or kill others, or wear dark eyeliner, or bleach their hair. A wide variety of people listen to MCR, so everybody should stop being so freaking stereotypical. And if the arrogant, moronic little arsehole that wrote that article is reading this, I suggest you go get a life. Okay?
    My Chemical Romance do not support suicde, self harm or violence. They never have. They never will.

  • Rachel [STAR]

    Don’t bash on other peoples’ favourite bands.
    My Chemical Romance worked very hard to get where they are and they don’t need people like you posting shit about them.
    I agree, kids shouldn’t be saying “Oh, wow. I didn’t commit suicide because of MCR.” because i really don’t get how music can destroy all plans of suicide. I really don’t.

    Some people who cut themselves don’t WANT to die.
    I KNOW someone who cuts… but you see, he has suffered severe violence from his parents and getting bashed at school.
    Apart from that fact, he’s really a happy teen. So don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

    And those kids who cut and talk freely about it are pathetic. Really. I love bands like MCR… but i don’t fucking cut. So what the HELL? Just because we like the sound of their music, doesn’t mean we’ll go cut ourselves publicly and cry in a corner. Jeez. That’s bullshit.

    Hey, a word for those wanting to commit suicide… you’re fucking selfish. If you kill yourself, that’s just you being fucking weak. Like you’re too much of a lazy ASS to dodge life’s obstacles. Sorry, but i HAD to say it.

  • Rori

    “I say, if all it takes is some asinine song lyrics and some black eyeliner to save your life, you probably weren’t that suicidal anyways.”

    Totally ignorant.

    It’s not about the looks, it’s not even always about the lyrics. It’s about the feeling.
    If music makes you feel good, makes you feel like you’ve released something you feel better.
    MCR makes me feel good.
    So does a lot of other music.
    Stuff I bet even you like.
    It depends on the person and you’re an idiot if you just say “well this person is what I think is emo so I hate them” or whatever.
    People are different. People are not exactly the same. Yes some exaggerate. Yes some lie. Not all do. If their music is what makes you feel better then go for it listen!
    They’re doing what they love. Someones life is saved because the shit really is brought out. Have you ever sung your heart out? Sang something that made you cry because you UNDERSTOOD the song, the feelings behind it?
    Well i have- and FYI it wasn’t MCR, and I felt a whole lot better.
    I wouldn’t name a single band as my reason for being alive, but music IS.

    People have no lives and no feeling anymore. God. Shit happens.
    People get hurt. Badly.
    People get better different ways.
    So what if you don’t like MCR, don’t like hearing people say MCR helped them?

  • Rori

    And I got news for all the My Chemical Romance fans with scissors to their wrists–you’re right, no one gives a s**t about you. Think about it–you don’t care about anybody else, so why would they waste their time caring about you?

    Oh, and to that?
    Fuck that.
    I care A LOT about other people. My depression was serious, I wasn’t using a pair of scissors, and I wasn’t depressed because I’m a stupid teenager with “raging hormones”
    Have you ever been abused? I bet not.
    so before YOU tell ME how I’M supposed to feel after that, go experience it for yourself.
    I’m SORRY that I didn’t just spring back to life PERFECTLY fine but real life isn’t like that.
    So go live in your little fantasy world where nothing bad happens and no one feels sad and the rest of us will ACTUALLY care about people and the things that go on which is the opposite of what you accused us of.

  • Riff

    You IDIOT!! Without My Chemical Romance, you would be nothing. They DID make suicidal kids feel better(like me, for instance). You are a heartless, screwed up bitch. Burn in hell!
    Think about the fans!

  • Al, I will fight you for Retro Chick.

  • what does all this prove, my friends?

    nothing at all, well… only that we are too complicated to get along. people don’t always understand each other, and there’s not really a point in getting upset about it. if nobody Retro Chick doesn’t understand you, and you don’t understand her, go make a friend and then you can understand each other. here on the internet, it is very difficult to connect. people can say anything, and you have to agree or disagree. if you are offended… WHY? why should this page in an eternal electric book matter so much that you have to continue arguing about it? i understand defending yourselves, but just leave it at that and go outside or something.

    i would, but it’s dark. and rainy.

    anyway folks, all i am really trying to say is that i am glad that Retro Chick posts what she wants to post, however offensive other people find it, and i am glad that people have other opinions and feel free to state them. this is all wonderful, but there is no need to get upset about it because it doesn’t really matter.

