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Dear Elsa,

Can Sagittarius men truly love?



Dear Doubtful,

I suspect your Sagittarius man can love, but please understand – he must remain in motion. If you love a Sagittarius, you’ve chosen to love a wild horse. If you attempt to corral a wild horse, one day you’ll wake up to find they’ve jumped the fence.

A wild horse is a wild horse. When it opts to run free, it doesn't mean to injure the person who built the corral. It's just the only way for the animal to feel vitally alive.

sag wild horseSo if you want to love Sagittarius, you must leave the door open at all times. This is just the way it is. To restrict a Sadge is akin to preventing a Virgo from reading a book, or a Pisces from dreaming. It’s unthinkable. Imagine a chained wild horse. What’s uglier than that?

So yes, of course a Sadge can give and receive love – but not if it means they're tied down. If you love him, these are your choices:

  • Love him as he passes through.
  • Set up home with him, but leave the door open, understanding he’s going roam from time to time – and that does not mean he will cheat.
  • Travel together.

My sister has her Moon and Jupiter Moon conjunct in Sagittarius. Her advice regarding Sadge men? “Ride ‘em while you can!”

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About Elsa

  • This is Sag-tire

  • Stumped

    What is the definition of love for Sagittarius men? Is their definition so different from everyone else’s. Are most Sagittarian men know-it-alls?

  • I am a Sagitarrius. Does that qualify as an answer to your question?

  • Stumped

    Is it true that Sagittarians and Leos are supposed to be compatible?

  • Stumped

    I believe that most are intelligent… Do you consider yourself a know-it-all?

  • Yes. Sags, Leos and Aries are compatible.

  • Do I consider myself a know-it-all? No. I consider myself a know-a-lot. About what I know about, that is. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stumped

    Well Silas,

    I’m having trouble… I’m the Leo, he’s the Sagittarius and a simple question turns into a lecture about something other than what you inquired about.

    Are Sags really in touch with themselves or are they more interested in appearing impressive?

  • That’s a double edged sword, Stumped. For the most part Sags are in touch with themselves and in doing so they have the penchant to appear impressive. Speaking for myself I am very much a free spirit and hate the thought of being tied down. I’m fluid and can change as situations dictate. If anything, I’ve learned that Sags are the kind of people who shoot those arrows to facilitate changes in the status quo. Most of us are loud mouthed, opinionated and argue from the perspective that we’re always right. The reality is that underneath the facade, we’re children at heart who tend to explore the wonderment of what’s around us, never being fully satisfied. The best thing you can do as a Leo is not take him all that seriously. Let him act out and once it’s over you’ll be able to gently prod him in your direction. Leos are a stabilizing force for the Sagitarrian and relationships between the two are often filled with laughter and adventure. One thing you can be sure of is that there’ll never be a dull moment, just a lot of hot air.

  • Whoops! Sorry about getting in this conversation. I thought that question was addressed to me.
    ::leaves the room::

  • Come back, elsa. I am dying to hear your take. A lot of people don’t realize how many famous Sags there really are. We’re such a delightful bunch.

  • Well I like y’all. And since I know you’re here…
    I have an old bit about sadge bluntness. I’m going to dig it up and post it. I wrote about Gemiliars once and people got pissed, so I wrote about the shadow side of sadge truth telling.

    You’ll laugh your ass off.

  • Okay, I found that piece on Sadge truth telling. It’ll load on Sunday.


  • Nancy

    Once upon a time I worked for a government security agency which shall remain initial-less. The odd thing about it was, of the 40-some agents in my unit (mostly male) 35 were sagittarians! My take would be sagg males are not mavericks. These guys were pretty straight, almost cartoonish, a la MIB.

  • Stumped

    Thanks Silas and Elsa…

    Silas… thanks for the insight. It’s perplexing at times where this man is coming from… I respect his ability to view the various angles of any one situation, but have my own set of thoughts and opinions as well… and sometimes feel that he is trying to impose his opinions on me to the point where I start hearing the sound effects from the teacher on Charlie Brown… wah, wah, wah, wah…

    We do laugh a lot and geniunely enjoy one one another… there are times, however that I don’t know how to take him…

  • Sagittarius

    7th december 1986 (9:48 Pm) INDIA – anybody can work for free on my natal chart , Pls ( Im a Sag – GOOD FORTUNE FOR YOU: Have Faith n Work it out )

  • Stumped

    What is the deal with being in a relationship with a Sagittarius (over 1 year) and he won’t bring me around his friends, family or otherwise???


  • els

    Stumped – I wouldn’t hazard to guess without birth data.

  • Stumped

    This is what I know about his birth data:

    Born November 25, 1972
    Is that enough info?

  • Stumped


    I’ve been in a relationship with a Sagittarius male for nearly a year. We’ve enjoyed one another. He lives about an hour from me in a different state, so he would generally come down to visit every other weekend.

    I started to see a pattern of him making plans on the off weekends, with no invitation for me to participate. As a matter of fact, I’ve never been invited to attend any functions or just hang out with him and his friends. Never mind that all of them have wives, girlfriends, etc.

    I addressed over and over again the importance of being exposed to his life as he is to mine.

    He invited me up once… yet I have still not met any of his peers, family members, etc.

    At this point, I have told him that I won’t be in a hidden relationship. He wants to make light of it and make attempts to avoid addressing the situation.

    Now he needs “time to himself”, yet he wants me to clarify what level of communication we’re going to have.

    I’m really at the point where I want to tell him to come correct or leave me alone….

    Your thoughts, Elsa???

  • confussed

    i am a leo and i have read all the comments on here. i have been dating a sagittarius for a year and i have not met his family or friends either. i have met his daughter but that is about it. i feel like giving up.

  • TheSagGuy

    I’m letting metaphysical cat out of the bag. There is a simple social truth that all sagitarians MUST be BORN knowing. Instinctive understanding, or perhaps I just see things this way personally, but here it is none-the-less. This is a long explination that requires a pre-face setup to get you thinking correctly, so please dont skip down, or you may not get it ๐Ÿ™‚

    I see the color blue, and I point and call it blue. I call it blue because I was told at some point in my life that was what blue looked like. You call it blue for the same reason. However, there is no way at all for me to TRUELY know if your blue looks the same as mine. My blue could look like your yellow, but we both still call it blue because our past experience has shaped our perspective of the truth. We are both correct from our own individual point of view, and those points happen to agree with eachother in that particular situation. They agree because the lens of perspective, which is shaped by our past experience, has bent the input from our eyes into the same idea, regardless of wether or not it actually match’s. Our past experience on this matter is identical (Someone told both of us that was the color blue) and so we agree. For no other reason do we agree.

    Now, with the fundimentals out of the way. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, etc.. is shaped by your past experience through the lens of perspective to be a certain thing to you. Including people. Because of this, you can NEVER TRUELY KNOW ANYONE. This is an un-breakable rule. Deal.

    Now, knowing this to be true (and if you think about it for a minute you will realise it is) You know a me that is a compilation of what I show you, filtered through your perception. I hate to quote an anime series, but i’ve heard no better explination of this idea. The me that exists in your mind is different from the me that exists in my mind, my mothers mind, your mothers mind, or anyone elses because of two factors.

    1.We all show each person a slightly different side of ourselves based on the status of our relationship with that person.

    2.Each person has a wholey unique lens of perspective with which to filter the personallity they are shown.

    Basiclly, there is a me for each person I interact with.

    Now, we get to answering the questions above about the disconnected Sag. He is hesitant about merging the three hims. The you and him he see’s as the we. It’s entirley different from the him or the you. There is a him for his familly, and a him for his friends. When these three people meet up (We, Family me, Friends me) it’s ALWAYS complicated. Not bad per-say, just complicated.

    We really don’t dig complication unless we make it for ourselves and can handle it alone.

    Hope that helps.

  • confussed

    I some what understand. The three, basically, you are saying that until he is fully able to handle all three parts of his life in the same room then he will make that happen, until then complication is just not the thing right now.

    I mean i never have any problems with him, just the whole family thing, i could understand that he has explained to me that his mom was very sick and his sister is married and doing her own thing, and his brother is in jail. But when his mom is well he will bring me around, but i feel like he has been saying that for a year, i have been very cool with it. Just confussed sometimes, but i give him his freedom as much as posible, i call about once or twice a day, mostly i let him call me and he see each other twice a wk or when ever cause he works 2 jobs and so do i. over all our relationship is cool just meeting the family that kind of bother me. but is it ok to give him a lot of that freedom?

  • stumped


    I know what you mean… I am almost at the end of my rope. We have a great relationship… but I can see the complications… His mother has moved in with him and she is a DRAMA QUEEN to the hilt. My first encounter with her was when he was in the hospital and she was rude and disrespectful and if I never see her again… that’s fine with me. But I’m sure you see the problem…

    With her in the middle of his apartment, trips to visit him are pretty much out of the question… He has to figure it out… Not sure if I can stick around. In my mind the question becomes what’s next?

  • A mama’s boy? lol dont need astrology to figure that one out. He knows what his mama is all about and if he hasnt told her to lay off by now then its time you laid him off

  • stumped

    Not a momma’s boy at all… yet a situation that adds to what’s already complicated.

  • Well, relationships are generally hard to manage especially when extended family is involved …either you could play the mother’s game and beat her to it and retain your bf or tell him how you feel about everything that seems to be bothering you and see how things go from there.

    I would take the second option ๐Ÿ™‚

  • stumped

    The problem is that he always wants to do what’s good and best for everyone. We’re already in a relationship with some distance, and the relationship primarily resides at my residence. I’m not at all against him coming to visit with me, but it would be nice to feel that the same is extended to me. Now with his mother living in the middle of his place, that makes our spending time together on his turf a bit tricky… He’s talking about moving, but there is some consideration about taking her along, because she refuses to discuss what her short/long-term plans are with regard to her own residence. Actually she refuses to talk at all.

    She is not a “nice” person, and upon my first and only interaction with her she was very rude and disrespectful. I know that he doesn’t want me to be uncomfortable, so he continues to visit with me.

    I asked him how he thinks our relationship can function under such circumstances and I believe he’s still working it out in his head… and parents, especially mothers can be tricky…

    Any advice?

  • Mr. Kain, thanks for the advice. Your explanation above has answered a lot of *serious* questions I have had about my Sag spouse over the years; this will help. Interestingly, it also reinforced truths I’ve learned through 15+ years of fights and rage and court dates and tears and therapy and such. Of course, I’m Scorpio, so that can’t help. (Imagine the household: 2 Scorpios, 2 Sag, 1 Taurus. Whoa.)

    There may be something to this astrology deal after all…

  • confussed

    I know how to spell confused just wanted to spell it that way, anyways. I not having any of that mama drama, just that i have been with this man for a year, i am a leo and when i fall in love i am willing to do whatever for the one i love. But when we first started seeing each other things were ok, then he cheated and i got back by cheating on him, i was not so upset cause my pride just won’t let me. But as for him he was very upset. He didn’t want to talk to me for a week, so i went on and left him alone. But he calls me back and tried to work things out, things have been going good, it just that i still haven’t met the mom, i have met his daughter, but as for the family, i haven’t met them yet, met some of his friends. But because his mother is in the hospital it is hard to see her, he tells me that his daugther is the important person in his life, so he would rather me meet her. but i will see the family soon. So now i just leave the subject alone. I let him be, i call about 2 a day, he does the calling and i always drive out to see him. He also told me that he is 28 and he don’t want to be 30 or 40 still chasing after women, he just wants to make sure that i don’t cheat anymore even though he cheated to. but oh well, i don’t know what should i do?

  • ehh

    i am an aries and all of dont know what you are talking about

  • I have been with my sagie for 13 years, Im a Taurus and the road has been a long one for us. Not compatable per say but very attracted to one and other, however what I found about my man is that he is exactly the way everyone here has discribed, in the beginning I would wonder why he didnt want to invite me out with his friends, or why he would irritate me with his know it all attitude. Seemed like everything we did was for him or anything we’d talk about was to revolve around him. Basically I looked at him like a young child who didnt understand the concept of “sharing” with others. He’s not much for emotions (Ive only seen him cry 2x in 13 yrs)and doesnt really like it if I show my emotions too much, we are very different but managed to make it work, I just came to understand that people do not have to conform to your expectations for you to be happy, to find happyness with a Sagie, you need to have a life of your own, where you can make your own fullfillment and happyness. Get a few girl friends and make your own fun in life, cause if your placing these expectations on your sagie he’ll run run away. Its almost like if you cant bring anything to lifes table for yourself he wont take the time to fill your table either. Kind of like the cat and mouse game, keep the chase going, or he’ll get board.I never expected him to marry, a wedding ring is more like a hand cuff for him but 13 years we still are deeply in love, and It took alot of time and some counseling to make me understand, my ideals are not necessarly everyone elses. He flirts I flirt he goes out with his friends, I go out with mine, once in a while we meet in the middle and those are the best times cause we both really WANT to be there. Hope this helps.

  • chickie

    Oh yeah, we have been married for 5 years.

  • OMG I am going through the same thing with this guy. He’s a Sag and one times he’s nice telling me really nice things (rare), then he tells me he needs time to handle his demons! I’m like what the hell? He doesn’t want to commit but if I go out with someone else he gets mad. He said he was selfish but this is crazy. I don’t even know why I’m attracted to him. I think i’m a good catch, educated, attractive and a scorpio, but it’s like when he’s nice, he’s really nice, then when he’s distant he’s so far away. Half the times I can’t stop thinking about him, the other half I wish I’d never met him!

  • shampan

    oh my gosh chickie, i am so glad that i ran across this blog site. I m going through the same thing as you, being a taurus with a sag, and all. but my problem is weird because of our age difference. I am 27, and he will be 21 in 8 mths. I am hoping that this wont cause alot of problems in our relationship. I play the cta and mouse to see where he comes from, but he sees through the wool and calls me out on my actions. He is sweet, kind hearted, gentle, sexy and more, but I am afraid that something will go wrong.
    A bad thing for us also is a long distance relationship. I am not sure if either one of us will be able to cope. or maybe I should say whether or not I will be able to cope. It sounds like absence will make his heart grow fonder. I have never had so much compassion for someone in a short period of time. I dont know where I am going with this, but I know God will see us through.

  • Borei

    i’m a taurus cusp aries, and this apparently does effect me. Up until high school just saw myself as a taurus, but when it came to dating in college, i found that i hated being with all the men who i am suppose to get along with. That’s when i realised it. I am a hopeless romantic, but one who craves spontenaity like the aries. Anyway, this is where we get into the topic of the Sag man. I was dating one up unil tonight when i broke it off. Not the first time though, more like the 4th. Each time in the past though, he convinced me to stay in and try. Now haven’t met his family either due to a large continental distance. I do speak to his parents however, and this summer was to be the time i’d meet them face to face. If it weren’t for the distance, we were supposed to meet during our first year of dating. Our 2yr anniversary just passed, and this is definitely the way to celebrate…NOT! Anyway, he lied a fair bit and that the part that i can’t get over. We get along so well though up until i found out about a flinf he had had. I was crushed, and he tried and promised and this time i think he really meant it. His mother suggested that we both seek therapy, and he was more willing than i was. So why did i still break up with him? Well, i read up on the Sag, i know them lie i know my biology text book, and that is why i dumped him. I knew that even if he changed and voluntarily, in the end, he was still a changed person for me. I didn’t want to fear remorse later on when all of his senses came back to him. I’m lost though, because he says he loves me, and i know he does, but cheating is such a strange way to show it.

  • dilema

    I thought sag are suppose to be honest and loyal?
    Im a gemini and have been dating a sag for a year now, the first six months he was always calling, making plans, just very persistent, saying i’m the one he has been always looking for, we have amazing chemistry, but gradually we started talking and seeing each other less and less, when i do speak to him its like nothing has changed, he still loves and misses me can’t wait to see me… It’s weird behavior, weekends he is always wanting to be around his friends when he is not working. it’s not that i mind because after all i am a gemini and i do like my independence and like the rest of you I’m not needy for attention but a little bit of courtesy would be nice…
    they like to chase but don’t like being chased, they want their freedom but might not need it if given to them, but it feel like the nicer i am and the more i give, the more he take advantage, and your seen as a pushover… like him i have my WANTS too, so why should i make all the effort, it’s called being fair and able to compromise like a adult…i have admit i do have a loud roar when the gemini in me snaps, he gets scared lol..

  • keekee

    ladies, look up your partners venus and mars sign, these are the plants that rule sex, romance and love and marriage. the sun sign is the black and white definition of who you are dating.

  • linda

    confussed, maybe there is something wrong with his mother that he is ashamed of, maybe she is in a mental hospital, or sick enough to not want to see anyone. you said you met his daughter right? as a therapist i will say this, most single parents, specially if divorced will not introduce their child to the person they are dating unless it is serious, most will introduce their parents over a child, because a child IF grown close, and IF there is a split will have a hard time coping.

  • Borei

    Have any of the other saggs cheated? And does anybody really know why. Also, thank you KeeKee. I will check that out.

    Also, do you think that a sag may be in love with the idea of love, or does he actually love the person on the recieving end of those 3 word? And if so, are they the type who love more than one at a time?

  • help

    i am a taurus woman in my late 30’s and he is a sag (40). Do older sags tend to commit more and make better family men then younger men?

    I have met his entire family including his children. we all get along well.

    we are having a child together.

    Is it possible for these 2 signs to really work out?
    How do I figure out his mars/venus sign?

    really need help with this. thank you

  • B

    Hi Taurus 30, ur welcome to scold me if u feel this is an inappropriate title, but i just thought i’d tell u about the other signs. Iff u want to look up the other signs, i recommend ivillage astrology, or u can simply type in “moon sign” in the search space on google. A buffet of sites will pop up. I prefer ivillage, because it is convenient but i also like to look at other sites, as ivillage can be quite frosted and always positive. i like to look at both the pros and cons myself. Good luck.

  • keekee

    Go to http://www.alabe.com/freechart/
    type in there info and you will get their full chart

  • Lost in Space

    Wow… glad you guys brought this subject up. I’m an Aries, and was involved with a Sagittarius male, and everything I’m reading was exactly his personality. He couldn’t commit, wasn’t able to control his drinking, needed to be “on” in a group or a bar all the time in order to be the center of attention, and could say some of the nastiest things to people, thinking he was being brutally honest. I have a female friend who also is a Sag with the same characteristics (although she eats in excess rather than drinks). The thing I had the hardest time with was that both of these individuals’ lives were a mess, but they were unable to look at their own “stuff” and kept pointing their fingers at everyone else.

    Sex with my ex was incredible… we were really matched in that way, and he could be incredibly sweet sometimes. But the relationship broke off after three years because he couldn’t make any kind of commitment toward the future. Looking back, it felt as though he’d only been able to invest a small part of himself in the relationship and then held back the rest.

  • Lost in Space

    Oh yeah, addendum: We also broke up because in three years he would only come to my apartment and never invited me to his (well, once, for twenty or thirty minutes, when his nephews were coming into town). There was always an excuse. When we ended things, I told him it felt as though I’d opened up myself to him in letting himself stay at my place, but that he couldn’t do the same for me.

    What’s this deal with Sag people and not letting people into their living spaces? It seems to be a common thread here.

  • parker

    my Sag doesn’t have a problem letting me in his space, he wants me there all the time. He does drink excessively though, i guess they like to over due everything, there is no happy medium. i’m a Sag myself and i do know we are private people, we observe others but dont want to give too much of ourself. most Sag i know are pretty open with their space.

  • borei

    WOAH! Thanks to everybody who continued with the comments. It’s all very interesting. I gotta say alot of it sounds like my man, but alot also is nothing like him. So now, i’m concerend that it has yet to come out.

    Anyway, he’s been sweet to me from day one. I find him and i are so into eahother, and we’re always happy together. We moved in together after about 6months of dating, and then got engaged a year after that.

    The only real problem with him is that he has cheated twice and with women i never imagined him to be with. He says i am beautiful and extremely sexy, and that i am his life love in every aspect. So, if this is the case, why did he cheat? He blames his insecurities for the first incident, and then urge and weekness due to distance, he is in HI and i am in Cambodia.

    So what i wanna know is, when a sag says something, should i believe him? If he says he wants “U” then does that mean you, or u for now?

  • Stumped

    I’ve been offline for a bit. I am still stumped yet can’t understand why I can’t get this man out of my life. I break up with him, he’ll call to see how I am… He keeps one foot in the door at all times. I love him dearly, but the inconsistencies are maddening. I never knew that one sign of the Zodiac could be a problem for sooooo many. Are sags really compatible with anyone. I told my guy that we need to share places, spaces, friends, etc…

    His response is I understand and agree. Yet there is no action. Just one excuse after another. He claims to love me so much, but refuses to share his life… not that it’s that big in the first place.

    Won’t commit, yet won’t let me go… the saga continues

  • loli

    they are all just a bunch of charmers who really feel what is happening at the moment but as soon as you’re a part they forget, and make it out like oh whats wrong i thought we were doing great.

    i’m a sag myself and i don’t act this way. my advice ladies go find yourself another man and keep them both so you don’t drive yourself crazy when he is out chasing skirts. and when he realizes that you are not on him like before, he’ll come chasing you once again.

  • yes, I dated a sag and I/m a leo..He was head over heels with me in the beginning. love letters, telling me he loved me, you all that stuff. A few months later all that went away. He started seeing someone else. A sag is very emotional, caring and giving but only thinks of themselves. They tend to have psychological problems also, so women beware. I would never date a Sag again. They are like wild horses, can’t be trusted.

  • Help

    Hello, I posted a while ago about my being a Taurus woman and my bf being a Sag. He was born on November 24…it seems that he has a lot more Scorpio in him…is this possible? He was married to his X for over 17 years and with me now. We’re having a baby but it seems to me that he gets stuck between the 2 signs. I was wondering if he could truly commit to this relationship and our baby. He has 2 other children from that mariage. Here’s what I read about Scorpio and boy does it sound like him. Any other SAGS out there that have mor Scorpio in them? And if so, does that mean it IS possible for a SAG to commit and be faithful?? Here’s the quote:
    “Scorpio man
    The male Scorpion is famous for his sexiness โ€“ and his deadly sting! Heโ€™s often reserved and self-controlled, but once heโ€™s involved he is an intense and committed lover. He can get so obsessed with a woman that jealousy takes over and, like Othello, he misreads the signs and sees betrayal in every innocent situation. Not one to trifle with: he can be totally faithful, but heโ€™s so full of secrets, you never really know.”

  • HELP

    I’m sorry this is so long but thought some of you would find this interesting…My SAG was born on Nov 24 so somewhat on the Scorpio/Sag cusp.

    Ok someone above gave a link to this chart thing and this is what it said about my SAG bf.
    My question is…..does this mean he can be loyal and committed??

    Hi there, here is the interpretation of the astrological chart that you asked for. Also attached is a .GIF graphic file which depicts your chart wheel. Thank you for visiting the Astrolabe WEB site at http://alabe.com This report has been created especially for you. It represents your Unique picture at the time you were born and at the place you were born. If you are unsure of the exact time of day of your birth (or the date or the place), the reading will probably not seem as accurate as it could be in certain places, but other parts will seem to be very appropriate. You will notice at certain places in the reading that contradictory information seems to be given. This is to be expected, because the personality of most people is extremely complex. For example, at times we are quite shy and at other times we are very aggressive, and so forth. You will also notice that, at certain points in the reading, certain patterns may be repeated over and over, especially in a longer more detailed report than this one. This is also to be expected. This simply means that your horoscope has an extremely strong focus on this particular pattern and that you should pay extra close attention to what is said about it. Now, on with your Report!

    Name: Jon
    November 24 1966
    10:35 PM Time Zone is PST
    Glendora, CA

    Rising Sign is in 22 Degrees Leo
    You love to be the center of attention and you want to appear strong, confident and dominant. You are very proud of yourself, sometimes quite vain even. When all around you are bedraggled and falling apart, you look like a million bucks! Very dignified and honorable, you enjoy the power and privilege, but not the responsibilities, that come with leadership. You are very idealistic but can also be quite stubborn. Others impress you only if they have integrity (but wealth, power and influence can also turn your head). You prefer rich, elegant surroundings and possessions, and will try to acquire them as your budget allows. Physically, you are very impressive – – at your best you have a regal, charismatic demeanor and bearing. Try not to be such a showoff!

    Sun is in 02 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Very fun-loving, spirited and energetic, you have a huge reservoir of physical energy within you that needs to be released. As such, exercise or sports are very important to you. Quite gregarious, you enjoy being with other people, but you tend to avoid emotionally restrictive or intimate relationships. Constantly curious about the broader issues of life, you may at times be quite careless and sloppy about details — you tend to leap to conclusions before all the facts are in. An avid reader, you are totally enthusiastic about any given subject should it interest you. You are known for being idealistic, generous, sociable, cheerful and very positive!

    Moon is in 29 Degrees Aries.
    High-spirited and courageous, you are a fighter when your emotions are aroused. The degree of force and drive that you can bring to any effort sometimes surprises others. You have hair-trigger reactions to specific stimuli and tend to “let it all hang out.” You sometimes act before you think and do things on the spur of the moment, and that sometimes gets you into trouble. Your moods change quickly — you have quite a temper, but you don’t hold grudges. Very independent, with an extremely strong and forceful personality, you are known for being impulsive, careless, reckless, foolhardy, rash and daring.

    Mercury is in 17 Degrees Scorpio.
    You are a born investigator. You are fascinated by secrets and mysteries and unanswered questions of any kind. When you become upset or angry, your emotional reactions are overpowering — reason and logic disappear in an uncontrollable passionate outburst. You tend to keep your thoughts secret and bottled up and this makes others regard you with suspicion. It is not that you are trying purposely to be evasive, it is just that you would rather not deal with the explosions and hassles that often occur when you reveal your true feelings and opinions. Your sense of humor tends toward sarcasm and irony.

    Venus is in 06 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You are very aware of the need to maintain a high sense of morality in a relationship. Your loyalty and interest will remain constant in any relationship (either friendly, personal or business) that is based on fairness, honesty and justice. But you will become greatly hurt and disappointed if the other person takes any but the high road with you. Also, you cannot tolerate anyone being overly emotionally possessive of you. You are known for your friendly, outspoken manner.

    Mars is in 25 Degrees Virgo.
    Very careful and systematic, you pay great attention to details. You are always seeking perfection and sometimes get bogged down searching for the ultimate when adequacy would have been sufficient. You dislike abstractions, preferring whatever is practical, useful and demonstrable. You have a strong and enduring sense of personal responsibility, and you demand that others be as responsible and upright as you are. Very critical of yourself and others, sometimes you carry this too far and become overly intolerant of others and their right to choose their own lifestyles.

    Jupiter is in 04 Degrees Leo.
    You must be proud of all that you do in order to grow and develop. You enjoy being totally honest and aboveboard and you revel in the admiration and respect you receive from others due to your high- minded, upright way of life. Make sure, though, that your natural tendency to boast and show off is based on your actual accomplishments. Don’t fall prey to self-exaggeration or arrogance. You truly do like outrageous spectacles and grand jolly times and will go out of your way to make them a reality.

    Saturn is in 22 Degrees Pisces.
    Your tendency to think that your life is out of control is based on an unreasonable fear, probably connected with an unfortunate experience with the person who filled the father figure role in your early life. Learn to take responsibility here and now for your own life. Try to stop having unrealistic expectations about guide figures. Remember that they are merely human, with all the same faults and self-doubts that you have. When you get confused or uncertain, try to simplify your lifestyle — things will then become easier to bear.

    Uranus is in 23 Degrees Virgo.
    You, and all your peers, will be known for the degree of intensity with which you dislike normal everyday routines and chores. You will go out of your way to invent innovative, unique and timesaving ways to perform the various mundane routines and duties of living. You will be attracted to all manner of practical and useful gadgets — anything that will make your daily life more exciting.

    Neptune is in 22 Degrees Scorpio.
    You, and your entire generation, are extremely interested in anything deep and mysterious. You will explore and idealize the benefits that can accrue from the study of the occult, healing and psychology. You are willing to experiment with substances like drugs in order to push your understanding of your inner being to the extreme.

    Pluto is in 20 Degrees Virgo.
    For your entire generation, this will be a time when profound changes in society’s attitude toward work, duty and responsibility will be initiated. Radical changes in attitudes toward personal health and general nutrition will be promulgated and gain wide acceptance and practice.

    N. Node is in 16 Degrees Taurus.
    It’s not in your nature to seek out many casual acquaintances in your daily round of activities. You feel much more comfortable with a small, close-knit group of people — those with whom you can relax and work toward known and clearly defined goals. Your loyalty to a person or group, once given, is forever — you’ll expend all of your quite considerable energy in seeing that the group stays together and prospers. You choose your partners and relationships so carefully that you’re bound to gain certain advantages from them, including those of a material nature. Be careful though not to let mere self-service be your motivation in establishing your connections — make sure that there’s an even give-and-take!

  • DualFish

    I’ve been with a Sagittarius female on/off for 3 years; I’m a Pisces female. We’re almost 4 years apart in age; I’m older, and we’re neither young chickens. She approached me to chat me up first, but I only wanted us to be friends because I ‘sensed’ (Pisces intuition!) we wouldn’t make a good couple. Friendship was all I wanted, but she was convinced she was in love with me and wouldn’t hear take a ‘no’ for an answer. So she pursued a relationship with me for NINE months and finally convinced me to give it a go. As I read the posts on here, I see the “pursuit” thing with Sagittarians is common enough and when they do catch you and get comfortable, their romantic gestures seem to cool off. Sagittarians seem to like me a lot (I have moon in Sag). Anyhow, I have similar problems that many of you address with regard to Sag: commitment issues, won’t bring me around friends/family (we’ve broken up a million times over this), but wants to hang out with my friends/family…makes lots of promises that she can’t keep, wants her freedom but then claims I don’t commit to her (she has Taurus moon and Scorpio Venus/Gemini Mars)…so she wants commitment, but prefers to have me do all the work. When things are good between us, they’re great. When they’re bad, they’re horrible. We’re both stubborn and strong-willed (I have Venus AND Mars in Taurus, counteracting her Taurus Moon). Her chart is ruled by Saturn (Capricorn rising) and mine is ruled by Pluto (Scorpio rising). LOTS of strong planets between us, but I have ‘given in’ to her more often than I’d like, because she can be SO pushy and demanding, and yes…even emotionally manipulative…crying, yelling, screaming, begging, pleading…anything to get ‘her way’…so I sometimes just want to maintain peace. BUT, we’ve had some LOUD fights (typically not even my style, but with this Sag…oh yes!) because I won’t say ‘yes’ at all times–which aggravates her. But, OH WELL. And three years into it…yes, we keep going back/forth but I’ve really reached the end of my rope. We’re barely standing on one leg here, and I’m ready to head for the hills. I love her dearly…but she makes me a little crazy and I feel I have no stability with her; funny thing is, she accuses me of the same, though she’s the one who often cancels plans, won’t include me in her life, takes jobs that take her out of state for months…etc. On top of that, every time she gets me to agree to ‘commit’ to her, she pulls out of at the last minute. We’ve had some really painful break ups and its cost both of lots of tears and heartache–mine, more genuine than hers, I’m sorry to say, because I do believe at this point that she enjoys the ‘romantic’ drama. She loves to ‘romance’ me..until she’s comfortable. Then she becomes lazy and complacent and takes me for granted, until I threaten to leave…and then she’s back on her ‘good’ behavior until, well..the next time that she becomes lazy/complacent. But, apparently, I’m the one with “commitment issues”–right.

    Anyway, I went googling on how to get Sag’s to commit…I know, isn’t that desperate??? See what this sign drives me to do? ๐Ÿ™‚ I came across this page through google and it’s been comforting, and yet depressing at the same time, to read the posts here. At least I know I’m not alone in my Sag limbo..but seems there’s very little hope at times. I think with work, WE could work..but like a childish Sag (sorry other Sag’s, but it’s true)…she is not too fond of doing the work and just hopes things “will work out”…somehow. Ah, me. One of us has to be the grown up in this, anf frankly, I’m tired of always taking care of her needs…but, you know…only time will tell where things will head from here on end. Would love to hear feedback on friends/family issue…why Sag’s are so stubborn in letting you in on their inner circle, even if they claim to be in love with you and have been dating you for THREE years. Thoughts/feedback?

    Thank you.


  • Libragal

    Hi All

    I’m a Libra woman and when I was much younger I dated a Sag. He cheated on me more than once and as I had little experience with men, I tolerated it but eventually gave up. He drank excessively and couldn’t hold his liquour but when he was sweet, he was very sweet. I also spent a fair amount of time with his family.

    The thing is that I have now met another Sag guy and I’m wondering if history is going to repeat itself. It’s holding me back from him although it’s early days yet.

  • borei

    SO,i am still confused as ever, and in short would just like the clearest answer possible…”can a sag be honest and faithful?'”

  • D

    Guys….firstly..EVERYTHING ..all your comments about saggis is 100% true..im a leo…but i am not the dating kinds…i prefer to be in my life and work…but a chance meeting with a saggi guy..turned my life around…i wasnt interested in him AT ALL at first …but this guy would just call and ask me out persistantly (great chasers)…i was rude…cut him off for 2 weeks and it didnt work..the charm finally worked…and very soon we met up and before i knew it got physical (though am from a very conservative upbringing..)…one thing about sagis…extremely slick when it comes to sex..they know exactly how to work it…and how to go about smoothly giving maximum pleasure to their partners..but after a few days..when he had all the entertainment(i talk a lot) he needed…the sex he got…he completely disappered..he wouldnt call or pick up my calls…he called later but i was very rude and cut him off…the thing about saggi men..its all a game…till the chase its fine…but then they are out for a new excitement…i wudnt be surprised if he cheats…he a heavy drinker gambler…and basically an escapist and a WEAK personality…they just dont wanna face anything and want to have the easy way out in life…but saggi’s r supoosed to have good luck so they tend to get away through their seeming nonchalance and directness…they have double standards too..like some of u say…they cant take u cheating on them..but they have the full right…basically they dont care….and i feel everyone ..all signs should stay away from this illusion…if u dont wanna get hurt

  • DualFish

    Alright…so back to my Sag (woman). Women, men..makes no difference, you all. I’ve dated a Sag man–he was a male “ho”, just greedy with sex all over the place–and a Sag woman…well, she’s more conservative, but at the VERY least, as far as I know, she’s been emotionally unfaithful…hooking up with people via cyberspace and then being caught (by me) and promising all sorts of things, including a stable, long-term relationship, and not being able to hold up her end of the deal. After 3 years of excessive investment in the most bottomless pit of a person, I’ve given up on this Sag woman. Sure, she can be charming, fun when she wants (and nasty and mean as all hell when she doesn’t get her way), generous when she wants to be (and stingy, when not in the mood), and full of promises (that she never kept), and a GREAT chaser…she chased me for NINE months before I gave in and went out on a date with her–they’re persistent and sooooo sweet when they want something from you, but when the fun and games are over to them, b’bye, they’re gone in a flash. But in the end, a Sag is ALL about control of others, and lack of responsibility when it comes to him/herself. They want to do whatever it is they want to do, double-standards ALL over the place (don’t you DARE cheat on them, but they can do it and then say, ‘but it didn’t mean anything’–right), and when it comes down to putting their money where their mouth is (meaning, keeping promises or being responsible to someone else other than themselves), forget it. Doesn’t happen. Will not happen. Sagittarians are knows to be the most immature, irresponsible, self-indulgent, game-playing, unreliable, insensitive, and insecure sign of the zodiac, and no matter your own astrological sign (I’m a Pisces, but I have a very strong chart with lots of Taurus, Aries, and Scorpio in there)…they will trump you every time. Why? Because they don’t live by anyone else’s rules but their own. And those rules change ALL the time. And, oh yea, they often happen to forget to mention that the rules of the ‘game’ have changed (yes, they treat love as a game), so you’re left scratching your head, pulling out your hair, screaming at the top of your lungs, or crying your heart out. If you’re smart, you’ll actually run for the hills.

    So yes, I’ve given it a whirl–with both the men and the women of this sign–and no, they cannot be in a relationship. They just don’t understand the idea of commitment, responsibility, monogamy, fairness, equality, sharing, sensitivity…all the stuff necessary to make a relationship successful.

    Best of luck to anyone who wants to give one of these fair-weathered lovers a try. Yes, you’ll probably have fun in the bedroom, but realize that’s as good as gets–it’s all fun and games, so if you lose your heart to one of these chumps…my sympathies.


  • JC

    Wow, these comments are scary. Every single thing you all are saying about Sag’s is true. I am a leo woman involved with a Sag man.

    I can relate to the intensity in the beginning months. A complete whirlwind of charm and intellect and attention bestowed upon me to make me feel like the ultimate queen.

    Then slowly, that starts to dwindle and you have to beg for a return call, you have to beg for a date, beg for attention. I am desperately trying to give him his feedom. I was in a complete manic state at first. I would persistently call a million times if he didn’t respond and have to hunt him down just to confirm if he will see me.

    Now after reading up on Sag and their needs, I realize I need to step back and leave him be. Indulge in my own interest, lead my life and fill it up to the point where he is not the focus.

    I truly believe, that once you have a fulfilled life and do not chase, or hound the Sag, he will maintain interest because he will be thrown off by your indifference.

    We’ll see if I can keep this cool exterior up for long.

    I’m an emotional leo that needs attention and praise and I don’t want to beg for it!

  • DualFish

    JC–I feel your pain. And though I’m not a Leo (though many think I am, for some reason! :)…I became soooo attention-starved in my Sag relationship that I started to feel ‘needy’. ME! I’m usually the one who likes her freedom, does her own thing, and wants good, quality times with a significant other. But with the Sag, that kind of consistency and attention was soooo scarce as time went by, whether I gave her plenty of freedom or asked to see her…that I started to wonder what’s wrong with me. I’m a very confident person, and basically, what was at work with my Sag (and most Sag’s, as I understand, want to feel ‘in control), was that I’d get to see her when SHE felt like it. On HER schedule. Dependong on HER mood. And if I said ‘boo’ about it, I’d get the old, “Ok, I need my SPACE, I feel suffocated”. It was a standard response that often made me feel I’d done something wrong, but I realized the underlying ‘threat’ was this: You don’t do things as I want them, and I’m leaving. Well, then, bye!

