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Satire: FOX to Unveil New Reality Competition So You Think I Think I Can Dance

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The creative giants behind FOX's smash hit So You Think You Can Dance have just announced their latest can't miss reality competition show, So You Think I Think I Can Dance. In what is sure to be a ratings bonanza, SYTITICD pits dancing judge against dancing judge on the largest of stages.

Preliminary rounds will be held in five cities (yet to be announced) across the U.S. Those judgmental enough to make it through to the next rounds will enjoy a media frenzy as they're whisked away to glamorous Hollywood, California. The judges will be judged on their judging abilities in three major categories: unnecessarily harsh criticism and insults; some vague form of relevant experience that would maybe qualify them to critique highly talented non-professionals; and it's all about the catch phrase (inane mannerisms and spastic convulsions will also be accepted). There will also be a special bonus round held for those judges on the cusp in which they must first write a dancer off because of their looks, but simply melt when said dancer's unbelievable skills are unveiled.

The finals of this grand competition will be held at Los Angeles's Kodiak Theater, which is directly across the street and several hundred blocks down from the more famous Kodak Theater. There will be four finalists squaring off in what has been tagged "Judge Jivin'." This is a critical reality competition judging tool in which the judges take a break from critiquing the contestants and focus in on each other's bad haircuts, tacky clothing, and all around horrible personalities. The winner of the "Jivin'" will earn their spot at the official judges' table for FOX's upcoming show Doin' the Splits-vah At My Bar Mitzvah.

FOX TV execs admit SYTYTICD will never be able to match the success and sheer artistry of past reality competitions aired on the network such as Temptation Island and their recent gem, More to Love. But they remain confident that the judges vs judges throw-down will be a key ingredient in FOX's fall lineup.

Also in the works: Are You Taller Than a Fifth Grader, Beauty and the Sheik, Hell's Kitsch-en, World's Scariest Supermarkets, When Good Times Remain Good or Get Slightly Better, When Animals Nap, and American Idol.

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  • Carl B

    This article is hilarious…and the irony is that if FOX reads it they might try to steal the idea and do it for real!!!

    Carl B.

  • amterracina

    you are hilarious. and a really good writer too. two thumbs up!

  • Richard Dante

    Funny stuff. The writer has a smooth style and knows how to work his subject. I look forward to more.