  • Kayla

    Look I don’t know who you are but obviously you don’t know anything about us that listen to heavy metal and emo music. You need to get to know the people that your criticsing. Like me i am punk goth and i am a frequently go to church and I WORSHIP GOD. Do you have a problem with that? if you had the ball to put this stuff on the internet why don’t you have the balls to talk to some of these people and try to lead them to God. Its not your place to be judging people like me. YOU DON’T KNOW US. You criticsing doesn’t mean anything thats why i bid you fare well. GET SOME JESUS!!!!!!! AND MY FRIEND SAYS PISS OFF!!!

  • Ray Ray, Shur’tugal, or Wuzzy (A PISSED OFF GOTHIC GIR)

    This is clearly and ignorant and stupid tirade. You have no idea what you are talking about. You just frenzy on and on about things you’ve heard said by other people. You are clearly a hopeless, desperate, bleak, and poignant follower. You are exactly the same as any person who call themselves “emo” when they really aren’t just to get attention. Because that is all you are doing… you attempt to make yourself important by criticizing others just to get people to get on the bandwagon and follow you. You are clearly sad and alone to do these things. Because the truth is… if you hated these people so much, you would not spend so much time insulting them. If you are so worried about teen suicide, then why don’t you try to get out and get to know and help some of these people. You say that these people should not act the way they do, when you have no idea why they do the things they do. How would you feel if you were raped, abused, or abandoned like some of us were? You would not be so quick to judge. You are obviously ignorant, unintelligent, lonesome and so miserable that you spent so much time so that ignorant people like you would band together and offend a whole group of people instead of just pointing out the obvious truth. Who are you to judge or to tell people how they should act. You are merely an insignificant piece of shit, scum on the bottom of every rejects shoe. You are loathed by all. Life is all about happiness and pain. It is normal for people to get depressed. You can’t just blame it on a rock band because that’s the only people you can think of. MCR is a great and powerful band, who has helped many people, including me. So next time you make a miserable and feeble endeavor to insult people to feel better about yourself, you should do the world a favor. Why don’t you climb a skyscraper and throw yourself from it.

  • Ray Ray, Shur’tugal, or Wuzzy (A PISSED OFF GOTHIC GIR)

    Thank you Kayla, for your excellent words. I competely agree and couldn’t have put it better myself. Thanks for the help friend!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ray Ray, Shur’tugal, or Wuzzy (A PISSED OFF GOTHIC GIR)


  • Ray Ray, Shur’tugal, or Wuzzy (A PISSED OFF GOTHIC GIR)

    wow this is really stupid! why would you start a web page if your not even gonna write back

  • alex

    i love mcr but im not emo i dont cut myself neither does gerard or any others in the band im not depressed while listening to their songs infact they make me even happier!but its kind of sad that you searched lyrics to a band you dont like just to find ’emo’ lyrics if you want to pick on an emo band try real emo like marilyn manson!but not mcr mcr have never done anything but try to help and im thankful fr that.plus you dont even know them and most of your article is mostly aimed at gerard why ? because your just trying to find a victim you sound more emo than mcr.gerards said he trys to help kids and was crying (bless him) because he saw a fan cutting and he said he was really worried so HE told them to stop!so hows he ’emo’ again?

  • alex

    erm i cant speak my mind young people visit these sites

  • LikeItMatters.

    I’m glad you wasted time from your pathic life to write this.

    Because you, asshole, are a waste of sperm and egg.
    Suck my ass.

  • Sarah.L

    I think the MCR fans mean they finally found a band, who tells it like it is. Gerard doesn’t hold back. A real man cries. A pathetic one doesn’t.

  • Sarah.L

    Gerard ain’t done damn all to make anyone suicidal. The Black Parade was quite positive at that.

  • Psyzygy

    While I will agree that teen suicide is not funny, the reasons that some commit suicide is just gut bustingly hilarious. Seems to me that Retro Music Chick is simply using MCR as a scapegoat. Which I do not blame her. As a former MCR fan myself I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything she said. Frivilous problems in the world of teens perpetuates this angsty situation. But being raped, beaten, verbaly abused or otherwise is indeed a good reason to be depressed and its no suprise such victims would want to off themselves. Telling them to “get over it” would be like telling somebody who just got shot in the lungs to take a deep breath. Bravo on the satire Rocker Chick. To the rest of you that got caught in her trap, learn to identify these articles as such so you won’t find any reason to slice your wrists in dark closets over shit like this.

  • Frankie

    What are all you people talking about?! MCR is awesome, and I for one can name a few friends whose lives have been saved as a result of listening to these four inspirational dudes-myself included. And frankly, I’m just offended that you would go to such trouble to offend four marvelous dudes who have awesome hair.

  • Brady J. Davis

    Love it.