    When she felt like seeing me, and if I didn’t or couldn’t because I had other plans or things to do, she’d beg and plead and cry and barter and make all sorts of promises to get her way. SO pushy. If I stuck to my guns, I received ‘guilt’ texts, “I guess you don’t love me the same anymore” and such. In reverse, when she’d agree to a normal date with me, when it’d get closer to the date night, she’d pull all sorts of excuses to cancel. She needed her ‘space’. I came to a place of not even fighting about it, going, “Ok, fine, no problem”. How much can you fight that? You just get tired. And then the MINUTE I’d be okay with her canceling, she’d call a couple of hours later and say, “Wanna come over?” Please. Why? Because SHE said so. And that’s how I spent three years of my life, scratching my head, going, “I don’t get it”.

    Freedom a-plenty you may give them, and then they complain, “I want to feel needed by you sometimes, too, you know!” And then if I’d ask for something that didn’t fit her specific mood, or agenda, or whatever, it’d be, “Good lord, give me my space, will you?” And THIS from a woman whom, when I’d get sick of this back and forth and say, “See ya, never!”…she’d come chasing after me, begging and pleading, showing up at my house uninvited, to beg and say, “I want to win you back! I love you!” Okay, whatever. Perhaps she was more the ‘extreme’ case of the Sag, but based on other posts I’m reading here…maybe not.

    I know that while you’re with these types of people, and you’re ‘in love’ that you think there’ll never be another and that maybe something is wrong with you, and you need to bend and twist and pretzel yourself into what makes THEM happy, so that they’ll stick around. But after much heartache and time wasted on my part, I came to see that my needs are valid, that it’s NORMAL to want to spend a couple of days a week with my significant other, without it becoming a Federal case or a source of power play or flakiness for her, and hurt, rejection and confusion for me. I SHOULD get attention from my partner, same as I’m willing to give them. Why settle for ANYTHING less than you want? Life is too short. What if any of us fall down and die tomorrow (heaven’s forbid!)…then what did we learn of love and support of a significant other? Nothing, not with this type of Sag lameness.

    Besdies, I look at it this way, too: I shouldn’t even be searching websites, looking to understand why a certain person doesn’t treat me right. I mean, if any of these people were treating us like an equal partner, would we even be here, trying to make excuses for their lame behavior that leaves us feeling abandoned, unloved, and confused as to what it is that WE are doing? I don’t think so. Is wanting to spend time with our significant others, to be a part of their lives, to get to know and share their friends and families, as much as they share ours…a ridiculous demands? NO. So why put up with it? Yes…love. But that can easily become a bitter pill, if you end up wondering the very same things, asking the very same questions, year after year…and realize, wow, now I’ve invested SO much time and I STILL have nothing to show for it. Are they all that, really? Forget those initial ‘romantic,’ sweep you off your feet, intense attention and adulation days…that’s just how a ‘chaser’ operates. Once the prey is caught, it loses its luster. Sure, if you want to play hid and seek the rest of your life so that the Sag can feel they’re chasing and stick around…go ahead. I know I don’t want to be playing games. I want to live my life, and I want my life to be happy, stable, and secure. And I did not find that with a Sag.

    Hope you have more success with your Sag, JC. I know that I could not take it anymore. Fun, this sign can be, when they feel like it…but I don’t need a part-time lover who makes me crazy and doubt myself, as if my basic needs in a partnership are outlandish and ‘asking for too much’.

    So keep yourself centered and keep reminding yourself: it’s OKAY to want love and companionship. It’s not okay to have to beg for it. And if someone makes you do so, then you don’t want them in your life that badly, now..do you?

    Keep us posted!


  • JC


    DualFish you hit it dead on! Power Plays, mind games, dates and plans scheduled around their time, catering to their moods and always leaving space and room for them to feel they can flee. No pressure, no responsibility in the relationship.

    The line about having to bend and pretzel myself into this easy going, flighty, nonchalant girl who caters to his whims is so dead on!

    It’s true. When I get fed up and say I want a man who’s attentive, who acts as if this relationship means something, that’s when the drama comes.

    The intense “I love you, I would die for you, You know your my soulmate” comes out. Why don’t Sag’s act like they are appreciative of the gems that come into their life.

    They have so much spark and fun and that’s what draws the special people to them because they are quite rare and make you feel like your on a cloud with their wit and intelligence and striking presense, but dammit that’s not enough!!!

    I know I’m special, but I never take my relationship for granted. I give him gifts, remember his birthday, cook for him, rub his back check in on him, etc.

    I am the one who carries the relationship when it comes to effort. I cannot see myself even planning a trip with this man or even introducing him to my family, he wouldn’t show up! Some chaotic event would happen and he’d have to be in another state and just say “Sorry baby”.

    Important stuff like having your man with you throughout the week and bringing him to certain events with you as your Significant other. As your confidant it’s just not possible. The grace you with their presence when they want. When it’s convienient for them.

    He never says – Hey baby I want to see you. When’s a good time to come over. I have to ask, baby when will I see you I want to see you. He says – “when” and like a punk who wants to be the good girlfriend, I say “Whatever day is good for you”.

    I need a man to show effort and make me feel sexy and special, like I’m worthy of having someone make a fuss over me.

    That’s why I have gone on dates with other men and have even been intimate with another man 3x, but no matter what, nobody else has the spark that fire and passion I see when we are together and that’s what I keep hanging on to. That’s what has me hooked.

    This man’s magnetism is so intense that even when I’m pissed and in the arms of another man, the next day, I wonder where he is and what he’s doing and when I will see him.

    This is insane.

  • duane

    Good grief.

    Carry on.

  • DualFish

    JC–I went through the same exact thing with my Sag. SAME. No effort on her part to really make plans with me, very flakey, forget planning trips, I couldn’t even get her to follow-through on a movie date. We’d buy movie tickets online for the same evening, and I’m en route to her house, and get a call, “Babe, would you be upset if I canceled? I don’t feel well”…at a constant. And the drama…oh did it skyrocket when I’d get fed up and walk out the door.

    I haven’t talked to mine in a week. I just pulled the plug on the whole thing because I felt so disrespected and taken for granted–please, WHO needs that? And wouldn’t you know it? She has been calling and calling and calling and saying, “Please call me, I love you. I don’t want ‘things’ to be this way”. Well, really? Heard THAT one a million times over the past 3 years and the only one who changed was ME…taking on the burden for TWO in a so-called relationship. Yes, and I used to go out on dates each time we’d “break up” (cuz I got fed up) but the next day, I’d wonder what she was up to. The thing is, they have a ‘way’ about them that can make you feel like a Princess, it all seems so fairy tale at first. But then it goes away and comes back sporadically and it’s what kept me hooked in. You fall in love with the “image” they present, and build your feelings around that, but I find this particular sign to be rather shallow emotionally and selfish, too, so while we might hurt because they’re self-serving, they’re all, “What’s the big deal?” My broken heart, you dumb a**! I just cannot do it anymore.

    I hear you on carrying the weight of the relationship! I’d do same, always suggest activities, make plans, take care of her, look after her, rub her back, check in with her to make sure all’s well. Do you think it was reciprocated? No. In fact, she’d sometimes even bite the hand that fed her–mine–if I’d make her dinner..next day I’d get a call that she feels things are “moving too fast” and can we slow it down? I’d be confused. We only had dinner. What’s “fast”? And this, after 2.5 years together!! And then I’d pull away, and emotionally distance myself to prevent more hurt for me, and she’d chase after me and go, “But I love you, I want to SEE you.” Then one good date, and after that, business as usual.

    Yes, my Sag can be very charming too…but looking at it as far as long-term plans go…I realized this was a one-way street, bottomless pit and it was going nowhere. I was trying to “build” something with her, a future (and she called me her “soulmate” and “love of her life” too)…but she was just in it for the easy ride. NO, thanks.

    It’s exhausting. I don’t want to feel like a pretezel anymore. I know my own worth and I have plenty of options. And my heart finally “got it”…I’m out. Thank goodness.

    I’m sorry you’re dealing with the same thing. And as intense as this man may be, remember, if you sometimes get too close to fire, you get burnt. And in the case of these folks, have the emotional 911 on speed dial, and take up permanent residence in the Heartbreak Hotel. No good came out of mine. I hope some does of yours, but don’t bet on it. Remember–ACTIONS speak louder than words. If someone says they love you but don’t give you love, or show you love…is it really love?

    Look to actions; ignore the words.

    And stay out of the insane asylum. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Keep posting–it helps to see things more clearly. Honest.


  • J

    I am a female Sag in her thirties with a Scorpio moon and will cop to fitting many of the descriptions of my sun sign that I am reading here. I make a much better friend or casual partner than serious companion. Any situation that makes me feel trapped or tied down will bring out the worst in me, period.

    HOWEVER….the most deceitful, pompous, the rules-don’t-apply-to-me cheating liar of a person I ever knew was not a Sag- he was a Cancer with a Gemini moon. And a Leo woman I was once friends with was a gossipy, manipulative witch who thought she was better than everyone else. I love Cancers and respect their genuine instincts to protect and nurture, but they can be absolute bitches who attack you when your guard is down- the men too.

    I know Saggies are the ones being discussed here, but please let’s not forget all the signs have their dark sides!

  • BT

    This is for J,

    I respect ur comment immensely, and therefore i have a question just for u. I am so glad to see a sag in here, cuz who better to know a sag’s personality than a sag herself.

    Anyway, i do agree that we all have our positive traits as well as negative(which is not as available in books as it should be), and i have heard so much grime o this sign. Now, my man has been quite different from all that has been described. He’s been wonderful, and together we have great times. We moved in together after 3months of dating, and what started as just casual fun turned into couple love. I never anticipated all that has occured, and today when i look at him, i still love him because he gives me reason to adore him.

    Anyway, enough sappy details. Straight to the point, he cheated. He cheated with a woman who worked on base. I asked him why, and he said cuz he was scared. I asked of what, and he replied with what seemed like a genuine answer. He was scared of his future. He said he had never been so in love, but at the same time so nervous. At the time i was a dancer, and he he said that he felt threatend by my work. Anyway, we got past it and it is now 2.5yrs later. We’re still happy when we’re together, but when we r apart for a while, i begin to wonder about him.

    So J, please let me know just whether a sag can be faithful? And let’s assume that the sag is really in love, can he/she really be honest and monogomous?

    Thanks, i hope to get a reply from u J.

  • JC

    I have a question for everyone has dealt with a male Sag. How did you find them in intimate situations? I find them extremely charming and seductive but in regard to technique the actual “intercourse” doesn’t last very long. I read that they are very good for “oral massages” but the actual sex is not intense, it can be good but very quick.

    Is this true in your case? And if this is true? Why do they have so many woman and can’t stick with one, eventhough they are not intensely sexual?

  • DualFish

    JC–from experience, I find both male and female Sags to be rather impatient in all arenas, including the sexual one. They like the build up, but when it comes down to completing the “task”…they become selfish and get very focused on their own pleasure in the end. Wham, bam…you know how it goes. And you’re right; the actual sex does end up being quite quick–male and female alike (trust me).

    Why do they have so many women? Because they can be fun, charming, in a sort of naive/innocent way (at first). Why can’t they stick with one? They’re like kids in a candy store…can’t pick just one flavor and move on. They get greedy and want to try everything, and even when they do, they can’t make up their minds. They’re like big kids…never wanna grow up. I think they have a serious case of the Peter Pan syndrome! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, Sag is a mutable sign, like my own sign (Pisces), which means we change and adapt to any given situation. However, while Pisces like me are an emotional water sign and follow their hearts and tend to stick with one mate, Sags are mutable fire signs…so they sizzle, then fizzle. Minds change DAILY…

    Sags usually end up settling down much later in life…sometimes, not at all. Of course a lot of it depends on their entire astro chart (Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury), but with a dominant fire sign such as Sag, don’t expect a commitment…at least, not a long-term one.

    Incidentally, for those who have been following my Sag story on this board…I ended things with my Sag almost 2 weeks ago, and she wrote me an email, telling me how she is sorry that she couldn’t make up her mind about what she wants. I ignored her. That’s what you do when you break-up with someone who’s been a jerk. Three days ago, she wrote ANOTHER email, begging me to come back to her, because she loves me soooo much! She does this EVERY time. And when I have returned…we went on the same roller coaster ride, only to end up where we are now–not together again.

    See what I mean? They can’t stick to anything, even their own decisions. And they love the chase, but the spoils of the game are never as interesting to them.

    That’s how it goes…


  • JC

    Right on the money again Dualfish!!!!!!

    The build-up is so sexy so seductive, but their actual technical expertise is lacking. The slow steady grind to withold orgasm is not in them.

    They start and then 5-10 minutes later they are done. It feels great because they are passionate and saying all the right fiery erotic things in your ear to make you feel like a true lioness, but it only last for a litte while.

    They are so charming and come off so sexy and sensuous but the duration and stamina is lacking.

    Yet and still I can’t get enough.

    Again, I say – This is insane

  • Daisy

    Where’s Stumped.
    I’m all caught up in the drama of the mother issue. I’m a sag. too. Dec. 21…not a young chick.
    Stumped, try this.
    I know the first encounter with mom did not go well, but consider the situation when you met. Nothing would please your sag. man more than giving a genuine effort to get to know mom. Try inviting them both over for a homecooked dinner. Watch how he responds to your effort, even if mom’s attitude doesn’t change. It may help things to turn around where she is concerned. If not it’s time to move on. It has been over a year and you have your life to live without holding out on something that may never happen.
    Just a sag. women’s opinion.
    Also, I have a Virgo rising which makes my chart a little different.

  • Daisy

    Hey all,

    I wonder how a sag.woman would get along with a sag. man. Would we be a match made in heaven or would it be a disaster.


  • JC

    Just an update.

    I’ve ended it. No more sagittarius. I will date another one if it was presented to me the right way, but this one did not acknowlede what he had.

    I’m through. I txt him a nasty message sayin “You couldn’t last 2 weeks without going back to treating me like sh**.

    Then changed my phone number.

    I’m done completely. No going back. Nothing of substance to go back to.

  • DualFish

    Awww, JC…(((hugs)))

    I’m sorry, hon. You’re brave to do this now. Good on you not to wait so long that you don’t know your head from your feet, before calling it quits. I know how it feels, as I’ve ended mine, too. Been two weeks–TOUGH two weeks–but who wants to be treated like sh** is right!!!

    Good idea to change your #. I might follow your lead and do the same with mine any day now.

    You WILL be okay. No one deserves to be treated badly…and no matter how “charming” these people can be, if heartless and without substance, OUT they go.

    Be well.


  • Daisy


    Feel really badly for you.

    I guess most sag. men are no good, dirty, rotten, …… but some of us sag. feel really badly about that.

    Don’t turn down trying another sag. if the opportunity presents itself. He may be the perfect attentive man….a keeper.
    I’m a sag. women and can’t find the right combination for me. Maybe it’s because I’ve picked two capricorn husbands…what was I thinking!


  • JC

    Another question.

    Did Sagittarius people have a tendancy to give elaborate, dramatic stories as to why you hadn’t heard from them in days.

    Like a sucker, my Sagittarius showed up at my house because I changed my number and told me I hadn’t heard from him, because his child was missing in Georgia and he couldn’t tell me, because his head was messed up.

    Not only did I reconcile, I gave him money to fly to Georgia to be with his child

  • People are telling Sadge stories here:

    Add yours!

  • JC

    DualFish: I see this merry go round lasting a while. I can’t get this man out of my system no matter how much drama ensues. The bottom line is I love him and I believe we belong together. I love his voice, his laughter, his smile, his dramatic cheerful disposition.

    I love him. I just hope we can get over the humps.

  • DualFish

    JC–I just read your post. Goodness, you’re in as deep as me. How can I say anything to you, when I’m just as lost in my Sag? I told her “see ya never” four weeks ago, and 4 days ago, she’s begging, showing up at my door, telling me all sorts of things to get me to agree to see her again and to “be together”–again. Sucker, me, I saw her and now she’s calling me every night, wants to see me all the time (I won’t let her), and wants to plan this/that. Thing is…I think because I kept away, we’re back to the “chase” mode…like when we first met. If you let a Sag catch you AND keep you, you become boring. If you want to keep them chasing, keep running, and stop every once in a while and allow yourself to be “caught”. But how long can this chase mode continue? I know I’ll get tired of running soon enough, and when my Sag gets bored because I’m not acting like prey, but want to be caught, we’ll call it quits again; I’m almost certain. That’s when I’ll take my re-injured heart back from her to heal, and then find someone who will be there when I want to stop running, and just want to stand still with them. Because, frankly, I doubt the last woman standing for me will be my Sag. I’d like it to be, but yeah..I doubt it. History has shown me otherwise.

    So for now, JC…you and I are both back in the “game”…but boy, I hope neither of us gets burnt too badly.

    Good luck to you…update as we go. I’m sure my stories will get dramatic before too long. You? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • hi elsa, i’m a sagittarian (“sag man” sounds a bit strange — like something’s supposed to sag, heh) and boy, it’s almost scary how much i can relate to what you said.

    yup, i want to love and be loved, but at the same time i have this almost insane need not to be tied down. so i guess this is true for most sagittarians?

    commitment was always a scary thing for me, and while i love my wife, many of our disagreements stem from the fact that i’m obsessed with my need to be free. her sign’s pisces, by the way.

    i dunno if it’s true for most sadges but i generally find it easier to deal with ideas than emotions. i always want something new.

    ok, i’m babbling, heh. thanks for this article!

  • JC

    DualFish: Yeah, I’m back. I ran and he caught me, now I’m sprung again. I can’t do the whole, “maybe I’m interested, maybe I’m not”. I love hard and smother with affection.

    He’s in Georgia now and we txt a couple of times and spoke a few. I called a lot today and he hasn’t responded.

    We’ll see if I can calm down this week and do the whole chase thing. I’m in love, but sometimes a mess cause I don’t get the communication or all the attention I desire.

  • DualFish

    JC: Don’t you love how we start by being chased by the Sag and end up doing the chasing ourselves in the end? I’ve learned the hard way to let mine go and be free as she likes. Heres’s an example: she and I both work in front of computers all day–different fields, but I see her online and she sees me. Many-a-times I’d say “hi, how are you” to her, only to be treated with either a “hi, baby!” for no apparent reason…or a “hi, hang on, busy”. Hot and cold. So nowadays, I just do nothing. I see her online…HOURS go by (we’re both online since 9 a.m.)…before she finally gets annoyed at waiting for me to initiate contact…sometimes it gets to be 2-3 p.m. when she’ll suddenly say, “You there?” YUP, I’m here, but I’m not chasing YOU. So I say, “Yep”…and she’s all chat chat chat, but if I respond at all and get a little into the conversation, then she’s suddenly, “hang on, brb”…and off she goes again. Hot and cold.

    Exhausting. My advice? Stop chasing. Go and have your own life. Pretend as if you two are NOT talking at all. Let him be in Georgia and you live your life as if you two had not re-united. Let him call you. If he texts, respond…but wait a while before you do. If he calls, take your time calling back, unless it’s “urgent”. Yea, you want to love hard…and so do I, but you know? What “love hard” might mean to you and me…is not the same to the Sag’s, I’ve learned.

    Personally, I’m tired of the “chasing” game. In fact, it’s become a touch boring for me, and the stability of just being with someone who wants you there and doesn’t mind telling you and showing you would be just great!

    Oh, and JOEY…Sag and Pisces, eh? I’m a Pisces. What is it with you Sag’s and chasing us Pisces? ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • satori

    can we turn this into group therapy? you all seem to be telling my story in one form or other. I’m pisces. I’m starting to hate him… yet I crave him. I hate this game and I don’t want to play. He feels like an addiction. I feel bereft because loving him after knowing all this makes me feel like less of a person.

  • JC

    That’s exactly what they are……an addiction. You hate it but you kind of love it.

  • DualFish

    I second and third that! Addictive relationships–it’s a real thing. Google it. I have…



  • Nia

    dearie me, am I the only one having a very happy long-term relationship with a Sagittarius here?

    No I don’t find him too rushed in bed. Definately faster sex than with previous Pisces lovers of yore but to be honest sex that goes on for hours gets a bit boring for me.

    I love Sagittarius men unashamedly, and for the most part I’ve had extremely happy relationships with them. Perhaps this is because I have Jupiter rising and I’m pretty independent myself so even though I am a Cancerian and like security I don’t really feel the need to cling.

    There are things about Sagittarius I knew when I married him

    * tendency to not just be able to say “I’m sorry” or give a short, simple answer but must instead launch into a convoluted (and often hilarious) theory instead.

    * tendency to go out for a simple task(buy some bread) and come back three hours later via Galapagos Islands with some interesting but unrelated gadgets.

    But overall even though I left him plenty of space I’ve never known him to really want to leave home. The only exception was when he changed jobs and really liked all the people at work and was going out with them all the time until I got irate and put my foot down and we compromised (x days of the week for friends, x days of the week for spending time with wife).

    Maybe it helps that he has a Taurus Rising but he’s been constant and faithful and patient and stood by me through illness and struggle (queue: “How can you love me, I’m just a crazy bitch!” “True, but you’re MY crazy bitch…”)

    A lot depends on your chart and its inherent needs, and a lot depends on the chart of the individual Sag, but I have never found Sag to be inherently rubbish in relationships or incapable of sustained intimacy and commitment.

  • B

    Aww thanks Nia. That’s what i needed. I thought i was nuts or overlooking something, but i really am happy with my sag. I’ve never been so happy, and i’ve had a fare share and variety of men. With the exception of his cheating, we’ve passed it, and i never feel stupid for being with him, so i guess that’s a good sign right? We’re going to marry soon also. I do feel right about it, and now with ur indirect blessing, i feel very comfortable with it. Thanks Nia, and all the best girl.

  • lovewarrior

    Hi, i’m taurus but have stationary venus in aries trine mars in sag and jupiter in 7th and it seems every man i’ve dated has a sag influence be it sun,moon,asc,etc. Noticed a few other taureans on here with saggi beaus which kinda soothed me as we’re so often told we’re incompatible (maybe we are but maybe thats the attraction). Of my 2 closest friends 1 is sag and the other sag rising and my sister is a double (sun & moon). Cant seem to escape the energy and mostly i dont want to even when they’re driving me completely insane.

    I think what attracts me is their sense of fun (sometimes bordering on recklessness admittedly) and their refusal to bow down to the man. They say what they think and do what they want and i guess i’m admiral of that until it clashes with what i want. Then i rant and rave and completely lose it and you know what they never bat an eyelid, just carry on as before. They even seem to get a kick out of my rants and raves, they like people who are not afraid to say what they think and dont mind if it differs from their own views cos they’re learning and sag’s love to expand their minds. They also have a quite lovable optimism and faith in the future that greatly appeals to my over analytical virgoan (have a stellium in virgo-moon,jup,plu,uranus in 7th)neurosis’. In short they cheer me up and give me hope. I think for me it helps if they have a receptive moon as i personally feel that moons are more important in compatibility. But i need their energy in my life and it seems i cant avoid it even if i try.

  • satori

    Nia, you said, “Perhaps this is because I have Jupiter rising and I’m pretty independent myself so even though I am a Cancerian and like security I don’t really feel the need to cling.” I’m sure you didn’t intend to infer that we DO cling, but it does sound that way. I’ve got a fair bit of Leo-Aries independence myself. My experience is that attempts to enforce boundaries or have and express feelings are interpreted as clinging by the sadges in my life.

    Also, your sadge married. The sadge I’m thinking of will never marry. I’m sure there’s a spectrum from Peter Pan to sadges who show their boy/girl-ishness in more mature ways. I think this discussion follows the former and while it’s nice to hear sadge can be expressed so beautifully, that’s not really what the pain you see expressed here is about. it’s about the lower expression that many of us are dealing with.

  • JC

    That’s my problem. I’m a leo and I want praise and compulsive attention. If you don’t return my calls or txt immediately I assume your insulting me. I can be very extreme and clingy which I’m working on.

    It’s obvious I have to show I have a full and fulfilling life, outside of my relationship with him, so he can see he is not being chased.

  • Nia

    Satori I certainly didn’t mean to infer that EVERY Cancerian clings but I have known a great fair few who do. I cling to material things, and it’s taken me a long time to let people go partially because I know how annoying I find it when people want too much of me.

    It’s all relative though, all part of the spectrum. What is normal intimacy to one person is another’s clinginess and suffocation. I think people should be true to their needs, and wanting to hang onto something/someone is not intrinsically wrong at all. Everyone has needs after all, and it’s good to honour them. It just becomes a problem when the other person doesn’t like it and tells you to loosen your grip, please and that’s a problem that can plague Sagittarius/Aquarius and Cancer.

    It’s all about keeping a balance. Physically I have a very hands on relationship with my partner – when we’re home alone chances are I’m in his arms and around his neck like a koala while emotionally I’m a lot more laid back and try not to be limiting. Luckily this is something that suits both of us.

    My experience is that attempts to enforce boundaries or have and express feelings are interpreted as clinging by the sadges in my life.

    That sounds both unfortunate and frustrating. Have discussion and compromise been options?In my experience people who feel frightened of the emotions of others generally feel frightened of their own, and I think itโ€™s found across every Sun sign.

    In the past Iโ€™ve certainly had relationships with people where my nature and theirs clashed in ways that proved to be frustrating and unresolvable for both parties, not because eitherโ€™s needs were wrong but simply because at that time they were incompatible.

    The sadge I’m thinking of will never marry. I’m sure there’s a spectrum from Peter Pan to sadges who show their boy/girl-ishness in more mature ways. I think this discussion follows the former and while it’s nice to hear sadge can be expressed so beautifully, that’s not really what the pain you see expressed here is about. it’s about the lower expression that many of us are dealing with.

    Although I wouldnโ€™t classify the lack of desire to marry/settle as necessarily immature I can totally understand the pain of people feeling let down by their partners and I donโ€™t mean to knock that at all. The point of my post was not to invalidate that experience but to reassure people that not every Sagittarius is a lousy lover and commitmentphobic and that yes, it is possible to have happy relationships โ€“ so that they aren’t freaked out and put off at the start by thinking it will all end in tears.

  • Regarding Cancers and whether or not they cling, look to the sign position of the Moon (which Cancer rules). For example, I have a Cancer man friend (ex-boyfriend actually) who I have known for 30 years. And he does not cling and never has. However, his Moon is in (detached) Aquarius… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • B

    Thanks again Nia. I’ve only read all the negatives, and i am a realist, so i knew there had to be somethings wonderful about the sag man. I felt it, and experience it everyday with him, so i really just wanted to know whether there were other cases of that, and that it wasn’t just all in my head.

    I too am the same at home. He loves the affection i show him, and as touchy feely as i am, i also understand that this is a man who strongly has and undertakes his interests and hobbies.

    When we r in each other’s company, i feel fantastic. He is sweet, soft-spoken but direct, enlightening and just beautiful to gaze at.

    So in conclusion, the male sag can be a great man, it’s just up to him. My partner told me that 5yrs ago, he was not this eager to commit or felt the need to love, cuz he just felt he wasn’t ready. So really, i guess it’s a matter of meeting a sag at the right time…when they’re ripe.

  • JC

    Well things are going okay with my Saggie man and I. The only thing is (here is TMI coming) I lost my virginity to this Sag man and I’m a novice sexually. The one thing about my sag is the coming to quickly and I read that in astrology books that Saggie men come quickly and sex is not intense for them. I am a very emotional person. I cry during sex and I want sex to last at least 30min and not 7 or 10min.

    The fourplay is good, but the actual sex is over very quickly. It’s very intense and emotional but doesn’t last long.

    Does anyone else experience this with their Saggie men.

    I want my sex life to get better and last longer

  • Nia

    Dear JC,

    I canโ€™t remember that sex being too short was a problem associated with any of my Saggi lovers. If Iโ€™d attach an astrological significator to coming quickly then Iโ€™d attach it to Moon in Aries. (Iโ€™m not saying every Aries Moon fires its shot too soon, but anecdotal evidence from several astrologers suggest that itโ€™s a pattern theyโ€™ve noticed; Also my husband him of the Aries Moon and Mars doesnโ€™t have that issue, but then thereโ€™s also a Taurus Ascendant and Venus in Capricorn to compensate).

    How old is your Saggie? One thing Z continuously says is that he was very different at 22 than at 30 (when I met him, and when heโ€™d slowed down and patienced up considerably). Age is a big factor, and people tend to be very different after their Saturn return. On the other hand I know another fabulous Sag who got married and had children in his 20s and is spending his forties happily unmarried, enjoying a succession of relationships that wonโ€™t lead to a wedding or more children, and thatโ€™s fair enough.

    I donโ€™t think you should settle in relationships, sexually or otherwise, for something that is less than what you want/need because it wonโ€™t make you happy, or your partner happy.

    Entering sex, discovering your sexuality โ€“ those are joyful things! Exciting things! A wonderful time to learn about your needs and desires and what gives pleasure, as you are already doing. There is no need on this journey to limit yourself to one man, especially if heโ€™s not giving you what you need. The world is full of men!

    Everyone, everyone, has different needs and sexual styles. Itโ€™s like personality โ€“ thereโ€™s some room for compromise but ultimately if it isnโ€™t working then stop trying to make it fit and move on to something that flows more easily, more joyfully. The world, after all, is full of people who you can learn things from โ€“ inside the bed and outside of it.

    I donโ€™t think thereโ€™s one right way to have sex. If you want to cry and cuddle and make love as your souls entwine, then thatโ€™s fair enough. There are certainly plenty of people who want the same things, and will be able to meet that need. Perhaps, itโ€™s also something that your current lover wishes to do, and thereโ€™s certainly techniques aplenty about how to delay the male orgasm and last longer (off the top of my head I remember Tracy Cox talking about it on The Sex Inspectors; thereโ€™s certainly books out there about it). Tantric sex is another avenue you may want to investigate โ€“ as itโ€™s all about the deep connections and Sag tends to love learning about new things/ideas so you may both get a kick out of it.

    Ultimately though, perhaps the things you want and make you happy are not compatible with one another and cannot be made to fit. In that case thereโ€™s no shame in that, nor letting each other go and allowing people who fit those needs better to come into your life instead.

    Best of luck.

  • Nia

    Lol B, now I have Ripe Sagittarius Men! Come get your perfectly ripe Sagittarius Men here! Come get them before they fall off the branch and spoil! running through me brains.

    I think it’s very true what you say – Sag is a wonderful beast but you need to meet them in the right context, at the right time. I used to wonder why most of the people I got attached to had a Sagittarius Moon and then I realised I loved them all because they were so freaking hilarious.

    So in conclusion – Sagittarius, It Doesn’t Have to End in Tears ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • DualFish

    I have to vent: will things NEVER calm down with my Sag and me? EVER? She was begging and pleading with me, only last week, that she wants to have ‘peace’ between us and can we try to take things slow? Sure, fine. In a matter of 8 days, she starts to flake out on plans–again–and then she says, when I finally told her that she’s being flakey and unreliable again..she goes, “We need a break”. She does this all the time! I finally told her to grow up and not to come to me to kiss her boo-boo’s better, because I’m not her mommy and she needs to take it elsewhere. What a moron!

    Besides which, I think I have a better than average understanding of Sag’s, since my Moon is in Sag. But it doesn’t help with this one, that’s for sure.



  • Daisy

    how I love to tune in to hear the latest drama. This is better than a soap opera anyday!

  • satori

    It’s been my experience that a lover who tells you they just want to be friends is probably incapable of sustaining either type of relationship.

  • DualFish

    My Saggie is a certified dummie. I’m tired of her ‘games’. One day she loves me, next day she’s ‘angry’ with me..it’s like, she doesn’t even need me there really to play out her ‘drama’.

    I tried to reason with her–again–to be like, look this cyclical thing between us is not normal. Can we talk about it? Her response, “I’m not ready today”. What a control freak! So many times I’ve said to her I don’t want to talk to her at all, and she’s harrassed me, calling/texting/emailing/instant messaging…and I’ve said, “LEAVE ME ALONE” and she wouldn’t listen. Now that I’m saying, “Look this not talking again thing is dumb, lets not do it again,” she says, “Today, this is how I feel.” Okay, WHATEVER. As if I’m waiting for her mood to change, and mine will HAVE to change along with it. NOT.

    So I told her I’ll leave her alone, if she leaves me alone permanently, too. She said, “Don’t worry, I will”. Yes, I’ve heard THAT one 5 million times, until two weeks pass, and she comes around and stalks me again. What a dummie.

    I blocked her from my instant message. I’m going to change my tel. #’s, too. I was obviously delusional to think I could talk reason to this one…


  • satori

    ah, DualFish, I really hear you. the supposed love of my life that I’ve been dealing with hangs up on me on a whim. the last time, he asked me if I was okay (after telling me about another woman he’d been talking with and admitting there was an interest there) and when I paused before answering HE HUNG UP! not the first time, just an example. then he didn’t speak to me for a week!

    recently he decided we were moving too fast (hadn’t seen him in person in a month) and we need to “just be friends”. I said it sounds like we’re done. “well if that’s the way you want to interpret it”. so today I called and left a message (I knew he wouldn’t answer) telling him I need to get over him and told him not to contact me for a month. we have a child together so that complicates things (we were never married).

    thankfully I know he WON’T contact me, probably ever again. he’ll be on to the next one. good effing riddance.

    I go back and forth between grief and anger.

  • JC

    Looks like my Sag is back to his old behavior. He was supposed to come by today. I bought wine and all kind of treats, he didn’t even call to say something came up or something happen. Just no notificatiion.

    Why are they so heartless when it comes to their partner’s schedule and plans.

    Selfish and wishy washy.

    And comes to quick. What am I doing

  • satori

    well, if it helps, I truly understand and I am SO, SO sorry. your feelings matter, and you have value and are worthy of respect.

  • JC


    Looks DualFish is going through the rollercoaster too. I called and called all day yesterday and his phone was off. No call from another phone to say “Baby I can’t make it”. Just left me hanging in my apt waiting with a hot dinner all alone.

    This is ridiculous. You would think you give a man $300 2 weeks ago so he can fly to the south to be with his child, that he’d be more apt at showing appreciation for me.

    But he comes back and just spends time with me for 1 day out of the week, then promises to see me on Sunday, but leaves me hanging.

    This really make me feel like crap.

  • Nia

    Dear people with problematic partners,

    You’re right, your feelings are valuable and DO matter! So if your partners are treating in you in ways you find unacceptable the most elegant solution might be to dump their asses. Because you can go on all you want about how something is not right but as long as you stay with that person you are indirectly also telling them it’s OK, that you’re willing to put up with it and that they won’t have to deal with the consequences of acting like asshats.

    Love, especially love of your life is not supposed to make you feel like shit unless you like the drama and the pain. It takes two people to create a particular dynamic (I speak from painful personal experience) and it’s created by someone doing something unacceptable and the other person letting them get away with it, thereby reinforcing the message that it’s all right to continue doing it. And if you really don’t like it, then put down some boundaries and ground rules and stick to them, at which point the other person has the choice to either change or leave.

    It sounds much easier to say than to put into practice of course, but usually it’s the only way.

    If you don’t want to dialogue with someone, simply don’t engage. Don’t answer when they ring, or if you do just put down the phone. Don’t answer their letters. This is more effective than saying LEAVE ME ALONe because as long as you’re saying anything you’re still talking and this encourages further dialogue. On the other hand blank silence does work because eventually they get the message of no reinforcement at all and then they stop.

    If my husband didn’t show up for plans he’d made with me and didn’t call, I’d read him the riot act. If a lover pulled the same stunt then they’d have to work their little asses of to convince me to see them again. I’m all for being understanding and forgiving, and there are times when people forget or get sidetracked or something. But if it becomes a repeat pattern… in my opinion life is too short to put up with that bollocks.

    Best of luck

  • B

    Nice advice, but i begin to wonder, perhaps saggies are different in the UK. Just wondering. U are blessed though, u realise that??? But u are also wise…

  • DualFish

    Yes, apparently, every time we dialogue with our Sag’s, they get us back on the roller coaster. Listen, I’m all for the excitement of a roller coaster ride, but if that’s all I’m ever on…high high’s, and low low’s, I’m bound to vomit eventually, get a headache, a brain contusion, and lots of aches and pains. LOTS. I’ve already done the verbal vomiting, and my brain hurts from thinking, “WHY does this keep happening?” At the end of the day, best to get off the ride and get on something more stable, more calm, and less nauseating.

    Satori–that sucks that he won’t even be responsible to his own child. But then again, why am I not surprised? Sag’s are BIG children themselves and it’s all about “me, me, me”.

    JC–sorry to hear your Sag is up to his old ways again. Honestly, these people won’t change–and when I say “change”…I mean learning to treat their partners as valuable, and treating them well. If they didn’t do it to begin with, they’re not about to start now. Although, frankly, I think that’s a load of crap (bollocks, per Nia) on their end, because they CHOOSE not to change, not because they can’t. They get what they want, how they want it, and on their own selfish terms, so why bother changing?

    I read in a book this morning, “A person can only change if he/she wants to, and if you stay around hoping they will change, realize that a person won’t even try to change if a situation doesn’t become uncomfortable enough for them TO change–as in, you leave, and if they love you and realize they need to change to get you back, then they might. But as long as they get what they want, they won’t change. There is no real incentive to do so, especially if you stick around, take their crap, and hope for the best.” I think that’s VERY true.

    Sags: Selfish. Self-centered. Inconsiderate. Rude. Thoughtless. Self-serving. Liars. Players. And did I mention, selfish?

    Chaps my behind…


  • JC

    More Drama: I called today cursing him out saying why did he not call, then he called later saying he was in jail for a day because of a ticket and a warrant because of old tickets.

    Then the police picked him up and took him to jail for the night and took his phone.

    Then he had his brother call me, but supposedly the brother called the wrong number, so then he got me and his brother on the phone to tell me that he really did get arrested.

    Then he got mad at me, because I said it’s always something with him, and he said- Your mad that I didn’t come to dinner! Then he said I have to go to work, bye!

    He was really nasty and short with me and made me feel like I was a wicked bitch because I was still upset. He thought well I’m telling you now what happened so just suck it up.

  • JC

    More Drama: I called today cursing him out saying why did he not call, then he called later saying he was in jail for a day because of a ticket and a warrant because of old tickets.

    Then the police picked him up and took him to jail for the night and took his phone.

    Then he had his brother call me, but supposedly the brother called the wrong number, so then he got me and his brother on the phone to tell me that he really did get arrested.

    Then he got mad at me, because I said it’s always something with him, and he said- Your mad that I didn’t come to dinner! Then he said I have to go to work, bye!

    He was really nasty and short with me and made me feel like I was a wicked bitch because I was still upset. He thought well I’m telling you now what happened so just suck it up.

