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Salon Review: Fish Therapy at Aqua Sheko, Soho, London

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Fish therapy is the trendy treatment that has taken London’s beauty scene by storm.  You submerge your feet, hands, or even your whole body in water and tiny little Garra Rufa fish do their work to nibble away your dead skin, leaving behind smooth, healthy, and glowing skin.  I visited the Aqua Sheko salon in Soho to see what all the fuss was about.

I arrived slightly early for my 4pm appointment and was relieved to enter the cool, dark interior of the salon after spending the day walking around Camden Town and Regent’s Canal.  I was led downstairs into the salon where my feet were sanitised and cleansed in preparation for the treatment.  I then took a seat in a comfortable chair and put my feet into the tank.

The first thing I felt was a light pressure as scores of tiny little fish rushed to my feet.  It feels like little fingertips applying about 10% pressure.  After the initial surprise (and a couple of giggles from me), I sat back in my chair and simply relaxed, enjoying a complimentary green tea.  The ambience of Aqua Sheko is relaxing and soothing with low lighting and pleasing music.  After a day of touring and shopping, I felt the fatigue just melt away and was happy to be left alone with just the fish and my own thoughts.

It seemed as though the fish therapy went on for ages but in reality, it was just 25 minutes.  At the end of the session, my feet were dried off and I was offered a choice of either a foot massage or a back, neck, and shoulder massage.  I chose the latter and was led through to a separate area with comfortable, kneeling massage chairs.

The massage was 20 minutes of utter bliss and again, it felt like it went on for much longer than that.  In that time, my back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and scalp were massaged and I was left feeling utterly calm and relaxed.  In the four years that I have lived in London, I have searched for the perfect back massage, as I suffer from recurrent pain, and I have to admit, this is the best that I have found in central London.

As I left the salon that afternoon, I felt revitalised, relaxed, and rejuvenated.  The salon is perfectly located in central London and this is certainly an experience I would repeat in the future.  I most appreciated the comfortable chairs and muted lighting in the salon as I had seen photos of other salon experiences where patrons sat on benches in brightly lit areas.

I enjoyed a Deluxe pampering session which included 25 minutes of fish therapy and 20 minutes of massage.  The session is valued at £45 but there are various packages available ranging from just £17 to £60.

Visit the Aqua Sheko website or visit the salon at 29 Frith Street, Soho, London, W1D 5LG.  Reservations can be made by phone on 020 7734 8977 or reservations.soho@aquasheko.co.uk.

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  • Antown, yes, it is certainly not available around the world which is why it is fun to check out if you’re in London. It doesn’t feel like you’re being eaten, it just feels like fingertips gently massaging your feet. Very relaxing.

  • Antown

    Fish therapy – it’s interesting. It is a pity that not all countries can check it out. So what are the feelings, when your feet are biting fish? They eat dead skin?