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Sarah Says Workers Should be Sitting Smug!

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The Tea Party is clearly about to become the party of the rich, and heartless… The Party of the Mayflower! Sarah Palin is making a case that the problems in the American economy may well be caused by those who consider work an option, and opt to sit it out.

Sarah Palin addressed a number of Michiganders in mid-May of this year, as the guest speaker at the Economic Club of Southwestern Michigan.  She said: "In Europe, socialism is collapsing." "Europeans thought they could have their cake and eat it, too! In Europe, work has become an option, not a requirement…." "Our president is still marching us toward European socialism ideas and national insolvency. … Like Europe, Obama thinks bills pay for themselves."

Similarly the outspoken Mr. Rush Limbaugh is thinking in a similar vein. Addressing the issue of “entitlements”, and speaking of the economic woes in Greece, Mr. Limbaugh rants: “Parallels? Damn right there are!! They have been enjoying more generous government benefits than they can afford. No mass rally and no bailout fund will change that. Only benefit cuts or tax increases can." “…. Benefit cuts over there are already causing riots." Rush can speak up a storm. A few moments later he said:

All right, Greek workers today called a 24-hour strike on May the 19th, the latest in a series of protests against planned pension cuts. By the way, they're not eliminating anybody's pensions! They're just asking the pensioners to agree to have them pared down a little bit, and of course the leeches are gonna go on a 24-hour strike to oppose this, and they're not doing themselves any favors.

Limbaugh and Palin seem to equate socialism, and European Socialism, with the spending of money. In fact as has been stated, Obama, in step with the vast majority of economists, knows that in times of depression, money must be spent to produce jobs, and to increase income to the government in the long run. We see that the economy is rebounding, and the supply of available jobs is on an upswing.

Palin, in expressing concern that "work has become an option, not a requirement,"  wants us to believe that Americans are sitting at their leisure, refusing to work. And does not her statement suggest that we must take the bull by the horns and force these citizens to work?

The deficit was not caused by would-be workers sitting home. Some might even suggest it was caused in part by the G.W.Bush plan to return the surplus to the people and they would "spend it!"; a highly complex and involved strategy indeed — a strategy designed to buy votes. Then, G.W.Bush, following the attacks of 9/11, staged an unwarranted pre-emptive attack on Iraq, costing trillions of dollars, and unimaginable bloodshed.

Sarah Palin has a history of bad sentiment toward  working people. Prior to the impulsive attempt of Republican Arizona Senator John McCain to place Ms. Palin in the Office of Vice-President of the United States, following her election as Mayor in the town of Wasilla, Alaska, Sarah Palin had a run in with a local public librarian. She asked that librarian, one Mary Ellen Emmons, if she would "be all right with censoring library books should she be asked to do so". The librarian responded that she would definitely not be all right with it! A few months later, Palin fired the librarian. However after a wave of public outcry, Ms. Emmons was allowed to continue.

If these prominent Republicans, both associated with the new and continuing “Tea Party” movement, feel so strongly that the problem in The States is linked to entitlements, then one would have to wonder — Do any of those individual Americans, waiting for hours to hear the Tea Party call, have concerns about their someday need for  Social Security? Are they uniformly opposed to Medicare, Medicaid … healthcare for every American? Is seems unlikely.

Adopting the style of the controversial Limbaugh, one might say: “Can’t you see it!?” The poor and destitute, the sick and infirm, the old, all dying in the streets! Pack them up! Toss them into the Boston Harbor!! … Tea, anyone?

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  • Why do we care about what Gov. Quitter has to blather about today? She never held a real job in her life, not even when she was sportcasting for for KTUU-TV and KTVA-TV in Anchorage. Hanging out with jocks getting them to say something meaningful while flirting with an ex-beauty pageant contestant isn’t exactly work. And just what has she done to earn the $12 million she’s gotten for the hatefulness she spews daily?

    The sooner we ignore this useless bimbo, the better off the world will be.

  • Armed and Dangerous

    Hey Libs here we come. Keep opening your mouths and spewing your crap and we will fill them full of your own BS.

    November 2010 the beginning of your end.

  • John lake

    Armed and Dangerous is an example of what is coming from the “throw-back to the fifties” Tea Party. Threats, violence, and an attitude that they can take the country by force. They don’t realize for the most part that they are doing the work of big business, and stabbing the average American in the back. Note: Newt was addressing the National Rifle Association meeting in Charlotte, NC, last week; criticizing U.S. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Must Republicans go to lengths to assure gun manufacturers that they have the governments support? The day’s of a standing and ready militia are, I think, long gone.

  • “Palin, in expressing concern that “work has become an option, not a requirement,” wants us to believe that Americans are sitting at their leisure, refusing to work. And does not her statement suggest that we must take the bull by the horns and force these citizens to work?”