  • satori

    Maybe it’s my capricorn, but where’s the healthy shame over being in JAIL?? My friends and I have a term we use when we realize we’ve been dominating the convo: “Oh, sorry I went All About Me!”

    You should forget whatever petty concern YOU have cos whatever is going on with him trumps yours. always. He’s the center of the universe, I guess, except I’ve heard God is far more magnanimous.

    and DualFish– amen. thanks for venting cos it makes me feel all “OH YEAH” inside.

    Nia… we’re venting here. we all seem pretty intelligent and really do know the score. Sometimes people need somewhere safe to vent, somewhere people really do understand what you’re talking about. We already know the Dr. Phil thang on this one. When we’re done going ’round, we’ll be done. We all intellectually know the score. Right here is where we’re venting our spleen.

  • JC

    I am so hurt. I apologized (Like a dummy) for my indifference towards him and he’s treating me like dirt.

    I have to be strong and leave him alone once and for all.

  • Nia

    Nia… we’re venting here. we all seem pretty intelligent and really do know the score. Sometimes people need somewhere safe to vent, somewhere people really do understand what you’re talking about.

    Fair do. ๐Ÿ™‚ Vent away. It’s your pity party and you can cry if you want to.

    I’m sorry if my advice is obsolete and indeed as you say, people are allowed to go ’round as long as they want to.

    Also my glib tone masks the fact that I really do have deep sympathies for people who are in unsatisfactory relationships, being a veteran of those myself. However I do get irked by the whole *blame it on the Sag* attitude as opposed to *Some people are asshats, regardless of sun sign*. Actually, I get pretty irked with the whole *blame someone else* thing(unless it’s the Blame Canada song in the South Park movie, which is just funny) because it’s not constructive to recognising your own part in the drama you’re creating, or its re-creation with that person or the next one who comes along.

    On the other hand I apologise for my Virgo-Rising desire to make things all constructive and practical – if that’s not what you’re after that’s your sacred right and fine enough by me.

    I’m sorry if I offend and I probably should have let this thread go a while back but I admit to being somewhat mesmerised by the drama.

  • JC

    This particular blog is about Sagittarius people and your dealings and queries regarding that sign. It just morphed into variuos people commenting on their experiences with Saggies

    Do not overanalyze or critizize our little discussion.

    Somethimes you need to vent. We are logical and know that we add some dysfunctionto a relationship as well, but for right now we just want to vent.

    Can we live? Geesh!

  • satori

    Yeah… (sarcasm on:) thanks Nia, for slamming us about our self-pity. that really helps people who are hurting, who are trying really hard to rise above self-pity and be healthy. I’ve been really strong about fending off unwanted communications from the sadge in my life, but it took a Virgo rising to break the floodgates and make the Pisces cry. GOOD JOB. thanks.

  • Shock

    Well… after seeing a lot of comment posted on
    this blog , i feel as if the rest of the signs have made up a certain level of dishonety tag attached to the sags.i mean i madly love a leo woman with all my heart and cant to seem to take eyes of her.i m a sag and so is my father, believe me he has never cheated in his entire life nor has he gambled.Its just the fact that only some sags are truly born with their entire traits.they are simply like a wild stallions who need to be cared and tendered all the time . and loyalty and honesty is what u get . im not a drinker ….helll i dont even drink tea.i never gamble,and am quite popular in the social circuits.and for all the leo women who truly possess their qualities for real,you bring out the best in sagittarians.once u understand a sag he’ll give u years of wonderful experiences

  • JC

    I’m a leo woman to the fullest, Shock. They said leo’s can tame the Sag man, but that’s bull. He has treated me the worst and gave him the best.

    No more whatsoever! They’re only good for casual affairs, not long lasting relationships.

  • duane

    I had a 3-year relationship with a woman who is a teacher. It didn’t work out after all that. Teachers are all the same. Therefore, I will never date a teacher again. They are not good for long-lasting relationships.

  • JC

    Duane: Stop making fun of us. We’re just venting.

  • duane

    OK. Venting is good.

    Carry on.

  • roger

    Maybe Duane vents through mockery at the Miss Havisham act.

    I thought Leos were meant to be the self-centered stars of the horoscope not Sag…or maybe everyone has the capacity to be selfish if they can get away with it, but what do I know, I’m just a Taurus.

  • Look at all the rewards for being self-centered. Instead of getting dumped, these men have got women twisting themselves into pretzels trying to figure out some way to keep their self-centered guy from running off and treating someone else like dirt.

  • DualFish

    I’m still going with, Sag’s are selfish–selfish and self-centered as a 5-year old can be. It’s all about “me, me, me” with them, and their “needs” are ALL that matter–to them. I’ve dated all the signs, btw, and Leos are definitely in need of attention, but I’ve found them to be generous and be able to reciprocate the attention they seek. In my experience, the other selfish sign is Aries…but I’m not going to generalize, because I’ve only ever dated two.

    As for Sags…as long as you do what THEY want, and what makes THEM feel good at a constant, they’ll come around for you often…but the minute you stop “giving” to them, they disappear and seek good times elsewhere. Heavens forbid reality should come knocking and take them out of their La La Land where everything is just peachy–that’s when you’ll see the back of them. My response to that is: Buh Bye.

    That’s been my experience, and yes, I’ve dated other Sag’s, too.


  • Taurus 32

    I am TAURUS female trying to arrange time with Mr SAGGY what a nightmare if I wasn’t so in to him I think I would give up! I guess it that cheeky smile and gift of the gab he as been gifted.

  • JC

    I am officially done. No joke.

    We have reached the end. I haven’t spoken to him in 8 days and I am fine.

    We are through and I feel good about it. It’s a relief and now that I am sure I know I can work on myself and get ready for something wonderful to come into my life.

  • lillie

    You go girl. He’s the looser here. You deserve better.

  • Nia

    Dear JC and DualFish, well done on saying goodbye to those who made you unhappy! I certainly hope that the next time round someone who will enters your lives.

    Although what DualFish says of her experience with Sagittarius really makes me curious, since DualFish has a Saggi Moon herself and I would have thought it would spark more affinity. Unless the Sun and Moon are in square or involved in some messy configurations in the chart so the Saggi moon gets projected outwards or something… I don’t know.

    But I was thinking about all this quite a bit over the weekend, and generically about the energy we put out there and what comes of it and who we attract.

    So DualFish if you decide Saggies are not for you – then fair enough. Most Aries aren’t really for me not because Aries sucks but because we tend to rub each other up the wrong way (the behaviour that my Leo friend brands *Magnificent* I tend to classify as *Irritating*; so each to their own and so on).

    I don’t often get along with children. I don’t always know how to be playful or meet them on their level and their questions are laregely a source of irritation rather than amusement, and often children don’t naturally click with me either. (On the other hand they love my husband- Saggittarius Sun and my colleague- Sagittarius Moon and Rising, and are all over them from the get go). And I thought maybe the energy I put out there to the kids is off putting, too heavy, too clunky, too full of my anxieties and insecurities. And this weekend when I was knee deep in visiting small folk (including kids I met, but not bonded with before) I decided to change the energy I put out there and it really made a difference. We really clicked and connected and had masses of fun and got along in a very different way.

    This was a powerful experience for me, and it’s made me think a lot more deeply of all my relationships and how the present/future ones might be transformed by changes in me.

    But I am the veteran of having relationships with Saggitarius and I remain close friends with the vast majority of my Sagittarian exes. I have to say for the most part, those relationships were excellent. They were tender and kind and respectful and exciting and oh my god hysterically funny. So obviously, not every Saggitarian is a loser, nor are they all selfish. Indeed many of them have Sun conjunct Neptune and if they’re not all over the place getting drunk and drugged out then they can be very very sensitive and giving indeed.

    Indeed, I know lots of other Saggi men who were not only married but devoted to their spouses. My Sagittarian uncle and Scorpio aunt have been married for forty years and he’s just as adoring of her now as he’s been ever since I can remember. A Sagittarian friend was married to his Cancer wife for thirty something years, and totally in love with her up until she died of lung cancer (instead he took early retirement so that he could help look after her). A Sagittarius friend has put on hold his own desire to have children because he’s chosen to stay with a woman who cannot have any. When we were dating, and I was ill, my husband used to drive to his house from work then go shopping for soups and DVDs, drive over to my house, cook me food and cheer me up, spend the night for the pleasure of listening me retch and cough and then drive to work from my house in the morning to work (thereby doubling his commuting time). This wasn’t just a one time thing, since that winter I was ill quite often. Incidentally, I also remember that after my Dad died my Sagittarian uncle used to take me out each afternoon to teach me how to ride a bike. I was an adolescent and clumsy and he must have been very tired but I never knew it because he was nothing but patient and caring and never grumbled. Do these sound like the actions of selfish, self-indulgent men? I think not. I also know lots more examples like this from different Saggitarians who were loving and giving and kind beyond the call of duty, but I’ve cited here the examples of people I know best.

    So I really wonder out of all the great Saggitarians out there, who I know for sure exist, why you seem to draw the losers? (Genuine question, no snark)

  • JC

    I wonder that as well. I don’t think it’s all attributed to their sign. The man himself revealed who he was from the beginning and I chose to accept it.

    He was just a flaky loser period, no matter what his astrological sign was.

    He was a waste of 7 months of my life, but I’m not bitter. I had some beautiful experience, I had some fun and I learned that I can be a wonderful woman to someone.

    No bitterness, no anger. Just live and learn and move on.

  • Bashful

    You guys with Sag problems should read a book called “why men love bitches”….from what I’ve read and experienced it might as well be called why Sags love bitches. I loved one and treated him kindly until he did something to hurt me. From that day on, I treated him like shit half of the time and starting then, he became basically my love slave. Tolerating everything I was doing, and even excusing it in some cases. It is wrong to treat the one you love badly but I learned early on that with this sag, it would be no other way; it was either him being hurt or me being hurt. And as a scorpio, I do not enjoy/do well with hurt. Too insecure and sometimes cold to deal with that.

  • JC

    I agree with you Bashful: Now that this is over, I see that the only way I would have been treated well throughout the relationship.

    I was too nice and too vulnerable too fast. There was no mystery, nothing to chase.

    I was to eager to be in a relationship and wanted to lose my virginity, that I just gave everyting without any true effort on his part.

    I see my mistakes and that can happen with any sign.

    Again, you live, you learn. I know better. I will not make this mistake. This will make me wiser and stronger.

  • Bashful

    good for you! Leos are excellent and all around awesome people in my opinion. Anyone who did not want a leo is an idiot for these reasons and also probably scared to love a person who is pretty much complete on thier own.

  • DualFish

    Nia: My sun is in Pisces. My ex Sag’s moon is in Taurus. I believe our Suns squares each other, and true that my Sag moon had an affinity towards her Sag sun…but apparently, those with the sun sign (matching your moon sign) try to dominate the moon person; I don’t do well being dominated.

    As for the rest, my Sag has been a bag of mess lately. One day she calls me, all sweet and respectful and talkative, and it’s a pleasure talking to her. Another time she’ll call and go “waaah” like a big, annoying baby and want my attention–and when she gets it, she’ll say, “I don’t want it!” She’s immature and needs to do some serious growing up..though at 31, I dunno what chance of that there is for a long while.

    She had been calling me for two nights, being awfully nice and pleasant and chatty. I enjoyed it, but kept it to a minimum. Last night, she called to say “hello” (according to her), but instead started the conversation with a whine and a complaint about a mosquito bite. I listened for a minute and then suggested she might get up and put some special cream on it. Her spoiled brat response was, “I don’t WANT to! I don’t WANT to get up!” I was quiet, thinking, then why the heck are you talking about it to me? So I said ok. Two minutes later, she said, “My bite hurts! I don’t know where these things came from.” I said, perhaps there was a mosquito in her room? “NO!” She replied. Oookay. How about, I said to her, she shake out her covers in case there was some spider or something in it. “BE QUIET!” She said. “It can’t be a spider, stop saying it, just stop!” A little overreactive?? So I said, “Well I’m not sure why you’re sharing this with me then, would you prefer I stay quiet?” She said, “Yes I WOULD. Stay quiet.” Ooookay, end of my patience rope. I said, “You know what? You sound tired–so am I. I’m gonna let you go to get some sleep, so talk to you later. Goodnight.” I could tell she was rather surprised/shocked that I brought the conversation to a quick close, but who wants that kind of aggravation??

    So while some days I enjoy her chatter, last night–blech. Annoying to the max. Who needs that?

    I need to find a better match for me…she surely is NOT it.

    And JC: Good for you. Hope you stick to that…


  • satori

    JC… how are you doing? I’ve got 14 days of not calling/emailing under my belt. every day is a struggle.

    DualFIsh, good on ya.

  • HELP

    I need some help with finding my sages sun and rising signs. Can anyone help me with it? My sag was born in california on November 24, 1966 @ 10:35pm.
    I am Taurus and trying to figure out if this will ever work or not. I apprecaite any help you could offer me. Thank you.

  • Bashful

    they also say that saggitarians run away at the first sign of true love…maybe they can’t commit because they’re scared of true love.

  • HELP

    ok can anyone tell me if this is a good thing or not?:
    Rising signs is 22 degrees Leo
    Sun is in 02 degrees sagittarius
    Moon is in 29 degrees aries
    Mercury is in 17 degrees scorpio
    Venus is in 06 degrees Sagittarius
    Mars is in 25 degrees Virgo
    Jupiter is in 04 Degrees Leo
    Saturn is in 22 degrees Pisces
    Uranus is in 23 degrees Virgo
    Neptune is in 22 degrees Scorpio
    ;uo is in 20 degrees virgo
    N. Node is in 16 Degrees Taurus

    Ok…is this a person who can commit?
    I am a Taurus…can this work??? or lost cause? Thank you.

  • JC

    Satori, I officially told him after endless calls and txt messages “Hello, do not call my cell phone, do not call my job phone and do not come to my house. It is over, emphatically, accept it”. Then slammed the phone down.

    I have almost 3 weeks of not speaking or seeing him and I feel great. Such a relief. It’s finally over. 7months of garbage has been thrown out and now I’m moving on.

    I like being single and free and flirting and getting my swagger back.

    DualFish: Stop talking to her. Remember Saggie’s love talking. Silence is the killer. They have nothing to work with and their forced to get the point.

    It’s working fine with me. No feedback gives you nothing to lie about. He hasn’t called or txt or come over, so he knows I was serious, because I have yet to talk or do anything.

    Good Riddens. Off to a new beginning of a love and life.

  • Nia

    help, with every chart there is a certain x-factor, an unpredictable quality that describes aspects of a person beyond the chart itself, since astrological combinations can work in many ways. Every Sagittarian is a traveller but that won’t tell us whether they’re going to go on physical journeys or intellectual ones.

    With someone who has so much fire (Sagi Sun, Aries Moon, Leo Ascendant) I’d say it’s probably likely that it’s a probably a person who has a big personality, needs to shine and have lots of room to move. I doubt that they would prosper in a classic *picket fenced house with dog and 2 kids* as that’s unlikely to challenge them or stimulate them or in other words hold their interest.

    With a lot of fire, people tend to have a lot of creativity and drive but they also need varied stimulation and excitement and change otherwise they will lose interest. And if you’re a person who thrives on stability and routine maybe not the best relationship for you.

    I don’t think it’s impossible to be in a relationship with this person, but I think it would work best if they were given enough freedom and flexibility and space not to feel trapped. This doesn’t exclude monogamy btw, it simply means that they are not fused to your hip and if they want to go on days out and holidays without you, tha’s ok. If you can demonstrate independence in turn, that’s even better. But how your relationship turns out is as much about what’s in your chart and in the composite chart of the energy between you.

    If you’re really interested there are lots of professional astrologers around who I’m sure would be pleased to give you a consultation for a fee.

  • HELP

    Hi Nia, Thank you for responding. Ok well, he just came out of a 17 year marriage with 2 children (12 & 13). He claims he wants to be married and have a family. We have had a problem with his lying and hiding things from me however, and we are about to have a baby together (due in about 7 weeks or less). He works a job where he is mostly icolated (drives a truck)and has no friends or social life. His family is his social life I suppose you can say. I am more dependent for sure but I DO enjoy change. I love security also, but I enjoy traveling a little, and doing different things everyday (going out and having fun). So some change is good for me too. I get bored with the same ole daily grind.

    Ok so here is my chart:
    Rising sign is in 05 degrees Sagittarius
    Sun is in 24 degrees Taurus
    Moon in in 10 Degrees Leo
    Mercury is in 29 Degrees Taurus
    Venus is in 06 Degrees Cancer
    Mars is in 15 Degrees Libra
    Jupiter is in 28 Degrees Cancer
    Saturn is in 08 Degrees Aries
    Uranus is in 20 Degrees Virgo
    Neptune is in 22 Degrees Scorpio
    Pluto is in 18 Degrees Virgo
    N. Node is in 06 Degrees Taurus

    So what do you think. Do we have anything in common??
    Thanks again Nia!

  • HELP

    Hi Nia, I’m curious though… Based on his chart do you think this is someone who can be faithful???? That is my BIGGEST issue at this point. I am concerned about being cheated on. Or am i in for a world of hurt?

  • Nia

    Help I really don’t think you can see infidelity from a person’s chart. That’s part of the X-factor I was talking about.

    You can definately see some flirtatiousness, charm, a love of the ladies/men, maybe a wandering eye… but none of these things mean the person will actually cheat. Equally well absence of these things from a chart does not a faithful lover make either… There are no guarantees or hard and fast rules.

    I’m as flirty as they come, and monogamy is a horrible bore and burden to me, but I have never cheated on my husband because I know that if I did things between us would never be the same again and I don’t want to lose him or the good things between us. Similarly I have every confidence that he isn’t cheating on me because he knows full well what would happen if he did (I’d be out there like a shot saying ‘yes’ to the people I had been so disciplinedly been saying ‘no’ to for example).

    If he’s lying and hiding things though… that’s neither a good sign, nor a good idea. Why does he feel the need to deceive?

    Also the fact that he’s left a 17 year marriage rings small alarm bells in my head. That’s an awfully long commitment to someone and getting into a relationship soon after hints at rebound. You’re going to have a child together- that’s both a responsibility and a commitment. See how he does with that.

    And hey, you’ve got lots of fire in your own chart which can respond nicely to his. Keep your relationship fun. Go out and discover new things together. Be playful, explore, keep things interesting. And if you feel vital and energised and alive in each other’s presence – chances are no one is going to jeopardise that.

    Good luck with the baby and all the rest.

  • satori

    JC– that sure makes me smile! keep up the good work.
    I got caught back up momentarily when he called (broke my boundary of leave me alone for a month– I pleaded) to tell me his cancer might be back. Then he proceeded to just keep calling. Any sympathy I had melted away when I told him it was okay to call me with life-threatening stuff, but not to ask for phone numbers and he turned emotionally abusive in email. He said, “you’re an ass.” That was finally enough for me. I know I’m really done.

  • Chance

    Hi, I would love to get in on this action. I have been reading all of your inputs on being in a relationship with Sags. I am a Cancer woman, and i have been in a relationship with Sag man before. It wasn’t all bad, and was a bit clingy, but he seemed to love it. I did try to remember though that he needed his space, so I would create situations where he would be able to take advantage of this. I did not stay in that relationship to long…about 8 months to be exact, but we remain friends to this day. He is now in a marriage that he is already having problems in.

    Now I have met a new Sag man. He seems to be everything that i am looking for. Could this all be a front just to get to me. I’m not sure. He seem to be catering to all my emotional Cancerian needs. I’m so scared that all of this will come to an end. He has spent just about everyday with me since we met a month ago. He tells me he is looking for family and foundation and tired of playing the game. It all sounds good…but can it be for real? He’s 29 and I’m 31. Please advise. Thanx

  • JC

    Satori: That is how they get you. They tell you some dramatic story that tugs at your heart strings to suck you back in.

    After paying me no attention and treating me like garbage, he shows up at my house to tell me his child is missing and then not only do I forgive but fork over $300 to pay for his flight.

    If he has cancer, just tell him you will pray for his health, but you do not want to be involved in his life anymore (but you must be sure).

    It took me a while to get to the point where I knew I was sure.

    It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Silence and paying them no mind, is the best way to treat a Sagg.

  • satori

    Thanks JC– it’s a great reIief. I am definitely done. I don’t want to go through this recovery again from day one. and as you say IF he has cancer, well, I like your advice.

    bad enough for someone to use possible cancer but a CHILD. that sucks.

    but yeah, I’m sure. I’m glad you are too. woooo us!

    Chance– what we’re talking about is an unevolved expression of sadge, an exaggeration. One of the best husbands and fathers I have known is a sadge. With ANY potential partner you want to take it slow and let the trust build. Any asshole can show you his best side for a month, maybe a few months. make sure you get enough time under your belt before you make any permanent decisions or give your heart completely. and don’t ignore warning signs. that’s true with anyone. I wish I’d done that.

  • Chance

    Satori, thank you for your advice. I am kind of scared though. I have men appear to be good in the beggining on several occasions and have completely ingnored the warning signs ans saw only what I wanted to see. With this sage, I think that i may have let him in to soon and will be blinded again and see what i want to see. When u say warning signs, what exactly is it that i should be aware of?
    Thanks Chance.

  • HELP

    Thank you Nia, you’re a great help. You are a WEALTH of knowledge. So the fact that we both have the firy thing going on…you’d say that is a good thing?
    *Do you think based on the charts alone, that we are a good match?
    And OHHHH BOY are you RIGHT on the wondering eye thing. We fight about that all the time. I find that to be demeaning, dishonorable and disrespectful. I feel like he cheats on me every time he does this and if he is staring at another woman, it makes me feel like I am not good enough and He’ll never be happy with me.

    Sadly, I saw a show on OPRAH today about Narcissitic Personality Disorder….and then looked it up on line and “OH MY GOD”…he has EVERY trait except 2. I printed out 12 pages and asked him to read it. I think that is a serious problem and I do believe he is that. I pointed it out to my family, they all agree. I’ve been freakin out since last night. He moved upstairs into his sons room a week ago. So we are sort of separated. I had to put my foot down because of the “Ill treatment’ and the “all about me” syndrome that he has.

    Last night, his kids came for the weekend. He pulls me aside in his weak attempt at an appology (ya right) and then turned it around on me saying “the reason I act the way I do, is because when things come up that bothers me, I don’t address it right away. I keep it bottled up inside, then months pass and I keep making snide remarks about it instead of talking about it and putting it to rest. I will work harder to bring things up (complain) to you, maybe at bed time, as they happen so as not to bottle them up.” BUT NEVER did he address ANY of my needs or issues. Again it was all about HIM and how to make HIM feel better. I dang near lost it. Just walked out of the kitchen. He was trying to play nice…but I think it was only for the fact that he didn’t want to sleep with his son last night and wanted to sleep with me for “appearances” sake…another Narcissistic trait. “appearances sake”.

    I’m so dang crushed. I love this man, but he is impossible to live with. And OHH…his wife cheated on him for the entire 17 years (due to his attitude and the fact that he ignored HER needs and issues), but he did fight hard (for like the last 6 years) to hold it together…she called it quits.He was devastated. He had no choice. She moved out a year ago this past June and the divorce finalized in March of this year. They haven’t been together in over 15 months now. We’ve been together and living together since September 2005. 1 year labor day.

    Is 15 months still too soon? or just the mere fact that we got together in September of last year? Somehow we stuck it out for a year. But my god was it a rough one!

    Thank you again Nia. I do find your information helpful in helping to sort things out in my mind and understanding how the charts work better and always appreciate your input.

  • satori

    Help– I don’t have to look at the charts to say this: if your man has that many narcissistic traits, get out now. As the child of narcissistic parents I’ve done A LOT of research. NPD is a disorder with very little improvement in intense therapy. Even in therapy, they’re poor relationship material. Without it, forget about it. I’d look up traits for codendence to see if you see them in yourself. Narcissists seek out other narcissists or codependents for relationships. A really good book to read is “Trapped In the Mirror” by Elan Golomb.

    Chance, if you’re unsure about warning signs I’d say does he treat you with respect At All Times? Someone above reccommended “Why Men Love Bitches” by Sherry Argov. Amazon has it and they have a feature that lets you read several pages within it before you buy. I agree with the majority of it. There are places where she’s over the top, but for the most part she is spot on. If you’re acting in ways that command respect and still don’t get that respect, walk away.

    To accept dysfunction in a relationship is to invite poor treatment. It may be hard to walk away but we ALL DESERVE BETTER. You can love someone and still walk away… you have to love yourself first, respect yourself first, or your partner never will.

  • Chance

    Satori, I would have to say that this is the first man in my life that i have met that has offered to give me the world. I know that men will say anything to get u, but this feels so different. I have dated a lot of guys and i have been told so many things…but like i said this feels so different. He tells me (only after a month of us spending everyday together mind u) that he thinks that he has found the woman he is meant to spend the rest of his life with. So u know this blew me away instantly being a cancerian. But at the same time it still scares me. I have confronted him with the usual sadge behavior patters and he says true, he is a free sprit, but he is ready to settle down. So this again worries me. Is he ready to just settle down or is he thinking of truly settling with me. We have the best conversations and chemistry ever. Am I being to worried and paranoid? Or am I being rightfully concerned? I mean I feel like I should know better, but sometimes hearing it from someone other than your best friend who knows u to well is better. Thanks for all your input. “Chance”

  • DualFish

    I’m reading the posts by staori and JC and it makes me furious at these Sag’s. Mine’s the SAME. She called me last weekend to say her parenta are “suddenly” getting a divorce. She said she’s moving her mom out of their home that same day. I was worried for her, though reluctant to get involved in “taking care of her” because she has ALWAYS done this to get sympathy and my attention. I told her to call me when she’s moved her mom out. She called me hours later to let me know her mom decided to stay with her dad. UM. I don’t even know half the time if I can believe this woman or not. But ever since, she’s used this point about her parents to whine and complain and have bad behavior and be moody…and she said she’d take me out this weekend, only to send me a text the morning of…to say she’s “not feeling well” and to cancel. At this point, this wasn’t even a surprise, but come ON! What is these people’s problem?

    JC–when you say don’t talk to her, do you mean not to talk to her, ever? Or for a period of time? Truth is, she’s so disloyal with her emotions..if it’s not me she relies on, she’ll do so with someone else. Before she knows it, it’ll be a month…and she’ll be mooching off of someone else’s emotional support, and occasionally contacting me here and there to see if I’ll respond. I’m soooo SICK of this!! No matter what I try, I think this will never work, isn’t it? Three years+ and it’s still at this level? It’s ridiculous.

    How do I stop myself from responding to her, and not hurting? JC, I can’t wait to get to the place where–like you–I’m truly glad it’s over and never want to look back.


  • Bashful

    “Truth is, she’s so disloyal with her emotions..if it’s not me she relies on, she’ll do so with someone else. Before she knows it, it’ll be a month…and she’ll be mooching off of someone else’s emotional support, and occasionally contacting me here and there to see if I’ll respond. I’m soooo SICK of this!! No matter what I try, I think this will never work, isn’t it? Three years+ and it’s still at this level? It’s ridiculous.”

    I think that is true but if you make your best effort to ignore them, maybe keep a diary of things you’d like to say to her when you want to talk to her instead of actually calling her, you will get over it more quickly. The plus to that is sadge’s hate being ignored/feeling like you don’t really care about them. So while you’re ignoring her and getting over it, she’s beginning to love you more.

  • DualFish

    Bashful, excellent advice. However, my Sag has become so egotistical and sure of my feelings for her, she often says, “I know you love me the most!” Meanwhile, every time she’s said that, I’ve gone on to ignore her for days, and it makes her nervous.

    But frankly, I’m not sure if me ignoring her would make her ‘love’ me more. As I said, she’s bound to cling on to someone else in her circle, and get whatever she needs emotionally from them. The whole ‘not talking’ thing used to work like you said in the past…but nowadays, not so much. I guess she’s seen me be loyal enough that she really does think, no matter what she does, I’ll always be here. She’s wrong, but I’m not about to shout it out to her…let her find out in time.

    I’m annoyed with her even more today, if possible, because last night she called to ask if I’d do her a favor: stay over at her place, since her roommate has moved out and she is going to be alone. I’m thinking, she chose to be alone the day she decided to be such a jerk to me…and now she doesn’t have someone to rely on. But the NERVE of her to ask! When she asked, I was so taken off guard that I said, “We’ll see by Wednesday” but by this morning, I’m feeling taken advantage of, and I want to get out of it. We’ll see how I’ll manage…

    I still want to get to the place where I could care less, and just move on. What a thorn in my side this one turned out to be…


  • JC

    See this is different than mine. DualFish, you invested 3yrs into this. That’s why it’s so hard.

    I invested my virginity, my money and time, but only for 7 months. I wanted a relationship and was so hungry to have a boyfriend, I thought I could make a shitty man into husband material.

    They will not change. I have yet to talk to the Sag I dated and the longer I don’t speak or see him, the better it is.

    You have to no emphatically that it is over. I know from every fiber in my being that it is over. I know I deserve attention, care, sensitivity and love.

    I will not give everything and get nothing in return.

    One good thing about Sag’s, they give you great life lessons on how not to treat people.

    I’ve been having such a good time, going out, meeting new men, giving and getting numbers. It’s fun being single and free and weeding out the garbage from the jewels.

    Don’t assign yourself to a shitty relationship, just to say your attached.

    If you know you deserve more, go out and get it!

    I damn sure will!

  • bashful

    okay, dualfish, you jsut have to be kind of mean when she requests things of you. She calls you to figure out if you will stay over her house with her? Next time don’t even answer the phone. And I thikn they say that they know they are your favorite but I don’t know if she’d actually believe that after a lot of you ignoring her. I think you may not want to be that harsh because you love her and that is something I can defintely respect.

  • satori

    Chance… if your friend truly knows you and you trust their judgement, I’d say their input is likely to be very valueable. I really don’t know how to tell which way things will go. I wish I could for all our sakes. My best advice is to pay close attention to whether he shows you respect at all times. Are your boundaries followed? Are your feelings considered? Judge actions before words. Does he SHOW you that he cares? Does what he say match what he does?

    DualFish– how do you stop responding to her and stop hurting? gaw, it’s so hard, but the simple answer is to just stop. as pisces we can bend reality. Elsa has said in regard to pisces: if you dreamed them up you can dream them down. you can. but you have to MAKE it. I see my sadge as a kind of addiction (to which pisces is prone). Each time I slip and let the sadge in it’s like starting over on day one of sobriety. when I want to respond or reach out I think, “do I want to start all over again and waste the progress I’ve made?” I take it one day at a time. Only no contact for today. You can make a daily vow, if it helps: today I won’t contact her or respond to her attempts to contact.
    anyway, it helps me.

    I just want to say too, I am really grateful for the responses here when I come to read. thank you all for all the helpful hints I get here.

  • Chance

    You are so right Satori, with the advice you gave me and DualFish. You seem to have a lot of insight when it comes to relationships…its truly a great gift to have. I really appreciate your input a lot.

    About what you said when it comes to my sadge mate following up his words with actions, that’s exactly what scares me…he does. I have never met a guy so respectful and considerate in my life. He seems to be to much into me, and this is what frightens me. He is just to sweet. I guess im just afraid, because i have never had a guy treat me this way…and this is how it’s really supposed to be all the time. And not to mention again, ive only known him for 5 short weeks so i know it will die down, but he assures me it won’t. He is spoiling me so much right now, and im afraid i may fall to soon.

    Is this just the sadge way of getting to you before the let you have it and show their true colors, or could this guy be for real?

  • DualFish

    Thank you, Satori, JC, and Bashful.

    JC–I think what I do struggle with is that I have yet to resolve within myself that things are over. I had a conversation with myself last night, thinking IF the opportunity came up to be a couple with my ex again, would I? My first response is N.O. I don’t want to be with her anymore. So why do I hurt when I’m not? And she won’t change…she hasn’t when she was deeply in love and desperate in her feelings..now she’s become arrogant and self-serving, so it’s even less so. So why do I expect miracles all over the place from her? Three years later, it’s not happening. By the way, I’m glad you’re having fun. You deserve it. These people are so not worth all the misery they cause, but they seem to leave hurt and confused people in their wake wherever they go, don’t they?

    Satori–you’re right; I definitely dreamed her up, and I did such a darned good job of it, I’m having a hard time dreaming her down again. I feel like, in a way, yes..I’m addicted to my interactions with her. What’s often confusing for me is..if she and I don’t talk..I’m in misery. But if we do talk, I’m annoyed with who she REALLY is (different from how I imagine her to be when there’s been no contact for a while)..and when I see her, I’m even more perplexed at how much I DON’T want to be with her. So I struggle..because what I see with my own eyes, and what I imagine in my head are at odds with one another.

    Bashful–You’re right; I should just not answer the phone. With regards to her request that I stay over at her place Wed. night (tonight) because she’s going to be lonely…well, she was a real WITCH about it to me on Monday. She was in a bad mood because of work, and she was–as usual–trying to take it out on me. I told her to back off, to take her issues elsewhere. So she did back off, only to call me that same night, to try to weasel a “yes” response about staying over on Wed. but she was soooo fake and unreal about it, plus the fact that she had been moody and even threatened me to “not come over on Wed” (okay, it’s a favor for HER, what do I care??)…that I said, forget it, I’m not coming over…you’re a big girl, deal with it. I have feelings for her but she takes advantage of me because of them

    I even told her this: “I’m not a teddy bear you can take out of the toy box and hold, because you’re sad or scared or upset or lonely, only to put me back in toy box when things are fine, and go about your life. You cannot treat me that way, and I won’t let you.” I expected ALL kinds of denials, or arguments, or angry words about it. But weirdly enough, she said nothing….was just silent, which..if you knew her, you’d know..is RARE. I guess she realized how true what I said was, and she couldn’t say anything, which actually hurt. Her not denying it, in a way, was a silent confirmation that I was right. It’s painful.

    I came across a book on Amazon that I’m going to buy–it’s really good and seems to speak to these kind of relationships. It’s called “Stop Being the String Along”. I just want something to read that makes me feel like I’m not crazy, that I have been strung along and that this needs to go, NOW. Hopefully the book will help. I need some help getting out of my own head sometimes, because there are so many conflicting thoughts in there..but soon, soon…things will get better. I hope.

    It’s just a matter of time..


  • JC

    DualFish are you a leo? We sound errily alike.

    I fantasized my relationship as well. I made it seem like it was this mystical complex relationship of 2 soulmates, when in reality I was just with a shitty man who tried to con me and get over with as little effort as possible.

    I did txt him and say we should be friends and that I’m glad I became a woman with him and that I wish him the best, and that I’m always here for him as a friend.

    I didn’t want to end it on “I will never speak to him again” because he was my first and we can catch up from time to time.

    But the relationship is over and done. We cannot go back ever again. I don’t even feel the same

  • bashful

    dualfish, you;’re too kind to her. someone will treat you right one day, I know that.

  • DualFish

    JC–hah, no, I’m not a Leo, but many…MANY Leos ask me the same question. I’m a Pisces with a Sag moon. And I’ve deluded myself a-plenty with this person. I could kick myself..but then again, she’s emotionally done that with me anyway, so I need to be kinder to myself. Btw, I tried the “let’s be friends” routine and all it did was prolong my pain…and made her more arrogant about my feelings for her..as you see.

    Bashful–thank you, you’re kind to say. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My ex called tonight, after she had yelled and been rude to me last time we talked. So she called tonight and I said, “What do you want?” She said, “Hi, are you going to be nasty to me?” She has NERVE!! I said, “WHAT do you want? Are you calling me with an apology?” She was silent for a few seconds, then said, “Are you going to apologize?” Huh? I never said anything to her. So I said, “Apologize for WHAT?” She said, “You pushed me too far”. I said, “Fantastic, that’s like hitting someone and then saying it’s their fault you lost your temper.” Silence. Then, “Not everything is THAT black and white,” she said. “Yes it is! You are intolerably rude to someone you are supposed to respect and care about, and there is NO excuse for that. You either apologize or get off the phone,” I told her. Long pause, then she said, “Fine, have it your way.” I said to her, “Excellent, see ya”. I hung up. And that felt GOOD. Who does she think she is? I know Sag’s can be arrogant and sure of themselves, but she seriously needs to get over herself. She is definitely not all that, and if need be, she’ll be replaced in a couple of weeks. She is so much drama…even when I write about her here, I feel like it’s a soap opera. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What is it going to take to make her behave?


  • satori

    you can’t. you can lead a horse to water…

    that whole experience of being owed an apology and them calling with no clue… I so know that one. I’m glad you put it so perfectly. You can take satisfaction in knowing that WE appreciate it and respect and validate your feelings. Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong, The World Exists to Service Me likely has no clue. but here’s Me giving you a standing ovation!!

    I’m by no means free of all this… even now I still slip back into the feelings of pain, betrayal, and sadness. just maybe not as deep as before. one day at a time.

  • bashful

    to make a sag behave you have to make them wonder where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with. Mystery appeals to them so much more than your sincerity will

  • Chance

    I’m sorry DualFish…but i was just curious. You say this is your ex, and you also say she could be replaced in a couple of week and that you are so tired of her drama. Then u go on to say, what will it take to make her behave. Well I’m a little confused here…she is your ex right? If you want her back then treat her as such. If you continue to give her the attention you gave her while in the relationship, then she is feeding of her power over you. I know that it feels good when u get to let her have it or by being short with her on the phone…but she is still getting what she wants, and thats your attention. Being a woman, I know silence is golden…lol. If you give her no room to be rude or give you drama, this will drive her crazy.

    I am a drama queen myself sometimes…and i dated this guy once that I drove crazy with my drama. He used to answer my calls and entertain me, but eventually he caught on. One day I called and he didnt answer. I called again, no answer. A couple of months go by with me callin and leavin messages and still no response. I was loosing my mind, worried that I may have ran him away for good. Then one day out of the blue, when he was ready, he calls. And since then, I have given him no type of drama when we do talk or see eachother now and again. Of course I am dating a new guy now so there is much less room for it, but before he came along everything was nice and smoothe.
    But, if your goal is not to get her back then just do what u said, and replace her. Boy she will really be sick then.
    Hope I wasn’t to harsh with that one:) ‘Chance’

  • shiv

    sagis? leos? aries? pisces? what do these things mean really people? they are just clasifications of personality traits based on the time one was born. Does that realllllllly make sense if you think about it? There is no logic to this madness that you people are obsessed with! join a volunteer group! your time would be much better spent!

  • JC

    Shiv: That was really unnecesary. We’re just having fun and venting.

    We know a sign will not classify someone’s behavior in a relationship. We’re just indulging our astrological thoughts.

