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This short web film, S-11 Redux, an entrant in the Sundance Online Film Festival, is worth looking at on several levels. From a copyright theory standpoint, it shows the importance of making products of mass culture available for all to “sample” toward the creation of new art.

On a content level, it is a “clever and cutting critique” of our response to 9/11 viewed through the lens of mass media. But as such it is rather ham-fisted, obvious, trite, and numbingly simplistic: our fight against international Islamist terrorism is a continuation of the Crusades, we are incapable of distinguishing between our war on terror from a war upon Islam, we must learn to love our enemies or destroy the earth.

However, if we allow ourselves to be destroyed by those who hate us, then what will have been accomplished? And if we allow our enemies to destroy us, they will be in charge – will the world be a better place then? There aren’t a whole lot of satirical films being made about the government in Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, etc, etc right about now. Turning the other cheek is EXACTLY what led to 9/11 and the current crisis with Iraq.

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