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Saint Germain On The Role Of Churches and Governments

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I just listened to a channel by Saint Germain on releasing energy and belief systems that no longer support who we are choosing to be. It specifically deals with how the different belief systems prevalent on Earth at this time have served to maintain a power balance that allows a small minority to control the accepted version of reality.

The Shoud starts out with Tobias recapping last month’s channel where Saint Germain spoke about energy, illusion and the creative ability and rights that every human being has. He touches on the powerful nature of the story or illusion that each of us lives within and the inordinate amounts of energy that we expend on maintaining and expanding the illusion.

Saint Germain then comes in to expand on the energy and illusion vs. reality themes. He speaks about the role several spiritual groups played in history to maintain a balance of energies on Earth at times when the power of the church was strong, brutal and violent.

He speaks of working with the secret societies of the Rosicrucians, the Free Masons and the Illuminati to provide a radiance of the truth that divinity resides within each person and not just in the authority figures of the church as expressed in the accepted mass conscious belief of the time. He also discusses how some of the teachings of these groups watered down and changed from the original intention.

He speaks about a past life in Atlantis where he was a slave boy that got caught in the spiralling energy experiments that got out of control and resulted in the destruction of that civilisation..

Saint Germain also discusses the hypnosis of religion, government and business that now holds billions of persons in its grip. He addresses how individuals and the societies they are a part of work hard to maintain and expand the stories that expand from the belief systems of each stage of human history.

I have listened to these channels every month since June, 2003 because the material presented is in alignment with my own knowingness within.

The Saint Germain/Adamus channel is called ‘Shoud 8 – Freedom of the Soul, part 3’ and can be found at the very bottom of the page.

I listened to the actual Shoud or channel by Saint Germain but there is also a welcome and introduction by Geoff and Linda, the hosts, prior to the channel and a Question and Answer session afterwards.

The Tobias and recent Saint Germain channels are not available at Amazon. The link for all the material that comes through Geoffrey Hoppe is here.


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  • Haakon

    Nice Post, ST.Germain gives alot of good guidance for lightworkers and open minded beeings 😀