    Is that part of Palin’s speech you linked to? I failed to notice it.

    Actually, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if more people worked. The question is – where are the jobs?

    I am glad, however, you’re of the opinion that our economy is recovering.

  • John Lake

    Good Morning, Roger..
    I checked the link:
    “In Europe, socialism is collapsing,” she said. “Europeans thought they could have their cake and eat it, too. In Europe, work has become an option, not a requirement. ”
    right there, well down the page.
    I know that you were probably unaware of these persons’ views on entitlements. That’s what moves me to write such articles.
    Great Sunday, also,

  • I guess you’re right – she says so indirectly. Of course I am aware of how they view “entitlements.” The very concept of “entitlement,” as used, is a buzzword, as you know. Have we forgotten the good ole days when corporations were still “good corporate citizens,” and pensions, vacations and health insurance was part and parcel of the worker’s remuneration?

    You should look up Wolff’s video on capitalism (as per link provided on Scott Nance’s thread).

  • Arch Conservative

    Armed and Dangerous is an example of what is coming from the “throw-back to the fifties” Tea Party.

    Gee, was it the “throw-back to the fifties Tea Party” that elected Chris Christie and Scott Brown?

    If you think that everyone believes as you do Jon, that a few cherry picked nutbags in attendance at the tea parties shown on MSNBC are going to taint the entire movement than you’re definitely getting your money’s worth when you go to buy your pot.

    What’s going on in Greece at the moment is the logical extrapolation of what Mr. Lake, his Obamessiah and every other left wing whackdoo would turn us into. A bunch of lazy, shiftless, loungabouts who’ve finally gotten off the sofa and taken to throwing rocks at whatever crosses their paths because someone turned off the government spigot and they don’t know what else to do.

    One last thing, just because Sarah Palin is an idiot does not mean that someone who pens an article criticizing her must not be an idiot.

  • Sarah Palin is the heroine of the teapartiers, Arch. So if she’s an idiot, so must they.

  • John Wilson

    The financial problems are NOT due to excess ‘entitlements’ of people, but rather the excess privileges of businesses. That is true for both the USA and Greece.

    No monopoly prosecution, direct massive subsidies from tax money, tax burden shifted to people, sweetheart government contracts, and massive corruption.

    It’s the big shots at the top, not the little weenies at the bottom, who are ruining western economies. And their enablers and facilitators are the rightists apologizers who keep looking for ways to blame failure on people who have the least influence over national policy.

  • Here’s one analysis of the crisis in Greece.

  • Capt. Blogh

    She never held a real job in her life…


    And also true of Barack Obama, but the American sheeple elected him anyway.

  • Jordan Richardson

    but the American sheeple elected him anyway.

    I bet you wouldn’t call them “sheeple” if they elected your candidate of choice. I am getting so sick of this sort of double-talk. The big votes and “democracy” of America was working great when Bush was elected or when a Republican gets in, but when a Democrat gets in it’s “sheeple” and the “tyranny of the majority.”

    Whiny fucking brats.

  • Jordan Richardson

    A bunch of lazy, shiftless, loungabouts who’ve finally gotten off the sofa and taken to throwing rocks at whatever crosses their paths because someone turned off the government spigot and they don’t know what else to do.

    Hilarious that you think only the American Right constitutes the people who actually “work” anymore. Everyone else is lazy, especially those damned Europeans and Canadians with their health care and welfare.

    Heaven forbid something happens to you, Arch, that puts you in the position of having to rely on something greater than your own fat, ridiculous ass. Maybe then you’d realize that a little bit of support is actually helpful to those in need.

  • Jordan Richardson

    November 2010 the beginning of your end.

    Right. Because “liberals” will just cease to exist in your country after/if/when you win a few elections. That damn outdated “progressive” viewpoint has no place in a changing world with different cultures and shit. Better to be conservative and pile all the money away in a big box somewhere so that you can give it to the banks and to Wall Street when necessary. Gosh, it’d suck to give it to people who actually need it.

    Ever wonder why liberal politics become stronger and louder when a conservative is in charge? I bet it’s the same reason conservative politics become louder and louder when a liberal is in charge.

  • Arch Conservative

    The hypocrisy works both ways Jordan.

    You [edited] moaning about the inciteful rhetoric must have been asleep from 2000 – 2008 when every leftist whackdoo and his mother was foaming at the mouth comparing Bush to Hitler, calling for his impeachment and making jokes about his assassination. There were liberal talk show hosts that performed skits about Bush getting assassinated, books written about Bush being assassinated and even a movie made. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and some are unhappy with your guy in the White House we must all be nice little girls and boys and speak in hused tones? yeah right. What was it you said?