    Give us a break. You go join a volunteer group. Obviously you have time on your hands to spare, you want to counsel and clown us.

  • satori

    SO, how’s everyone doing?
    I’m doing well. feeling rather detached (for the most part) and starting to get on with my life. baby steps.

  • JC


    Sag man just txt me and said “Hello Beautiful” I said hello back, then asked how am I doing and I said great.

    He said “I’m glad”. Short and simple. Nothing wrong with checking in from time to time. Just keep it short and sweet, no long drawn out conversations, that’s how they get you.

    Feel so good to be released from that stupid spell.

    I really am doing great and having so much fun with all the fish in the sea

  • DualFish

    Here’s my update: (LONG post alert!)

    I haven’t seen my Sag in well over..nearly 5 weeks. She has made all sorts of excuses, cancelled plans…the usual. A couple of days ago, she calls me up to ask if I want to “hang out” on Saturday. I thought about for a second, and said, “Sure”. I’d planned on showing up for 10 minutes, saying hi, then taking off to go out with someone I actually would have fun with! Well, here’s her pattern: whenever she’s pretty sure we’re going to get together, she goes from an “I don’t really care” attitude to saying stuff like, “I REALLY miss you”. Turns up to heat from zero to 100. Okay, that used to work before when I was obviously clueless, but give me a BREAK.

    She sends me a text last night and says, “I just called to hear your voice, because I really miss you.” (JC–sound familiar? Yep.) I got the text and am thinking, “Okay, here we go with the turning up the heat pattern”. No way, no more. I ignore it. A few minutes later, she calls me at home. I didn’t pick up because I was watching a tv show, so I waited until the show was over before I called her back. Nothing wrong in being civil. So she starts making small talk, and suddenly says, “When I see you on Saturday, can I kiss you?” I’m stunned, I can’t believe her nerve. I said, “Let’s just see how things go.” That’s my version of ‘N.O.’. She knows this. I can hear panic in her voice, and she’s thinking, “Oh no, I’m not getting what I want.” So instead she says, “Can I ask you something? This is a ‘date’ on Saturday night, right?” I said, “Not that I recall. I don’t remember being asked out on a ‘date’..but rather to hang out.” She says, “Well isn’t that the same thing?” DUH. Of course it isn’t and SHE knows this, because she’s the one who’s said to me what she thinks a date is: asking someone out properly, taking them out somewhere nice, doing something fun. But “come over and let’s hang out a bit” is now considered a “date”? Yeah, right.

    She said, “Well, I thought it was date…at least that’s what I was hoping. I guess I meant it that way, like a date…so would you like me to do something nice or take you out or something?” Hello? What planet is she from? She knows the answer to this, but she wants to get what she wants without any effort. She’s really ridiculous at this point. So on and on she goes about this, and says she’ll make reservations at a nice restaurant, etc…and then she says, “Can I have a kiss when I see you then?” Okay, if this were a guy, would any of us be like, “Oh sure, you can have what you want” when he’s acted like a jerk all the while? NO way! But I think I’ve seen her differently because she’s a woman. So instead I said, “Look, I have to tell you something…the fact that we see each other once or twice, then don’t see each other for over a month..and then you expect there to be instant intimacy and closeness…uh, no, not happening. That’s WAY too casual for me, and I’m not interested in that. So if that’s what you’re hoping for, let me put my cards right on the table for you and let you know, I am NOT comfortable with that, and if that’s a problem, then we can just not see each other this weekend.” Stunned silence on her part. You could just hear her thoughts in that time of silence…she did not like what I had to say.

    Instead she says, “Well, okay, I don’t expect anything, of course. I just shared what I’d like, and so we’ll see how it goes.” No, we won’t! I already said it’s NOT happening…what’s to see? She doesn’t want to hear me AT ALL. So I said, “Okay, I hope you can hear what I’m actually saying, which is…I am not comfortable with such casualness between us, not at this stage.” She says again, “I understand. We’ll see how it goes.” Okay, whatever. And I could tell she was just dying to scream at me and say, “Give me what I want NOW”.

    Aggravating. It’s good to be at a place where I’m not thinking, if I don’t do whatever…we’ll break up. At the end of the day (and this is a moment I’ve been waiting for a loooong time!!)…if she only wants me around to have her “good times”…she can go look elsewhere!

    I just had to share how bold and ridiculous some of these folks can be.


    JC–Be careful not to fall into the old trap of “hi, beautiful”. Gawd, I’m familiar with that bait. Don’t go there.

    Satori–keep up the good work!!


  • rose

    i was reading all the comments on this site, and found it so interesting, i am leo woman and have been dating a sadge man, we have been dating for about 6 months, if you can call it dating, but at first it was just a sexual thing, so him not calling or showing up for meetings didnt really matter to me, cause i was so involved in doing my own thing, this man has a sexual appetite that can meet mine, i read in other comments that the sadge doesnt last long, which is true, but the foreplay is lengthy, its like its a deep mental thing going on, and when it finally is time to have sex, it doesnt matter how long the sex lasts, cause all the foreplay built up to a fire, but in all other aspects he is your typically sade, irresponsible, always late, if he evens shows at all, ive been stood up so many times, only to get a im sorry babe days later when he finally does call. but really no explanation as to y i got stood up, although i have heard quite a few good ones, i see w this man it might not really go any where, and it is all about the chase w him, at first we worked together and there was always that forbidden secret between us i think had a certain appeal, now we no longer work together and we still see each other, he is always late if he even shows, he does not answer my calls or respond to my text mess, and will call back or text when he finds the time, and w me being a leo, i am in need of someone that gives me their full attention,i need to be treated like a queen, i see that this man needs alot of space and time for his self, what he does w the space and time, is beyond me, and you all were right, he always comes to my place, at first we hung out at his place a few times, but that is dead now. its like he does not want to let me go, but he does not want me completely in his life either, he is a sweet man and very fun to be w and be around, but you have to ask yourself in the long run is sweet and nice enough?? not for me, i require more than this man is able to put out, sure i could be patient and not call him, let him call me no matter how may days pass, but in the mean time im lonely and wondering what the hell is he doing? but for some reason cant leave this man alone either, maybe its the intense sexual encounters we have or maybe its my leo ego, i always get what i want, and i see w this man its not going my way, give up, or keep pursuing, i dont know but w a sadge alot is left unanswered.

  • satori

    er, I saw an opportunity to get laid and didn’t stick to my position. so I guess I signed up for another go-round. nothing bad’s happening at this point. you know how things go– you think you can have lowered expectations and operate on another level but are somewhat aware that it’s not likely to work out that way.

    well, at least I got laid.

  • JC

    Rose. You described my sadge exeprience. Enjoy the ride

  • rose

    ive decided to leave my sadge friend alone to jc, and what happened, i get a text, from him, havent heard from you but i still love you, and you are right that is how they draw you again, and we are supposed to act like everything is just so cool, i told that man about 2 weeks ago i cant deal w him on that level, we went to the state fair together and spent the next day together then i didnt hear from him for almost a week, finally he calls said he went out of town and left his phone, no regards to any ones feelings, and they say leo and sadge are supposed to be so compatible right?

  • hi,

    been reading these posts. interesting how many taurus women are with sag men. Me too. Well sort of. It’s difficult to be with someone who is never around. I could use some suggestions as to how to throw down the gauntlet and start the chase thing all over again. or, maybe it’s not a gauntlet, I dont know. Should I tell him there’s a guy who is interested in me and I dont know what to do?
    or just go offline for a week so he doesn’t see me at all and wonders where I am? any ideas?


  • Bashful

    I would let him wonder where you are and when you finally do talk to him, be as nonchalant as you can. This might make him wonder if you’ve lost interest in him because you’ll certainly be acting ike you have. And once they think you’ve lost interest in them, they want you more than ever

  • JC

    Rose: Our sadge experiences sound errily alike.

    Mine was the same way. I heard that same excuse about leaving town and leaving the phone at a home. Days without calling, Days without any notice.

    What a horrible way to be. It’s different if your dating a slew of people and could care less, but when your captivated by them alone, it’s very frustrating.

    Remember Rose – We are leo’s (I’m July 24th by the way). We don’t want anyone crushing our egos.
    I said goodbye almost 2 months ago and there’s no turning back. They will txt you and say all kind of garbage, just know it’s because they know they lost a star and they will never get it back.

    Sadge men love glamour girls, so when they lose them they know it’s done.

    You will find another and he will blow you away. I’ve met some men after my sadge who were much better in bed and more attentive.

    Don’t get caught up with flighty flaker loser!

    SO many more wonderful men to play with and scratch our sexy paws on!

  • DualFish

    I am here to state how AGGRAVATING Sadge’s can be!!! Mine is quite unbelievable (not any more so than everyone else’s)…and she is such a LIAR. I hadn’t seen her in almost 1.5 months. I was doing better. She calls me up and says she HAS to talk to me, begs and pleads…and finally I meet her for drinks. I know, I know..bad idea. But curiosity got the best of me.

    When we meet, she claims I’m the love of her life and she wants to spend the rest of her life with me. I don’t believe her and I don’t care..and she sees this all over my face. Too little, too late. I tell her I’m very hurt by her and I don’t know if I want this anymore. She promises not to hurt me anymore (yea, right) and asks me to move in with her. I ignore that.

    Two days later, she starts up with the bad behaviors…changes plans on me, says she’ll call and doesn’t, downgrades our plans, etc. When I resist her manipulative tactics, she blows a fuse. She screams about how there’s nothing wrong with her changing plans on me, then says, “I can’t handle this. I don’t want to discuss it.” So she’s back to her ‘old self’. She says she’ll call me the next day to discuss things..but never does. I’m in disbelief–and hurt, again.

    The FOLLOWING day, she sends me a text: “So we’re not speaking, right? Because that’s the impression I get from you.” Then follows with another text about 30 seconds later, “Ok, I’ll take that as a yes”. Um? First of all, she promises to call and doesn’t. Then she blames me for not talking? And now gives me 30 seconds to respond????

    I’m so disgusted, and I spent an entire day kicking myself for ever meeting up with her again. I won’t anymore. Time to move on. This merry-go-round makes me sick to my stomach.


  • satori

    baby steps.

  • thesadgegod

    Hey ya’ll are hilarious! I wondered who would ever watch oprah or dr phil–now i know it’s ppl like u! Ugh!

    Get over you whining and meet some new men. There’s about 3 billion men on this planet–go and meet them!

    As a proud (and wise) sagittarian man, i can relate to the character sketch; but guess what: we are happy the way we are and could care less about what others think!

    The fact is–the world evolves around us. Get used to it!

  • satori

    oh look, a sadge with lots of aries!

  • Jamie

    I’m a sagittarian female and the least selfish person ever. Sagittarius sun, Aries moon and the people I love are first always. You’re all a bit bitter from what I can tell. Just because most of us can’t be put on leashes doesn’t mean we’re selfish. There’s a difference between selfish and independant. The world does not revolve around me and I do care what people think, and some of these comments horrified me. All the signs stated I’ve had bad experiences with, pisces and leo specifically. You wouldn’t want me to bash you all according to your sun sign would you because I’ve met a couple who were shifty?

    Fact: Sun signs don’t make wretched, dishonest people, upbringing does.
    It doesn’t make drug dealers, it doesn’t make rapists, it’s just when you were born. Come on now, how old are we?

  • Jamie

    I’d like to state after seeing a virgo rising was bashed for commenting your “little discussion” that this is a public discussion and it can hurt people’s feelings. So don’t tell me I made you cry because I came close as well reading all these comments. Who wants to google their sign and then find a site saying they’re only good (basically) for sex? Especially when one-night-stands aren’t their thing and they’re more into relationships. You practically called me a selfish whore.

  • satori

    I’m sorry you felt hurt by this discussion. I really am.
    I think what might help you see our point is that we’re not discussing Sadge, we’re discussing particular individuals with sadge suns. There are particular sadge traits that have a high or a low expression. We’re dishing about individuals for whatever reason, other aspects, upbringing, are expressing the lower side of their sun sign traits.

    we’re not dishing Sadge; we’re not dishing you. I said somewhere up there (I think, if I remember rightly) that the best example of a lovely person and loyal husband that I have known is a Sadge.

    Just think of this as discussing Sadge Gone Bad. I know I have happened across people dishing the lower expression of Pisces traits. I decided not to take it to heart because I don’t fit that bill.

    I’m sorry you felt personally attacked.

  • Jamie

    Thank you and I suppose I missed it.
    I’m probably a bit too sensitive sometimes but I did take it to heart.

    Oh well. All is understood. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Distant Emotions

    I can relate & agree with the comments about sags being rude & inconsiderate. I have been conversating with a sag man , he never calls when he says & does not follow threw. He goes 3 or 4 days without calling. Although he lives in another state & does not call when I would like or as he has promised to.I do believe that this me… syndrome is a character flaw & will not likely change. I find it un-nerving if I was in the same state as him and began to crave his company that he would continue to be self absorbed & I too would find myself on a emotional roller-coaster. My advice is to have your own social life and decide that your well being is far more important than his YO-YO!!!!

  • JC


    I reaached out to the sadge. We met up, we kissed reminiced a bit. Now he wants to come over tonight. I enjoy his company. We can hang out as friends, but I will not go back.

    I’m dating so many other people

  • Bashful

    update DualFish and everyone else!

  • JC

    I messed up. I was intimate with him again, after 2months. Now I’m slipping back to old patterns. I’m calling obessively and gave him back some of the control. We are not back together, but I am acting as if I want reconcilliation.

    I slipped, I relapesed. The thing is I’m seeing 2 other people and they treat me very well.

    2 Aquarius men who are cerebral, intelligent, kind challenging and are wonderful in bed.

    Yet I actuall asked the Sadge to come over on Sunday to “do some things” and he was at his cousins birthday party.

    He choose some little kids party over rekindling some sexual fire with an ex. I felt so rejected sexually. Only he does this to me. I was getting my swagger back and feeling like a million bucks, but he basically rejected my offer after I gave him everything he wanted sexually earlier on in the week.

    I cried

  • Kebo

    JC, I’ve been been reading your comments and I can see you really care about this guy, but hate the way he treats you… As a Sag I can relate to this guy. In my relationships I become so close to the person and then the next day I sort of need time to myself and leave the person feeling lonely, but not intentionally. Sags are really hard to understand. Sometimes a Sag’s partner has to accept that Sags love their freedom more than anything. I hope things work out between you and him… if not then move on. Just make sure you’re happy. =)

  • JC

    Hey Kebo: My ex Sadge and I have been talking and have even been intimate, but we will not get back together.

  • Tonka

    I am a Sag woman who was involved with a Sag man for the first time in my life………everything you’re saying on here is so true, it’s almost funny if it wasn’t so sad. It’s actually led me to finally get it, that this in NOT going to work out, he’s not going to come back, and even if he does it’ll be more of the same…….what…….forever? hell no.
    Also, I’m a sag woman and not like this……I love hard and sweet and really give it my all. I think…..????

  • Nikki99

    I wanted to add my two cents in this forum. I am a 40 year old Leo dating a 45 year old Sag male for 7 months. He fits all of these traits to a TEE and I can tell you that he acts exactly like Dualfish & JC’s mates. It’s extremely hard to be on a roller coaster when your boyfriend has the switch to turn it off and yet he won’t or can’t do it. My situation is more complicated because he has an obsessed ex-wife (no children) who is 47 yrs old and lives in Georgia and she is an Aries. This woman calls my BF DAILY and he is too much of a wimp to choose one of us so he is trying to keep us both because he doesn’t want to lose anyone. Anyone else know how to deal with a Sag problem such as this? He even told me, “I want it all”…. what do you make of that? I am leaving him alone and trying harder to be a friend to him now (even though he tells me he has a commitment) but I don’t buy it… we live in Florida and he drove 16 hours this weekend to visit this ex-wife to tell her “it’s over” to her face (ridiculous if you ask me) but you know what… he just called me on the phone from GA (he said he had to “get out of her place she’s driving me crazy already… same old issues, same old crap) and he tells me that he still has basically not ended it with her! They are re-hashing things again! He changes his mind every other week whether he wants me or her. I’m pulling out my hair and am ready to throw in the towel!

  • bashful

    please don’t talk to this guy, do your best not to talk to him. When you let someone have you and someone else, they lose respect for you and will almost never probably treat you well..

  • Tracey

    Oh how glad I am to have found this blog today! I am a Libran and have been head-over-heels witn my Sag men for 2 1/2 yrs with the extra complication that I am English and he is Brazilian. He has been the funniest,most lovng (when he wants) and exciting lover I have ever had but we are over after MONTHS of what can only be described as one hell of a roller coaster ride. I am inspired by the advice and tips here but hoping to never succumb again, especially now with the 6 planets in Sag thing thats been going on for the last few weeks I know I have lost him forever and have to give up on my hopes and dreams of a life together. he has proposed to me no less than THREE times and I have accepted each time but never received an enagement ring and he never mentions it again (bizarre). I have recently issued an ultimatum along the lines of ‘do you want me or not?’ (big mistake!)which saw him run for the hills and not speak to me/see me for a whole month while he ‘thought it over’but he came crawliing back but no commitment. I have been through so much lately knowing he is going and trying to hold on/let go- I have lost 2 stone in weight and have spent many nights sobbing into my pillow thinking he is the one i want and no-one else will come close. I now realise it is NOT ME, and that I can do better and that i am going to go away for Xmas and try to forget about him and move on! Thank you!!
    PS He was also a complete workaholic to a ridiculous extreme

  • DualFish

    Hi all. Haven’t been here a while. I’ve been riding my Sag rollercoaster, and I finally fell off. Big OUCH. Here’s a quick update: My Sag came to me in October and suggested we move in together. A week later, she took it back because she didn’t like how I said something–yea, she’s really committed, right? Not!

    We stopped talking through half of October and reconnected in early November when she said, “Please be with me; I want you to be my girlfriend. How can we work things out?” I suggested all sorts of things but also said, “I’m not going back to the same old, same old. If this doesn’t change, I’m out of here.” She agreed. We struggled through a couple of weeks, her making all sorts of excuses, not spending time with me, being a workaholic. Finally, a week before Thanksgiving she said, “My family and I are going to my grandparents for Thanksgiving, and so I think it’s best if you have other options for spending Thanksgiving with someone else that you do that.” OUCH! I had made plans, luckily, because I’ve learnt not to wait around for this one to come through. Thanksgiving was okay, kind of sad for me, because I really thought we’d spent it together.

    A couple of days later, she invited me over to her home to stay the weekend. We had fun one night, then by Sunday morning, she wasn’t talking to me. No reason, just had nothing to say. Finally I asked if she’s okay, and she said she’s in a bad mood (she’s going through depression). So I said, “Well then I’ll let you be by yourself to sort things out.” She said okay. The minute I arrived home, she called me, “PLEASE PLEASE come back!” I’m not a yo-yo! I said, “No, sorry, I have things to do, but I’ll see you next weekend.” The following week, a friend had to stay with me because they’re painting her apartment. This friend also has wanted to date me in the past, but we’re only friends now. My Sag called and I told her what’s going on, she got all defensive and jealous. The whole week she kept trying to pick a fight with me and I said to her, “Stop this fighting; I can’t take it.” By Thursday, she was nice again…calm. Next day, not a word. I finally called her in the evening because I wanted to see how she’s doing. She picked up the phone and started screaming at me!! I didn’t know why. I asked, she said, I was “bothering” her. Excuse me? I hadn’t talked to her at all, this was my first call of the day! So she went on and on, and I said, “Look, tell me, is this as good as things are going to get between us?” She said, “For TONIGHT, yes.” What the hell does that mean? I said, “No, not just tonight, for good. Is this it? You say I’m bothering you, you’re screaming at me, and things are going from bad to worse…is this it?” She became all indignant and said, “YES, this is IT.” Ok, I thought I was going to get sick because her behavior is SO abusive! So I said, “You know what? You’re disgusting.” I hung up. I was DONE.

    She sent me a text 2 minutes later that read, “The next time you want to call someone disgusting, take a look in the mirror first.” Gee, thanks. Nasty you-know-what. I ignored her. On Monday, she sent me an email that said, “I don’t get you right now, and I don’t think you’re getting me. Things clearly aren’t working out. I don’t have the strength to fight with you anymore, and I think that’s the same for you. Instead of making this a long drawn out thing, let’s just let things be right now…”. What does that mean? Leave things be “right now”? This is the same version of string along that she’s done before. Forget it.

    I didn’t respond and haven’t talked to her since. I’ve gone through the emotional roller-coaster of being angry, sad, neutral, devastated, shocked, hurt, etc. and it’s been rough. I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks, and we haven’t talked in 2. I don’t know that I’ll hear from her again, or even if I did, to what end?

    All I know is, I can’t take this anymore. This person is killing me. I gave her all the freedom she could ever want–I want freedom, too, but she took it too far. She wants someone at her beck and call, and that’s not going to be me.

    Still, the hurt doesn’t go away as easily.

    And as you see, going back into it with these people is no good at all. Stay away until you heal and move on.

    Sorry to hear you’re back in it, JC. Hope you muster the strength to get out. As you see, they don’t change; they don’t really want to.


  • Honey

    Hi, i am a Sagittarius female dating a Sagittarius male for over a year now. We were both committed in the beginning, its like we know too much about each other or somthing, i am very very emotional and will cry for almost anything, he on the other hand, will cry but always know what is best in a kinda way. yeah he loves me, but i often feel as though the love is being lost somewhere. He moved to another country and consequently had a change in behaviour and is not really showing that kinda love i want. i want to make it work no matter what but i dont know if i should just give it a little time or something. Advice Needed please.

  • Gatamata

    well I think I came to the right site. I’m a cancer gal, and I just started dating a Sag man and OMG what in tarnation is going on?? Him and I had interest for each other for the past 3 years but sadly we were both in shady relationships. Finally I broke it off with the current and my also now-Single Sag pops into my life and totally blows me away. We laugh, have fun, make love and hang often in the beginning. Then I told him I was falling for him and he starts calling lessโ€ฆ and I hardly hear from him now and it’s making me insane!
    I know better than to get moody and emotional at him so I’m giving him his freedom because he claims he still wants me. 2 weeks have passed by and we have seen other once, has emailed me back once and returned no phone calls. He acted normal when we saw each other but not overly affectionate like before and I wonder if it’s just me or if he’s lost interest and just won’t tell me. He told me he’s just at a loss of words and that he’s not ready to make a decision and if I do force him to he will run to the hills. I’m not being clingy but I know me but If I don’t get some type of communication from him I will begin to get clingy and moody and I SOOO don’t want that! I am seriously thinking of dating other people. I don’t want to hurt him either (the word exclusive was brought up once but so was noncommittal so go figure) since he’s absolutely the most wonderful person I’ve ever dated, so now I’m wondering what to do. Help?

  • gatamata

    oh and i’m a Aries rising

  • Jessa

    Oh my, this sure has been in interesting read.
    I read every single one of these comments.
    It’s 3 in the morning for me!
    I must go to sleep soon.

    But now that I think of it…
    …I guess I have to be cautious too, huh?

    I’m a Pisces with Gemini moon and Leo rising.
    Ever since last year, I’ve had this huge crush on a Saggitarian guy, but never got around to talking to him until September since he was still dating someone else at that time.

    Well things were off to a great start, until he had to leave campus for some reason. So I asked him if there was any way to contact him, and we exchanged phone numbers.

    The first time I talked to him was during the night before Thanksgiving, and things were going pretty well. He said that he’d promise to talk to me online the next day, and that he would get my screenname. I called him to next day to see how he was doing, and he said, “Uhh…can I call you back tomorrow? I’m in the middle of watching a movie.” So I said okay, then I reminded him about the IMing thing. He said he would talk to me online the next week.

    Nope. He didn’t.
    Then a week passed. he didn’t.
    Then another week passed.
    I waited one more week to see if he’d call–nope.

    I know he’s very busy with his training in martial arts, so I respect him for that. But I was starting to get quite worried, plus I was going to be in California for some time for the holidays and wanted to call him before or during my stay in California.

    So I called him one night while I was staying in San Diego.
    Well well…now before I go on, might I also note that I asked him to come to my art show once? He forgot about it — this was early on in our relationship, and it was the day he left campus. I shrugged it off anyway since we did have a great conversation the next night.

    We had this Holiday Market thing coming up at school and I asked him if he could come, but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. I told him it’s okay.

    Now anyway, back to the night I called him while I was at San Diego — He asked me how I’ve been doing so far in art school, and I told him I’ve been doing fine. We talked about art and school in general, and I told him that I went to Holiday Market, ate lots of food and had fun, and he apologized again for not being able to make it. He sounded honest and sincere about it, and I told him that it’s okay. I asked him when’s the next time he’ll visit campus, and he said that sometime after winter break. ‘sometime after winter break’ sounded a little bit shady to me, so I just shrugged it off and said “mmmkay”, and then he finally got around to asking me for my screenname so that we could talk online instead. I told him, even spelled it out for him so that he could remember, and he said, “Oh okay, that’s easy to remember! So I’ll talk to you on AIM.” And I asked when, and he said “uhh tomorrow, just anytime you’re online.” So I said mmkay.

    I got online the next day after returning from a day out at Legoland with my younger brother, and unfortunately he wasn’t online. But I figured out that he must’ve been on while I was at Legoland.

    So I decided to see if he’d be online the following week, and I stayed on the internet that whole week. Nope, he wasn’t.

    I’ve also been e-mailing his ex-girlfriend, since her and I are friends and we’ve known each other since first year in Visual Design class. I told her the whole thing with him, and she told me, “He said that he just never got around to calling you. But don’t worry, he said you’re cool! =) Sorry I couldn’t help you on getting him to call you…guess you’ll have to try harder. =/ But I’ll give you his AIM screenname once I come back from Japan.”

    …note that she is also a Sagittarius, and from what she told me, her relationship with him was 99.9% perfect, but it was her that had to break it off most of the time because of that “.1% wrong with my head and I could never carry a steady relationship with him as more than a friend”.

    But they are still good friends.
    I’ve also found out that he was dating again after they broke up, and this girl was a Sagittarius too. But their relationship wasn’t really smooth sailing and they broke up 2 weeks later. At that time, I didn’t know he was dating and I started crushing on him.

    But anyway, from what one of my other friends told me…the reason why he broke up with his second ex is because…he wasn’t spending enough time with her or something like that???


    Gee, I still don’t know about this one.
    But his first ex suggested that I called him during New Year’s and greet him a happy new year, and I did. He still hasn’t called or talked to me online since then, and I’m getting a bit worried that he might’ve forgot my screenname again and…I really hate making phone calls.

    But his ex will be giving me his screenname soon so that we could talk online.
    Darn, I kind of regret not asking him for his s/n that night I talked to him while in San Diego.

    I hate having to make so many phone calls — you can see that I’m not the phone type person. =P

    But…I don’t know…maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt and remind him? And still check up on him once in a while to see how he’s doing?

  • bashful

    jessa you sound like a really nice girl but the best advice i can give you with this guy is to let him come to you…let him wonder about what you’re doing by not calling him or making efforts to be in his life. Once you retreat and focus more on your own life, he will come your way : )

  • Help

    Hello All,

    I wrote many months ago about my situation with myk SAG. Well, I wanted to let you know the outcome.

    We have been together for about 1.5 years. In that time we’ve had our share of ups and downs for sure. He is a hard working man who hardly takes a day off work. He was devoted to his former wife and kids for 17 years when she called it off. He stuck by her side even though she cheated on him the entire length of their marriage. In the beginning of our relatoinship, I beleive he was still loyal to her and the kids but as time has progressed, his loyalty has changed to me (at least I think so anyway).

    We had our baby in October 2006. So our son is now almost 4 months old.

    After this length of time and our relationship not progressing to going to the next level, I had explained to him that I do love him a lot but that I did not want to continue just a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and was contemplating seeing other people. We have been living together for 1.5 years but I was not satisfied with the level in which our relationship was at. I refused to see him for 4 days even though we lived in the same house. I was the one who needed space and time to think (I am a taurus woman). He asked me to have Friday night with me. I said I’d think about it, then agreed.

    Friday came and I was dressed up very nice…and so was he for that matter.
    He took me out to a nice dinner then drove me to the parking lot of a HUGE jeweler. (I think it is like a 3 story beautiful glass building) They were closed because it was very late, BUT, he reached for his cell phone and handed it to me which contained the photo of 2 rings side by side. One was a wedding band/diamond engagement ring with the center missing, and the one next to it was a solitair marque diamond to which he was having put into the ring on the left. The ring was to be customized and completed by the next day at Noon and we were to go and pick it up.

    YES…….he asked me to marry him!!!!!

    ON Saturday morning, we took the kids to bowling, then dropped them off at home and went to the Jewelers. The ring is GORGEOUS!!! I can not beleive my SAG picked this ring out all on his own but it is very beautiful. A solitaire marque diamond in the middle (about 1/3 K) and the band has a good thickness to it with 3 rows of diamnods on each side…..total of 1 full K.

    Anyway, the man is seious. He took me down to see his parents this past weekend to announce the engagement to him. We are planning a 2008 Wedding At Disney and are working on our Engagement party for March of this year.

    I wanted you all to know….that although people of Certain signs may indeed have similar characteristics, that it does not totally indicate the type of person your SAG is. They are all unique. And yes…my SAG and I do have our share of problems and I expect I’ll be coming here in the future making some kind of complaint or other, but really it is up to 2 people to make things work out, or let them crumble. We are not a perfect couple, but we’re having fun working on it!

    Hang in there…..it could just be the person you are with just isn’t the one for you. But doesn’t necessarily mean it is because of their sign.

    I look forward to a lifelong commited relationship to my SAG and am willing to give him the opportunity to prove to me his loyalty and devotion.

    I’ll keep you posted on how it all works out…..

    to be continued…….

  • need help

    wow so you guys seem to know a lot about sags, maybe you can help me with a recent experience:

    I was talking to a sagittarius friend today about soulmates and he said he never plans on marrying me because he wants to marry someone he has innocent feelings for who has not hurt him in the past, the way i have…I said I didn’t think we’d get married anyway and he went on to say he doesn’t want to be tied down ever, and I said i didn’t either… the conversation went on like this for a while with both of us reassuring the other we did not want to get married to each other.

    After a while he brought up someone I dated before I met him (a libra) and I said I could possibly see myself marrying that guy. Now all of a sudden he gets upset and says that he always knew I liked the Libra more than him and that maybe I was just a joke to him, and asked why I would say I would marry the libra when I know he is insecure about my feelings for the libra in the first place.. I’m confused because the Sag made it pretty clear that he and I could and never would end up together , so why is he so insecure about me possibly being in love with the Libra? I know Sag’s want everything and like to claim everyone they have ever been involved with, so maybe he was just upset that I might love someone else too/more, but also, could all of what he said about not marrying me before have been a defense and a way to protect himself from me because he considers me (he has said) someone who likes to and will hurt him.

    Part of me thinks I should listen to the man because men don’t often say “I won’t marry you” unless they mean it but another part of me does not know what to think because of everything else he said… I just don’t know and I would love your advice on this. I’m a scorpio by the way …. also, the Sag ‘s chart shows a great attraction to me (a cancer rising close in degree to my sun and in opposition to my moon which is supposed to be a good placement, a pisces moon close in trine to my sun, a venus in Cap (where my moon is) and venus trine my mars and mars trine my venus)….supposed to be a good chart for me but I, right now at least, don’t feel like he is the right person for me and based on what he said maybe he feels that I’m not the best for him either..

  • sassy1

    Hello, I have read some of the articles about sag men, and my man does have some of the same characteristics, however I have broken all of his sag rules. I have been jealous, possesive, obsessive, invaded his privacy and space,& caused scenes, But he’s still with me. Maybe he has cheated, but I don’t know anything about it. And another thing he is very generous and giving to me, regardless of how I act. On the flip side, he is all of the things I am, his is just a little more subdued. If he is a wild horse I got him trained.

  • I am a libra(oct 2,1986) and my boyfriend is a sag(nov 26,1986) ive known of him for about 7 months and we started a relationship on feb 25,2007.Everything was going so good until one night he was supposed to come over and he never showed up nor called me,so 3 hours later he called telling me that he lost his car keys and he was looking for them.

    I was understanding and wasnt too mad so i said okay.we hung up.and i text him “i was really worried about you” ( i really was,anything couldve happened and i care about him deeply) and he calls me back screaming saying im tripping and asked me why would i say that.I was completly throwed so i didnt say anything.he was like “bye”>i honestly didnt know what to say.

    so the next day i called,he didnt answer.i left text messages explaining to him that i didnt say that to start a fight.2 more days after he was like he’s going through something personal and that he needed time to think.so i was like think about us? and he says”it not about you,its not about us,its me” He wont tell me what he needs time to think about,so i get mad.i admit i was blowing his phone up trying to find out if he was trying to break up wit me.he says its not me,but yet he avoids my calls and hasnt call me in a week and we are supposed to moving together next week.Im thinking i jus need to back up and give him his time to think,then again i think i should end it.Im confused and i dont know what to do.this is so crazy to me!!!

  • lost_myself

    i got married to a sag 6 months back, he left me for his work some 3 months back.
    He’s not leeting take up a job in the same city where he’s working. He’s phone is engaged all the time even at 1’oclock at the night.
    He calls me only to ask about his parents …

    I want to tell myself that he is cheating and be strong enough to get out of this screwed life.
    But it’s just 6 months my dreams are so young in my eyes that I’ll die if they break like this.

  • soni

    Hey Saasy,
    I kindda’ agree to you, My saggie hubby is very caring but again very difficult to handle. You never know when he’ll put a bomb… in your sweet nothings in the mid-night, saying that you know na… I am a flirt. This girl proposed me last week. & you are stunned… Then I fight, create scene, stop meeting him, disconnect my phone… & End of the day he comes back… & can’t help myself from taking him back to my life. Apart from all his fuzzy & sometimes little cheating behavior I still love him.

  • sassy1

    Hello Soni, yes there is something about that sag that is totally irresistable. Everyone is different though. Most of them have similar qualities, but it is who your man is. I am totally in love with my sag, and he is very good to me. You just have to be a strong woman to deal with them, because if you are weak and needy, for sure you will be hurt. They are very free-spirited people and that is their personality. When you are in a relationship with them, it can be difficult but if they are good to you and you love them, it is worth it.

  • Aries Woman

    I am an Aries woman and have dated a sage before for 6 glorious months and now in a somewhat long distance relationship with an sage for about 4 months…after reading all these comments I have to say that I didnot have those problems or see any of those sag trait that I have read…my first sag guy was completely in love with me after a month and introduced me to his whole world but I believe partly my own personality and the fact that I am Aries who is extremely independent and also known to be commitement phobic like the Sag. men and I broke up with my a Sag. the current Sag is also getting attached and I don’t call him EVER he always calls me and that is one thing I believe intriuges them…ladies just be your own person and life your lives to the fullest…life is too short and when dealing with a sag. make them always wonder where YOU are instead of you wondering where they are…let them roam and give their space…they will only love you for it

  • Nikki99

    ok I wrote a few months ago about my 45 yr old Sag boyfriend who was coming and going into and out of my life with his ex-wife (she lives in GA and would never stop calling begging for another chance….) ~ Well, he always came back to me after trying to talk to her. It was like she would try so hard to convince him to give them another chance, and he would consider it… but when push came to shove he always backed out. A few weeks ago, he went so far as to call her on the phone and tell her he could not say goodbye to me and that he loved me and wasn’t up for another go at it with her. She was livid, crying, whatever…. very tearful and “wished us the best” (yeah right) ~ so long story short… i thought it was over. He got a new job at a new dealership. He had to turn in his corporate cell phone to the old dealership, leaving him without a cell phone at all. He told me he wasn’t going to get another because after all, I was the only one who ever called him! (by the way, we were living together)….. he started acting more distant by the time he took this new prestigious job at the oldest dealership in town, and the following week, I CAUGHT HIM ON A CELL PHONE TALKING! (the one he said he would not be getting)…. I also saw him dressed up. This was on a Sat night when he said he couldn’t meet me because he had to PAINT his condo he was in the process of selling! So liar liar…. i cried, etc. told him i have had enough, and he just merely said, “ok i’m so sorry… can i get my stuff out of your house?” It was like he was bored with me and waiting for an opportunity to leave! So he left, me in tears… and now i am wondering…. the ex lives in GA as far as i know. I am thinking he met someone new at his work! At any rate, this philanderer got the better of me. I cried, sent many emails, voice mails, he did not return one except when i finally got really nasty, he wrote that he knew i would be going out partying, and to make sure i chase the men away because they are scumbags and not to be trusted! (haha!!) then he said, “and don’t sleep with someone to get revenge on me. you are better than that!!!!” i couldn’t believe it. he will not return my phone calls, so when i finally tell him to go have a nice life, he responds. and with that! I told him i’ll be fine. i would miss him, having a real hard time but will not bother him ANYMORE. Have not heard back now for a few days other than that email he sent. Now tell me…. is this typical of a Sadge? Do you think he will eventually call? From what i’m reading on this board, they do just when you get over them! I am going on with my life and will not contact him again though he lives 1 mile from me. i keep saying this guy is truly done. he has apologized for hurting me and the pain he has caused, and i “let” him go finally because he would not return my calls. so i gave up. i know he doesn’t want the responsibility of my kids… i am very financially stable and the kids have a great father and he knew all that… but he just wanted to be a free bird and only do for himself… plus now, i think he’s truly done and has found greener pastures. but can i rest easy knowing he will never contact again or should i have my guard up? i think he’s also a little bit commitmentphobic, narcissistic, and going through a mid-life to top it all off! What are your thoughts on this? i could use some help here since i broke all the sag rules on what they like. i was co-dependent, crying at the end, and i’m sure it turned him off. but now i’m thinking, “I DO DESERVE BETTER!” light bulb went on. Do you think my silence will be deafening and i will eventually get a call or email that i will have to deal with? or is this jerk gone for good?

  • Chance

    I am writing again after about 8 months of being in a relationship with my sag man. I wrote previously about how scared I was because we were only in our relationship for 5 weeks at the time. Well I’m here to say…he has not changed one bit, if anything he as gotten better at being a great guy. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have met him. And the way I met him is even creepier. But that’s another story. So…we have been together for 10 months now and plan to be together for the rest of our lives. It still shocks me a bit but I’m beggining to let it all soak in. I never thought a Cancer woman and a Sag man could be this happy together! I wish you all the best of luck with your Sag partners.

