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Sarah Palin’s New Book Already Steeped In Controversy

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The popular though controversial Sarah Palin, one time candidate for Vice- President of the United States, and full time source of the new popularity of the great state of  Alaska, has published her newest book, America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith and Flag. It was released on November 23, and is already steeped in controversy. Palin’s publisher is HarperCollins, part of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. HarperCollins is suing the popular Gawker, a news and gossip oriented website, for having published excerpts from the book prior to its release. A federal court ordered Gawker to remove the material, the usage of which Gawker considered to be allowable, citing the principle, “fair use”.

HarperCollins is seeking damages; suing for copyright infringement. Ms. Pali,n feisty as always, commented on the affair at her Twitter page, “The publishing world is leaking out-of-context excerpts of my book without my permission? Isn’t that illegal?!” Simultaneously, Palin is publishing selected excerpts from the book on her Facebook page.

Some readers might take amusement at the provocative aspects of the Palin publication, in which she is quite critical of the American President, Barack Obama. Some suggest Palin sees herself as a candidate for that high office in 2004. Palin, in Obama’s speeches, sees a side of him others may have missed. She claims that he thinks America is in some way inferior; “Somehow, worse than other countries.” She says that in Obama’s view, our nation is “hypocritical as to ideals” — “falls short of responsibilities” — and is “forever in need of correction.” She fashions the phrase, “Obama’s global apology tour”.

Sarah Palin has entered areas previously off limits including the matter of the President’s race, and regarding the Presidents former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. America needs candidates from either party she concludes, who are not “embarrassed by America.”

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  • Some suggest Palin sees herself as a candidate for that high office in 2004.

    Aside from your usual typos throughout, your statement italicized above suggests that Mrs. Palin has mastered time travel. Yet no matter what dimension of time and space she occupies, it’ll be tough for her to unseat an incumbent Republican president running for a second term.

  • John Lake

    Gosh! 2014.

  • Really? Which country will be holding a presidential election in 2014? Certainly not the United States.

  • John Lake

    This is good, because “who wants to be a millionaire” is on where I am. So, my third selection for election dates for Sarah Palin is, I’m nearly certain about this one, 2012.

  • Sarah Palin has entered areas previously off limits including the matter of the President’s race, and regarding the Presidents [sic] former pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

    Now that you’ve finally gotten the date right, let’s try this other statement. In what realm of space and time have the two matters you cite been “previously off limits?” There are thousands upon thousands of articles on the Internet about Obama’s race and about his former pastor. Ever heard of Google?

  • American Veteran

    The last I remember, it was still a right to be able to speak freely, the laast time I check..I do not agree with a lot of what Ms. Palin hasd said or wrote about however, I do defend her right to say it.JB

  • John Lake

    But, and I do agree with the right to speak, if a person in a situation that provides automatic credibility, such as a TV newscaster, usually reliable, says something really extreme, which gives many people a wrong idea .. there is an issue involved. Sarah is in a position to influence people, and they expect legitimacy.

  • celinda

    i believe that people have the freedom of speech, but it does not give you the right to speak anything every thing that comes to your mind. If that was the case, a lot of us would be saying and hearing a lot our unpleasant things about others and ourselves. I live to see the day when people talk about things of substance not just for a political point. I also would love to see americans respect their president whether they like him or not. Sarah Palin definitely doesn’t show me that she is an American at Heart which she has no respect for the president of he united states.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    But celinda, don’t you know that Real Americans like Sarah have attained the right – nay, are BORN with the right – to decide who really is patriotic, and who has a ‘deep-seated hatred of white people’?

  • John Lake

    Just for the record, Glenn, I (John Lake) have no idea what you are talking about.

  • shirley mitchem

    My thoughts on Sarah Palin:
    Because of her narrow minded religious beliefs.
    1 When Republican Party chose Palin to rune
    as vice president “she was chosen by God for
    this role.
    2 When Mr. Obama won the nomination it was
    against gods wishes.
    3 she believes she is doing God’s work when she continues to slam Pres. Obama.
    4 Just my opinion but she honestly believes God has chosen her to run for ]

    If the woman wanted to run:
    she should have given a gracious
    “Good Luck Pres Obama” when he won.

    Went back to Alaska and finished her

    mended personal and political fences

    read up on everyday politics and made
    a portfolio of daily events and highlighed
    the important lines.

    When asked she should have always checked the facts and given a responsive answer not a hostile remark against the president.

    Saying things like:
    Our troops are doing God work
    is not the proper thing to say.

    As a Lutheran Christian all my life
    God does not want killing, death and destruction on any country or his children.

  • John Lake

    I find that if a person does his best, puts forth his best efforts, and if his course is God-directed, then God will direct and aide.