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Sanford May Treated For Exhaustion

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Because Mr. May is an occasional contributor to this site, I’ve been asked as a courtesy to post this information here.

As many of you are by now aware, celebrated author and literary critic Sanford May was recently the victim of a brutal attack in the very streets he calls home. Apparently, no headway has been made in the crime’s investigation and local police authorities were unavailable for comment. However, this vicious assault and other factors have left Mr. May suffering from severe exhaustion. He has voluntarily admitted himself to a hospital at an undisclosed location, hoping to make a full recovery in a matter of weeks.

Contrary to some early, unofficial information, Mr. May is neither now, nor has he ever, suffered from addiction to any substances licit or illicit. As part of his inpatient medical treatment, Mr. May is receiving prescription medications as directed by physicians and administered by a qualified nursing staff. Of course Mr. May is cooperating with this pharmaceutical regimen while in the care of the hospital; however this is the extent of the author’s drug use.

When asked this morning how he was feeling, Mr. May remarked candidly, “Well enough. But there was no juice,” the latter part of his statement no doubt a metaphorical reference to the realization that his creative batteries were drained. He wished all his readers well and hopes to return to a regular work schedule “as soon as reasonably possible.” I know you join me in wishing Mr. May a speedy return to physical and emotional health.

The author’s assistant is as usual receiving his e-mail. She regrets that it is impossible to make direct response to each and every well-wisher, but wants Mr. May’s fans to know that he is receiving their messages. For all official media inquiries, please put the word “publicist” in the subject of your e-mail and Mr. May’s assistant will direct your correspondence to my desk.

Again, Mr. May wishes to thank his readers for their support at this difficult time; his doctors expect a brief absence followed by a hasty return to his beloved work.

Mona Sadfrey, Publicity & Representation, Sadfrey Mann Representatives

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  • Mona Sadfrey

    Please note that the above is all the information available to the public at this time. Media inquiries as well as all other correspondence should go through the author’s assistant, Mary Fosand. Updates on Mr. May’s condition may be found at http://www.sanfordmay.com, only as time, resources, and requirements of privacy permit.

  • Eric Olsen

    Thanks Mona.

    San buddy, take care of yourself and get well – that’s all that counts at this point. Also, I didn’t realize you’re all famous and stuff. I want a publicist.

  • Gosh! It should not be necessary for a person to explain why he is ill — but, I suppose people might jump to the wrong conclusion, as Ms. Sadfray fears, otherwise.

  • Perhaps if her were not suffering from exhaustion he might not have used the ambiguous noun “Juice” to describe his situation.

    Those of us who wish him well might not think anything of it, but those who are wondering about the rumors of addiction could miscontrue it.

    Poor guy.

    btw, i’m with you, Eric. Publicists for everyone~~!

  • Hugs, San. You have a helluva good publicist there. Hang on to her — goo dhelp is so hard to find.

  • Eric Olsen

    What rumors of addiction? Is there a central clearinghouse for such things?

  • Maybe it is just me, but the word “juice” doesn’t bring drug-related thoughts to mind.

    Get well, Sanford 🙂

  • I think I may have used ‘juice’ in the same way in regard to being ‘written out’ or having writer’s block. And, I’m a sweet Southern gal who has never used a drug stronger than grass in her life. But, hey, the world we live in! Perhaps Sanford and I should both reconsider ‘juice.’

  • Mary Fosand

    Ms. Sadfrey informed me that she has posted our office’s statement on Mr. May’s condition here. Please direct all BUSINESS related matters directly to me at mfosand@sanfordmay.com. BUSINESS ONLY please.

    (Also it is funny that someone misspelled Ms. Sadfrey’s name here. It used to be spelled that way, Sadfray, but people kept mispronouncing it (it is supposed to be SADfree) so she changed the spelling. People still mispronounce it, which makes her mad. If she looks back here, it will probably also make her mad that someone misspelled her name. But I doubt she’ll look.)

    Mary Fosand, Assistant to the Author