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“Salute To Supernatural” Con Report, Day Three: My Fan Girl Moment

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I didn’t get it… at first.

I’ve never been what you call a “fan girl” in the true sense. I’ve never gotten excited over the whole celebrity thing. The way I see it, they’re normal people doing jobs like you or me. I haven’t met a lot of celebrities in my lifetime but when I have, I’ve treated them like normal people.

So, heading to the “Salute to Supernatural” con this weekend, I wanted to find out what drove fans to mind-blowing crazy every time Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki were nearby. I wanted to understand what this phenomenon was all about. After all, I couldn’t comprehend how people could spend so much money on gold tickets and photo ops for a quick fan experience. I didn’t get how people started getting weak in the knees and all teary as they inched closer to their turn to have their 20 second quick shot with J2.

I instantly learned day three is the day of the fan girl or boy. Madness abounds as even the most rational and level headed middle-aged woman turns to pile of mush over her brush with greatness.

"It was so worth it," I heard from everyone, many who paid over three hundred dollars to get their sets of photos with each actor. Even if I had the opportunity, I’m not sure I would have paid that kind of money. After all, the photo will spend more time in my drawer than anything. That’s me and my practical nature talking.

My roommate, who did pay for all that, came out of each photo op with a huge smile, far away eyes, and the inability to talk. She was on a fan girl high, and as thrilled as I was for her, I didn’t understand how what was happening. She was having her moment though, and I was happy to share it with her.

While waiting for the big Jared and Jensen Q&A session in the main ballroom, I heard some more great fan stories. One of my friends shared her photo op with someone who came in from Luxembourg. This person wanted to buy a photo op so bad, but they were sold out. She tried to buy some on eBay and asked around at the convention if anyone had some on sale, and had no luck. She had traveled all this way at huge expense and all she wanted was a photo. By the time the photo op came around, she was reduced to tears.

Through the intervention of someone, an announcement went out pleading for someone to share their photo op. My friend eventually volunteered, surprised that no one would help this girl out, especially those who purchased multiple photo ops. The shared photo was taken, and now this girl can go back to Luxembourg with her most cherished possession and my friend still got her photo op as well.

As the final auction took place, I still didn’t get it. The wall banners that hung the Jared and Jensen pretty on the ballroom walls for the past three days were sold. Banners paired with autograph tickets were going upward of five hundred dollars. They auctioned off the stage banners, the welcome banners, and bundled every souvenir left in a package deal few could refuse. The amount of money being thrown around was staggering, and I didn’t understand. Hadn’t they spent enough?

In the meantime, the crowd slowly began to pour in and the excitement in the room built into a small frenzy. Jared was due on the stage soon. To pass the time, I talk to Sal, who had the seat next to me this entire weekend. He’s a college student from Aurora, Illinois and has been getting a ride to come in for the event daily. He loves Supernatural and horror and even though his friends don’t share that interest, they all got together and bought him a silver ticket for this weekend. He’s going back to school on Monday and sharing his autographed photos and memories. He even wants to bring his mom next year, who’s also a big fan.

A fantastic fan video played just before Jared came on stage (anyone who knows it please share the link, for I must watch again), and I immediately jumped in the Q&A line, for I’ve been eager for a while to get an answer to my Sera Gamble question. Jared came out, rolling onto the stage in true goofball fashion with coat and hat, and the fans ate it up. He’s adorable, I’ll admit that.

There were a few fans in front of me, but it was clear that I’d have time to get my question asked. I was all ready, that is until I started getting closer. I listened and watched with fascination as Jared handled all these great and sometimes strange questions ahead of me, and reality started to sink in.

Then a person in front of me froze at the mic and ran away crying, only to have Jared come down and give her a hug. I’ve seen this girl all weekend. She’s been in every Q&A asking great questions with confidence, and was even part of the trivia quiz. In the presence of Jared though, she melted. Somehow this time, I understood. She managed to choke out two words after getting the hug. “You’re adorable.”

As I inched closer, all of a sudden, my stomach was in knots. I’m getting why people turn into puddles of mush in front of these guys. Why am I getting this now? I need to ask my question. As I got one person away, it all hit me. "OH MY GOD! That's Jared Padalecki and I'm about to talk to him!" Now I'm shaking.