  • Nikole00

    Wow, i’ll admit it’s kind of scary to see so many people with such similar experiences. I’ve been involved with a sagi guy for two years now. Off and on of course. I’m a virgo, yea I know not really the right match as far as astrology goes but oh well. I can say the same about him that all of you have. He comes after me full force telling me every little thing I could possibly want to hear and then starts to withdraw all attention and affection and it just ends in a break up. So I get mad and don’t speak to him at all, but of course a couple months later he texts me to see how I am. I stay quiet, he starts to text something every day or so, apologizing and asking how things are going for me. Eventually this cycle always breaks me down and I say we can try to be friends. Then that turns into something sexual and from there we end up dating and everything repeats itself. After our last breakup I said to my coworkers I give it three months before he’s back to talking to me and trying to have me in his life, and yes of course exactly three months later here he is and here I am falling for it.

    Anyway, fast forward that two years and about 5 breakups, this time we’re trying to be together without the title, hoping that’ll take the pressure off of him feeling like he’s tied down right? Wrong. Oh so wrong. First couple weeks were wonderful, now I start to see the patterns again and really it’s quite a decision.. should I just end it or just wait and see like all the other times? We’ve never broken up because of arguing or incompatibilites, moreso he just feels too restricted because he says he “feels” he has to give me attention and doesn’t want to have to do anything. However, I’m not a clingy girl, i’ve never been one to try to hold him down or smother him with attention, which he likes. We think almost alike except for, I can commit, and he cannot. This time he went from saying that he wants me to move in with him and that he trusts me more than any other person even his best friend and that I can stay over and be with him whenever I want to. Well, that’s exactly what a girl wants to hear when they love a guy with commitment issues. I didn’t take the bait, I’ve been through this too many times to take that bait. It was a trap, cuz soon as you fall for that, he says its moving too fast and pushes you away. So I stayed far away from his place, that kept him asking me to stay over and spend the days with him. Now, the one day that I was forward and asked him out to do stuff, he says sure then an hour later right before we’re about to leave he states that his friend has made plans for them and he won’t be done until 3am….

    So yes I got upset and hung up on him. I’d go through all the details of the past dating but i’m so tired of thinking about it. Seems like each time I learn something else but it still never seems to last. So later that night he was apologizing and saying how sorry he was and that he wants to make it up to me and “please don’t be mad at me baby I’ll make it up to you” …. So in the morning I say, ok you can make it up to me by dinner and a movie tonight. He says, well, I have plans… So I was like I give up!

    I don’t have the patience to chase after him again and he is starting to feel obligated to see me. I haven’t seen him in about a week and he hasn’t said anything since that conversation. I swear, I wish I was surprised or hurt but i’m so used to this situation. It’s so sad too, alot of you have been through it with them. It’s like all this dissapointment. I don’t know if it’s his sign or a combination of things but really I’ll admit I think it’s impossible for us to have a future together. Why do I stick around then? Cuz I believe living for now and not the future is best. I know it won’t last with him but when I do spend time with him I am very fulfilled and happy and the sex is pretty much perfect and he agrees on that part. Anyways, what a disaster.

  • Sin

    Scorpio female – Sag male – with a bit of an age gap too …basically we are both daydreamers and because of this not much dating experience befoer each other – always waiting for the perfect mate which we now think we have found(but not according to horoscopes)

    me = 11/11/72
    he = 24/11/55


  • Jessa

    to bashful and all the other people on here:

    Hello everyone!
    I’m back after a few months and let me tell you, Help was right!

    The Sag that I’ve been seeing for a while now isn’t your typical Sag. Or well he does have Sagittarian characteristics and I have my Piscean characteristics (the cause for all my worrying for calling him or not — lol if you’re read my first post. I don’t want to go back and read it! Too silly for me to read it now! =P), but it really all boils down to the two of us making the relationship work.

    It takes two to tango, right? ;]

    Though we still can’t really see each other often because he is so busy and lives far away, we still get along fine. And I am assured now that he likes me. Plus, if he ever does do something suspicious, I always have our other Sagittarian friend to trust on. She’s his ex, but we all get along fine. I become friends with her before I even knew she was going out with Sag guy, lol. But she was the one to break the relationship because she said she couldn’t keep a stable relationship.

    But anyway,

    good luck to you all with your Sagittarians!

  • Krisko

    Dear people,

    I’m a somewhat younger sadge male here.. And one of the items which strike me with all the really bitchy/cheating ones is that they’re all sadges born in the first week of Sadge… close to scorpio.. Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t scorpio normally associated with the loin-area ? Maybe the reason they were all such ass-holes is coz they’ve all on the edge with scorpio. I myself am born 4/12.. And I’ll admit I have trouble keeping focussed on one person after a while.. coz they have to make it worth or while… Now.. I know you’re all just venting however as a sadge myself reading this leaves me rather worried.. You’re making us all sound as if we never take in account your feelings and you’re just around for a good f*ck. And no offence but a guy who doesn’t last 7 mins… That’s not his sage, it’s his libido which needs checking up on.. I have never received any complaints about the duration and/or quality. I once dated a leo/sage rising and hell, I couldn’t keep up…
    What I’m trying to say is : isn’t this getting slightly out of hand ? One started the fire and all the rest just kept on turning up the gas..

    I mean no disrespect to whatever you’ve been through but as stated before : all signs have negative sides… libra’s undecisive, virgo’s too perfect, aqua too dreamy.. I haven’t had the best of relationships with Leos & scorpios.. but does that mean they’re all bad ? I mean sadges also have good qualities… we’re perfect party-people.. we’re wonderful friends at times…

    So could we lighten it up just a bit..

    I mean this started with a single question :

    Can a Sag-Man truly love… ?

    If you’ve got what it takes to keep him interested : YES !

    And I think that goes for all zodiak-signs..(although keeping a sage fascinated is harder than other signs…)

    otherwise : you were just not right for each other… ditch’m, pickup the pieces of your life and MOVE ON !!!

    Thank you…

  • Nikole00

    I have nothing against Sagi’s but one thing is for sure it’s hard keeping them around and maybe that means you just aren’t right for eachother but moving on is just sometimes difficult because alot of them keep coming back and since they’re very charming and honest, it’s easy to make excuses for their behaviour and let em come back. As for the question if they can love? sure they can, it’s just harder keeping them around than most other signs and I don’t think it’s as cut and dry as just “make them chase” because nothing is ever that simple.

  • Sin

    After posting, I went on to find what some of the other aspects in my chart are … I am a Scorpio (typical one) with a sadge rising …the man I like is a Sadge – we are like chalk and cheese but the attraction is there

    can only speak for myself and not all Scorps but would say as predicted that I am very much “all or nothing” and have never cheated nor would accept a partner to …

  • Jessa

    Krisko, are you in a relationship right now? I just want to know what the difficulty level is on keeping a Sagittarian around.

    As for my sadge…he’s busy 24/7! We haven’t talked to each other in nearly a month now, but I know that he will come and visit me soon and we might go see a rock concert together.

    It seems like our relationship is moving very slowly, and at times it confuses me, but I still think it’s worth staying in.


    after reading some of these blogs….i feel like running as far as possible from my sag….well not exactly my sag..lol.
    Im a Gemini female…thats crushing hard on a sag male. We met a few months ago, he approached me. He caught my attention instantly…we have hung out 5 or 6 times. When we are together…he acts very interested. but then claims he is too “busy” when i try to make plans…he has explained that he is working hard toward his goals and that is lacking a social life….he understands how i would believe that he isnt interested….but reassures me everytime that he is VERY interestd.
    I guess my gemini mind makes it very difficult to understand him…..if he is that intersted why doesnt he make an effort?
    although reading these blogs has helped me understand him a little and also has opened my eyes that this a sag issue….
    Should I just stop reaching out and just let him come to me? will reaching out to him push him away? hopefully somone can give me a little more insight int the mind of a Sag Male…

  • Trace

    Hi again-just checked back and amazed this is still going strong.. I have finally broke up with my Sag for good (?), I lasted six weeks and a very miserable Xmas alone (my worst ever) but then in January he came back on the scene, took him back of course, up and down for a few months but stuck with it until we went to the beach in April with friends and my kids, had a lovely day but on the way back my car broke down- had to wait 3 hours with 2 tired kids for rescue services to tow us home. The atmosphere turned frosty and he then starts saying he is not happy with his friend for deserting us with cartrouble and goes on to say he trust no one in the world apart from God and that God is his only friend! I was stunned..back at my house he anounces there is a woman at work who is older but sooo beautiful and he watches her sometimes..stunned again as he knows I have issues here-did I need to hear that?? I think he does this to cause argument and thus cut loose and can’t handle responsiblity/problems. Follwing Thurs I asked him to come over, wanted to cook for him, hadn’t seen him since the beach, he said no he felt unwell and wld rather sty home with his friends that he lives with as they take care of him! Stunned again so told him its over-it just came out of all the hurt and pain at being pushed away again-so its been 6 weeks now he calls sometimes but I try not to answer tho I did let him help me get a new car last wknd-but we didn’t talk bout us. Feelin stronger now but still in pieces emotionally. Sag men are the best-no doubt, I will never love like that agin but I have been needlessly rejected too many times, its like coming off drugs I guess, you kno its bad for you but also that it feels soo good. Someone else better putup with him now, I deserve so much more and I’m trying to move on but if I am honest with you guys I think about him everyminute of the day and dream of him every night. You needs bags of confidence and self worth to carry this thing off and I don’t have it. In the beginning (the first year) he worshiped me, it was only once he knew I felt the same that all this drama started. Be true to yourself is all I can advise, if you want a committed relationship or domestic bliss best look elsewhere in my view. Wishing you all love and happiness xx

  • I am with a sag, 3yrs now but its hard going. He has alot of water in his chart so he’s probably clingier than most but his selfishness and seemingly ‘out of sight, out of mind’ attitude does do my head in esp on my more emotionally vulnerable days when i really need some comfort and he’s not there. I have a friend who’s a sag and he has about 5 women on the go. I was shocked one eve as he kept getting text after text from different women all hopelessly in love with him (1 married and prepared to leave her husband for him!) and he just laughs and gives them all the sweet talk. I really laid into him about playing with peoples emotions esp the married woman who is obviously in a highly vulnerable state. He just laughed it off, saying half of these women were just after 1 thing anyway. He’s going through a divorce and his ex is really taking him to the cleaners. She was a really sweet girl but he used to leave her at home with his alcoholic parents and god knows what he was up to, but he was always out on the town ‘business’etc. He’s shocked that she’s doing this saying he paid for her college fees and never denied her anything. Cant seem to understand that she needed more than that so she’s hitting him in the only place she thinks will hurt him, his wallet. With my one, i’m endlessly threatening to finish it, its the only time he really makes an effort. I know he loves me and independence is good for me but sometimes i feel quite alone. Playing hard to get does seem the best way to handle them (male or female)but do i really wanna keep playing these games y’know.

  • Gina

    hello friends,
    I am glad I found this site. I would like to know if anyone of you knows about saggitarian man with moon sign in Virgo.I have been dating this man for a few weeks,as such my sag friend is exhibiting all the bad attributes spoken in the blog. He never calls, disappears for days, and when I do call, he says he has to attend another call and after promising to call, never does.And I was breaking my head about his behaviour, I’m really glad to have found this site. But reading about the other sags, its so similar to this guy and its scary. Just would like to know if the virgo moon would help in anyway. I am an Aries woman and dont understand why he plays these games. I am not able to break this emotional attachment that I have with him either, though my practical mind is telling me to find someone more stable, its eerie.Help !

  • Jessa


    sometimes Sagittarius men can be very busy.
    extremely busy.
    But they will always make a way to be with you…

    …hopefully this will be the case for your Sag man.

  • piny

    my sag told me that he loved me and we shared the most precıous and romantic times together 2 days ago. made me believe that he has noone else in his life but me.i know he loves me at least in his own terms. but i saw him kissing another girl.he bruised my body leaving traces so that if i betray him with the other man, they could see.but he got jealous when i talk to another man and he kissed the girl when i was looking at him. what kind of a sick puppy is this?

  • aries woman

    Hey Gina,
    This is a crazy coincidence but I also know a sag guy with the moon in virgo and I am an Aries woman too…that’s a little eerie right there but with me I may be too independent to care to much about his behaviour which isn’t as bad as the other sags I have read on this site…however the missing for days is true to form but I just ignore it…we are not in the same city so it helps and thank god as an aries with moon in aries as well I am very independent

  • sag wife

    I am married to a sagittarius man. While dating he was constantly late and sometimes never showed up. He was always running and always busy and never seemed to have time for me. I married him anyway. I thought I could change him. We had 3 kids. He still never had time for us. He is not very domestic. Very restless when at home. Always on the run. Then I got an illness and got very sick. Instead of being there for me and the kids when I needed him the most, he decided to have an affair with another women. So if your looking for someone to be there for you when you need him, forget a Sagittarius. And for you ladies who are okay with his need to disappear and be free at times, thats okay while your dating, but when you want to settle down and have children prepare to be on your own.

  • ann

    this post is amazing. i have been with my sag man for 6 1/2 years. i am a virgo. it is the cat/mouse game. right now it’s friday nite and he is out with his coworkers drinking it up and hasn’t called.. hasn’t answered his phone. this is probably the 20th plus time he has done this to me. in our years, i have caught him at a strip club.. (waited for him outside), lying to me about using drugs.. and now he is in this drinking phase.. as i write this and read this i am realizing how crazy i truly am for putting up with this.. i am sorry but i too am not the type to play this game. i want something sane, solid. why do i have to go find a life? i am the type to want to be home with the one i love… i want my love to be my best friend. those are my needs. and someone said up there in previous posts.. why should i change my needs just to accommodate his? would not one think there is someone who truly matches my needs? it is a merry go round… just round and round and after 6 1/2 years it feels exactly the same.. nothing.. no growth at all…. i am dealing with a sag man who has his emotional and freedom issues of doing whatever he wants and acting like he is single and i am his damn roommate or something. it’s a delusion i am in. it’s love that makes me think it’s worth it. but it’s not. and i need to wake up already… may be there is a girl out there like some of the posts above that matches my sag man better. may be there is someone else who matches a textbook virgo like me… i don’t know if has cheated on me but for all the lies i’ve heard, he may have… my good friend just divorced her sag last year and i feel like i am living the stories she use to tell us about her relationship. it wasn’t like this before…. it is confusing too because you do think it’s you that needs to change and that you are at fault. i am not blaming fault on him. but only realizing that he is what he is. and i am what i am. but he does have an uncanny way make me feel like i need to work harder…. i need to let him go free as a wild horse and be okay with not calling… i hate it. i am so close to breaking up with him. i’m scared… but it is a choice coming close that i have to make.

  • Konfused

    I have been with a Sag for a few months now. It was not until he told me that he wanted me around and to do things together etc. Well, it was about two weeks after he stated all that, that he jumped ship.

    Actually, I did not feel he was sincere when he was telling me how he felt about me and “us”. Because he never wanted to do things together and the only time we went to the movies was in the beginning when he was trying to get some sex.

    I suggested we take it slow and I knew he would probably run. It was just an intuition thing – trying to see how long he would stick around. Lo and behold, to this day, he has not said goodbye or anything. He lead me to believe we had a relationship and he would be there. Have not heard from hin in over 2 months and he has not return my 2 text messages.

    I know he must be with someone as he loves sex. But I don’t know what kind of woman can deal with this. I tried to give him plenty of freedom and I never questioned him. The last time I was with him, he was hugging me and was very affectionate and starting to open up. And I never heard from him since.

    I do not want to date another Sag!

  • balancinglibra

    Well I have come to this site for a few months after I discovered it reading the blogs but never felt compelled to reply until now. I have been with my Sag for 4 years now & I would be kidding you if I said it was easy but it is also very fulfilling for me too. Libra’s are said to be the most ideal for Sag’s because we as the scales can help balance them. I have to say that Sag’s are the most complex people I have ever encountered of all the signs & are not easy to understand & most general rules applied to other people in life don’t easily apply to them. They march to the beat of their own drum but that can often lead to their demise or cause them to have a difficult life.

    I have to be thankful because when I first met my Sag I took the time to read up about the sign as my father was a Sag & was very confusing to my Mom & family. I read the book described as the Birthday book & was utterly shocked at how on the money it was about my Sag. Things the book described as behavior that I hadn’t seen yet surely surfaced & it became not trying to be funny but somewhat of a guide on dealing with him. When I became confused & didn’t understand some things I would go back to that book that really described the sign for his birthdate exact as how he is. So I knew moving further in the relationship what to expect & I also knew there were things I would talk to him about to see if we could compromise or work them out.

    One thing about Sag men is they can have a temper that can flare & if you are not used to it, you can be scared. They can yell & say what they want although mine has never called me out of my name but will say he is pissed off at me over how I act sometimes. What they don’t understand is their behavior can be so inconsistant sometimes that it is like a guessing game to figure out what they are thinking. At times my Sag can be a know it all & can’t be told things but when I am right on things will come back later to say he should have listened. He is easy to trust what outsiders tell him & will fall for things but I have to go out of my way to convince him that something or someone doesn’t seem right. My Sag will often note what I say or do to him that bothers him but it doesn’t work that way as easily for me. If something has bothered me then it used to be that it was because of my own thing but he has come a long way in recognizing he is at fault on some things he says or does that upsets me. Sag’s are very friendly people & I am sure many are unfaithful but from my own experience I realized that my Sag is a people person. Everywhere he goes people talk to him from young to old, female to male, to any ethnic background or color. He does have female admirers but in the beginning every time I looked for a smoking gun & thought something was up I got confirmation that he clearly had done nothing wrong. So my advice is don’t be quick to think they are cheating because some are just really friendly which can be annoying at times. My Sag is one of the sweetest & most romantic guys I have ever known & he is very in tune to how I feel & having respect for that but Sag’s can also have a sour side & when his shows it does get on my nerves. One thing I learned from my experience is I think you have to be independent & have your own thing going which includes times where you are not jumping to answer their phone call, call them back, or be ready to see them. You have to make it where it is not all about them. Like I have been told by my Sag a few times that I don’t call him enough but the trick with them is before I knew him well if I did start to call more it would become more difficult to get him on the phone or he would act like he had an attitude when he was getting called all the time so I shut that down making him the one to always call more than I do & it balances out better that way. I told him when I called more he would act different & although he denied I think he got it because he stop complaining about me calling him. Unfortunately with a Sag it is a cat & mouse thing sometimes & they have got to be some of the most private people out there which can make you feel strange some times until you understand it. I have gotten to meet & talk to most of his family including Mom, siblings, & other relatives but with other people he can be very private & even some of his closest friends don’t know where he lives but I do ofcourse. It’s like they are paranoid & don’t want a lot known about them. He has told me a lot of things about him he has never told another soul & I feel like we have a very good relationship built on trust. As with all relationships there is room for improvement but I do see long-term with him & a good future. I have a strong personality myself but have that Libra nurturing side & Sag’s thrive off of that sometimes but you also have to shut that off & be stern with them. I will say they are not easy to be in a relationship but if you have one that will accept what you say when you express yourself to them it can work. They are wild horses but not in the sense of them cheating, I found it that they don’t like to be tamed & do like to have freedom to do their own thing sometimes, & be alone sometimes. They can become bored so without doing too much try to do different things in recreation & time spent. The ones who do cheat I think are not good at covering it up long so it will show if you suspect they are but the ones who are just friendly know that they are that way with all people. The balance I have used is not to be a pushover with him & also not to be too agressive. They are eccentric people so their mode of normalcy is not like many of the other signs. Don’t expect the rules they apply to you to be standard for them but let them know you won’t stand for anything. Good luck everyone.

  • wow

    As a proud sag woman myself I’ve been a little offended at the gross overgeneralizations made about my sun sign. Sag can be a silly partier with fickle tastes just as often as they can be thoughtful philosophers, dreamers and travelers.
    I happen to think there are a lot of wonderful traits shared by all sun signs regardless of whatever one aspect of their chart may say. There are also a lot of negative traits seen in all sun signs/archetypes of the zodiac.
    There probably are just as many threads on online chat/discussion forums devoted to how horrible each and every sun sign can be. People of every sign can cheat, be stubborn, selfish, non-commital, and aloof depending on the situation/relationship and that person’s personal history. It takes two to tango. If the relationship is not working for either party, either both parties (or three or four…ha, see I am sag after all ๐Ÿ™‚ ) have to make it work or get out and save everyone the drama of trying to hang on to something that is just reproducing trauma unnecessarily.
    Is that a sag response? I don’t know. But I do think that the overwhelmingly negative sterotyping of any sign is a silly shortcut that ignores the potential for growth and insight astrology presents us with.
    -irritated centaur

  • duane

    So, basically, what you’re saying wow (#224), is that the date of one’s birth has nothing to do with one’s personality traits. Ya think?
    You mean I could be the same old dourly sweet intellectual shy modest conceited musically inclined financially irresponsible selfishly thoughtful guy that I am regardless of which month I happened to be born?

    What a novel concept.

    Carry on.

  • Sin

    Duane – your self description could have been written by “my” Sag male ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Is there just one Sagg Man? They are known for their travel, afterall, maybe it’s all the same guy. I’ve read the past couple years of comments and think it says a lot that one can google Sagittarius Men out of screaming frustration and find a blog that is mostly women talking about the same man.
    Sagg Ladies can protest all they want but if the Sagg is a male, and handsome, well, the world lets them get raised up way differently than it allows women to be trained.
    You can try the Horse Whisperer thing where you turn your back and walk away, arouse their curiosity, keep the barn door open with food in the bin but if they’re handsome – well. Ask Jennifer Aniston, Brad’s a Sagg. And I’m watching to see how that unwinds as Angelina (Gemini) ages and sags.
    I think it’s a virus, or chemical they emit. Those stallions must do something to keep all those fillies running after them, waiting their turn, fightin over who gets done in heat. I mean it’s not like stallions bring home the paycheck or the bacon, the fillies can find grass and water on their own. He only ever gets tuned up by a new conquest or a threat from another Stallion.
    If no one kills a Sagg Male they do eventually settle down some with age and as their prostates start to put out less hormone their minds clear some. But it’s not unusual for them to live with mom and use that as a base, and meet ladies out there. The mom thing is the one lasting female connection. But even old, if you get em stirred up ladies, they’ll take that juice somewhere else. You might get a taste to lull you so they can get past you but don’t expect a morning after. There’s an Angelina out there somewhere or in their minds. They’d rather be celibate and alone dreaming of another woman, than with a real one they’ve already got. You never make anything solid with them that matters. Indeed, anything solid is anti-matter. If you’re giving something to a Sagg Male make sure you’ve gotten what you need in the giving because that was the moment. Their receipt of your response was not a promise, not a build-up, not the courting that leads to the real relationship, that was it. Hope you liked it. That’s the incredible unique thing about them that is unlike any other sign I’ve ever known. Again, handsome makes a difference and determines what life lets them can get away with. I did learn something from the Sagg Male – desire. They teach desire. Not love, not family, not the future, not even the present but the past and unrequited desire.
    Oh and what about the schedule? Have any of you run into the schedule? Getting on the schedule is kind of key, until it get’s too unwieldy and they chuck it all.

  • ann

    balancing libra, thank you for your insight. i needed to read that..

  • NONO

    Hi guys
    I’m a gemini have been dating a Sag we were seeing each other since April this year but things started to be a little serious in August And yeh what you guys are saying is true.I find Sag very nice but they take their time they dissapear for a while and come back with I’m so sorry. and obviously you will take them back.My boyfriend vanishes for Days but when he comes back he makes it up for all the times we didn’t spend together. I love him but sometimes it hurts even though I love my freedom and I think he is giving me too much freedom. I do tell him his hurting and to find he is not doing it on purpose and I asked him once if I can have another boyfriend so when he has vanished i don’t feel empty.He freaked out…I don’t understand it and some times he makes plans for us he doesn’t pitch for the date

  • demetor

    i just read throguh the 1st half and peaked through the rest. im a female sag in a relationship with a male sag. we are going to be married, i just dont know when. He tried to take me ring shopping before, but i just got scared and wondered over to another store. i got VERY nervous and panicish and started to breath funny and couldnt think of anything except running away. perhaps its the same for both signs. its the though of forever and the true understanding of its nature.
    we FIGHT but he never goes away. He’s SELFISH but equally as giving. HE’S a KNOW-IT-ALL but thats okay because he gets his pride from knowledge. i prefer pride from knowlege to pride from conquoring as my other two sag x’s seemed to be obsessed with.
    We’re together. so why cant we hang out and yet do our own thing. i think the other are right in that perspective. it all about the chemistry thogh .. without it ya got NOTHING

  • Tatianna

    Hi, I have read most of this post and thought twice about making a comment.

    I have been going out with my sag boyfriend for 9 months now and it’s been such a roller coaster, I have never met anyone so complex and such a contradition! I am a pisces so that is a set back in it’s self! My sag matches up to most of the comments in here; wants it all his way, wants to be in control, it’s okay for him to be paranoid about what I’m doing but not for me to ask a harmful question about what he’s up to, flirtatious, has to have attention and be adored by everyone (my love is not good enough), have his space when it’s good for him then wants to see me on his terms, the cruelest comments you can imagine! Very aggressive, stubborn, maniputlative. He can put on the best masks sociably, and hides his true feelings well (although i can read him like a book) And on top of this he drinks, smokes weed and is deppressed. Me being a pisces feels like a doormat and that everything I have done has been shoved in my face constantly, although I admire him becuase he’s something I’m not and I love his honesty and when He shows his love with all barriers down it’s best I’ve ever had He says he has commitment issues and it’s hard for him to trust me as he is constantly analysing everything I do, and me being vague doesn’t help this.And it’s true it’s like i’m addicted to a drug! I can’t let him go, as the physicall connection we have is something else, I have tried to be strong and push him away, but we are both weak nd constantly falling back into eachother’s arms.

  • AriesWithSadge!

    I am an aries female with a sadge male! A sadge welsh male (not sure which is worse a sadgey or a welshy!) We’ve been together 5 years 7 months and 0 days… And boy has it been a journey. I still love him and I think he loves me (after the initial chase and capture sadge men no longer show love or talk about it much!) Fortunately for me, I am the master of mind games and although I thought I left all that behind 20 years ago when I matured I have had to re-invent the game time and time again. When I first met my welsh sadgey I fancied the a*se off him but thought it was just a bit of lust that would soon pass… How wrong could I be… He stole me from my partner of 11 years (a fellow aries) and charmed the knickers off of me. My life has been pure heaven or hell ever since. He’s a lazy lover (he just lies there and expects me to do all the work) yet he’s a really hard worker (has 3 jobs) He loves a social club and a beer, loves his food and loves to look at nice young girls or not so nice undressed young girls. I live with him but can honestly say after all this time I don’t really know him, I don’t really know how to take him (I’m torn between the hand and the throat) so I play games… I am independant and have my own life. I go out with the girls and don’t bother to tell him as he’s usually out before me, but I get back later than him, so he finds out! As I write this I think it’s pathetic but if I were any other way this relationship would have been dead and buried years ago. I am constantly looking for new ways to touch him. I pretend not to love him. I ignore him or I send lots of pointless texts to friends so they send lots back and then he says ‘Who’s texting you?’ And I just smile and say ‘Friends’ Then he gets angry and goes off for a drink and on and on it goes… It’s an ever enlarging circle. I recently checked out a friends dating site and we fell about laughing when we noticed that the majority of men on there are sadges! It’s a worry. Before I met my Welsh Sadge he was married for 21 years and I found and read the divorce papers and he had notched up 6 affairs! He had told me this within weeks of us meeting, so I admire his honesty. As far as I know he has not been unfaithful to me. I have told him he will only do it once. And he will only do it the once. I would never forgive an affair. He proposed to me within 3 months and bought me a huge rock which I take off when he annoys me (I don’t know why I bother as he doesn’t notice if it’s on or off!) I often ask myself what I am doing with him and why I put up with him. The answer is simple. I love him.

  • Jessa

    aye. The long list of Sag comments has gotten longer since the last time I was here.

    Well then.
    I’m back for an update on my Sag, lol.
    If I were to put it into an astrological phrase, “The stallion has left his mermaid for another stallion” is more like it.

    That bastard went back to dating his ex-girlfriend!
    [for those who are astro saavy today, my Sag was born Dec. 6 and his ex-g/f was born Dec. 5, while I was born Feb. 22 making me a Pisces]

    We had many things in common and had good chemistry together. It took some work and was hard, but the whole love feeling just made me feel good, and we Piscean mermaids tend to fall for those things. We love to be in love, damnit.

    Due to difficult circumstances of living far away and only seeing each other occasionally, he left me for his ex-girlfriend.

    And although we live far apart and can’t see each other due to school and work, he made sure and even promised to call me when he has the time. And the times when we did see each other…it just made me feel so warm and happy inside.

    The last time I saw him was back in June. We talked to each other for the rest of the summer online, but it’s only once in a while. And he only called me twice on the phone the whole summer.

    But then throughout the whole month of August, we didn’t talk to each other. I thought that okay since he’s been busy with his new job.

    But it wasn’t until September when things started getting suspicious. The way he responds to me online has been different; it sounds like he doesn’t care anymore and was mean to me.

    I panicked, and what happened days later was just a huge slap in the face.

    He just had to have the nerve to say “I love her” about his ex-girlfriend (or what should be girlfriend again), and even post a ridiculous poem [that wasn’t even written by him. Pff!]:

    “I told her, ‘I love you.’
    She just laughs and says to me, ‘No you don’t’ then kisses me lightly on the cheek.
    I force a smile on my face. Oh how I wish I could tell her what I said was true.” — a poem my J.T. Short

    And the ex-girlfriend, I know her. Her and I are friends, and she actually helped me get with him (this was when she was dating someone else). But I felt a bit jealous, and maybe even some betrayal from both of them when she showed me pictures of them together.

    But did I have the right to be jealous? They were both the originals anyway, so I was happy for them to be back together again. But what my Sagittarian just did to me was completely blunt and irresponsible. He should have told me why he didn’t want to talk to me anymore, why he went back to his ex, who is also my friend. I trust both of them and want to be good terms with them, but….

    aye. So complicated.
    I don’t think I want to go out with any other Sagittarius that comes along my way. I’ll just get hurt and make a fool of myself for pouring my heart out to them, since a Sag will just take my emotions lightly. Sure, for them they can get over it easily and be all opitimistic again, but for me, it took me a month to become stable again.

    So now my stallion and I are back to being friends, but it’s so hard for me to talk to him again, especially since we don’t usually see each other. I feel like an invisible wall has been put in front of me and prevents me from talking to him again.

    I still talk to his ex sometimes since she is also my friend. With her, I’m cool and chillin’ with her, but him…..gosh. He was my first, so it really makes it difficult for me.

    All I really want to do now is just talk to him as a good friend, but why can’t I talk to him!?

    I told myself that I really don’t care about him anymore and I don’t have time for a boyfriend anyway, now that I choose to double major in Japanese and the visual arts and have loaded myself with other outside activities. But…whatever. I think I’ll come back to him in December. I guess I still have to give myself more time to finally and fully let go.

  • Jessa

    Now that I have re-read some of the earlier and recent comments, I have come to this conclusion:

    Sagittarian males make great friends, but has lovers…you both have to make it work and keep up with him. You have to know how to tame these wild horses. You got to get them to play your game, while still giving them their freedom.

    [Aye. Also remember that even these Sadges don’t like having their girl being restricted. In my case, I was restricted and I couldn’t meet up with him due to difficult circumstances, so he got impatient and left. If they can’t get what they want, then they leave for someone else. My Sadge went back to his ex. g/f Sag because he missed the spontaneity that they had in their relationship]

    There will be those few Sadges that can settle down and make great husbands and fathers to their children, but this bunch is just hard to find. But they are worth to keep.

    Good luck in finding that dream Sadge of yours! As for me, I think I’ll just stick with a Scorpio.

  • ali tabish

    i m seggiterius and being a segiterius i think leo must try 2 understand our feelings and romantic moods.
    they shud try 2 show their best excitment in romance passion and sharing.

  • Carolina

    Yes, sagittarian males so much fun, adventurous, freedom loving, hard to tame, odd, intense, generous then self absorbed, narcisstic, A DOUBLE EDGED SWORD. You have to walk away to hold him. He cannot perceive you as weak because he has authority issues and RESPECT means everything to this guy.

    However, I found this to be really important. The ones who are like that are the ones with SUN in Sagittarius and VENUS in Sagittarius. If you find a Sagittarius with a Venus in Scorpio, My oh My. They can become obsessed with you! But in a good way. They will treat you like a princess and actually HAVE emotions. He won’t be scared to say I love you or I miss you and show you off.

    Just check his birth date with on a venus chart and check to see on what sign his venus is.

    Good luck all!

  • indigo-skies

    I’m a Libra and after reading all of these posts I’m wondering if I’m insane.

    I was engaged to a Sag. in my early 20’s, he was a total control freak and when I finally broke off the engagement 4 weeks before the wedding he tried to kill himself.

    A year later I married a different Sag. Divorced him 4 years later. He was a great friend but not husband material. I was always lonely and he couldn’t understand that because he was still living his life just like he was single. It wasn’t that he cheated on me, he just continued to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without any regard to me or our daughter. It’s tough to be married and lonely so I divorced him. It took years but we finally can act cordial to one another again.

    Recently I met someone and I love to get into conversations with him and we just click. Guess what, he’s a Sag. Am I insane????

    Just wanted to mention also that I’ve never had a problem getting a Sag. to commit. They always wanted a commitment and I was the one dragging my feet.

  • JC

    Well people I am back again. I have been dating another Sagittarius man and would you believe he has the same birthday as the other Sag I dated. This one is older with 5 yes 5 children. He seems established and very productive and progressive. I have fallen for this man but sometimes i have doubts of weather I am capable or woman enough to deal with this one.

    He has the same traits – Very free and flighty. I ‘m trying my best not to be the emotional drama queen i can be as a leo. But i’ve been really extending myself and i really want to make sure he understands what i’m doing and appreciates it.

    Anyway ladies. All of your Sag stories………keep em coming.

    this one is 4months and counting.

  • Nikki

    I am a 32 year old female virgo dating a 42 year old male sagitarius. I’ve known him for three years but we recently started dating a little over a month ago. Because one of my close friends is his sister, I’ve already had the pleasure of interacting with he and his family. We’ve grown closer and gotten to know eachother but I must agree with some of the comments on here regarding the sags ways. He does like his freedom and so do I. We are both busy people. We talk daily even if its for short conversations to let one another know that we are thinking of eachother. I didn’t understand until speaking with a sag male coworker why he would just up and go on a fishing trip on the weekend without telling me anything. Not that he had to check in but to let me know he would be out of pocket for a while. That is when I learned that sags don’t like to be restricted. They like to come and go as they please. As long as he gives me the attention I require, I don’t mind. I am a grounded and somewhat traditional person. I found out that I should not persue him because he would loose interest as he seemed to began doing. So, I stopped calling as much…hardly any and as soon as I did he started blowing my phone up. Oh and he is possessive. His is his and basically he thinks I am his. LOL He is caring and considerate. No he doesn’t express his feelings much verbally but he is different when he is with me. Very touchy feely. I like! So, I am ok with him. Although, his spontaneous side drives me crazy but takes me out of my comfort zone in a positive way. He is the apple of my eye and it is a shame that I can’t really express myself like i want or he might get turned off to open door number two since he is so curious. Well, my question is what can I do to absolutely drive him crazy about me. I already know he is into me and the sex is great but what else to keep him running behind me? Is it to keep him wondering. I have my own life and friends and he knows I am very independant. Should I ignore him, will he like that or leave? Should i string him along? Let me know your thoughts out there ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Geminibyheart

    Hey All!

    My, my my….this blog went on for ever! very interesting. I really understand or at least try to read as much about star signs as possible. Not only that, i then try and relate all the traits in reality.

    Well, we all have to under stand that they might have the same traits….but you must consider some people bring out the best in that very ssame trait due to various reasons like, upbringing, family, friends, life in general…and yet some ppl bring out the worse trait in the very same trait!

  • Lisa in love finally

    nia i got charts and would like to see your input or anyones input on this. i am a pisces and he is a sagittarius and is the nicest , sweetest man i ever met. we are supposed to be incompatible but yet we are so very compatible? we never fight and he never wants to leave me alone even when i ask him to? super , single white roses every week etc…but all these negatives about sag are scaring me a little i was married to an aries for 17 years and wow was bad.

    Rising Sign is in 02 Degrees Sagittarius
    You are known for being open, frank, outgoing and honest. At times, though, you are also blunt and quite indiscreet. Others have to learn not to take everything you say personally, because you usually do not mean any harm. You appreciate living your life in a straightforward and simple manner — you dislike social niceties and consider them to be hindrances to real communication. You have lots and lots of energy and tend to become quite restless if you feel confined. You demand the freedom to do as you choose — you must be self- directed or you feel trapped and anxious. With your abundant energy, you enjoy being outdoors, and you should be attracted to physical exercise or to those forms of sport which can help you burn off some of that excess energy. Very gregarious, you love to socialize — your innate enthusiasm livens up any gathering.

    Sun is in 17 Degrees Pisces.
    Extremely sensitive and emotional, you absorb the emotions of others (whether positive or negative) like a sponge. Emotionally vulnerable, you are easily upset and tend to cry readily. You are at your best when you can structure your environment in such a way that you are surrounded by positive, upbeat people. You are very helpful and understanding of the needs of others. Indeed, at times this can be a disadvantage, because you can be a sucker for anyone who needs help. Shy, dreamy, romantic in nature, you delight in retreating into your private fantasy world. Just be careful that you do not get lost in it! Trust your intuitions — you may be quite psychic.

    Moon is in 06 Degrees Gemini.
    Restless in the extreme, you are easily bored because of your short attention span. Your emotions change rapidly and you love to talk about your feelings. Generally, you have good judgment — your intellect controls your emotions and you do not overreact emotionally to things. A good jack-of-all-trades, you have many- sided interests and enjoy reasoning things through. With your mental agility and need for physical mobility, you are attracted to traveling and learning about other peoples and cultures. You have vivid powers of emotional self-expression – – you can be a nonstop talker. You love to share your ideas with anyone who will listen.

    Mercury is in 27 Degrees Aquarius.
    You tend to be very opinionated — you have strongly felt notions about things and are quite vocal about expressing and defending them. Yet you are also an original thinker — you enjoy shocking others with your offbeat, original thoughts. You appreciate and need mental and intellectual stimulation. Your judgment is usually fair and impartial — you can be a good critic because you can remain objective and unemotional about most things.