    “whiny fucking brats?”

    Sounds about right to me.

    Oh and for the record the people of Greece work far fewer hours than Americans do and receive far more government benefits. Oh and for the record it’s not just American conservatives that have this opinion of Greece, just ask a German.

  • Capt. Blogh

    Whiny fucking brats.

    …and the horse you rode in on.

  • Capt. Blogh

    Everyone else is lazy, especially those damned Europeans and Canadians with their health care and welfare.

    It’s probably just a coincidence that many of the European Union group of economies are on the verge of imploding, hm?

    Joel Kotkin, writing in The Daily Beast:

    “You can blame the spendthrift Greeks for this trouble, or even the lack of geeks in Europe (anyone found a continental Google or Apple lately?). But Euro-stagnation is nothing new. It’s deeply rooted and longstanding. Indeed, since 1970 it has not been the U.S. that has faded before the onslaught from the East, but the core 15 nations of the European Union. Over that 40-year period the EU-15’s share of world GDP has plummeted from roughly 37 percent to under 28 percent; the American chunk, roughly 27 percent, has stayed remarkably even. Basically Asia, and particularly China and India’s gain, largely has been at Europe’s expense, not our’s.

    In stating the case for European superiority, much has been made by boosters of Europe’s different institutional framework, tax or regulatory structure. No question these have advantages and disadvantages compared with those of the United States, but there’s little case for arguing that the “Euro-model” has been a rip-roaring economic success. It’s imploding on its weak periphery, and the collapse is threatening even bigger players, including the United Kingdom.”

  • And also true of Barack Obama…

    Then your definition of ‘a real job’ must be pretty narrow.

  • STM

    The public health systems of Europe have nothing to do with the current problems of Greece, Spain and Europe in general … here’s no such thing as a free luch, goose.
    People pay for these systems through their taxes.

    The real problem is the aftermath of the GFC, which had its epicentre on the other side of the pond – in Wall Street and through crony capitalism.

    Americans would would do weell to look at their unemploymenr tate of 10 per cent or so, all the businesses that have gone to the wall … and the many, mant, many, many,many trillions od debnt owed by the US to China, Japan and the oild producing nations,”Money it can never hope to pat back unless it -shock, horror- raises taxes.

    If you think you are going better in the US than than Europe, which easily managed to cough up 750 billion Euro (still a stronger currency than the US dollar) to help Greece alone but with more set aside to help Spain and little Portugal and to a lesser extent Italy (also part of the eurozone currency) you are sadly mistaken and completely delusional.

  • Capt. Clavos

    I bet you wouldn’t call them “sheeple” if they elected your candidate of choice.

    Wrong. I have and do.

  • Clavos

    Then your definition of ‘a real job’ must be pretty narrow.

    Narrower than any of the “jobs” Bam held before being elected to the presidency, yes.

    He never met a payroll.
    He never manufactured anything.
    He never created wealth (except possibly for himself).

    All he did was live (and “work”) off the government tit.

    Kinda like what he does now, only with less power.

  • “All he did was live (and “work”) off the government tit.”

    You might want to do a little more research if you don’t mind having the facts dispute your opinion.

  • Jordan Richardson


    Yes, Arch. Hypocrisy works both ways. Want a cookie? Perhaps after you’re finished munching down you can explain to me why it matters in the very least that “hypocrisy goes both ways” and why it makes it okay for you to promote this unacceptable attitude.

    Oh and for the record the people of Greece work far fewer hours than Americans do and receive far more government benefits.

    Most people work far fewer hours than Americans do and come out further ahead in their respective societies. I’m failing to see a problem with this, especially considering how far ahead those hard-working Americans get these days.

  • Jordan Richardson

    All he did was live (and “work”) off the government tit.

    So basically he’s a Wall Street exec except less sleazy.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Wrong. I have and do.

    So when does the democratic majority not constitute “sheeple?” More to the point, perhaps I should get you to define what you mean by the term before I go considering it to have negative connotations. Maybe regular words and terms mean different things in Bizarro World.

  • Speaker Pelosi, doubtless a very creative persons in her own right, has the answer.


  • Yes, it’s always good to judge the content of a speech by one sentence taken from it.

  • RE #27 — she may have said other things as well. Do you perhaps have a link? I don’t.


  • Arch Conservative

    Pulllleeeeasse E; Bicho.

    It wasn’t exactly the first speech she gave.

    San Fran Nan has been around for years. More than ample time for any normal person to conclude what a batshit crazy whackadoo moonbat leftist she is.

    If it wasn’t for San Francisco, perhaps the city most furthest removed from mainstream American values, she would not be where she is today.