I stepped up, nervously greeted him, and then asked my question without hesitation. I told him I got to interview Sera Gamble once, and that she couldn’t answer a question I asked about him. Given her penchant for torturing Sam, does he ever cringe when he sees Sera Gamble’s name on a script? The first words out of his mouth? “I do.” Whoa. He went on to elaborate and gave a great answer, mentioning in a nutshell how her scripts are wonderful, but they challenge him. He also mentioned something about Sam often crying or being naked or being naked and crying, but the trouble is, I don't remember most of it. I zoned out over the fact that Jared is up there talking to me in front of a thousand people, answering a question I've been dying to ask him ever since I started writing about this show and giving me a great answer.

I get it now. For the first time ever, I’m having a fan girl experience, and I’m a mess.

I even got to tell him how I thought episode 9 was his best (which you'll hear about if I ever get the freaking review done). The entire rest of the Q&A I sat in my seat a puddle of Jello, freaked out over what just transpired. Now I need to see the answer on YouTube.

It’s about this time that I realize I’m so keyed up, so nervous, and the fact I was in line for most of Jared’s panel that taking notes (like I did the last two days) for Jared and Jensen was not happening. Considering the fantastic and well detailed eyewitness reports from others on Supernatural Wiki, I have a fallback plan. I managed to find the answer to my question there by the way.

Jared’s panel was thrilling, their joint panel was thrilling, and Jensen’s panel was thrilling. With the past cons I’ve always watched their videos and loved the answers but here, I felt the sheer electricity in the room. I felt everyone’s overwhelming love for them, and their love for us. It was an experience that I cannot equate with anything I’ve ever seen. It was definitely one of those “you had to be there” moments, and I’m glad I was.

Jensen at the end was very gracious, even acknowledging that the ratings are way up and they owe it all to the fans. I’ve been saying that for some time now, but to hear that from Jensen, it meant a lot.

So, my fan euphoria ended there, right? After all, I accomplished my two main goals this weekend. I met many of my online friends and I got to ask Jared my question. I was feeling pretty proud of myself. However, as a silver ticket holder, I got the right to get autographs from all the celebrities appearing this weekend, including Jensen and Jared. We were called by row, and unlike the last few days, everything was assembly line and very quick. No talking, no giving gifts or hugs. Get your item signed and leave.

Fans usually buy posters and pictures to get signed. Not me, since I’m not really into that. I brought something a little more special. I brought two copies of my very first article, “How A Show Manages to Succeed Despite Its Network.” After all, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t write that article and it become so well received that I started a feature for the show and began to connect with fans all over the world. The first one had already been signed by the guests from the last two days, who all glanced at the article without asking what it was about and passed it on. The second copy I had was reserved only for Jensen and Jared.

My turn for the autographs came and I handed the person my “item for signing.” She slid the article over to Jensen who looked at it and froze, thus disrupting the assembly line process that had been going so well. I told him in a quick run-on sentence that was my first article and I got to do a Supernatural regular feature because of it. He read the page, looked at me with surprise and said, “I’ve read this.” He went on further, explaining that when it came out someone sent it to him and he shared it with people in his trailer. He remembers it very well. I was so floored and unprepared for the comment, all I remember is becoming a blathering idiot. Then he called out to Jared who was nearby, passed it over and asked if he remembered it. Jared looked at the page and in surprise said, “Yeah, I remember this!” Er… um… wow… I kept the “HOLY SHIT!” to myself.

They signed it and both gave me an appreciative smile as I thanked them for everything while being rushed out of the area by the Creation security, who were obviously a little miffed that I slowed down the assembly line. The only thing running through my mind as I wandered through the ballroom in a daze was, “How am I ever going to top that moment?”

I SO get it now.

My Final Thoughts

I’ve given my hugs and said my goodbyes to the friends that I now know in person, and I’m sitting here alone in quiet reflecting on what a weekend it’s been. I came to Chicago with no expectations, but everything about this weekend turned out to be a mind-boggling surprise.

I was told correctly that the first con for “virgins” was always the overwhelming one. They weren’t kidding. From the moment I arrived I questioned why I was here, but soon I instantly connected with everyone. I was floored that loyal people came out and volunteered their weekends for these events to make these shows possible. I was floored by seeing the actual people that I’ve watched on my DVDs multiple times standing in front of me and talking like we’re regular people. I was floored by running into someone in line and as we got talking finding out I’ve already met that person online and we’ve shared several conversations.