    Venus is in 21 Degrees Aquarius.
    You are a friendly and outgoing individual, but close relationships are difficult for you to maintain due to your fear that they will cause you to lose your freedom. You attract friends and associates who are exciting, different and sometimes a bit odd. You are popular with others and enjoy working within a group toward group goals.

    Mars is in 25 Degrees Gemini.
    Your energies get turned on quickly whenever anything interests you. But you have a very short attention span and it is difficult for you to complete tasks because something else more interesting always seems to be beckoning. You love to debate and argue, usually in a spirit of friendly disagreement. But watch out that you do not get too overly aggressive or antagonistic or others will be quick to take offense where none may have really been intended. You need to be in constant physical motion — sports or daily exercise is a must for you if you are to feel fit and healthy.

    Jupiter is in 25 Degrees Aries.
    The way that you grow and develop is by being an uncompromising individualist. You have a great need to be yourself and to explore your latent talents and abilities. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and develop self-confidence and pride in your accomplishments. But try not to become so self-centered that you ignore the needs of others. Also, you may have to build up your self-discipline in order to focus your energies properly.

    Saturn is in 26 Degrees Cancer.
    The most important issue for you is emotional security. You have a deep and gnawing fear that those on whom you depend for emotional support will prove to be unreliable in the long run. When you are unloved and insecure, you distrust others and tend to feel isolated and lonely. Very cool, detached and objective, you can be counted on — in situations that are inherently stressful or full of tension — not to lose your self- control. That is a great and welcome gift at such times.

    Uranus is in 06 Degrees Scorpio.
    You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

    Neptune is in 13 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the “global village.”

    Pluto is in 10 Degrees Libra.
    For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society’s attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments — they will not be entered into lightly.

    N. Node is in 14 Degrees Scorpio.
    You have a special aptitude for working by yourself, or with a like-minded group of dedicated individuals. Once you’ve committed yourself to a person or group or project, your loyalty and devotion are total until the group’s goals have been realized. Not at all gregarious by nature, you’re uncomfortable around strangers, greatly preferring to be in known and familiar situations. Others may regard you as shy or eccentric, but those who know you well are aware of the intense loyalty that you have to your friends.

    Rising Sign is in 07 Degrees Aquarius
    You like new ideas and concepts, but you prefer to discover them by yourself — it is not easy for others to convert you to anything. You form your own opinions, but once you do form them, you then want to convince everyone else that they are correct. Try to be more tolerant of the opinions of others. You have a deep and abiding interest in science, mathematics, and the great social problems of the day. Very sympathetic toward the downtrodden, equality is your battle cry! You demand that those in authority be fair to all. You are an intellectual — emotions and emotional people are difficult for you to understand. You are known for being calm, cool, detached and objective.

    Sun is in 03 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Very fun-loving, spirited and energetic, you have a huge reservoir of physical energy within you that needs to be released. As such, exercise or sports are very important to you. Quite gregarious, you enjoy being with other people, but you tend to avoid emotionally restrictive or intimate relationships. Constantly curious about the broader issues of life, you may at times be quite careless and sloppy about details — you tend to leap to conclusions before all the facts are in. An avid reader, you are totally enthusiastic about any given subject should it interest you. You are known for being idealistic, generous, sociable, cheerful and very positive!

    Moon is in 02 Degrees Gemini.
    Restless in the extreme, you are easily bored because of your short attention span. Your emotions change rapidly and you love to talk about your feelings. Generally, you have good judgment — your intellect controls your emotions and you do not overreact emotionally to things. A good jack-of-all-trades, you have many- sided interests and enjoy reasoning things through. With your mental agility and need for physical mobility, you are attracted to traveling and learning about other peoples and cultures. You have vivid powers of emotional self-expression – – you can be a nonstop talker. You love to share your ideas with anyone who will listen.

    Mercury is in 22 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Your mind is very curious and inquisitive, always seeking information on a wide variety of topics. The broader the subject matter (philosophy, science, religion, metaphysics), the more it will appeal to you. You prefer to deal with abstractions — the small but important details associated with any subject tend to slip your grasp. You are known for being blunt, honest and truthful.

    Venus is in 19 Degrees Scorpio.
    Your feelings about others are deep, powerful, intense and complex. When you like someone, you do so totally and obsessively if you do not like someone, they do not exist. Your faithfulness and loyalty to your lover is unquestioned, indeed at times it is too much so — you get so possessive that you almost smother your partner. At times, your feelings are kept deep within you and, because they are so complex and intense, they frighten you — this is the way that you try to ignore them. But the more you try to do this, the more explosive things get when you eventually do express them.

    Mars is in 09 Degrees Leo.
    You are a very proud person. Strong, bold, courageous and self-possessed, you love to be the one to initiate significant actions. When people expect a lot of you, you respond positively and will work hard in order to maintain their respect. But when your dignity or pride is threatened, you tend to become sarcastic, arrogant and domineering. Try not to take any challenge or resistance that you meet as a personal affront. You are very stubborn about your right to live your life according to your own principles.

    Jupiter is in 04 Degrees Cancer.
    You must be emotionally secure in order to grow and develop. You are happiest when your family and community support and nourish you and boost your morale. Whether your childhood experiences of love and emotional dependability were positive or negative will set the tone for your emotional growth and stability as an adult. When you feel at ease with yourself, you are able to offer assistance to those who need a helping hand.

    Saturn is in 00 Degrees Virgo.
    Your life must be orderly and practical and full of known and familiar routines in order for you to feel comfortable with yourself. Be careful, however, not to let “order” become the be-all and end-all of your life, or you may become cold, crass and unfeeling. Doing useful, practical things boosts your self- esteem. Abstract concepts and reasoning seem frivolous and a waste of time to you. You are very critical of yourself (and others), indeed at times quite self-deprecating. Try to relax a bit and allow yourself the freedom to fail once in a while. However, you probably won’t fail very often because you are such a perfectionist.

    Uranus is in 13 Degrees Scorpio.
    You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

    Neptune is in 15 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the “global village.”

    Pluto is in 15 Degrees Libra.
    For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society’s attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments — they will not be entered into lightly.

    N. Node is in 14 Degrees Libra.
    You find it very difficult to be comfortable being alone — you would much prefer to be in an environment where many people are working together toward common goals. Your charming and sincere approach to others assures your popularity — you have the gift of being able to ease tensions just by your mere presence. You’re the perfect “team player” willing to sacrifice your own importance so that the group goal can be accomplished. Be careful, however, not to become overly dependent on your interactions with others — you have personal private needs that should not be neglected.

  • sexy time

    I am a Leo i have been talkin to a sag for about 3 weeks and he has already said he loves me i didnt tell him back bc i thinks its to soon do they fall fast or are the in a out of love all the time.

  • Lisa in love finally

    my sag asked told me he loved me in two weeks and wanted to move together after a month! he was single for 2 years and didn’t want anything to do with no woman so when we met and we instintly hit it off, like he would say destiny.
    i don’t think they fall in and out of love fast i think they are the most honest people i ever met even brutle.they love and respect all women and will have many girls till they find the right one to settle down with (till they fall in love) i think if you treat them good and allow them their freedom (the more freedom i give him the less he wants to do) ironic lol. they will stay but as my sag says you can love someone and still leave them if they are evil lol and would be most likely to move on to greener pasteurs without looking back if this was the case.

  • sexy time

    Thanks alot 4 the advise he is a loveing person so far I think i am going to give the realationship a try he has been single for 5 years and thinks that he is ready but i still havent told him that i love him we have a long weekend ahead of us so as long as they are honest people and love truthfully i think i can learn to love the man he is.

  • JC

    To Sexy Time:

    I am a leo as well honey, and the Sag I’m dating now told me he loved me in 3 weeks as well. I didn’t say anything back until 2 weeks later.

    It happens honey. Your in for a ride. They do fall in love very fast and the older they are the more sure they are of it.

    Is your Sag and older man? Was he in a relationship before you?

    I’m with a passionate Sag myself and I love it, but i agree with giving the freedom and letting them do their own activities and not clocking them every minute. That does’nt work.

    We are leo’s anyway. We are the dramatic stars and the beauty of a Sag man is that he understands it and he gets it. Stick with him. Your fire will intrigue and blow people away.

    Remember fiery people love hard and fall fast. Don’t fight it sis.

    By the way – I am July 24th and my baby is Dec 13th.

  • Lisa in love finally

    i am a pisces and my sag is just like u2’s. he was single for 2 years. was in a relationship for 10 then dated on and off never more than a month or two did it last. so he got fed up and said was going to wait for the right person as to not mess up his head and his 9 year olds.
    told me he loved me right away, moved in together after a few months and wants to get married which i still don’t say anything to that.
    some say they are unable to love and can be unfaithful but i do disagree, his ex of ten years cannot even say anything like that about him. and yes the more freedom you give the less they want to do.
    all signs are capable of lying, cheating etc…
    just ask your sag bluntly and he will tell you most from what i seen will be totally honest even brutle.

  • sexy time

    To JC
    Thanks yes he is older i am 27 and he is 30
    He has been single for about 5 years he said he loves it though bc cause he can come and go as he pleases but he is always on piont when i call he ansers no matter if it is 5 in the morning yea and i love the way he encourges me to go out and party as long as i am coming home to him and i let him do his thing.
    I am July 30 and he is Nov 30

  • Leo105

    I am a Leo and I also have been dating a Sag for the last 2 months. I am August 7 and he is Nov 28. Until I read this site, I was about to pull the plug as hard as it might be for me. I can’t believe other people are going through what I am. I adore him and we have the best time together and yes he is super sexy, with a capital S. BUT… he also sets plans with me and then doesnt show up or call to say he cant make it. I have never seen anything like it. And being a Leo it sets me on fire. I am trying to figure out how to keep his interest and deepen it WITHOUT me losing my mind. Any suggestions?

  • JC

    To SexyTime & Leo105

    Yes this is the Sag trait. Many times my Sag has gone out and we confirmed that he would come back to my house when he’s done and he didn’t or said he would call after going out and he didn’t. I realized, it’s not that they are being inconsiderate, they operate on this horse-like mentality of having to be free and gallop and gallavant with no restraints which means, calling, checking in…………etc. I find that when you don’t demand or crowd them as far as going out, checking in, they will include you frequently in thier exploits or call you to let you know what’s going on or even call you to let you know they are on the way.

    Trust me ladies, I am a typical Leo. Fiery, bossy, demanding all of that. But please believe, the Sag knows we are the glmour queens, in fact if you read about them, that’s what all the astrology books say. Sag men, love the glamour fiery lionesses because even thought we get fired up and may even scratch you with our claws, we can always find another admirer. They know this

    From my experience, rember, I dated 4 count em……..4 ladies. It’s best to chill, repress your jealous tendancies and really dig into your own life and interest. Share his of course and he should share yours but do not make him the center. The be all to end all. His is a horse that must constantly search and be free, support that, don’t repress it or complain about it. If you support his nature to roam(not sexually mind you, I don’t play that!) then he will always remember i need to come home and it will get to a point where you (the lovely leo) is his core foundation of strength, reliablity and love.

    Trust me ladies, hang in there. I’m hanging too. Remember we are strong, loyal and fighters. When we love, we love hard and strong. It’s a hell of a ride, I know. But if he is being faithful, attentive and giving you the fire and passion we Leos need, I say stick with it and just adjust your fire temperment. It works out in the long run.

    Even if this doesn’t last, I will always ride for the Sag man. The roller coaster is so COOL!

  • nanookbear1

    The question was can sag men truly love?

    The answer is yes they can love just as much as any other sign in the zodiac and as deeply when with the right person.

  • Teacher1

    Thank God for this blog/ site. I am getting many answers that I needed so badly.
    I am a taurus and I just met a sagg who swept me off my feet. I had been praying for a man down to his hair style. He fit my prayers perfectly. We met on line then talked everyday for weeks before we met. When I saw him I had to gasp in shock! He was litterally the man of my prayers (physically).
    We had instant chemistry and I have spent several nights at his house. Passionate..kisses are addictve. (put crack to shame) He told me everything he wanted in a relationship (supposedly) and I was more than willing to give it to him!
    After talking 5 or more times a day..laughing joking debating..the whole nine. Great oral sex. Although the actual sex part was kinda short. He has the penis of a porn star. He did unspeakable things to my body and I to his..IT WAS GREAT. Ive met some of his family and friends. I have slept in his home. He trusted me enough to be in his house while slept..HARD! I couldve robbed him blind but obviously he trusted me in his haven.
    Then BOOM! Everything I read here came true. We made plans to see eachother this past friday. NO SHOW NO CALL. I was worried sick so I waited and called him the next morning. He was fine. Answered the phone on the first ring. He apologized for falling alseep. He lauged and talked for about an hour then hung up. I called him back later that evening and we made plans for me to come over and watch a movie. That was Saturday evening. I have no heard from him since. No apology, no explanation. I am so pissed. Well not really. I just don’t undersatnd how someone can go from not being able to get enough of you, calling constantly..to NOTHING. From what Ive read I see hes off doing the sagg thing. Whatever that maybe. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how sexual we were and him being able to just walk away. I can’t believe he would be that wreakless with his body since he has 2 children whom he ADORES!
    So today I didn’t call him at all and he hasn’t called me. Usually I would be a raving lunatic by now but my spirit keeps telling me to just lay back and chill and watch what happens in few days if he doesn’t hear from me.
    I just hate when men say they want something real and are ready to settle down with a good woman. Then when they get that woman they run from her.
    SO I took his number out of my phone so I can’t call him. I hope he does come back so I can read him the riot act about disrespecting me and wasting my precious time.

    Any more advice on how I should handle this? I should feel used and abused but I am actually kinda calm. I don’t know how I will handle this when he returns b/c my biggest pet peeves are disrespect and inconsideration. Should a let him have it or act like I don’t care? or if he doesn’t call after a few days, should I call him and tell him to kick rocks and die?

  • SagAddict

    My advice, Teacher1, should you chose to follow it, is to let it play. Just let things play however they are gonna play. You cannot control a Sag! You say your biggest peeves are disrespect and inconsideration, I agree 100% and have had the same probs with many a Sag, but I gotta tell ya, they just don’t “mean” to be that way. They do not disappear “intentionally”, it is just how they are. If you can’t let it go and be ok with it, you have to let him go.

  • JC

    Hello Ladies:

    Well Me and my Sag had a big fight last night. I was over his house and he was yapping on the phone and I felt completely ignored and I was upset. I told him how it’s almost 1:00am while on the phone and then he got off and was upset. I yelled at him and told him sometime I wonder why I’m even there at all at times. Then I had the most miserable night ever. I cried all night next to him and was really emotional. Then we talked and I told him how he’s been really removed and distant towards me and that when he talks to other people he lights up but with me he’s annoyed and removed and that upsets me. He then told me how I force myself upon him and that I don’t listen to him.

    Well ladies, I’m going to step back and just play it cool. I am not calling or doing anything. I’m just going to relax.

    I did the typical Leo thing. I went over the top and too dramatic in my affections to the point of obsessive compulsive again and it’s suffocating him so I’m going to just relax and let him breathe.

    Can you ladies just let me know if when you have a deep argument with your Sag man, does he carry it on and on to the next day?

    I’m interested to see how this will play out.

  • Teacher1

    Thank you SagAddict…Ive made a decision to let it play out. He is a really good man and I don’t want to lose him. Its the spoiled taurus in me that wants my man when I WANT HIM!! I still feel like what was the point of us getting together if I’m just gonna be alone again? I try to keep myself busy with my life and not smother him or make any expectations. BUT ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY!! Now I know he is a workaholic and his job keeps him on the road all the time.
    I also feel like he feels secure b/c he has me “in place”. But hes not thinking about my needs. I know what hes trying to do but I feel so ignored. I fake it well b/c he has no idea I feel this way. I’m not making an issue out of it b/c I want to see where it goes and I don’t want to nag him so soon in the relationship.
    New questions:
    Do saggs tell you where you stand in their lives or are they more “action” based? Like for instance, My sagg gave me very personal and privledged information about him. Something that it would take lots of trust to reveal to someone. Still I haven’t seen him in a week b/c hes working so much. Its so frustrating. However I’m thinking that I am being tested b/c being with him is forcing me to change some of my “spoiled” ways and get used to not having my way all the time. I just miss him so much. I’m afraid to ask him if he misses me b/c I don’t want to get too emotional. Do I need to get emotional??? I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M DOING!! HELP!!!! LOL

  • Teacher1

    I stayed with my Sagg last night. It was great. I missed him so much. I think I know the problem with us, Hes is workaholic and forgot to tell me. My issues are I’m used to having a man who is interested in me wth me all the time, especially in the beginning of the relationship. I’m used to being doused with attention and affection. I do not…No…I HATE feeling like I am chasing someone or forcing myself on them. I feel like if a person wants to be around they will show you. He has shown me in his own way. I know it comes down to me hating that things are not going my way or the way I think they “should” go. I’m just not sure how to handle these feelings.
    I’m trying not to be paranoid, but I can’t help but to think I’m not the only hen in the henhouse or he’s playing me or keeping me at a certain distance…I really don’t know what to think. SO I pray that things are as they seem when we are together and hope that God changes my way of thinking so I can learn to deal with so different type of man.
    My first inkling is to run like hell…but if I do that without giving time for things to grow, I know I will regret it.

  • Steph

    Hi, I’m a Libra married to a Sag. For some reason I’ve always attracted Sag. men. They are fire signs from my understanding, but I just wanted to tell you that Sag. men are very special. They seem disconnected at times, but I thinks its because the emotion is too strong for them to feel “captive” to. And this kind of goes along with the “wild horse” perspective. I’m very passionate and emotional myself so this kind of gets to me at times. I would say just give him space if he needs it. I do that and actually I don’t mind the breather myself. But its only when I truly want him to feel passionate he “seems” not to. Yea and the sex is quick.. but then again it has been with every sign I dated haha! Ok.. but if you wish to captivate his heart start with yourself and see if you can handle setting him free at times. Don’t expect him to be all lovey dovey ..its just not that sign’s trait. I think a Scorpio would show more sexual passion if u will than Sag. And sex of course is not everything with a Sag..I tend to think more abotu it than he does lol…
    Well hope this helps..

  • JC

    To Steph: You are so dead on with this one. I gave mine some space and he came to me and we had amazing sex after a week and half of “non activity”. He’s been really stressed with work and everything else and my emotional dramatic leonine ways can be tiresome. So i removed it. That’s how it is with them. You must remove yourself out of the equation and let him breathe. Let him see what it’s like to be without you for a day or even a few days. don’t call. let him know all the activities your involved in and really have your own life without him. I’m finding out that’s the only way they will stay and maintain interest is if they know you are free and have no intention of possessing them in any way.

    So far it turned out good ladies. I let him breathe and I’m going to continue to not force myself on him and let him be the one to seek me out.

  • EJ

    Can Sag men be trusted?? because they can be really confusing as well as complicated type of men! It’s their starsign (nature) I suppose, I know based on my own experience with men! they can be really friendly, sweet, generous, intimate and kind and all that but at the same time they can be distant, aloof, blunt, rude, insensitive and inconsiderate!
    most of all they crave for space, hate being restricted and told what to do! phew! MEN errr

  • Teacher1

    Thanks Guys!! Yes removing myself is exactly what I’m doing. I am trying to get used to the lack of “Lovey Doveyness”. I am a very affectionate person. So is he in his own way. He works all the time and I just miss him so much. But I decided all of the paranoia and crap were my issues. I’m just trying to feel my way through this praying for the perfect “ending” for lack of a better word.
    My main difficulty is I hate having to hold in my feelings and I hate not knowing how he feels about me.I know he will hit me with it when I least expect it. I just hate waiting!! I believe in the power of prayer and all is possible in the Lord..so I just keep PRAYING AND PRAYING things will turn around to my advantage. I know they will..I just have keep the focus and stay aloof. God I hate playing games. Why do they make it so hard???!!!

  • EJ

    Why do they make it so hard??? because Sag men are sooo complicated! They tend to play games as they find it fun, stimulating, mysterious, exciting! and WE (women) as their good catch–ended up wondering, confused, neglected, and taken for granted!

  • Teacher1

    I find this sagg I’m with now so odd becuase Ive had 3 before. 2 of the 3 were damn near OBSESSED WITH ME! One I had to dump because he wanted be around me all the time and if I wanted to be with other people or do something without him, he would go into melt down status. Another one decided to go back to his ex and failed to tell me about it first. He just disappeared. He and the GF didn’t work out. By that time I was finished with him. He spent 3 years trying to get me back. I didn’t trust him anymore and eventually he gave up.
    Now I did have one back in college who I ADORED!! We had a great connection but he became aloof when he found out I had a bf. For 2 years we “almost” had a relationship but he kept me at a distance b/c the boyfriend thing was too much for him even after we broke up. That hurt so much. I still have a bit of a fire for him. He and I are still good friends after all these years and I feel like hes the one I let get away.
    I refuse to be taken for granted and neglected. Ive decided to continue seeing other people until he gets himself together. Hes the only one I want to be with without a doubt, but I didn’t get into a relationship with him to be alone. I couldve stayed single for that. He had no business telling me he wanted all these relationship things when he had no intention on holding up his end. I mean I understand he has to work and he has a non-traditional job, but I know we all make time for what is important to us. I’m putting myself back at the top of my list and doing me. He will either catch up or get left behind.
    I miss him so much but after awhile it gets stupid.He can’t think Im gonna sit around and just wait for him…or does he??

  • JC

    Well Ladies, I am officially done. My Sag has been managing this woman singer and he has completly changed. His whole passion and devotion has gone to her (possibly romantic) and her career.

    All of a sudden he has turned his attention and his affection towards her and has left me out in the cold.

    I am hurt and disgusted and I am breaking up with him tonight.

    I feel horrible, played and used. I am done and there is no going back. I still love sag’s but it’s true. They are not made for relationships just for some fun and good times.

  • JC

    Just to add – I did it. I went over there, got my clothes, my camera and my keys and left.

  • Teacher1

    To JC


  • EJ

    I agree with JC comments, they’re not made for relationship as they tend to move away from hassles (dilemmas), responsibilities, commitment, problems anything they feel that might tie them down (they’re detached creatures–No strings attached!)…Sad, but apparently true! Remember the famous SAg’s motto–‘Don’t fence me in’ (wild half man/horse)… I wouldn’t date a Sag man again-never!!! I’ve had enough with them!

  • Teacher1

    Why do they say they want a commitment and love when most only seem to run from it?
    Why do they only want you when you act like you don’t want them??

    What a way to live…

  • JC

    I don’t know. I really don’t. I told my Sag that I want to speak to him in person and that I love him and that I will not let anyone stand in my way of loving him. I was drunk but I’m contemplating if he’s worth fighting for.

    I’m not going to fence him in though, I will continue to stay away. I think next month I will appear again and see what happens. This makes the second week of our break up.

  • Been-There-Done-That

    Okay, I was browsing the internet and ran across this site. I broke up with a Sag male almost two months ago. We dated for over a year!

    I made the decision to leave as I thought it was not going anyway and I realized that I needed what he could not offer. At the same time, I was the one very distant and focused on my goals.

    What I will say to you women, If a MAN, regardless of the zodiac sign, is not treating you the way you feel you deserve to be treated, why stick around. Free yourself so you can be with someone who can offer you what you need.

    Being with someone does not mean you have to take whatever they dish out or eat the crumbs they leave for you. Go for the whole loaf!

    Relationships are work but when you spend more time confused, frustrated, and hurt, that is not love nor is it a relationship. Let go of the fantasy or hopes that he will be all you need.

    What you see now, is what you get. Its not getting any better!!! Do what ever it takes to put yourself back in the driver seat of your life and DO YOU FIRST!! BELIEVE THAT! Cause when it comes time for him to move on to the next adventure, AND HE WILL, he will not think twice about loyalty to you!

    Pay close attention to what he say and do. SAG MEN have an uncanny way of doing and saying things that creates a WAY OUT if they change their mine. They are so wishy-washy and not dependable.

    If you spend your time chasing him, you will spend the rest of your time trying to keep him interested. That’s not your job as a woman!

    Been There & Done That. I played it smooth and kept my cool. He never got the ups on me as he was always the one complaining.

  • Teacher1

    So what are some suggestions to “re-set” a Sagg? How do you snap them out of selfish mode??

  • aries woman

    Hey Teacher 1

    I have been on this site before only once and added just one comment but after reading your dire plee for help I thought it necessery to comment…firstly being of the same fire sign category I can safely say that I kinda get the Leo and Sag minds and behaviour coz even though I am a girl I do act like the Sag man sometimes…go figure :)having said that donot put your Sag man on such a pedestal coz trust he doesn’t believe he deserves to be there and you are a Taurus woman!!!…need I say more?…sensual, great home maker, refined and so many other qualities…dont ever make your Sag man have that much power and control over you…he is really more insecure then you think and he knows you ultimately have the power but thats the Sag charm to make it look like “you” are the crazy one…turn the tables around and YOU become aloof and nonchalent and believe you me, he will be a freakin’puppy dog…just dont take Sag men too seriously coz they aren’t until you have made him so curious about you that he needs to be with you , hear from you at all times and he becomes hooked…hope this helps…from aries woman…oh and btw I actually walked away from a Sag man coz HE was too clingy for me…go figure

  • Teacher1

    Hey Aries

    I too have had to walk away from 2 sag men for being too clingy! One was almost obsessive. Yes I have decided to walk away from my sagg. I miss him but I know I deserve better. I know I did nothing wrong but treat him well…VERY WELL! Now I know he needs to miss me. I haven’t called or texted in about a month. I think about and pray for him everyday. However I will not make a fool out of myself over him. I pray he “gets it” before its too late because being a true Taurus you know..When I’m done…I’M DONE!!!!

    Thanks alot for your input


  • Leo

    OMG!! i can so relate to all dis.. lets come to d point right away.. Im a leo girl involved wid a sadge..
    all of u have already mentioned d miseries iv been goin through.. all i want to know is what is the moral of dis story?? Saggitarians are not even worth the effort?? sholud i stop thinking bout making it work cuz im tired of putting in all the effort and the insensitive indifference of my sag..

    please comment..

  • Precious

    While, I admit I am not a male, I am a Sagittarius. No, I do not like to be held down and jealous and possessive people send me in the opposite direction for sure. I however, have within the last 6 months found the most engaging relationship I have ever been in. It happens to be that I have met a leo. While you should not let astrology dictate your life. I do find quite a bit of characteristics to be true for the both of us. I have to say if you are interesting enough and entertain and are willing to follow me on my adventures and travel and experience life with as much energy as I have then I find myself die-hard-loyal otherwise I only date and will not confine myself to a committed relationship so that while I am not cheating I do get the variety I crave. Ultimately, though finding one person who has it all is the goal. As for the people concerned with not having met family and friends, for me my family and friends mean the world so for me to invite you into their lives means you must have truly earned it. When I start falling for someone I usually have them meet a family member or friend or two just to see how it checks out because I find that love seems to always find me and my family and friends will come first until I have my own family. A Sagittarius will be loyal if you can give them the freedom and variety that they crave. I want nothing more than to be loyal to the end with my leo. When I find someone who I really like I stop dating and messing around with other people immediately even if we are not in a committed relationship.

  • Confused?

    I’ve dated and have slept with a male Sag, we ended it 2 months ago as we kind of realised it’s not gonna work out anyway (work issue as we avoiding gossip at work-kept it a secret! and my obssessiveness issue this was due of his insensitiveness/lacking of attention he gave me- but in the end, I’ve realised it’s out of paranoia- I just forgot he’s just a workaholic guy)…I’m a scorpio by the way..We have similarities but just different to each other of how we deal on things and how we see things…He was the first one who withdrew thinking we would break up and not be friends..We decided to stay as friends (he told me that he really likes me and he doesn’t want to lose my friendship) but it is still quite complicated and awkward if you know what I mean…

    I still think of him a lot (missing his company and his lovely parents)…and yes, I’m still attracted to him whenever I see him at work and when he stares at me I can tell there’s something there however, I’m not sure if whether he’s still into me or not (how can I tell if he still fancies me)…also, can a scorpio female get along with a male sag more than friends?? HELP????

  • tilymint

    i’m a sag female and i agree with a lot of what is written but i’m gonna be as tactless/honest as only a sag can………we can commit and will give EVERYTHING to the RIGHT partner….emotionally,physically and spiritually but until we find this person we will ‘play’ with as many others as we choose or let us .you are not the right one if we are doing the things mentioned in all previous posts to you.

  • Teacher1

    I hope as Saggs “choose” to “play” with people’s hearts and feelings that they realize what goes around comes around and eventually someone will “play” with them as well.

    If someone is not the right one then man or woman up and say so before the person gets too involved.
    Leading someone on is cruel no matter what sign you are and eventually it will come back to haunt.

    Each one Teach1

  • Jessa

    I definitely agree with Teacher 1!!!!

  • Jessa

    by the way,

    Carolina — you said that Sagittarius men that have their venus in Scorpio are the ones that can become obsessed and actually show emotions. My ex-Sadge’s venus was in Capricorn. What does that mean?

  • Confused?

    Think every man regardless of their starsign can cheat or even women (not gonna be sexist here)

    However, in my opinion I think Sag men are tend to cheat more (but not exactly means they sleep with
    anyone they fancy)but in terms of what they find intellectually appealing, chemistry etc with that person more than they could find in their own current partner…this is because of their nature as a Sag–half horse/half man (intellectual/action). They like varieties of everthing, they are interested in everyone esp those with different backgound from them (race, religion etc) they find those more interesting and appealing to them than their own! that’s why they seem to be more friendly (naturally-but sometimes can be confused with romantic interest) and flirtness.

    They’re commitment phobe, hate to be tied down either mentally or emotionally…they always exploring things, learning new things etc. They always young at heart…that’s why they are more irresponsible (so freedon loving), tactless, blunt, casual, arrogant -can be confused with over confidence! (egoistic),and can insensitive of your feelings…

    On the good side, they are generous, fun, so optimistic about life! that’s why they don’t take too serioisly haha, brutally honest/frank (you want the truth nothing but the truth ask their opinion), and smart creatures lol…So, you decide!

    I’m a female scorp– (born on 7th) and he’s on the 7th aswell of u know what month for Sag’s!

  • joanofarc

    Hopelessly addicted to sag…..I think the quote by Robert Frost says it all…”Love is an irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired.” My situation is extremely complicated…and I truly never expected to ever find myself here. Can anyone tell me about these two charts:

    His 12/11/1979
    Rising Sign is in 29 Degrees Aquarius
    You like new ideas and concepts, but you prefer to discover them by yourself — it is not easy for others to convert you to anything. You form your own opinions, but once you do form them, you then want to convince everyone else that they are correct. Try to be more tolerant of the opinions of others. You have a deep and abiding interest in science, mathematics, and the great social problems of the day. Very sympathetic toward the downtrodden, equality is your battle cry! You demand that those in authority be fair to all. You are an intellectual — emotions and emotional people are difficult for you to understand. You are known for being calm, cool, detached and objective.

    Sun is in 19 Degrees Sagittarius.
    Very fun-loving, spirited and energetic, you have a huge reservoir of physical energy within you that needs to be released. As such, exercise or sports are very important to you. Quite gregarious, you enjoy being with other people, but you tend to avoid emotionally restrictive or intimate relationships. Constantly curious about the broader issues of life, you may at times be quite careless and sloppy about details — you tend to leap to conclusions before all the facts are in. An avid reader, you are totally enthusiastic about any given subject should it interest you. You are known for being idealistic, generous, sociable, cheerful and very positive!

    Moon is in 20 Degrees Virgo.
    You tend to be serious-minded but cheerful for the most part. You need tasks that engage both your mind and your hands. A careful worker, you enjoy making things. You are neat and orderly, and are very concerned with good health habits. Fastidious to the extreme, you cannot tolerate messes and will immediately clean them up. Reserved, shy, and very self-critical, you tend to be very hard on yourself. You usually will go out of your way to be helpful and useful to others. Practical, reliable, efficient and conservative, at times you are a bit of a prude. You are known to lead a simple, uncomplicated, frugal, methodical and unemotional lifestyle. You are devoted and caring to those you love.

    Mercury is in 28 Degrees Scorpio.
    You are a born investigator. You are fascinated by secrets and mysteries and unanswered questions of any kind. When you become upset or angry, your emotional reactions are overpowering — reason and logic disappear in an uncontrollable passionate outburst. You tend to keep your thoughts secret and bottled up and this makes others regard you with suspicion. It is not that you are trying purposely to be evasive, it is just that you would rather not deal with the explosions and hassles that often occur when you reveal your true feelings and opinions. Your sense of humor tends toward sarcasm and irony.

    Venus is in 16 Degrees Capricorn.
    You tend to keep your feelings under control — emotions are only released in serious or important situations. You are distrustful of others whose behavior could be judged excessive or immoderate. As such, you prefer to relate only to those who are older than you or to those whose position is such that respect and duty are more important for both of you than passion or emotional response. Be careful, however, of relationships that are merely based on practicality or utility or you will ultimately be lonely.

    Mars is in 08 Degrees Virgo.
    Very careful and systematic, you pay great attention to details. You are always seeking perfection and sometimes get bogged down searching for the ultimate when adequacy would have been sufficient. You dislike abstractions, preferring whatever is practical, useful and demonstrable. You have a strong and enduring sense of personal responsibility, and you demand that others be as responsible and upright as you are. Very critical of yourself and others, sometimes you carry this too far and become overly intolerant of others and their right to choose their own lifestyles.

    Jupiter is in 09 Degrees Virgo.
    You feel most expansive and at ease with yourself when you are doing something that you consider to be practical or useful. You enjoy being dutiful and carrying out responsibilities. You gladly take on the little tasks that others seem to want to avoid. At times, you carry things to extremes and feel guilty anytime you do something that you consider to be self-indulgent. While it is appropriate for you to demand little for yourself in life, try to loosen up once in a while — go out on a fling and enjoy yourself!

    Saturn is in 26 Degrees Virgo.
    Your life must be orderly and practical and full of known and familiar routines in order for you to feel comfortable with yourself. Be careful, however, not to let “order” become the be-all and end-all of your life, or you may become cold, crass and unfeeling. Doing useful, practical things boosts your self- esteem. Abstract concepts and reasoning seem frivolous and a waste of time to you. You are very critical of yourself (and others), indeed at times quite self-deprecating. Try to relax a bit and allow yourself the freedom to fail once in a while. However, you probably won’t fail very often because you are such a perfectionist.

    Uranus is in 22 Degrees Scorpio.
    You, and your peer group, demand to confront life at its deepest and most meaningful levels. Very compulsive and obsessive in your approach to everything, you will avoid anything that is casual or superficial, especially when it comes to relationships. You will seek out and explore new methods of healing as well as different ways to deal with deep-seated emotional problems.

    Neptune is in 20 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the “global village.”

    Pluto is in 21 Degrees Libra.
    For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society’s attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments — they will not be entered into lightly.

    N. Node is in 02 Degrees Virgo.
    You’re usually quite at ease in leaving leadership roles in the hands of others. You would rather tend to the thousand and one details that need to be accomplished to keep any group going. Although you’re very fussy and high-minded when it comes to choosing your associates, once your loyalty is given you can be trusted with many of the practical aspects of any project that is being undertaken. Usually quite unselfish, you will toil long hours in the service of any worthy cause that demands your attention. But be careful that your perfectionist tendencies don’t get in the way of making real progress. (In other words, don’t waste your time dusting clean shelves!)

    Mine 6/24/1975
    ising Sign is in 06 Degrees Taurus
    Calm and deliberate, you hate to move quickly or act hastily. Very practical, every effort must count or you can’t be bothered. Patient, persistent and steady, but very stubborn — you can’t be pushed or pressured into anything. You seem outwardly self-assured because you tend to repress your inner tension and turmoil. You exude an earthy warmth, friendliness and charm. You demand comfortable surroundings and appreciate the good life. Be careful of a tendency to be overly self-indulgent. At times, you are lazy and difficult to motivate. Overcoming inertia is a problem for you and, because you are not by nature a self-starter, it is often necessary for you to receive stimuli from others in order to get moving.

    Sun is in 02 Degrees Cancer.
    Very emotional and sensitive, you have an intuitive understanding of the “vibes” around you. You tend to be quite generous, giving, loving and caring, but only when your own needs for emotional support, love and security have been met. If they are not met, you tend to withdraw into yourself and become very insecure and selfish. Your home and family (especially your mother or the person who played that role for you early on) represent security for you and thus assume a larger-than-life importance. Very sentimental, you have vivid and long- enduring memories of the past. No matter how well adjusted you are, you will always need a secret quiet place of your own in order to feel at peace. Feeding others can give you great pleasure you would enjoy being part of a large family.

    Moon is in 10 Degrees Capricorn.
    You are serious and shy and very uncomfortable in those situations where spontaneous and exuberant emotional reactions seem called for. An achiever, you prefer doing practical, worthwhile things that produce tangible results. You need role models to respect, love and emulate. You tend to feel that you’re a failure unless you get an important and highly respected position in life. Don’t be so hard on yourself! For you, practical needs always win out over emotional considerations. Remember that you too have the right to comfort, security and love. Dutiful and patient, when you make an emotional commitment, you sign on for the long haul — your love is long- enduring.

    Mercury is in 15 Degrees Gemini.
    Your mind is active, quick and agile. You are very restless and you get bored easily. Unless you receive constant mental stimulation, you become extremely nervous and begin to act in an unstable manner. You are probably a good student because of your natural inquisitiveness. You also love to travel. Your learning tends to be superficial, though, because you have a relatively short attention span. Try to develop the mental discipline to finish what you start. Also, you tend to talk on at times seemingly just to fill space — make sure that your conversation has some substance to it or others will start avoiding you.

    Venus is in 17 Degrees Leo.
    You have a striking, regal appearance and demeanor that attracts others to you. Your friendship is highly sought and you tend to take friendships quite seriously — you remain loyal and true to those to whom you are attached. For you, love is mixed with pride and respect. Relationships are over when you lose respect for your partner. Be careful of a tendency to relate only to those who make you look good — the powerful, important and influential. This can lead to arrogance and selfishness, and neither of these qualities becomes you.

    Mars is in 25 Degrees Aries.
    You are very independent and self-assertive, and you have lots of physical energy. You are not satisfied unless you can be the first to do something. As such, you are more comfortable in leadership positions than you are as an underling. When you are challenged by anyone for anything, you delight in the competitive process and will fight long and hard for your beliefs. You are bold and courageous and often act without thinking. At times, in your zeal to get ahead, you are tactless and offensive — learn that cooperation with others can often bring you nearer to your goals quicker because of the support you will get.

