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Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles – “Lord Only Knows”

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Why do two people hit it off together more so than with others? There are plenty of "experts" out there with opinions on this age old subject. But, Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles seem to have the answer in "Lord Only Knows." Despite the plethora of ways to measure compatibility, when it gets right down to it no one really knows for sure. Sometimes things just work and sometimes they don't. Of course, that applies to all types of relationships, like a band for instance.

Many musicians say that being in a band is like a marriage. In some ways there's no doubt there are lots of similarities in the qualities needed for the relationship to last. But, unlike a marriage most bands do need a leader. Sarah Borges is obviously the front person for this band. And, she does want us know this is a band and not just a glorified solo project. Says Sarah, "It's obviously a band, with three other guys in it, but somebody has to drive the train." Indeed, and Sarah does just that.

However, Sarah recognizes readily that the train won't move without the whole team pushing it. She's got a great cast of band mates who each are quite good at playing their respective instruments. Hanging around them when they came to Sun we all quickly got the sense they were a close knit team. Even after just a few hours it was easy to tell the friendships between them are deep and genuine. That "off-stage" camaraderie clearly pays off when playing. They way they gel as a band is on full display in this video as they perform "Lord Only Knows." Check it out below!


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