A few people mentioned fan cons like this are a mixed bag. They all are run differently and each one delivers a different fan experience. I heard some criticisms this weekend over Creation’s running of the show, how the prices charged for tickets, autographs, photo ops, and merchandise were getting out of control and how everything again was very rushed, but overall fans left happy. They left with their pictures and memories and many already were making plans for next year.

On the final evening, we were all wiped. The excitement of seeing Jensen and Jared took our breaths away and it was a great finish to all the bustle of the entire weekend. We sat in the bar having drinks, and a few of us stared off into space running the events through our minds while others pulled out their digital cameras and started going through their memories that way.

A short distance away, all the con volunteers sat together exhausted, yet determined to have one last gathering before they parted until the next one. I went over and congratulated them for their efforts and told them how well their hard work paid off. They were appreciative and I can only hope I’m not the only one that told them that this weekend.

Most of all, it was great to come out of my Internet shell and see the real side of everyone. I met the real Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, not Dean and Sam, and it was great to see the real people behind the role. Their respect for us was as mutual as ours for them and I knew that just because they were happy to be there. I met the real supporting actors and got a great glimpse of what inspires them in their lives. Finally, I met the real fans behind the show. As I mentioned in my very first article, it’s the loyal fans getting the word out that has been the main key to Supernatural’s success. After witnessing the love and mutual admiration in that ballroom this weekend, I finally got to see it all first hand, and not as some distant observer reading Internet comments.

Never has a TV show affected me personally in such a way before. Sure fans talk about their times going to X-Files, Stargate, and Star Trek conventions, which have been around for years, but Supernatural will always be my first. That instantly makes it the most special.

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  • Oh my gosh Alice, they recognised your article. That is so cool. I would have been weak at the knees too.

    I was watching some of the con vids on youtube yesterday and I heard the Sera Gamble question and knew it was you. Thanks for asking a question we all wanted to know the answer to and for getting such a great response.

    I too am meeting both boys when they come down to Sydney Australia for a con in April and am super excited to see Jared again and meet Jensen for the first time. I hope I remember how to talk as I have many questions for the both of them.

    I still can’t get over the fact that they had read your article, you must be so proud.
    Glad to see you had a fun time and thanks for the reports!

    Love Emma

    Author of Tales From The Krip

  • Patty

    You DO get it and it’s wonderful isn’t it?

  • I was there too and I remember your question, I was glad you asked that. It was definitely an experience I will remember. I psyched myself up for the big meeting almost to the point that I was almost too calm. But I do agree with you on everything you wrote it is just something you have to experience as a fan. Thanks for sharing.

  • Dear Alice:

    How sweet are you to take the time to thank the volunteers?? I work Creation’s West Coast shows (any chance you’ll come to L.A. in March?) and can’t believe it every time I’m approached by an incredulous (“You guys don’t get PAID??”) yet grateful fan. Our jobs are not easy, but the fans make it fun!

    So, really, thank YOU.


  • JoAnne

    What an amazing report you are sharing with all of us!

    I was a Star Trek fan, I was an XFiles fan. Through my life, I have become invested in many a TV show, in many a character. But, there has been no other character or show in the past or present that has taken my heart and OWNED it like Supernatural has. No cookie cutter plots/storylines here, no cardboard cutout characters here. The stories are unique and rich and the characters are wonderfully layered, so much so, that we have only scratched the surface in really knowing Sam and Dean.

    Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are phenominal actors who knock it out of the park each and every time.

    Creation’s Chicago con last year was my first convention ever. I then went to the LA convention last March and I will be going again next year. I have had photo ops each time and will continue to do so figuring that with those 20 second photo moments here and there, maybe I will be able to finish a complete sentence during my time with the boys. 😀

    The boys are very gracious and funny and kind and what you feel being there, like what we feel through watching Sammy and Dean, is a true, caring friendship between the two and it is electric!

    Reading your experience has brought back a flood of wonderful memories for me. So very happy to hear that even wonderful writers can turn to mush too. 🙂

    Thank you!