    There’s a good chance come November that, thanks to the rest of the nation, we’ll all be singing ding dong the wicked witch is dead (politcally speaking of course)

  • John Wilson

    Arch says: “If it wasn’t for San Francisco, perhaps the city most furthest removed from mainstream American values,…”

    Perhaps. San Francisco has a balanced budget and provides healthcare for all it’s children.

    When are they going to get on board with all the other broke USA cities that damn their children to misery and death? What’s wrong with them?

  • The homeless situation still hasn’t been resolved, John. They’ve got a long way to go.

  • John Lake

    The homeless on the streets seem to be the few who are too violent, or too anti-social to cooperate with the city and state governments. (I am here in Chicago). If they can’t remain drug and alcohol free, and can’t refrain from fighting, if they refuse to attend meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, they stay on the street. The rest are given housing. Even the worst are fed; if they can’t go inside where free meals are provided, they can wait in the street, and food is brought to them by the administrators. Consider that if these folks were un-fed, and un-housed, they would not only be on the streets, intimidating people for hand-outs, but they would also be trying to support themselves and their drug habits through crime.

  • John Lake

    Sorry, I thought you were talking to me!

  • John, in general the homeless do get a bad press, but some of the homeless people in San Francisco are downright aggressive – and this is by no means just my observation.

    I don’t know what it is about the city that makes them that way, but it does seem to be a uniquely San Fran phenomenon.

  • “. . . but some of the homeless people in San Francisco are downright aggressive”

    This is indicative of the freedoms they have, Dreadful. In other communities, police is much tougher and the homeless meek.

  • zingzing

    seattle’s homeless are aggressive and there are shitloads of them. (possibly because the weather is so mild. also possibly because seattle tries to take care of the homeless problem with shitloads of shelters. but they’re out and about during the day.) i used to get asked for cigarettes and change all the damn time. it truly did get on my nerves after a while, as my empathy does have a borderline.

    here in nyc, there are far less homeless, and they seem to be relatively lazy, although that’s more a product of the amount of passing traffic. it’s easier to sit there with a sign and watch the money trickle in rather than harassing people. it’s a preferable situation, and i do find my empathy level on the rise again, particularly in winter. brr.

    i read a news article about the homeless cleanup in times square recently. apparently, there is one (!) lone holdout who won’t go to a shelter or halfway house. i also can’t really recall the last time i saw a homeless person in my neighborhood.

  • Well, zing, I lived in SF for over fifteen years and you get used to it. It’s a regular feature.

    The only depressing thing is – many are like living zombies. Gavin Newsome has done some positive things, like converting certain residential hotels so that those on public assistance would have permanent residence. But there’s still a long way to go. As for some shelters, they’re for animals, not people.

  • zingzing

    yeah, i know about the shelters, roger. i lived in the pioneer square district of downtown seattle, and that’s where they have a lot of homeless shelters. yet, at my bus stop every day, there would be people stretched out on the bench. i’m not complaining about not being able to sit while waiting 5 minutes for the bus, but it rains a lot in seattle, so i’d have to hang out with sleeping bums to get any shelter from the rain. it wasn’t so bad, but this one in particular would wake up, throw up and then ask me for cigs and change. (i roll my own cigarettes, so it’s kind of distasteful to hand over the pouch to a guy who’s got dirty hands and has just thrown up. and as giving as i can be, rolling cigarettes for other people is annoying first thing in the morning.)

    the thing is, though, that there’s a shelter two blocks away. but he didn’t want to sleep there. i asked him about it one day and he said that some of the shelters are really rough–he’d been beaten by fellow residents and employees in a few–and if any of the more tolerable shelters didn’t have any beds to spare, he’d sleep on the street. and that was more often than not. it’s a bad situation, but at least in seattle, you won’t freeze to death.

    still, i think it’s liberal mid-level cities in mild climates that are going to have the worst homeless problems. it’s just the right environment, climate-wise, tourist-wise and infrastructure-wise, to make the numbers and attitudes of homeless so… ridiculous. can’t think of the right word.

  • Arch Conservative

    San Francisco not only has dangerous and aggressive homeless but they’ve also gone out of their way to accommodate junkies and illegal aliens.

    Yeah that’s some kind of shang gri la John.

  • Have a better idea, Arch. Why not collect all the junkies and illegal aliens and throw them into a bottomless pit? And then set them all on fire, problem solved.

  • Clavos

    No, wait!! You can’t set fire to the illegal aliens! We need them for exploitation!

    The junkies on the other hand, are expendable…

  • It wpould be rather difficult to set fire to anything in a bottomless pit.

    The pit would, by definition, be infinitely deep, and any oxygen within it would therefore disperse to an infinite extent, rendering it impossible to ignite anything.

    [thumbs nose at Roger and runs away]


  • Quite right, Dreadful. I wasn’t thinking.