    Jupiter is in 20 Degrees Aries.
    The way that you grow and develop is by being an uncompromising individualist. You have a great need to be yourself and to explore your latent talents and abilities. Do not be afraid to let yourself go and develop self-confidence and pride in your accomplishments. But try not to become so self-centered that you ignore the needs of others. Also, you may have to build up your self-discipline in order to focus your energies properly.

    Saturn is in 19 Degrees Cancer.
    The most important issue for you is emotional security. You have a deep and gnawing fear that those on whom you depend for emotional support will prove to be unreliable in the long run. When you are unloved and insecure, you distrust others and tend to feel isolated and lonely. Very cool, detached and objective, you can be counted on — in situations that are inherently stressful or full of tension — not to lose your self- control. That is a great and welcome gift at such times.

    Uranus is in 28 Degrees Libra.
    You, as well as your entire peer group, have a very free, unstable and unconventional approach to relationships and emotional commitments. You will be attracted to experiments in marriage and shared lifestyles. Personal freedom is more important to you than entangling emotional bonds. In the realm of art and aesthetics, you are attracted to the bizarre, shocking and unusual.

    Neptune is in 09 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You, and your entire generation, are heavily involved in investigating and idealizing foreign and exotic intellectual systems and religious philosophies. The most extreme ideals will be pursued with gusto. You will be at the forefront of humanitarian attempts to improve the lot of those who are in need of assistance. You will be comfortable with the concept of the “global village.”

    Pluto is in 06 Degrees Libra.
    For your entire generation, this is a time of radical changes in society’s attitude toward marriage and interpersonal relationships. There is a general fear and awe at the power inherent in making emotional or contractual commitments — they will not be entered into lightly.

    N. Node is in 00 Degrees Sagittarius.
    You will probably have many different contacts and acquaintances throughout your life. You’re quite gregarious by nature and your natural curiosity about others lets you take the lead in forming new relationships. You’ll form close ties with those who have similarly idealistic ideas — especially those who can stimulate you intellectually in your chosen field of interest. Your enthusiasm for learning new things may also cause you to do quite a bit of traveling. Because you probably will have many wide-ranging interests and concerns, you most likely will have contacts and connections in various parts of the country (or world).

    Any insight would be appreciated….my sag seems to be no different from the rest…the good and the bad.

  • KLRZ

    I’m a Taurus in love with a Sagittarius. He is my lover and friend something I value dearly. His family loves me, my family loves him and our children get along great. He doesn’t bring me around his friends often which leaves me questioning…humm…. Great Sex, he tolerates my BS, I never met a man like him before and want VERY much for our relationship to work. Well we have been together for about a year and he has NEVER expressed verbally his feelings for me. This was a big problem for me but I said well maybe he doesnt know how to express his feelings or he is scared so I left it at that. I mean he treats me great and it was a very slow process to get the relationship off the ground with this man so I figured it would just take him time. We have a great relationship, so I had thought. Now after a year I feel like he is pushing away from me and I am a bother to him. I am finding that I am having to call him most of the times. I am having to go to his house most of the times. I thought okay another woman..he said no…Said baby you are getting very distant…He says he is not and everything is ok. I said baby am I bothering you…He says no. I asked if he wanted me to give him some space, does he want me to back off. does he want to move on…..ummm everything to give him the opportunity to just say YES but he just says everything is ok! Yet he pushes, I leave and he pulls me back! What is all that about?? Is this a phase that sags go through with their relationships? So I started trying to research our signs and came across this blog. So if any Sags can help me understand why after what seemed to be a GREAT realationship my Lover and Friend is pushing this bull but doesn’t want her to go?

  • Teacher1

    I Too am a taurus with deep feelings for a sag. We stopped speaking for about 3 months for all the reasons you mentioned. I was doing all the calling, visiting, texting, talking…It got to be where I felt I was the only person working on the relationship. When we started he chased me down and the minute I began to feel safe, he began to pull away. I’m not one to chase anybody so I let go. Ive missed him so much. All I could do was pray that God would bring him back to me because we did have something wonderful. I never understood what caused the disconnect. I just knew that I no longer felt valued so I walked away.

    A few days ago he left me an off line IM message asking how I was doing. I sent him one back saying I was okay. I didn’t hear from him after that. Then I checked to see if I had his number somewhere in my phone because I had erased it from the primary list. I did have an old text message so I sent him one saying hello. He did text back asking “who is this”so obviously he had erased my number too. I texted back my name and he was very happy to hear from me.

    My head was spinning all the way to work that day. All those feelings came flooding back and I was doing so well without him. I missed him beyond words, but I was okay with not talking to him. Then within one hour I was emotionally back where I was when I first decided to walk away from. So to make myself feel better I called him. I left a very light message of hello and it was good to hear from him…blah blah blah. I told myself that if he did not return my call I was going to finally be done with it and stop holding this “flame” in my heart for him. The emotions were just tooo much. Within 10 minutes my phone rang and I knew it was him. I didn’t even check the phone before I answered because I knew it was him.

    We talked and he sounded really happy to talk to me as I was elated to be talking to him. I still have strong feelings for him and God knows I want nothing more than for us to work things out and start over. he is an amazing man and I want him back in my life intensely. However, I don’t know what to do next. Do I play the sagg game and stay aloof? or do I just make him listen to me and tell him how I feel and what I want and then walk away and leave the ball with him??? I think I am ready to handle what saggs do with the emotional distance and all that…I just need to either have him in my life or completely out of it. What I do know for sure is that I want to be with him more than anyone…

    So My fellow taurus..I do feel your pain

    Each one…
    Teach 1

  • KLRZ

    Thank you Teacher1. I have for now come to the realization that he and I are just different. It is not that I am better or he. Not that I see things correctly or he. We are just different in our ways of thinking and feeling. I can not force him to feel as I do and he like wise. I have to decide if this difference is something I can bare or not. I am a bull and have a very determined spirit and do not let up easily that I know you already are aware of. If I REALLY love him I got to except who is. I got to learn HIM and not try to change him. I got to love him and not the ideal of “being in love” with him. Love his difference and our simularities. It is very hard because I already know me. I am going to live my life and be happy for the time God gives us while we are together. I can not focus on the change that has happened in our relationship because we are happy while together. By nature I want him strongly and deeply but I know I am a charging bull and have to slow down and move at his pace if I want “us” to work. Why? because I want this to work. If it works out WONDERFUL but if we continue to become more distant to the point were I can no longer deal with it, I have to except it and move on. I really love this man with all my heart and it is easier said than done but for the sake of keeping my sanity, my happiness and our peaceful relationship I can not obsess about the issue. I will just be still focus on me and be happy!!!

  • Sunflower

    This is the first time I posted here and the reason I am doing so is to give those Sag men out there some credit and those of you in relationships with sag men some hope…

    I am a Leo female and I have been in a relationship with a Sag male for over 2 years now. I had been hurt in the past so was not looking to get into a long term relationship too quickly. However, upon meeting my Sag, we developed a good friendship quickly and knew instantly that it would go further as the Chemistry was so strong. In the initial stages of friendship I knew he was seeing about 5 other girls and of course the prospect of a relationship scared me (because of the cheating factor) but then again I fancied him so much! But I quickly realised that none of these relationshippy fling things were serious, and that usually Sag males have a somewhat kind of void where they are always searching for their soulmate. The advice I’d give is to understand that, I let him pursue those flings, but he quickly realised the difference between them and me. I gave him his freedom and allowed him to talk to those girls, even around me (when we were friends) and noticed that his behaviour around me was adjusting. We used to talk about anything and everything, and he found himself spending more and more time with me. Most of all, they like to feel like a man, but still be nurtured at the same time. And I did all this knowing that his ‘player’ nature would slowly disappear.

    There were times when he would ask to be on his own and I would let him. If he was doing something I wouldnt pester him about where he was or what he was doing, If he asked me to do something for him, I would do it (within range) and slowly but surely all the other girls became history because he realised he wanted to spend time with me. And that was when I realised that he wouldnt be unfaithful, as long as I continued to give him his freedom and space and most of all understand him.

    I have come to realise that most Sag males are complex creatures with complex thinking. You must not take their comments to seriously, because in most cases, they say things to make up for insecurities that they themselves feel. Also, their space means alot to them, when we have spent too much time in each others faces we find that we irritate each other. But putting that all aside, once you know that they will be loyal, and trust me with Sag males you will know, they become the most sensitive, kindest and affection lovers ever. Although they may not be the romantic type and sometimes find it hard to compliment and express their love, they are definitely the kind that actions speak louder than words.

    But, I must add that all that Iv read about Sag males being wanderers and untrustworthy is also true as I have a friend who is a male Sag and is involved with sooo many women that he forgets where he is and when with some of them. This is typical of Sags, but upon having some close chats with him, he too has that void and really and the end of the day wants to find someone to fill that void. I will advise him on how to look for women who want serious relationships and he will agree, but the next day he’s back to his old self. The advice I give to those who have bad experiences with Sags, is to just let it be, if they feel that your the one then they will remember to come back to you. Also, its a good idea to suss them out, and the way I did this was spending a good couple of months just as friends so I knew I wasnt going to get hurt and that he would be completely faithful. Another thing is you have to trust them with your whole heart. I know it can be hard, but a Sag male will only cheat if he isnt getting everything he needs from you. If they have everything they need, then they really dont see any reason to cheat on you. He does have the occasional flirt, but so do I and were both honest and open about it, I can understand he does it to boost his ego and I do it just to see if I still have it lol. But at the end of the day we know its harmless, and in some ways healthy because it makes us realise how much we adore one another, knowing that there wont be anyone else like that.

    There are times when I get frustrated and insecure, but the best thing to do is to be patient and tell them, because they will reassure you. Dont ever let them get bored too, otherwise they go off in their own world and can sometimes come back quite cocky and arrogant.

    To develop and long term thing with Sag males takes time, the best thing to do is not to push it. When we were friends I only acted when I knew he wanted me. And now, I have not even mentioned marriage, I just drop subtle hints now and again and just make him feel really loved. And now he is the one talking about marriage. Although inside im like ‘yeah lets go for it!’, I dont ever converse with him my feelings about marriage and the future, and although I always tell him I love him, I think this mystery factor intrigues him and therefore he thinks about what it would be like alot more.

    Sag males are heartbreakers and cheats, but if you can get in touch with the inner goodness of them, it really is truely rewarding so those of you in relationships with Sag males that want to make it work, give him freedom, give him lots of affection, talk to him about anything and everything, dont ask him too many questions wait for him to tell you about himself and dont disclose too much about you and most of all have fun!! You cant go wrong….he will be putty in your hands before you know it….;-)

  • Cindy Hi From Ohio

    I’ve been dating a Sag for one year on June 23rd and he has been the most sexy, fun spirited, tender hearted man I have ever met. Yes, he’s a flirt but so am I. All the comments I’ve just read about a Sag have been pretty much on the mark for my Sag. We both enjoy baseball, golf, basketball, video games, talking etc.etc. But I need some help here guys. I feel like me and my Sag have recently started to loose our spark. I’m wondering if we are getting bored with each other. So, for those of you who have said Sag’s get bored in a relationship, what signs did you notice so I can figure out if that is what is happening? I do make myself available for him when he calls, and always have. Maybe I need to back away and challenge him for his attention more. Any thoughts?

  • Pink

    i think this goes for all sag’s.
    I am one & I know if i feel trapped or feel smothered then i want out. But i also feel the flip side if i am not getting enough attention so you just need to find the right balance. Give all the freedom they could ask for but let them know you are there. I think that’s the key to it.

  • Seven

    I must say that this is one of the best blogs i have ever read about sag’s. I have been involved with a female sag for almost 2 yrs in Oct and it has been a roller coaster, up and down.. and recently i have put some serious thought into calling it quits and telling her to move out (Place is in my name) and as soon as I mentally make up my mind.. she becomes attentive, she cooks, she wants to make love etc.. yet another rode on the roller coaster.. why????

  • Seven

    Question to the ladies and or males out there.. I am a female libra and she is a female sag..My question is (among many lol) Is it impossible to have a deep emotional and mental and even spiritual connection with her? I have never been left feeling so insecure and/ or lonely in a relationship in my life. It perplexes me day in and day out. I am younger but I have alot going for me, I have a degree and good job, good friends, fun hobbies, Have my own, place and my own car etc.. She pushed and pushed for our relationship and to move in etc… Yet as soon as we “officially” get our place shes out every weekend with friends which she never invites me out with and doesnt come home till 3 am or so and often when i have to get up at 6 am!!..(And I ve never left her out of fun times, which she said she appreciated) And she just expects me to be ok with it.. Saying she just wants to come and go as she pleases and me bo “ok” with it!.. but only months earlier said she was so lucky not to wonder when, where or if she would hear from me or even see me.. Is a little consistency just too much to ask? Can I have the attention and affection when things are good and not when she wants to band aid things up?? Im was so frustrated and at my wits end, I could have pulled my hair out.. How can i give her all she wants and needs.. All my love, my honesty, my trust, pushed all other females away, her own Freedom etc.. but my own needs are not met?? She wont even talk to me when I need it the most!.. Do I think she ll not come back or leave.. honestly? No, I do believe she ll come back but its just to the point of .. Is that really good enough?? If I give her the freedom she so craves.. Shouldnt I be entitled to the intimacy and essence from her that I so crave?? Fill me in you guys.. I could keep going, yet say the same thing.. over.. and over.. and over again…

  • Amanda

    Hi I feel like listening to my own story. I am dating Sag for more than one year and it is always on and off

  • CJ74

    It’s amazing how many Taurus women are with Sags men…. I share Teacher 1 and KLRZ feelings. I am also a Taurus seeing a Sagi…. When I met him in December 2007, he had just broken off with this ex. At first he was extremely caring and was the one who would do all the calling and texting and instant messaging, etc. We even saw each other 3 times a week but after we started to get closer to each other, he started texting and calling less, we only saw each other once a week or week and a half (all of a sudden he was too busy), he started showing all these traits he wasn’t showing before, one of the most annoying was the KNOW-IT-ALL attitude which for us Taurus women can drive us up a wall…. they only see black and white, if they haven’t seen, heard of or experienced something themselves it doesn’t exist, they are veru stubborn and close minded and when they believe in or think they know about something, there is NOTHING you can do or say that will change their minds. They are also very much into sex and women, they love going to striptease clubs, etc and somehow have the ability to see 2 and 3 women at the same time and hide it without giving a hint…
    I caught my sage lying a few times and you know what he told me to my face? “That what he didn’t like about me was that I remembered too much and was too observant”……he had the nerve to tell me that to my face because I caught him lying.
    Another thing that bothered me for a long time is that he didn’t introduce me to his friends or family or co-workers or anything and if we ever went out and met up with people he knows, he would never introduce me, as though I wasn’t present…. when I mentioned it to him, he said nothing.. NOTHING. Last week I got angry at him because when I asked hom if he wanted to go out with some friends of mine so he could meet them, he quickly said No and when I told him that I didn’t think it made sense for us to see each other if he was planning to hide me all his life, he said I was being too sensitive.
    I have blocked him from my msn, skype, and have not called him or sent him any texts. He sent me an offline message 2 days ago but I have not answered it yet and I would not be the first one to call or text or anything and I will NOT go back unless he changes these things.
    I personally think that if a person doesn’t think you are worthy to meet his friends or family , then dump them.
    He is also very lazy, pessimistic, like routine, stubborn which is not a good combination because we Taurus women are also very stubborn when ready.
    Aside from all the negatives, what I liked about my Sagi was his sense of humor, friendliness and loves to talk about everything, so I was never really bored around him, but somehow all the negatives were much stronegr than his positives.
    I do miss him a bit but I will not be the first to call.

    Anyone with similar experiences?

  • Paula

    My sag and I just broke it off after a 2 year run. Past couple of months he had been distancing himself. Just NO affection, attention, not so much as a kiss hello or a pinch of my butt at the kitchen sink. It went so far as to 7 or 8 weeks without any (I MEAN ANY) sexual contact… he would fall asleep with his back to me hugging his side of the bed. Yet nothing was wrong, everything was “fine”… I was drama queen material… I was worrying over nothing… just should leave him alone. NOT. His birthday is 11/24. I am a Leo. He absolutely became apathetic and distant to me. He became so ignorant of my presence altogether, so badly that the relationship began to die of attrition… so I did what any woman in love would do. I begged for communication, a reconciliation, some understanding. And it drove him right out the door and he said he will not be in touch with me to the point of having his son come and get his leftover things. Friday morning we did a garage sale here (we lived together) and by 2:00 pm he was OUT! I couldn’t believe it. Come to find out, 5 days later, he is living in Tampa with a “FRIEND”. (I’m sure it’s a female). And, I am sure, as he admitted, he was “out” and emotionally gone a couple of months before he left. It got so stressful for me that I missed my period. Cried, lost 5 lbs in 5 days, and smoked 2 packs a day. Let me tell you, I wished him the best in the end. After him telling me I was insane and “had a problem”… after him dragging up everything I ever told him about every relationship I had and telling me I was “impossible”, I still gracefully and maturely wished him well and assured him I would always love him, be his friend and have his back if he ever needed me… I asked if we would ever see each other again and he indifferently remarked, “I don’t see the point”…. nice, huh. He shut it off like a switch. I think there is someone else. (the “friend” in Tampa?) I don’t know, but I know he said he has the need to go in a “different direction” now, and it’s over. So guys, is there anything left to do with a Sag who has been “run off” by a pushy Leo woman? He told me he wished I would tell him to screw off and be angry at him instead of being nice…. why ?

  • CJ74

    Hi Paula:

    Sorry things ended the way it did… He’s right though, whether you are a Leo or not, Sag men prefer women who do not show their feelings (they call it being drama queen), they prefer us to act as if we don’t care …. My Sag guy did that to me also, he used to me more attracted to me when I used to tell him to “screw off” and show him how much I didn’t care, but the few times I opened up and told him how I felt about our relationship, he ran….they are just not good at that type of communication.. I’m not surprised you said he has someone else, as they do have the ability to see more than two people at once without giving you a clue, however the fact that you guys had no sexual contact for 7 to 8 weeks was enough hint. Don’t expect him to call you, text you or email you any time soon, they normally don’t and forget about you easily ONCE they have someone else to give their attention to, well, aside from the fact that they like to be wrong and strong which used to drive me insane….. I saw my Sag yesterday for the first time after 3-4 weeks of not talking, texting or anything and he came up to me saying hi as though nothing had happened. It’s just who they are
    My advice to you Paula is to try to move on (it’s not going to be easy since they are not that easy to forget). I’m sure that when the time is right you would find someone who would appreciate you and not take you for granted. I guess we all learn something from our past relationships.

  • Paula

    I wrote him a 9pg letter basically letting him go….. We Leos have to express ourselves… he can call it drama queen… but it’s my heart and it’s out there. It was put in the last bin of his things with his son to pick up tomorrow…. it’s in a sealed envelope and it holes everything i had left to give in it. Now i’m done… his ball. no more feelings, no more efforts.
    From what i understand, it’s at this point after a few weeks the sag thinks “wtf did i do” and returns…. after all it’s the 5th time he left me in 1 yr 7 mo…… always came back… but this time… well i think the ‘friend’ in tampa is influencing his choices…. so let him go…. let him figure it out. he knows how to reach me and meantime i’m moving on.

  • CJ74

    Glad to hear you are moving on Paula. I’m sure he will read your letter and call it drama but he will do a lot of thinking after that but may not contact you immediately as he now has “Tampa” to think about. I had written a long letter to mine once and in less than a week he sent me a text saying “I’m sorry for mistreating you, I didn’t notice”. but still nothing changed so there was nothing left for me to do.
    If he does come back to you in the future, I say you have a long talk with him first and let him know what you are about and that communication is a must, etc (if you haven’t done so already the 5 previous times”……. Chances are that he is also going to have problems with his “friend” soon or later but don’t wait for him…. the constant heart aches are just not worth it.

  • Paula

    I don’t even know if I should send the letter…. I asked for a few more days from the son to “get dad’s things together” mainly because I’m struggling with ‘do i enclose a 9 page letter telling him all that i feel and ultimately letting him go’ or do i enclose nothing? Obviously sending the letter along would be for me more than it would be for my ex-sag. A couple of months ago, when he started pulling away, i got him a blue mountain card in an envelope. set it alongside him on the couch while he was watching TV. He saw it, and ignored it. 5 min later I picked it up and threw it into the garbage. He said, “I was going to read it…” but you know, he was watching TV commercials and ignoring it so I don’t know if I’ll feel more foolish sending a letter along that reads more like a novel. I think I have to enclose it for my own closure,… to know that I said what I needed to say… and can only hope he’s not so distant and cold that he won’t read it upon some time alone. What do you think? We had 2 years and we lived together for over half that…. we were, by all accounts, a couple, and he had gotten me an engagement ring (which mysteriously disappeared the week before he moved out….) but we were serious. or I was…. thoughts? How will a sag react to a heartfelt goodbye letter and then complete silence? do they even have feelings?

  • CJ74

    I say you shoukd send him the letter. 9 pages is a lot of time you put it into it and whether they are not into showing feelings or not, still let him know what yours are. From my experience with my ex, who sounds a lot like yours, he IS going to read it, he may not read it immediately since he is now living with someone else but it is going to be in his mind that so first minute he gets alone he will read it, HOWEVER, he will think about it for a few minutes, he may even go as far as telling you sorry, but a couple of hours later it will be at the back of his mind…. I honestly don’t think they do it intentionally, it’s just who they are. Goes threw one ear, comes out the next. Their life is a complete distraction.
    As to whether they have feelings? Ye they do but they hide it so much and dislike drama so much, that they ignore feelings which in turn makes them into cold beings but he is not going to completely forget you, he will have you at the back of his mind somewhere and bet your bottom dollar that if things don’t work out where he is now, you’ll be hearing from him. They have a tendency to come back, even if it’s 2 years later,; they rather know that they still have you as a friend than to be complete strangers.
    My cousin was with a Sag and only when he reached his mid 40’s he started maturing and behaving more normal. He eventually got back with her and married her after 7 years of heart ache and is not much more mellow, loving, understanding, etc,… but it took years of him coming and going, of calling her drama queen and being as cold as an iceberg. Who knows what makes them change eventually but how many of us are willing to wait that long?
    But Paula, send the later, it’s not like you all have been together for a month.. It has been almost two years, right? YOUR FEELINGS ARE IMPORTANT AND HE NEEDS TO KNOW THEM.

  • CJ74

    btw, my ex-sag called me today just to find out how I was doing and if I was ok. I don’t know why he called and I didn’t ask but I make sure to keep it short, and you should do the same. Don’t show any sign of weakness or talk to him like everything is back to normal because that’s telling him that’s ok for him to treat you the way he does, whenever he wants because we will always forgive and that’s wrong.

    Paula, you mentioned that his son was picking up his stuff. Do you get a long well with his son and communicate with him?

  • Paula

    Actually, I do get along with his son real well. He really likes me. His son is 25. Joe and I watched he and his girlfriend go through the birth of a new baby (Joe’s first grandchild)… I was at the hospital with him when we saw her for the first time…. I used to babysit her and we would have bbq’s here at the house. So I can talk to him but don’t know what to say. The first time Joey (the son) came to pick up the first load of things last week, I started crying on his girlfriend’s shoulder. He told me, “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of. My dad is crazy and fickle. If you ever need anything call.” And I smiled and thanked him but he knows my heart is broken.
    So he’s coming alone on Tuesday to load up 1/2 hours worth of stuff piled in the garage. I’ll be here but I don’t know what to say to him. It’s so awkward for poor Joey to be thrown in the middle like this. Joe (my x) drove by the house yesterday and put a package in my mailbox (while I WAS HOME)…. he couldn’t even face me… or didn’t want to. It was my garage door opener, earrings, and a letter he wrote that shows NO SIGN of remorse. It only discussed loose ends to clean up. The only thing he did was start the letter, “I’m sorry for the way things turned out and hope everything’s going ok.” Then, at the end of the letter which again was just details for closure on practical issues, he wrote again, “Again, I’m sorry for everything.” and signed his name. then a p.s. “I hope you found your engagement ring! I really didn’t take it!” (It disappeared the last week he was living here off my windowsill in the kitchen (enclosed windowsill, not an outdoor one….) and ironically so did the box to it, and the paperwork….
    So I am stunned and shellshocked. I don’t know what my last words to Joey should be. I only know that he WILL relay what we discuss to Joe. So suggestions?
    Nobody knows this but I fell into a panic disorder this past month over the stress, missed my period and have been sick. I put on a good front but inside I’m dying and miss him to the point of insomnia. Yet, I HAVE NOT CALLED.

  • Paula

    If I do not contact him AT ALL, what will that do, if anything. Will he say “thank God it’s over” permanently…. out of sight, out of mind, and feel he’s “off the hook” so he can “live his life in peace”….. or…… will he, as a sag, remain unsatisfied with his current life after the shine of whatever new relationship wears off…. and will he ever contact me again. He said the other day it is OVER and he will not discuss being friends as he doesn’t see the point and is sorry. He is so DISCONNECTED and even admitted he had checked out a couple of months ago. Of course I knew it, and this only added to MY stress and efforts and energy being put into fixing it… alone, which of course backfired and didn’t work. He was done! So I had written this 12 page LOVE LETTER to him… (he has a big ego) but you know once I got his formal letter the other day I thought, why should I put my heart out there… again. So he can feel sorry for me, think I’m pathetic,… it won’t bring him back. If nothing else, I would love for Joe to someday realize and think back to what he left behind. What he ‘grew tired and bored of’… he left our home (it is in his name! I signed it over to him when we got engaged!) and all the furniture in it. He left 2 refrigerators stocked with meats and food. He left a beautiful private backyard…. a really lovely home and a woman that adored him but towards the end was too needy (with good reason)…. So where does that leave me in speaking with Joey? What are the right words? Please I’m stumped here… and don’t know if I should ever even talk to Joe again. Right now I can’t even think of him without feeling ill… how can sags just throw people away like yesterday’s newspaper and move on without skipping a beat? Why are they never satisfied, and do they ever realize, once losing someone who loved them, what they had, and miss it?

  • CJ74

    I feel your pain Paula. After reading more about your situation and the letter he wrote to you, I think you should not send him the letter you wrote. While your feelings are important and should not be taken for granted I dont think you should put all your feelings out there and let him know how vulnerable you are or how many sleepless nights you are having. For some reason sags can’t stand thinking that you don’t need them, that you are not thinking about them. The minute you start showing them that you care and giving them attention they go back to their old ways. It is not easy being on an emotional roller coaster over and over. Let him think that you are fine and happy.
    Up to today my sag contacted me for whatever reason, I guess it’s because I continue to be cold and show him that I don’t need him, I don’t know, it baffles me.
    I don’t think you should send him any letters right now , not even a one page, even more so if you think he is expecting it.
    Lonely and sleepless nights are the worse but it is not ok for him to treat you this way, or to think that if things don’t work out in Tampa he can come back and for a 6th time because you will always forgive if he screws up. It’s not ok and he needs to realize this.

  • Teacher1

    On my last post I mentioned that my sagg was back in touch after 3 months. I didn’t post the second conversation after that when he told me he had moved in with an ex and they were working things out. I was crushed. Instead of going off on him, I finally put all my feelings out on the table. I told him my deepest love for him and how perfect I think he is. He asked my why did I hade my feelings and I told him because I was afraid I would be rejected. Anyway…I took the high road and wished him happiness with the ex and I hope everything works out. I hung up and cried like a baby for 2 days.

    Flash forward 2 months…I’m online minding my business and boom..he pops up on IM. After saying hello he went into how much he missed me and how good I was to him and how much he wishes I wouldve told him my feelings. He said I was such a wonderful person and I treated him like a king. I was FLABERGASTED!! I actually cut and pasted the convo in word and saved it!!!

    Needless to say he begged to see me that night. I let him stop by and when I opened the door he almost knocked me over. He grabbed me held me and yelled and screamed MY BABY MY BABY I MISSED U SOOOOO MUCH!!! I was speechless. He spend the rest of the night telling me how special I made him feel and how much he missed me..on and on… We laid on the bed and he just stared at me, caressed my face with his finger tips, laid on me and sighed for like 4 hours!!!

    That was about a week ago and I am slow to trust him…I don’t know what he wants and I didn’t ask what happend to the ex/present girlfriend… I just know I truly truly love him and want to be with him but I will not allow him to treat me badly or take me for granted. We have spoken once since then and it was a good convo. He was happy to talk to me. Since his job keeps him away I don’t know when I’m going to see him again. I am fighting the urge to pounce again but I know he will only shy away from that behavior. WHen he was here I said to him If he is going to disappear again to leave now!! I can’t go through that again!! He took a deep breath..hes not one for too much emotion..and said “I’m not going to disappear again.” That was it. he knows I’m not one to push.

    I don’t know what to do at this point. All I know is that I miss him. I give credit to my great behavior toward him, God, and the law of attraction that brought him back to me. Now I need to know what to do to make it stick this time. Yes I see other men and I date. I even had a boyfriend at one point…but I know for sure hes THE ONE. I just don’t know how to make it happen for keeps…

    Each one Teach1

  • paula

    i am truly clinically depressed over my recent split with my sag. the similarities between these blogs and my sag are too many to number. it saddens me because it lets me know that things aren’t what i thought and he is not who i thought. i suffer from recurrent major depression and this has thrown me over the edge. career problems only add to the despair. i am on antidepressants and antianxiety meds. i think my psychiatrist wants to switch me to bi-polar meds. i feel mentally and emotionally that this is the straw that broke the camels back. i am fighting to recover and be “okay” again but it is very difficult. i basically want to just sleep, lay down, and watch tv which only makes things worse because i am not getting done what i need to get done.

  • CJ74

    Yeah, I know how you feel Paula…. remember how I was saying for the past few days that my sag started calling me again, well I discovered not only that he is “sort of” seeing his ex again but that he is oalso “sort of” seeing someone new…. I just can’t figure them out and I still can’t get over the fact that the act as though nothing is wrong and as though they are not doing anything at all….They are the perfect recipe for serious depression… do they have a conscience at all?

  • AquaSunNmoon

    you guys…

  • AquaSunNmoon

    I am an Aquarius Sun/moon and just dealt with my ex Sag and I think I got them figured out. HE HURT ME VERY BAD but I hurt him worst in the end!! lol and I don’t get hurt… in astrology it is said that sag and aquarius are more similar in personality/emotionally than any other sign. In fact Sag is like an exaggerated version of a Aquarius… for example we both DESPERATLEy need our space and will hurt whoevers feelings in order to be by ourself and just chill. I think the difference btwn a aquarius and sag in this distant behaviour is that a sag doesn’t show remorse for it… because it is a fire sign they actually feel they deserve it and don’t see why u don’t understand.

    My sag was my friend for a while before we started dating so I kinda peeped how he thought and operated but me being the exciting and restless aquarius I thought I wouldn’t be phased with his need for independence. I don’t feel like typing the whole story because it pretty much is similiar to everyone elses story. My whole point to my post is to make u guys actually read EVERY post that is in this blog….realize they really aren’t that hard to figure out actually they are quite predictable. Each of these guys pattern is the same… and we all feel like the love that existed btwn our sag was the real thing. SAGITTARIANS ARE JUST LIKE THAT!! they are VERY intuitive and can see the man you want and they will become that guy so they can see the real you and exposed your inner secrets and ambitions.

    They do that to see if you are what they want and will forever stimulate them. All the while we think WOW! how did I get so lucky to find the perfect guy?? which is true because they are being themselves but ladies you have to be perfect for them with every fiber cuz if you are not they will leave you. They will pick that one thing they don’t like about you and exaggerate the hell out it…making you feel like a lame person for being you. Then they go out and find someone else who they think may be the one. I don’t knock it cuz I do somewhat of the same thing but I just don’t be so cold in dismissing the person. You have to understand a sag wants a soulmate and doesn’t feel that ANYTHING will irritate him about his soulmate. But when he does regret his decision he comes back to see if maybe you change or have gone on with new things in your life that will excite him again. But if he calls you and ur just doing the same thing you always was then he dips out again. Thats the way I see a sag… of course they aren’t all the same but thats the general lifestyle of them. YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH HOW USE TO TREAT YOU but now how they did recently. here are my conclusion of a sag…

    1. You already kno that if u are always there for them and at their beck and call they will get distracted and leave. THEY CAN’T STAND A PUSHOVER!!! they dn’t want to feel like they can get everything they want whenever they want unless it comes to sex. So sometimes u have to be selfish… its actually fun treating them like crap. lol dn’t say anything purposeful harsh but anything that is true about them… cuz its alot of stuff bad about them…U dn’t always have to answer their call…

    2. Have ur own life to the extent where they are begging to have time with you… trust me they wn’t leave because u dn’t have time for them… they will probaly join you with whatever u are doing…

    3. GIVE LOTS OF SPACE…. this is something that I completely understand about them because I’m in desperate need of my space. I’m an aquarius and I never EVER met anyone who needed more space than me than my sag. but I understood it so when I heard or sensed he was getting restless I just left him alone… COMPLETELY. I mean I dn’t ask if he wants anything to eat, if he wants to go out, dn’t call him, NOTHING. when he wants to chill again he will come by… I do the same thing when I get aggravated. the only differece is as a aquarius I have this thing with respect and sags don’t when it comes to freedom.

    3. As for getting stood up by a sag that is INTOLERABLE. I dn’t care what sign u are, u should never let a man/women stand u up and don’t even have the nerve to apologize the time before you are going to meet. PERIOD!! the sags knows that too so when they start to feel a need for attention they come back to you cause they feel you should be mad and they like anger. They feel that is when a person is being honest. TEARS DO NOTHING FOR THEM.

    4. Emotionally me and my sag are the same so hearing you love and can’t live without me only makes me pity you for depending your life on me. so don’t let the sag know that EVER. no matter how much time ya are spending together.

  • AquaSunNmoon

    But then again do u really want them back or do you just want the feelings you had in the beginning with them back?? Because at first I felt like most of ya for a while… my sag made plans with me 3xs and cancel each time always calling back later and apologizing and giving some FABOLOUS excuse when I cursed him out.

    But the last time he stood me up was the last straw and I disappear completely. Two weeks people pass and he didn’t bother to call this time to even give me a excuse so I cried to let it out and went on with my life. and of course guess who came barging back in??? but I told him we weren’t as compatible as I thought in the beginning because I could never be with someone who doesn’t mind standing people up.
    He asked if we could be friends and I said what will we talk about? and now he calls me all the time once again… I barely pick up which I know reminds him of what he had and let go.

    You gotta move on because if you are not everything he wants he will leave you over and over again regardless of marriage or anything. I miss my sag A LOT but I will be crazy to be on #10 level of excitement of my life just to please somebody else who would leave me at any minute if something more stimulating comes. Find a sag that wants to stick by you and find your boring life EXCITING.,.,, cuz they are quite marvelous if they know you are the one other than think you are.
    I’m out…
    what happen to DualFIsh, and JC the veterans of this blog??

  • Teacher1

    Yes I agree. I have gone on with my life. I am seeing a capricorn who is 13 years younger than I and it is WONDERFUL!! But My sagg has come back full force!! He has called me almost everyday 2x a day. I can’t answer the phone b/c my Capricorn gets goofy when he wants all of my attention.
    When I do talk to my sagg now heis very sweet and attentive. Whenever he is home from work off the road he calls. which is something he didn’t do before I told him how I felt.
    If u remember a few months ago I wrote that I finally told my sagg my feelings. He disappeared for a few months then showed back up declairing how much he missed me. Hes been pretty consistant since then. I do miss him but my Cap now takes up most of my free time and when I see that missed calls from my sagg my heart sinks!!! I know its a good thing to make them wait for us and not be at their beck and call, however with him working on the road so much I do wish to see him whenever I can. I must admit I do have a slight fear of him luring me in just to vanish again.
    Ive read its not good to tell a sagg how we feel. However it has seemed to work for me, even though it took awhile. When I told him how I felt and he hung up on me, I really didn’t expect to hear from him again. Plus I knew he was “working things out” with his ex.
    I haven’t asked what the deal is with him and her yet. I know not to ask anything I don’t want the answer to…but I guess I need to know to plot my next move…
    What do u guys think???

    Each one, Teach1

  • somegirl

    Just stumbled upon this blog and want to share my experience. I will say first, I started the relationship with my sag the wrong way and was still in another one. It was the same deal in the beginning he would send me sometimes up to one hundred messages a day! Bought me a phone to keep in touch since I was ending my relationship and he couldn’t call our land line. We both made the deal to not spend too much time together, both of us agree that is what ruins many relationships and niether of us are interested in marriage. But, we fell head over heels in love! I have never felt this way before and at the age of 29 had NEVER had my heart broken until now. Only it was me that ended the relationship. I ended it, gave the phone back and now I completely regret it. I feel like I completely cheated myself. I ended it because of the distance thing and I was fully aware of their tendency to do so and even respected it. He told me part of the reason for the distance was because a couple of the times we were intimate I didn’t seem that into it and he realized it was because of getting out of a seven year relationship and understood I had a lot on my mind. That made him step back, knowing that me getting into another relationship is potentially not a good thing. He is right, but this sucks! I want to go back and start that day all over again and not break up with him! He was adamant about me keeping in touch, and made me promise to call him when I get a new phone. But he was also very clear when we first met that once he breaks up he does not get with that person again. Our last conversation I let him know I still liked him and he said the same. He said he still liked me and that the sex was amazing, we still couldn’t help but hold hands and kiss pretty much the whole time. What should I do now? I want him back but I also think I should give it time. If I leave him alone will he come back?

  • Bluebottle

    Oh thank god for finding this site! for the past few months I was convinced that I was going crazy but reading these blogs I realise that I am just another Sagi-lover who’s relationship is going nowhere fast! I am an Aquarius and feel the only way to go is to leave the office where we both work and try to get on with my life – hot and cold? more like volcano and iceage!

  • somegirl

    Bluebottle, I wouldn’t suggest changing your work situation! Dont give them that much control over you! But I would suggest maybe leaving them alone for a while, or permamently if you aren’t getting what you need. I am now feeling like I am just glad I had the experience even if I did mess up! Maybe someday in the future it will all work out again.

  • Bluebottle

    Thanks for the words of wisdom – working on the premise ‘out of sight out of mind’ for me – perhaps absence will make his heart grow fonder, that’s if he even notices that I’m not around any more!! I know what you mean about the experience,but it doesn’t sound as if you messed up, more that the labyrinthine minds of Sagi’s are often completely unfathomable to us mere mortals!