    JoAnne 🙂

  • Sandy

    Hi Alice.
    I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for posting your reports. Im in New Zealand… a long way from Chicago and family commitments (plus the expense) make it almost impossible to travel such a long way so its great to be able to read others experiences. Im such a huge fan of Supernatural. Can you believe our stupid tv networks have only shown season 1!!!!! Outrageous. Thank god for dvds and online shopping…hehe…Anyway thanks again for all your Supernatural blogs. I read them all!!


    p.s. when and where is the next one??
    *starts balancing the cheque book*…lol…

  • Nita

    I loved your report on the Chicago con, I watched the youtube vid of your question being asked and you asked it like a pro!! hahaha I will be going to my first SPN con next March in LA, but just wanted to tell you that you’ve given me kind of a run down on what to expect coming from someone who has the same mentality of that celebrities are just people doing their jobs and what is the big deal and I too have this mentality, but I’ve also worked with and for celebrities so i’ve gotten that whole starstruck feeling out of my mind, although i’ve been warned about these Texas boys and I’m preparing myself.. LOL.. I’m going to go find your first article and read it now..but i wanted to comment and thank you for the report..


  • Vanessa

    wow, loved the article. And I must say, I faced the same question when I went to my very first SN con last March in LA, but it was such an experience. It’s really something else to meet the people behind the faces and characters that we have come to know…^_^

    and what a freakin honor to have your article recognized by Jensen and Jared…makes me want to go into journalism/writing just to someday be recognized by awesome people…hehehe…XD

  • Naomi

    That is so so lovely! (:

  • Oh Alice, how wonderful!

    The con experience with those boys is so different than any other cons I have been to in the last… cough… almost 30 years… I was in Chicago last year and that was THEIR ‘virgin’ experience as far as appearing together at a con and I can tell you, the electricity in the air could have lit the city! I always get the Gold Ticket because I can’t resist the breakfast -it’s different than the panels because they have nothing planned and it’s more informal. People shout out questions and there is much bantering.

    Then in March I went to LA to see them again and they were just as wonderful. I get the photo ops as well because I figure – when am I ever going to get the chance to touch them and be that close? It’s worth the money, imho, lol. The tandem photo ops is the best – standing between those two gorgeous guys with my arms around their waists – very nice 😉

    I gave them each a photobook at the LA con that I made of the first two years of them doing the show – it had a bunch of pictures in it from behind the scenes, appearances and the like. They were both very gracious and Jared even started opening it and he said, ‘No way, you made this?!’. So adorable 😉

    I’ve been in fandom for a lot of years, but I have never been in one where the actors were such good friends off screen and so appreciative of their fans. I’m glad you had the ‘con’ experience with the J’s 😉

    Will you be in LA next March? If so, I’ll look for you – my best buddy and I are going again!

    By the way, do you think you could mention the fact that Supernatural was nominated for a People’s Choice Award in your column soon? The voting is taking place on the website and this is the first high profile award they have ever been nominated for. We need to get the word out and have people vote!

  • Wow, Alice, they recgonized your article! That’s amazing! Good for you.

  • Sam

    I quickly read your article that you had signed – and I’m so glad I did! Thank you for the link. It’s brilliantly written and extremely articulate. And just makes a whole lot of damn sense! So glad that the boys saw it too. As you said, it sometimes seems that their network is their own worst enemy. I live in constant trepidation that they’ll cancel it before Kripke has finished telling us his story – a devastating thought! It’s just so sad that it is completely misrepresented on every non-fan site that I’ve ever been on. The synopses simply don’t. Get. It. Sam and Dean are two of the most well-fleshed characters I’ve ever come across on TV and I don’t think I’ve ever been as invested in two fictional characters as I am in these two. It’s the Samn’Dean show, and everything else is just gravy.

    I live in South Africa, and discovered Supernatural through a fanvid. A friend had recommended it to me, but I never really bought into it. Then I watched a vid and for some reason, my curiosity was piqued in a big way! I spent the next week finding out as much as I could about the show, and ended up getting quite spoiled because this happened right about the time What is and What should never be was airing. I went ahead anyway and got out Season 1 that weekend and watched the whole lot in 4 days. The rest as they say, is history. It airs here in South Africa, but only on an obscure channel on Satellite, though it must be said that Season 1 is currently airing on the national network late on a Tuesday night. There’s absolutely no buzz for it here, but I’ve certainly spread the word and got a few people watching and interested.

    Long may the fan networks do their bit!!

