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Satire: Former Presidents Clinton And Bush Join Presidential Race

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Washington, DC, April 1, 2008

In a surprising move today former President George H.W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton announced that after reading Frank Kanu's Stop Telling… Start Leading! they decided to take things in their hands to lead the United States of America into a bright future again.

"It is high time that we show the Americans that we are still able to stop telling stories and can lead a country. It seems that the majority of the 'leaders' we have right now, just sit on their behinds and leave the average American up to their knees in the biggest mud we have seen in human kind," said President Bill Clinton.

"I am deeply disappointed with the procrastinating tactics of my son" added President George Bush senior. "All the interviews you can see with him show a frat bro who can barely cover his hangover!"

President George Bush Senior and President Bill Clinton declared the creation of the Bush/Clinton party — BCP.

A source from the White House who asked not to be named confirmed that the Bush administration is shocked: "I have never seen that many tears — they all know that they will not be able to do anything anymore. The public will from now on focus on Mr. Bush Senior and Mr. Clinton. Our days of screwing people over are counted!" he sobbed before hanging up on us.

We just now received confirmation that BCP already received $500 million in funding.

It is still unclear which President will be taking the role of Vice President.

President George W. Bush declined to comment. Senator Obama named this the "right move for our country" and Senator McCain sighed, "There go my chances…"

Senator Hillary Clinton screamed, "I could handle Monica — but THIS? What a cheater he is!"

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  • I thought this was funny. But then again, I think just about everything is funny.

  • Arch Conservative

    Nice April fool’s joke.

    But there is a real joke going on right now.

    It’s called former president Bill Clinton. Say what you want about his presidency, we all know we’ve been there and debated that a billion times. However Bill Clinton has to be the most pathetic joke of an ex president this nation has ever seen. Recently Bill Clinton at a state Democratic covention repeatedly told the audience to “chill out.” How ex presidential. Why didn’t he just break ut the hooka and invite the audience to take a toke with their good friend bubba? Slick Willie also reportedly threw a temper tantrum that would make John Mccain proud over the Richardson endorsement of Obama.

    The nation has a severe case of Clinton fatigue. Her campaign is already finished. It’s all over but the crying, and underhanded backdoor last minute attempts to subvert every rule, standard, and tradition of the American political system so that Hillary can get the nomination. In the end it will fail and Obama Bin Laden will have his ass handed to him in November.

  • JustOneMan

    Yes I did. Doesnt matter..still trying to hawk a book on this site…Hey…as long as BC is honest.. its your right to turn this into the QVC or HSN of the Blogoshpere..


  • Didn’t see the ‘Satire’ marker at the top there, didya, JOM?

  • JustOneMan

    Editor..is this a paid ad or is BC doing infomercials for self publishers???

    …jeez…how low has this place sunk!!