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Satire: Pope Revealed As Anti-Christian Bigot

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In disturbing news to conservative Christians in the United States, Pope Benedict XVI, yesterday made a surprising stand against the convolution of church and state by excommunicating two newly ordained Chinese bishops. The bishops had just been installed by the Chinese government’s sanctioned and controlled branch of the Catholic church without Vatican approval when they were informed that their services were no longer required. The Pope also stated publicly for the first time that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea after all to have a lack of separation between the Chinese government and the church.

As is completely proper, Catholics in China are allowed to worship only at government-approved Catholic churches. This was a situation that the Pope found acceptable if not convenient, provided the local branch of the church continued to take orders from the Vatican. However, the situation became intolerable and an affront to religious freedom when the Chinese government started to make religious decisions on its own without getting prior approval from the Vatican.

The fact that the establishment of an official state religion might have negative consequences for the religion itself comes as a complete shock to everyone. Well, not exactly everyone. A few eighteenth century kooks, radical secular humanists, and anti-Christian bigots had previously made this claim in some obscure subversive publications. Such long discredited cranks and nitwits as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and John Adams long ago claimed in outmoded documents such as the “Federalist Papers” and the United States Constitution that religion and government should remain separate as much for the benefit of religion as for government.

Most politicians and religious leaders in the United States long ago realized that these ideas no longer had any validity and were advanced solely to further the radical agenda of those who wanted to turn our children into miniature drag queens. That the Pope should now come out on the same side as these anti-Jesus child molesters is extremely disappointing to say the least.

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  • Rudy

    This Pope exhibits an imperialistic attitude towards Christians.

    His time would be better spent ridding the Catholic Church of predatory priests.

  • When there is blood and carnage the Pope, who claims to be the Apostolic successor to Titus Flavius Caesar, is never more at home. He pretends he never heard of the Black Pope who has been doing the real biz abroad by coordinating some 30 Jesuitical college in Budhist India with another 30 universities in waspish America. The Budhist connection leads to Tibet where Vatican and CIA intelligence is jabbing at China. Bush will give a big speech about ‘Freedom of Religion’ , while he has abandoned the JFK Separation of Church and State at home, and the White Pope (the PR pope in Rome) will repay him with rallhying the faithful to fight the ‘War on Terrorism’. This is meant to admit that there are Terrorists out there , that they are known to the Vatican (Black Pope) and to Washington (CIA), and that, just by way of some sneaky inference through the back Regensburg door, it is meant to imply that maybe the current wars on the Christo-Anglo-American front were not so ‘invalid’ after all.

    The quid pro quo has led to Bush’s last hurrah in Georgia.

    Where is the Christian outcry at the thousands of calualties in Ostetia? When you hear them saying that they are not in the ‘blame game’, it can mean only one thing. They — the Americans, with the approval of the Vatican (Black Pope) — planned it, so that the White Pope (its like Mutt and Jeff) could come to the rescue with all that greasy Caesarean olive oil.

    He has done it so many times before; it’s worse than a bollywood repeat. Make with the prayers and the politics. A call for ecumenism, bring in the wayward Orthodox faiths under the Metropolitan, and make some way for the Jews, who even after Francesco Carotta, are in a forgiving mood…. but watch out for Islam and the atheists. Even Islam might be redeemable (except the Turks), humanists, pagans, but not strong-serious-historical-minded atheists who , unlike the mild Francesco Carotta, understand all too well that the Christian game is over. Carotta has furnished the sling-shot, the atheists were right all along.

    One is reminded of the words of Joseph McCabe, who after 30 years service in the foreign legion of the Pope, wrote respecting the way the Papacy brought about WW11:

    ‘You prepare the way for your war by years of lying, cheating, corrupting, prostituting your women, seducing soldiers and statesmen, and buying traitors and Fifth Columnists. Meantime you forge your weapons in underground arsenals. When you are ready, you look round the map for the weakest victim, and you bear down upon him with a force four or five times as great as his. You shelter your men behind an advancing war of steel. You drive hundreds of thousands of frantic women and children and old men along the roads before them, knowing that your enemy is less inhuman than you and it will paralyze his defense. You pour hell upon the towns where the women and children and old men live so as — this is laid down in German and Japanese military manuals — to take the heart out of their husbands or sons in the field, and you then announce that you have bombed their “military installations.” You flood them with poison gas — unless you learn that they have enough to retaliate A your cities . . . In a word, it stinks. And the Black Internationals, the Pope and his cardinals, archbishops, bishops, priests, monks, nuns, and paid journalists and organizers, have for ten years or more cooperated with the arch-criminals who have brought this blight upon civilization. They have done more. They have summoned the bandits to the foul work and called it a Crusade.’

    Georgia and Tibet serve the same Papal strategy for the advancement of the Christian conquest. It does not matter how many people they kill — that’s what organised religion to to priests are: it morphs them into monsters!

    Seamus Breathnach