    PS – I am so very jealous that you got to meet the boys :o)

  • Thanks everyone for your great comments! I’ll have some better replies soon, but here’s the link to that fan video they aired before Jared came on (thanks Vichi!). It’s fantastic!

  • Alessandra

    Hi Alice,

    During my lunch break yesterday I was on youtube and heard the Sera Gamble question, smiled and wondered if it was you. 🙂 Well now I know! I’m glad your first con. turned out to be memorable and thanks for your series of articles – they were entertaining as per usual!.

    How wonderful the ‘boys’ had read your article and I’m not surprised they remembered it! This was actually the first article of yours I came across and it made me a fan of you. I haven’t missed one of your posts on Supernatural since then and religiously place the link on the BDOHB thread so my virtual BFFs can also share in the awesomeness of your writing!

    Can’t wait for my next AJ reading fix!

    Take care,
    (aka Scorpio of BDOHB)

  • Congratulations Alice! I really enjoyed reading your convention stories, especially since you got the full convention experience – connecting with other fans and meeting the people behind the characters, and getting your question answered.

    I didn’t get it about photo ops or autographs at fan conventions either until I had a ‘speechless moment’ talking to Nathan Fillion (Capt. Mal Reynolds of Firefly).

    I’m so glad for you that both actors read your article! That’s awesome.

    There is a positive power from people social networking. I totally agree that fan word of mouth is a key reason the audience for this show is growing. I’m looking forward to your next article.


  • rain

    Great convention report.
    You’re so lucky for meeting Jared and I can understand your fangirl moment.
    I don’t even watch Supernatural anymore, but I can’t help to love Jared.
    He’s a wonderful human being and a great actor.
    It’a beautiful how Jared and Jensen are still such great friends.

  • heraldtalia

    Wow! It’s funny, because when you asked that question, I thought about you, but had no idea it was actually you who was asking it. And how awesome that they read and recognized and remembered your article, especially since, as you noted, they were really rushing us through so the guys could catch their planes!

    This was my first SPN con too so I can totally feel how overwhelmed you were. But it was so wonderful–not just because of the gracious actors (many of whom were just wandering around the hotel) but also because of the other fans there. I did pay for the “sandwich” photo op and it was worth every penny. While my two friends and I waited in line, we were all such nervous panicked wrecks wondering why we had put ourselves through this, but we came out squealing bubbling fangirls already planning to get all 3 photo ops next year. 🙂

    You hear stories about how great all the actors are and how tight of a set the show has and how much they appreciate their fans, but it’s totally different when you experience it in person. I’m already registered for next year, when I had no intention of ever going again when we first started the drive from PA to IL Thursday night.

    Thanks for posting this and helping me relive some of my con memories.

  • Riverbella

    I was not at the con, but I have watched many of the videos, so I heard your question (which was a very cool question, btw)! I’m excited for you that you had such a good experience. I remember when I first read that article you had the boys sign. I loved it. It gave me a wonderful sense of community, and I printed it out and put it with all my other prized Supernatural memorabilia. I’ve enjoyed your pieces on Supernatural ever since. Way to go!

  • Karin

    Hi Alice,

    thank you for the amazing report, I really felt and giggled with you. I live in Germany so it is rather unlikely I get to a convention in the near future but after your report I will definitly try very hard!
    And I am so happy for you, the guys read your article (it is really good btw).

  • elle2


    Congratulations on the weekend and the special memories you’ve made and shared.

    How amazing it must have been to have Jensen remember your article and then to call out to Jared and discuss it with him.

    I’d hoped they’d read the article and hope that perhaps they’ll read more of your writing, especially because I love how you dissect the show in all ways, symbolism, characters, plots, behind the scenes and so much more.

    It’s my hope that through positive discussions and analysis of the episodes and themes we can encourage Mr. Kripke and co. to stop going to some other site [erh, TWOP comes to mind] and listening or reading the blather there.

    I’m digressing in my rant but waiting eagerly for your write up of ep. 9 so I can add my thoughts (although I’ve already posted in two places my thoughts on ‘the scene’ and how that developed…for the record, I thought it worked beautifully!!!!

    Again, thanks for your reports, I’ve heard your question summarized on the CWConnect group and am looking forward to watching the videos people have graciously posted. (I mean how awesome for people to pay all that money and make the effort and then graciously share the experience online!!!)

    Thanks to you and everyone who goes, writes, videos, and shares. Thank you so much.

  • shauna

    reading about your experience has made my day, im grinning away here. its brilliant that your article was recognised by the guys. im glad you had a good time.

  • Robin

    Alice, I so wish I’d had the chance to meet you at the Con! I’m a big fan of yours! I’m the gal who made up and wears on my large bosom the WATCH SUPERNATURAL THURSDAY 9 PM CW11 IT’S THE BEST t-shirt, white letters on black. I wore it to my photo shoot with Jared and Jensen, and stood there, threw out my arms and announced, “Check it out–I whore myself for your show!” Jared yelled, “Yeah! I love that t-shirt!” (He noticed it when I asked my question at the mic, too, about Jensen, Harley and Sadie.) I ran between them and they slid their arms around my waist. Was I fangirling at my advanced age of mmmm? You bet I was! Love, Robin

  • kate

    Congrats Alice on having such a wonderful experience and thank you for sharing it with us. I really felt I got to be part of the Con which, since I live in Ireland, is not likely to be the case even next year.

    I am now a staunch fan of yours having only found you just before the con but I have read back through many of your articles and look forward to the rest.

    Good luck.

  • Oh, delightful, Alice! I particularly envy you their recognition of your article, and getting to put your face with it – bravo! Well-deserved, to boot … *grin*

    When I read other reports of the con, I laughed out loud when I hit the Sera Gamble question, because I knew that had to be you. I loved Jared’s answer, too; how very appropriate.

    I’d done some of the literary science fiction cons in years gone by – Boskone, Arisia, Baltimore, even Worldcon – but before going to the LA Creation Supernatural con back in March, I’d only done one other commercial media convention, another very small local Creation one-afternoon event for Stargate SG-1 some years back. I’d been disappointed in that one because of its impersonal nature, but enjoyed the chance to hear directly from actors on the show. I debated going to LA, but ultimately couldn’t resist the lure of meeting not only Jensen and Jared, but Eric Kripke. Despite my issues with the rushed and very commercial Creation experience, I had a great time and built memories I’ll never forget both with other fans I was getting the chance to meet in person, and through those few seconds during photo and autograph ops where I got to thank Jared and Jensen for making Sam and Dean so real, and Eric for making the show in the first place.

    Will I do it again? I don’t know. I did Eyecon in September, and had fun; and there’s always that lure of another moment, another online friend with a face and a voice, another memory, another chance to ask a question or try to find an original way to say “thank you” again lurking in LA or Chicago … Yeah, I suspect I’ll go again, even though it will be in the cheap seats. And I’ll hope beyond hope that maybe they’ll recognize the “Bardicvoice” name on my shirt and connect it to my reviews.

    Hey – a girl can hope, right?

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Cindi

    Thank you SO much for sharing, and letting me live the con vicariously through you, Alice. I’m surprised that you even recovered after finding out that the boys knew who YOU were. Gah!

    I love that you’ve finally admitted to being a fangirl! Have you squeed yet? It’s a pre-requisite, although you don’t need to do it out loud, unless you just can’t help it 🙂

    I should have known that it was your question when I saw the printed con report from CW Source. Now I have to run to find the YouTube of one of my favourite reviewers asking it! *Squeee!*

  • Haven

    Wow, Alice, I am so proud of the fact that they read the article!!!! It got me addicted to your feature and I always pass it on to friends, fans and non fans. Seriously, everything in that first article is pure genius and it’s just awesome that you got reconginition for it by the guys you were basically pledging the case for. Congrats to my most favourtist SPN blogger out there!

    Peace out and ki’ora from New Zealand!

  • Wow, so many people to reply to! I had no idea that my little brush with greatness would get so much attention. I know, did I learn nothing from this weekend? Thanks everyone for your great comments of support. I’m glad I had the opportunity to share the experience.

    For the record, I slapped my forehead when I was done with the Sera Gamble question. I was in too much of a daze to remember to tell Jared I gave Sera crap for the mellon baller in the eye socket thing. I’m sure he would have appreciated that.

    Also for the record, the review for “I Know What You Did Last Summer” is coming VERY soon. It’s almost done. I left for the con, hoping to buy it on iTunes so I could give it the proper repeat viewings needed for a decent review, and it wasn’t available until Sunday. By that time, the bandwidth at the hotel was down to a crawl and it was J2 day, so downloading an episode wasn’t happening.

    Carrie – The volunteers were just wonderful. Thanks for letting me know you’re one of them! I don’t know about LA. That’s not easy driving distance from Ohio. I’d love to go though.

    Cyndyls – I’ll mention the People’s Choice nomination on my preview article on Wednesday. I have three excellent clips for Thursday’s episode to share.

    Mary – I shared my story with a few Blogcritics bloggers and several told me the same thing, if you put something out there, you never know who’s going to read it. Don’t sell your stuff short. I have a hunch they know about you too.

    Robin – I remember you! We were in the Q&A line together a few times this weekend. I was only a few people behind you in the Jared line. Great to put a face with the name.

    As for others that were there, I’m sure I met you in a line somewhere! I feel like I met practically everyone. Next time we’ll have to wear shirts with our real names then online names.

    If anyone Internationally has a chance to fly to a con, I recommend doing it once. One of the people in the group I had dinner with came from Switzerland. She was the one that asked Jensen the words question (“Pig in a Poke”). There were many people from foreign countries there, and it added to the experience.

  • Saltnburnem

    I’ve beena Trekkie and SciFi fan for decades. NEVER before have I been so obsessed with a TV show like I am with Supernatural!!! The stories, the scares, the laughs, and 2 truly sweet down-to-earth Texans have caught me…..hook, line and sinker. I went to the first SN chicago con last year, by myself. Had such a great time, I went back for more this year and I already have my seats picked out for next year. I am so glad that YOU GET IT!! You understand why some mother of two would pack up and go to a convention all by herself…….because I know when I get there….I will be with hundreds of kindred spirit who share the same passion for a gem of a show. Thanks for sharing your take on the convention. I look forward to more.

  • Sal

    I’m glad that they recognized your article. I was hoping that they would read it when I found that article online. So that was really amazing.

    I’m glad you asked that question. It was one of my favorite among all the questions asked. And Jared’s answer was great.

    I love reading convention reports since all of them say that they had a great time with other fans. I find it utterly amazing that different people from different backgrounds, different states, different countries (I’m from Malaysia.) manage to bond something as simple as a TV show. I hope to meet my online fans one day.

    Anyway, glad you had a fantastic weekend. Hopefully you’ll go to more of these and ask them more of your questions.

  • When I started this article I was thinking holy moly this looks long-but wow I’m glad I took the time to read this! This was so great! It’s so cool that they recognized your article and that you had your great fan girl moment! Great story, well written-definitely worth my time to read! Thank you for posting this-it was great 🙂

  • suetowns

    Have just finished reading your article and just like you I don’t consider myself to be a ‘fangirl’
    (I am too old for all that) and yet I totally understand how you must have felt.I think the atmosphere at the cons are incredible and just gets to normally cool sane headed people and you just can’t help being ridden on the crest of it.
    It’s fantastic they recognised the article you had written and was appreciated.
    Thanks for posting it was great to read.

  • MCM

    OMG, that was YOU who asked the Gamble question?! Wish I would’ve known – I would’ve loved to have come up to say HI. I have been a fan of your reviews since reading your first (and now infamous) article. Great job and to be remembered by the boys as well – now THAT’S impressive. \o/

  • Team Padalecki

    Hi Alice,

    I wanted you to know that I have found your reviews to be right on. I really love to read your reviews after each episode. I want to see your take on what we all see.

    I just recently became a fan of the show this past May. I am going to attend my first convention in LA (March 2009). Your experience in Chicago has made me anxious about my upcoming trip/experience. I have met a lot of celebrities in my time, but I think I am going to be like that girl and freeze. That has only happened to me once. I hope I don’t freeze when I meet Jared. I don’t feel butterflies when I think of meeting Jensen — just Jared. Why is that ?

    I look forward to your upcoming reviews. I think it was awesome the boys had read your first article. You Rock !

    Hope you will attend the LA convention. I would love to meet you.

  • Corinne

    Hi Alice

    Thank you very much for this report
    I’m outside the US and it’s also very difficult for me to attend to a Convention but after reading you I’m thinking about sparing some money and try to live one and have my impressions “first hand” just like you did.

    Anyway, thanks again 😉

    It must have been a blast when the J2 recognized your article !!!

    Keep on writting ..

    From Paris with Love