  • somegirl

    Mmm I wouldn’t go that far either, they aren’t that hard to figure out. He was just being his normal self and for me, since I am going through a lot of crap right now, I broke my own rule and started asking too many questions. I should have just let everything alone I knew in my gut it was going to work out anyway. Now, I jumped the gun and have to just wait and see what happens!

  • Benjamin

    So I was born on Nov 24th; and up until a couple of weeks ago, I had never paid even a minutes worth of attention to astrology.

    I was at Barnes and Noble with 2 friends who recently found out they were having a baby and were shopping for baby books. While they were checking out I picked up some book that was titled “What Your Birthdate Says About You”, or something to that nature.

    “What kind of amusing hogwash can I find in here?”, I thought to myself as I skimmed through it.

    The next thing you know I was on Google searching the you know what out of astrology. I am like that; once I find a new source of information, idea, or interest, I will not stop researching it until I’ve discovered as much as I wanted, and will then move on.

    The thing about knowledge is, you have to network it, and look for causes and concepts that will web info together. That is why it is a breeze for me to carry a conversation with anyone I meet, and is also why I fall of task and will not focus. To me, the learning from the experience is more important the end result or any goal.

    Example: When out with my roommate at a club, he will not hesitate to go for the most seemingly good looking girl. I am almost always bored at clubs and only go when there is nothing left to do. I look for the most intriguing girl and/or situation. He can not for the life him understand why I hesitate to pick out anything that is supposed to be an obviously better choice.

    I don’t care about anything that is supposed to be apparent or the better choice. I already know. I want something I don’t know. I am looking to explore and learn, have fun at what I can get myself into, and then share. Any obvious easy answer is something I will definately avoid. I am not going to learn anything. That is holding me back from what I want to do. So will any kind of commitment, or emotion that is more concentrated on a goal/result than the experience.

    I found a couple of really interesting sites in particular. Sagittarius and Birthday Astrology

    I then started looking into compatability based on astrology. How did I not notice that 2 of my exgirlfriends where born the last week of August. And 2 girls I am talking to right now, are also born on August 20th and August 26th. How or why I would not acknowledge that is beyond me. Plus a girls birthday is very important, but I am not good with unconnected data, or loose details and info.

    Anyways I was going to go over some relationship stories, but got sidetracked. Go figure. By the way I have read thousands of threads and have never posted on one. Wait, maybe one, there is this one optical illusion of a spinning dancer that can spin either way. I figured that out cause it was driving me nuts.

    But let me say that in the end, everything I learn from exploration is not worth crap if I do not share it. So more than anything I want a partner, a soulmate. Someone to get excited with me and create a world of our own, a kingdom.

    I broke up with my first serious gf because I kept inadvertently hurting her and it killed me. Why did I not focus more on her? Or compliment her more? I think back and thought she should have known, but that was immature of me. I would have done anything for her and would have stayed by her side forever.

    She got tired of the whole me not staying and being focused on us and our goals. And when she started to doubt it became a slippery slope. She needed results and I was afraid of becoming a failure or not living up to the world I had envisioned we had together.

    She wanted me to start marching with her and building a kingdom the way she wanted. I now had an end result to live up to and look foward to. I was horrified. I tried compromising my need for adventure with helping her build whatever she wanted. Compromising is dangerous. Half attempts seem horrible. And then came more fighting. We were young and started clashing often.

    Let me say I don’t think relationships should ever be about the person or expectations of that person. That can lead to boredom or failure. It should be about sharing everything with each other. Goals and success will come when approached together in the right way. But complete communication and honesty is needed. And work.

    I have been single for a couple of years and have done quite well and have been happy. I am most sad when I fall asleep on my own with no one to share my discoverings with. I want a partner. But I am more afraid of ending up in the wrong relationship hurting someone again.

    It hurts me most when those I care about hurt. I can handle my own. I am not dependant in the least bit, and I am stupid for projecting that on everyone. Especially my ex.

    I am supposed to be working, but I have done quiet well today. I am an agent for an online travel agency in Houston. I would be glad to give my opinion or advice to anyone if asked. I love to help if and when I can. Only thing is, I often get sidetracked, if not asked or ordered very specifics.

    Thanks for anyone who took time to read this mess I wrote while I am supposed to be following up with prospective clients.

    P.S. since I just started reading about astrology, what do: moons, rising, suns, degrees, cusps, ascendants, ….wow. I’m overwhelmed.
    I was born November 24th, 1985. 3:15 PM


  • Ben

    So why would anyone be interested in being in a relationship someone who does not follow through with plans or goals or at least seem interested in doing so?

    Maybe that person is complex enough to easily understand and appreciate in people what others can’t.
    I will not blindly compliment anyone for example. I only do so when I mean it.
    I remember I pointed out some kind of quirk this one girl had that I was talking to. I cant remember what it was but it was def cute. She did something when she got excited and got carried away in what she was saying. She loved the fact that I noticed and told her cause I guess no one ever had.

    The greater your capacity to understand, the greater it is to relate, and to love, and to hate.

    It is sad that if I find something about a girl that makes me lose interest in her as a partner, I will still get close to her. I will still learn about and from her. And hang out with her when we do something together I am interested in.

    If I am still interested in someone, relationship wise, I will hang out with them no matter what we are doing or where we are going.
    If I start to lose interest in that person, then it’s more about what am I going to experience with this person?
    But sometimes I will regain interest. Not often. My mistake is that I decide without expressing this. And I for some reason, assume that this other person will take it as lightly as I will.
    There have been too many times where I had not interest in being in a relationship, yet I was doing everything that may give that impression. Giving attention, smiling, complimenting, kissing, sex, whatever any other person may do that is associated with becoming serious or involved.
    It is wrong, but I considered it a fling regardless of what the girl thought.
    If I am not interested in a girl as a girlfriend, what the hell, it’ll be fun anyways and I will have a girl for tonight.
    I am more nervous and will not let someone I am truly interested in my life right away. I’ll need time to consider the situation.
    Once I do decide I dont want to be in a relationship , I will not let them know. I will simply let loose and whatever happens is cool and I dont care. Come over or dont. Lets go out or not. Just don’t get in the way or mess with anything. It’s pretty bad. If I am interested, then everything will matter.
    I will be addicted to that person. I will always want to be around them, but maybe never show it.
    I will be hesitant about moving too fast in fear of scaring her away. Basically I will be at a loss, and that does not happen often.

    It’s not cool when girls who know that you can see qualites or beauty in them that others dont or overlook, use you like a mirror to their satisfaction.

    I will point out any great feature or beauty in a person but more because I am compelled to. Or lovestricken.

    The most annoying girl I know let everything surface immediately and it was annoying as hell.
    Complimented me all the time, always wanted to come over or hang out, said whatever she thought i would want to hear at the drop of hat.
    She had no class.
    My friends thought I was crazy for always turning this girl down. But she was so shallow. I dont know what sign she is or when her birthday is but I will run from it.
    Actually I will text her and find out…. April 4th. Horrible.
    Or maybe because she was not really smart. I dont know.
    I feel really really bad. But I can’t just tell her to get away. She will show up unannounced. I will smile, but always regret meeting up with her and will always ignore her. I love complexity. I love girls who have a lot going on and very confident, capable, but have class and poise and are still sweet. Passion with stlye. Beauty and power. Complex but not a mess.

    I also love when girls are more excited or interested in doing something with me than what ever it is we are going to do.

  • Seven

    Benjamin?… Ben?…. Question for you… My Girl is a sag born 7/23. .. And although she’s obviously not a man her inadverdent way of hurting me has gone full circle.. and as crazi as it is.. I know she means well (most of the time).. it got to so bad i WAS ready to end it.. (and so i thought).. but I belive her sincerity in wanting to understand me and my sensitivities.. I often wonder if she can truly be her.. and love me and not hurt me over and over within the process.. I mean.. I want to enjoy my relationship.. I want us to each have our own adventures and lives.. but if we cant talk about it at the end of the day.. what in the hell is the point.. at one point we ended up just livin together and when she would “finally” get home.. she d wonder why i was upset.. even though over and over again.. i told her why.. we didnt talk.. she didnt share.. etc.. shes now sayin shes ready to deal with my and my emotions etc.. but how much do you (As in Sagittarius) have to go through to quit hurting and just be attentive etc.. like you said you wish you could take back that happened with your ex… ???

  • Ben

    Here is the crazy part. I never realized I was hurting her by being unattentive until she was in tears.
    I was just being myself. You see a big mistake is to project how you are or feel on to your significant other.
    I don’t need attention to know someone cares about me I am not around that person if I think otherwise.
    Then I get so distracted being off in my own little world I think everything is ok the way I left it. I think to myself ” I know I care about my friends and love them, and my family , and they know that I do too.”
    But it’s not the case. People that are more grounded and responsible do get more stressed and need help, support, love, attention, and they shouldn’t have to ask for it. But it’s simply not in my nature to remember. And I could easily take it the wrong way when being asked for it because sometimes it sounds insinuating or accusing of me not caring.
    I just forget. I am probably more emotionally independant than anyone. I cry once every year or two. I definately feel , but its in my nature to automatically turn that into a learning lesson rather than to sympathize with it.
    People that know that I care and know me the best are the closest ones too me. My family knows that it may be impossible to get ahold of me or I may seem emotionally detached at times, but they also know I care about them more than anything.
    This is a good website.
    It kind of shows how we are the ones who need the stable partner. We are not that one. I know significant others deserve attention and recognition, but in my mind its kind of like what is known does not need to be said. Not on purpose. When I was younger I loved my family to death. I never told anyone I loved them.
    In my mind its like, duh, everyone knows, they are everything to me. I know you deserve her to make you smile, you wouldnt be here if you didnt care. But if you can find a way to smile first then go to her, be assuming of her love, like a mother, she will be more at ease, and then be very understanding, loving, and attentive with you. Bring things up in a simple way, but be direct.
    Great at loving and understanding, horrible at showing it. I can not ingrain the concept of formality even when expression of love should be apparent into my head. You may have to get her to express her love in different and stimulating ways each time in order to see it. I wanted my ex to be happy more than anything is why I broke up with her. I would have kept trying to make it work if I didnt love her as much.
    People cannot change. Sadly you may need to be with someone else. Someone who is more supportive and nurturing. I know now, that I can only be with someone is very emotionally strong and wants to be with me because I can understand and communicate with her on a profound level. I cannot be steady, my mind and heart are constantly racing.

    Be very careful if you try to get her to prove her affection. You either have to be very trusting of it and always assume it and just be with her. Or leave her. You may have investigate.

  • Ben

    You may just have to be confident that she will always be there, esp when you really show that you need her. And probably find someone else to share emotions with more routinely and daily.

  • Ben


    Fire signs are very prone to violent physical passions, which they call love. This unfortunate scenario usually ends with the sad revelation that all cats are grey at night. They can become cynical and brutal, masking their tremendous romanticism and idealism; always seeking restlessly for that spiritual soul-mate who will secretly understand the fears that drive them without demanding that they explain themselves, who can fan their little hearth fire into a mighty creative conflagration; who will contain them without imprisoning them. Are there such people? Not likely. Only in fantasy, since any red-blooded partner, whatever the astrological element, cannot always provide a new scenario every night. Sooner or later the fire signs must learn to balance their vision with a little realism and a little appreciation of the things of the earth. The present can be just as interesting as the past and the future. Facts can be just as exciting as possibilities. But balancing is not the same as changing. Anybody who thinks they can tame fire into a meek domestic creature is liable to get badly burned.

  • Seven

    Thank you… and oh so true.. u have to be overally confident in yourself, and your connection to your mate to be with a sagittarius.. Its liberating, yet often leaves you feeling alone at times n (sumtimes in my case.. “empty”)… I have decided to share more of my sensitivities with friends etc.. but I was hoping to have a mate that I could share all of myself with.. and this does not seem to to be the case.. As i mentioned before I wonder if she can be herself, do what she does and not only love me.. but love me how I need her to at times.. Just as I choose to love her how she needs to be loved.. etc.. Not willing/wanting to change her.. but I must find the balance… She is a strong woman, and I would have it nooo other way.. I hate weak women and weak minded people in general.. (well hate is a strong word) but I prefer strong women.. lol..And I m just not sure if Im asking to much at this point.. But I also know she said she would.. and so Id love to see if she really can.. either way.. I want to know I saw it to the end.. (But i will stop if I get to close to hating her)… And Yes.. Im a Libra.. This has been weighing on my Libra Scales for too long.. I do know how to burn bridges and build walls… It what Im saying sounds crazy or interesting.. or if you think Im on the right (or wrong) path.. let me know! Thanks again for the comments!

  • somegirl

    Well I stepped back for a while and he came back. Well, he sent a friend a message to message me to get a hold of him! We have talked a little, but he was very exited about me getting back in touch with him. So far so good, I am interested in this experience!

  • somegirl

    And Ben, I have a question for you. What if the girl directly asks you how you feel about her? Do you give her an answer then? You stated before that you dont express it if you have lost interest so I am just curious!

  • Ben

    Why don’t you trying talking to her right before she goes to sleep. I know that for me it is so easy to get distracted throughout the day. I sometime have intentions of calling several people a day and always get distracted and forget. Sounds good though. She probably needs your help on her actions and not necessarily her intentions/thoughts.

    Somegirl. I have a bad habit of not answering directly. I am really good at it too. Usually I will respond with answers that can be taken either way. The way you can tell how interested I am is usually how I say something, rather than what I say.
    Not sure why I do that. Sometimes I am more interested in seeing where the question is going rather than expressing myself.
    My advice if you were trying to find out what was on ones mind. Be as specific and direct as possible. When I’m not interested I won’t always say so, but I won’t tell her I am.
    Also I usually only respond and wont initiate conversation with those I’m not really interested in. I’ll be short. And I am hardly ever short with people. I have the opposite problem of elaborating too much.

    While I can relate to most of what I have read about sags, I am only 22. And while I believe sags may share traits, I also think that it is just a base where so much else more contributes to ones personality.

    *You know this thread is good at making me realize how inconsiderate I am. But I don’t mean to be.
    It is very easy for me to be myself. Like I mentioned earlier, I just keep busy with anything new and interesting avoiding anything I already know about. I get excited about learning and my mind is always racing.
    If I were more considerate and disciplined, I would make more of an effort to see how others are different than me and try to accommodate actions to best suit the friendship/relationship.
    I don’t think it’s fair that you figure out whats at the bottom of what drives people like me if I didn’t do the same.
    Just because I am not interested in doing anything I already know about, does not mean I should be careless.
    Obviously I am going to need to carry out plenty of tasks each day that are not going to be a learning experience.
    I admire people who are so good and disciplined with everyday tasks. I also realize that that comes more naturally to some.
    I don’t understand how I ever expected a relationship to work on just good intentions. I need to be more grounded and attentive as an effort to make a relationship work.
    I am still somewhat immature however. What I have begun doing is reading different books and checking out new diff places every morning so I do not try to turn my work and friendships into my learning experiences. That wouldn’t be fair to others.

  • somegirl

    Thanks for your input Ben. Funny thing is, the sag I broke it off with has the same birthday as you! I went ahead and took a look at what my birthday says about me, somewhat accurate. But it really missed on most of it!

  • Ben

    Yeah, no prob.
    Yeah, I do not think you can figure someones personality out by their birthdate. But I’m glad, I love how different and unpredictable people can be. Acknowledging someone elses differences, yet understanding and relating to that person is the start of friendship or relationships.
    I do believe everyone needs to possess different traits and abilities to be able to accomplish tasks that we would not be able to do on our own, or if everyone where the same.
    There is the quote:
    The cult of individual personalities is always, in my view, unjustified. To be sure, nature distributes her gifts variously among her children. But there are plenty of the well-endowed ones too, thank God, and I am firmly convinced that most of them live quiet, unregarded lives [Einstein].

    It’s amazing to me how people have found and listed traits common to certain signs, when those traits don’t always surface in peoples personalities or actions.

  • Just Me

    Ben thank you so very much for your input. ๐Ÿ™‚ It made me realize a few things.

    -Seven, 7/23 is not a Sag. she is a Leo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ben

    You know I was thinking the same thing. Oh well, lol.

  • Ben

    No prob. I realized I ended up thinking out loud, but that is good for comparing and contrasting, then coming to your own conclusion.

  • AquaSunNmoon

    Ben… I like the way you Sags think and I am an Aquarian Sun and Moon and my Sag is a Gemini moon so we are incredibly compatible. After reading your posts I see how my sag must have been feeling throughout our whole relationship. Being the typical Aquarian I am so used to be emotionally detached in my relationships that when I started to love my Sag I began to doubt the love he had for me because it wasn’t typical of how others showed it. Our “relationship” didn’t start off like this we were just mutually open about our attraction to each other and hang out, no sex, heavy words, though-provoking convo evry night for like 2mths and ample space. PERFECT! me personally I didn’t want the good thing we had to be tainted with the confusion held in relationships, so I kept it light when he got too heavy

    Over like 5mths we continued to talk…
    He told me repeatedly that he loved me but said he think he didn’t know how to show it.
    He asked me in the future if I asked you to be my girl what would you say??
    He told me that he was afraid of making a commitment because he was afraid he was going to mess it up…

    Funny thing is… I understood EVERYTHING he said but for some reason when weeks started going by and he didn’t hit me up,I started thinking that he is just be a player and filling my head up with nonsense even though I knew I was special to him.

    Recently…7wks passed and he didn’t hit me up at all…THE LONGEST TIME EVER!! the last time we talked I asked what if we made it official and he said no that he knew that he loved me but was afraid of messing it up. (I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT STAY WITH ME!! lol) anyway 7wks passed, I didn’t hit him up…

    one day out of the blue he calls me 35times, leave numerous messages to call him back and I waited until 3days later to do so. When I called he was busy and told me to call back in 30… I was busy so I called him back two days later.
    That day we made plans to meet up at my house and hang out since its been a while and he stood me up.

    I’m like… how could you do that to someone you love… I was heated!! I text him HORRENDOUS things and that I regret and made me feel horrible. His phone was cut off the next day and is still off now like always… he has money but forget to pay his phone bill, lol. What do you think of this ben?? I understand how you think so be as honest as possible… I hope u respond

  • AquaSunNmoon

    My question is.. I realized I didn’t write one! do you think that you would understand why someone would say horrible things to you. Like once a trust is broken do you let people come back… I think I hurt my sag a lot even tho he hurt me by standing me up.. I am a lil tougher than he is I think emotionally and I fear I told him off too harsh this time… He thought so highly of me as I did for him, we were like higher than high with our views and… anyway I feel like I broke that bond by not showing I understood. What do you think?

  • Just Me

    Hi AquaSunNmoon,
    I’m not Ben, but I wanted to respond to something you said “…anyway I feel like I broke that bond by not showing I understood…”, but don’t you think he was the one to brake the bond first by standing you up? I don’t know your situation exactly, but I think it is really rude to stand someone up and not even give them a reason for it. Grrr… I just don’t understand what goes on in the mind of some Sages. One minuet they say that they like you, and the next they act as if they have no idea who you are, almost as if you don’t matter at all. I just don’t get it, however Ben’s explanation was really good and helped to clarify some things. ๐Ÿ™‚


    i have been dealing with a saggitarius man for about a year and 3 months now…it was not serious at all at first….though we had attraction and a bond and crazy chemistry as we both are music artists…he chases me for 3 months to hang out…i finally gave in ….It took us about 8 months to actually have sex…though we were always intimate in other ways and kissing…and i just know know that he IS def. NOT THE ONE. i am gemini all about communication… Saggitarius is not hard to figure out at ALL. he is so predictable whenever we get in a argument he calls 2 dayz later…so and and so forth. You cant change a person either get with it or Move on.

  • Ben

    Maybe he needed to be hurt. I think everyone does throughout their lifetime. Esp Sags. It may look sad to see someone who is normally so optimistic hurt, but it’s necessary. It kind of puts our sense of reality in check. I know that it has definately helped me. Good intentions can only be appreciated when put into action.

    I am extremely considerate of others, but I don’t always show it. I always, always have too much on my mind. I always think of too much at once; and I always try to do too much at once. I lose focus, get distracted and just assume everyone knows my feelings, or that I have good intentions.
    Which, I know, is confusing.
    Because, consider the many of those who will fully act on all of their intentions, but are not always considerate or thoughtful of others.

    It is good you let him know how you felt. He may not take it the same way you meant it since he probably does not express his feelings the same way as you. You may have to check.

    But at least you let him know. He either has to live up to his word, or stop wasting your time. I can’t tell you what his intentions are. You have to find out. If you know he means well, and you want a relationship, then let him know and point out what he is doing to you.
    You shouldn’t have to wait around to find out. That is his fault.
    You should him ask him right away so that you can know. I know it may be hard, but it’ll save you time and frustration.

    The awful thing about me, is, I can seem so interested and uninterested at the same time, without any urgency to truly express myself.
    I think with time, this person will be more expressive, but should not hold you up in the meantime.
    I don’t think you broke any trust. You may have showed your frustration, but it should be expected. Unless you held feelings/thoughts to yourself until you broke down.

  • Ben


  • AquaSunNmoon

    okay cool… txs for ur opinion

  • April

    I am a 35 yr old Aries N love with a 50 yr old Sag. Is it worth tryn to be friends after the break up. We have been dating a little over 2yrs and the excitement has gone although the love and desire still remains. I know in my heart that this relationship will not grow- I hear things such as If it was a different time, you would be the woman I’d marry. We share all holidays together, our children get along, he’s met a few of my close friends and I have met a few of his friends. The relationship was beautiful before. This man has my heart in his hands but I feel it is being toyed with. We’ve gone from making love 5 days a week to 2 to maybe 3 days week. I never heard I love you from him as if he is being careful to make sure I don’t expect more than that but yet on those special days, moments, occasions he’s with me. I know I have to let go, but its hard because I know we can not be friends because I will continue to want more. I told him if he did not want what I was seeking N a man Y waste my time and his, Y leave me aching for him, thinking and hoping that one day I might be Mrs. I know I am strong enough to leave, however, I know I am weak enough to go back. Can some1 give me the advice I’m seeking?

  • CJ 74

    Hi April,
    If you know that things aren’t going to work out for you just as “friends” because the fact is you will never be happy just as friends and in this situation as you have said is better to be in a relationship or be in nothing at all. About your heart being toyed with, it’s not going to stop anytime soon, and once they start being distant it only gets worse from there when you are dealing with Sags, once the excitement is gone for them, that’s it. The thing about it is that when things are not exciting for them and they start to distant themselves and hurt your feelings, half the times they don’t even know they are hurting your feelings, they are clueless. They are not very much emotional people and they go about doing things not realizing how much it’s affecting the other person, other times they just don’t give a damn, and they will do everything to give you a hint that they want something or someone else now.
    Sags are very friendly, they are very easy to fall in love with but very difficult to forget no matter how much they hurt us, and this is where our heart ache starts.
    Sags are also very sexual people, and if you’ve gone from making love 5 days to 2, that’s a huge change for a Sag and to reach that point he has to be either really bored or want something different in life now. Not to want to hurt your feelings but they are also have the ability of having someone else and keep it hidden from you forever. The thing is as we have said over and over on this thread, for some reason they are very good at setting you up and ignoring you but once you start doing the same to them, they can’t handle that.
    My Sag like with many others here started ignoring me, calling less, making love less, going out less, sometimes a whole week will pass by… but the day I started doing the same and made up my mind that it won’t work out and I stopped calling and cut communication completely, all of a sudden, he started sending me a million texts and msn messages asking “what was wrong” and “why am I not calling”…… They apologise for hurting you and all the things they do, but once you are easy to forgive and forget they go right back, each time without fail.
    Your children may get along and you have met some of each others friends which is a great thing, since most tend to keep you away from their friends, but April, if you have started to feel distant and both of you feel the same, especially him, no matter how much you love him, it will never be the same again. As much as that hurts it is the truth…. if you read the entire thread, you would have realised that many of us kept going back again and again, and kept getting hurt over and over and it was worse each time.
    If you are not sure you want to leave the relationship, then just take a little break and see what happens and if things are as bad as you think, he will not object to taking the break… See what happens during that time and take it from there….. In some cases we need to go with our minds and not our hearts, especially when Sags are involved

  • Bluebottle

    Also confused April! my Sagi comes on really strongly, sends out all the signals, we arrange to meet outside work and wham! he cancels. says he’s too busy, there’s a crisis ect. then he texts or calls, everything starts rolling on again until the next time. My question is, if he’s not interested, why not just say? much easier all round and we can get on with our lives. x


    Thanks for the comments about mr. sag I love it. I just met a sag and does anyone have any advice they can give a virgo.

  • CJ 74

    Hi Bluebottle….. that’s just how they are…. canceling dates and plans is their hobbie…. there is nothing u can do about it, the truth is that most time they don’t even have a clue it’s affecting you or even care. It’s up to you to let him do it and feel it is ok so he can do it again, or tell him off and don’t answer his call, texts, emails, nothing for a few days… Ignoring them is what usually gets them thinking

  • Bluebottle

    Thankx for that, will be leaving our shared workplace in the next few weeks, very mixed feelings – on one hand I will not have to deal with seeing him every day, but on the other will have to deal with not seeing him every day! feel very much that ‘out of sight out of mind’ will be the order of the day; if he can’t be bothered to make an effort when I’m there how likely is it that he’ll bother when I’m not?

  • CJ 74

    well from my own experience…. he will not be bothered for a while…till he realizes that you are making no communication whatsoever and then he will contact you wondering why you haven’t called or whatever lately….. they always do that.

    Your leaving your shared workspace is the best thing for you right now…. and trust me, even though you will miss him like hellthe first couple weeks, it will still give you some peace of mind… but you need to be very strong and no matter how many times you are tempted to call, DON’T DO IT…. he will eventually, doesn’t usually take them long…. and who knows, maybe at the end you will be much stronger and do like most of us and not answer their call immediately, wait a few hours or a day to return it.
    The trick with Sags is to give them a taste or double dose of their own medicine and only then they realize how you felt.
    Mine Sagie did it up to today but this time I didn’t answer his call and will not. it’s up to us to let them play with our emotions and let them keep not showing up for dates, communicating etc.
    They are not bad people, just inconsiderate (at times) IF we let them.
    BE STRONG and good luck

  • Lily

    I used to believe that it’s wrong to look at only Sun sign when it comes to astrology but after reading all these and comparing my experiences… I’m really amazed how they all act pretty much same. Exactly same for the sag guy I knew. I got tired of him playing games with me and disrespecting me,ignoring me,and taking me for granted. And only looking for me when I haven’t called, and only when he needs me. Yuck. I’m sick of it. I called it quits a month ago without even telling him goodbye I just totally stopped communicating with him. we’re still not talking. He can’t even call me now cuz we live in different countries. I’m sorry but Sag guys are really bad for people who want an equally loving relationship. Never will I fall for a Sag in my life again. Now I think I’ll go search for a stable Taurus.

    Virgo Sun/Aquarius Moon/Sagittarius Rising.

  • CJ 74

    Yep…. as Liy said, they play games, and disrespect you by ignoring you and taking you for granted. For all of those of you who are still not convinced, I hope you don’t have to learn the hard way like many of us did with all the suffering we went through because they don’t ever stop…. As I said many times on this thread, I have kept as far away from my ex-sag as possible and they just don’t stop and this is a perfect example.
    Today my ex-sag appeared on MSN after weeks, and as soon as he came on he started sending messages , most I ignored, but luckily for me I got over him a while ago and decided to play the game because I know it won’t hurt me now, but this is to show you how PREDICTABLE THEY ARE…. so, he started sending messages and suddenly he mentioned that he has not seen me in a while and would like to pass by just to say hello and to tell my daughters hello (if u really know a sag, u know they won’t show up), my knowing this I said “I’m sorry I have plans (which I did not have) but maybe another time and he kept on insisting…. after him begging for an hour, I said “ok” (still knowing what the outcome would be)… anyway, between 2.00pm and 5.00pm all he talked about was how much he couldn’t wait to get here and how good it would be to see me… GUESS WHAT??? when it was time for him to leave the office at 5.30pm he sent a message saying that something came up but that he hopes I keep it as an open invitation for another time and that he will talk to me soon…. well I just LMAO!!!! for 15 minutes straight , just because I knew he would do that, if he only knew that I was just playing along with him… so there is it people… THEY NEVER CHANGE…. once u learn to forget them , u can either erase them completely or play along (just make sure it doesn’t backfire).
    At the end before he logged off he sent a “ttys” (talk to you soon, and I typed back “TTYN” (talk to you never)… he asked what is that and as he did that I blocked him and deleted him, left him wondering and now I feel happier than ever and quite content with myself.
    If you are looking for love and a secure relationship, THEY ARE NOT THE PEOPLE.

    This thread started exactly 3 years ago, with a simple question about sags and look at how far it has gotten and people still have something to say DAY AFTER DAY and 90% are all the same experiences just different people… what more proOf does anyone need? So again, compare your experiences to ours and you will see how similar they are…. THE CHOICE IS YOURS TO TAKE IT OR PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN
    Girls, guys, do what most of us have done, KEEP AWAY, it is the only way to forget them completely and not let them affect you, keeping their numbers on your cell, keeping them on your messengers, emails, etc, is going to make it hard to forget them because we all know that as bad as they are they can be very difficult to forget anyway. delete them from everything, it’s only way, don’t answer their calls nothing or they will always have a hold of you and have you wrapped around their finger. There is no other sign on the internet that people have commented onso much and for 3 years constantly….. Good luck to you all and to those who are visiting for the first time, welcome and hope you learn to forget, so you won’t feel hurt as much as we did

  • pinkie

    omg this is crazy, i been reading most of these comments and i just feel like running away. I am a pisces and he’s a sag. I am 20 and he’s 23 .. .. We met on the internet, it was a sunday idk how but he convinced me and we met personally the same day we were chatting online. It’s amazing to me ’cause the thing is that i dont usually like going out when is too late and never to nyc without having any plans. Anyways we met and it was wonderful i felt like i’ve known him forever, the chemistry was there, we had an amazing time, it was so great that i went by his apt. the next day and honestly i know i let myself go and i just thought it was right. This is been a long distance thing since he’s from bk and i am from north jersey. Everything was fine for 2 weeks i was the one that would always drive to him, he came to jersey once, and i didnt care for it ’cause i live with my parents so here we dont have a place to just be us. anyways i had an accident coming back home just like 5 blocks from his house n he was wonderful he came he helped me talk to the people and whatever. but for no reason he stop talking to me after that. I had the accident on a monday and we spoke tuesday, on which day he was very blunt n hurt me but i know he didnt mean to. wed i text him, called him n text again, nothing from him but online he said whats up but i didnt get a chance to see it until it was too late n he sign off. thursday i did the same text him called text him again but that day nothing, 2 weeks went by n nothing, i was very frustrated and confused cause i was dealing with my car and fixing it and stress ’cause i wasnt even working so didnt know what made him stop talking to me, 2 weeks go by nothing i text him hello nothing so itsz been a month so for labor day weekend he emails me telling me how much he misses me n he’s been thinking of me lately and to call him ;x .. like are you serious right .. so i email him back basically asking why would someone stop talking to someone they like for no reason and he goes he’s very sorry that he was going thru something when he met me and wanted to keep me out and away from it, if i could find it in my heart to forgive him and show me hes not a jerk off. which to me all was BS but i believe in second chance and so i gave him one. but i just felt like it was too much its been a month n i dont know anything he’s been doing so i email him again and tell him all that i am thinking and demand a better answer and so he says that he was getting rid of sh** with his ex gf.. at that moment im just thinking he went back to her n it didnt work and thats why he’s back talking to me. i did make sure i told him what i wanted cause to me all he was looking for was to have fun and he said “i want to have fun but i want a relationship too” and so since then we have been talking .. its been like a month now and we see each other like once a week .. he works in construction so he gets up real early and has to go to bed early so the weekdays he cant do much i could go see him for a lil but at the end i always feel like he’s kicking me out cause he has to get ready for bed .. i cant sleep over so i just be nice n leave, so i dont even want to go on weekdays .. i know i should let go as of right now, but im just so happy when i am with him and i do agree with JC about them not lasting enough, i dont know how long he goes for but im never satisfied i dont know if is the fact that i want him so bad but i always want more from him. but i think is like dualfish says, maybe he’s just selfish, i think he is it seems like he only thinks about himself and his needs not anyone elses. and so i decided to not be so nice and stop being faithful when i dont have to and im going to see someone else but keep him too since im always looking forward to see him, and maybe i might be getting addicted to him, so i should let go asap, because he seems to be all them bad things i been reading in here, like once he wanted to see me but i couldnt because it was 3 in the morning! he was basically begging for it and made me feel bad that i couldnt drive to carajo land bk at that time saying i didnt want to see him .. like wow how selfish of him .. but omg isnt he wonderful im so attracted to him, i see myself with him forever but i just dont trust him and i think he lies to me, because we hang on friday, he came to jersey, but i was thinking of going yesterday n so sat he said ok i’ll see cause he was suppose to do something with his friends i think they were going to watch football idk, but i was hoping for something sunday morning n nothing so i text him good morning then i said babe?!?! n then i said i just want to know how you doin and hour later i get this BS “sick i’l call lb” i dont even know what he meant .. so im thinking he is sick and hes going to call me later, n so im waiting cause i need a no or something so i know he doesnt want me to go, n i text him ” babe i want to go see you now ..” n so he goes ” i cant babe” .. i didnt say anythin cause i didnt know wat to say and he didnt say anythin until this morning, so he says “gmorning mami. im sorry about yesterday i really didnt feel good and it made me just wanna lay around and sleep” .. like really? i could of lay with you and cuddle thats what i am thinking sick people like to do .. but yea he’s laying out of his ass .. am i right or wrong? ’cause like seriously im not cocky or anything maybe confident but with him i feel so unsecure, but i look at myself in the mirror and i think who wouldnt want to see me?!?! not just in looks but i am a sweetheart, smart and funny so i dont get it .. please reply with what you think =] .. a saggiesz opinion would be very appreciated!!

  • Bluebottle

    Well I have to say that I am calling a halt to my relationship with my sagi – a few weeks ago I met a wonderful Gemini who makes me feel soooo special, I will always love my sagi but can see now that he does not want and will probably never want the same things that I do. He and I will remain mates and we laugh and joke still but he knows and I know that this is as far as it will go. I am sad and would not have missed the past few months but definitely time to move on and have fun. Best of luck to all you sagi-lovers – are they just not the very best and very worst?!! x

  • reno girl

    I just led the sag on for a year, the liar cheater, backstabber meet his match, i’m a cancer, and like it was mentioned earlier, we will kick you while you’re down!!!

  • pinkie

    well i just have to say that def pisces n saggies are not good together because it seems like saggiesz just know how to take advantage of how nice (stupid) we are .. saggies (men)are so CARELESS n they will never change! they could be so wonderful but ew as soon as u meet one just turn ur back on them!

  • numb

    i must agree…i am a sag/cap cusp girl, and in no way are we females like the males. i dated a sag guy, broke it off with him because he started acting like the jerk he really is near the end…let me tell you, made him cry and regret treating me like dirt…never mess with a cusp saggie boy…why is it that they take you for granted? and when they don’t have you they want you back, they want you so bad? never again…once the heart is broken, i walk away from you forever…even if i still love you…

  • numb

    btw RenoGirl, good for you! he deserves everything he gets, and give him an extra kick for me lol

  • AdamLove

    I am 37 years old, Male and crazy sick in love with a Sagittarius girl. My advice for this sign, one word, SPACE. I am a Gemini so I also need a lot of space myself, but Sagittarians whether male or female will not accept being tied down or controlled by anyone or anything. If you give them their space and freedom, the love they will give you is beyond comprehension. They can love like no other, cry like no other, laugh like no other. Wouldnt you want to spend your life with someone like that? It is so beautiful. Despite what you might read, they are actually very loyal to the ones they TRULY love. I think the big problem with most people who have been hurt by this sign is that, because of their gorgeous outgoing, bubbly and flirty nature, partners become jealous of their gregarious ways and start to put ropes around their necks. Firstly its just a peices of cotton, but as their Sag keeps going out of the pen, the cotton turns to string, then rope, then a chain. And if you can even get to the rope phase before you have lost your Sag partner, lucky for you. Most would be well gone by the time you got to string. They do not like to be told they cant roam. Roam does not mean cheat, it means do their own thing in their own time and they will certainly return home for a big loving genuine hug when they are finished flirting with all their friends and colleagues. Leave them be, they are doing nothing more than satisfying their adventurous nature.

  • Hey,im a scorpio sun with sagittarius moon and i met a sagittarius with a scorpio moon,we’re bothcancer ascendants and his venus is in capricorn and mine in sagittarius. Anyway,i met him at a bar because a friend introduced us and we talked for a while and we clicked,so when it came time for him to leave i was bummed out because i didnt get a number or anything. So the next day i got a message from someone and it turned out to be him and we exchanged numbers and talked everyday for about a week. So one night we were talking and he says,”theres something i have to tell you,” which is never a good thing,but he decides to tell me that he’s seeing someone,i stayed quiet and i asked for how long and he said for 10 months! He apologized and said he didnt mean to lead me on and that if i didnt want to talk to him anymore that he’d understand,he sounded sincere so i forgave him. Now mind you that he never brought it up and all of a sudden he feels the need to tell me that,im 19 and he’s 26,you would think he’d be more mature. He said that he would’ve told me when we met but he didnt think he would end up liking me. So i was hurt but i laughed it off,sag moon,but the next day i woke up so depressed and i would wake up just to remember what happened the night before,only to cry and go back to sleep. So after a couple of days feeling like that,i sent him an email because i knew he wouldnt answer and i basically said that i dont think we should talk anymore because im hurt and theres no point because he’s in a relationship and i said good luck in life and with your relationship,five minutes later he replied saying,”well im sorry you feel that way,wish you the best” and that was it. I was like thats it? You would think that if someone cared that they would fight against it but nope,he didnt. So i left him alone and moved on,a week later i got a text from some number and it said “hi” and i replied saying “who’s this” and he said “a sagittarius” and i asked if it was him and he said yes and so i asked why he decides to text me out of nowhere after all of this time at 4 in the morning and he said because he missed talking to me. So i asked is that the only reason why and he said yes and then he said that he didnt understand how i could just cut him out of my life altogether and i said because i was hurt and i didnt know how else to react. I asked him if he wanted to get coffee sometime and he responds by saying sure and i ask if thats a yes or no and he says sure,which made me wanna pull my hair out,but i dont think it’ll happen so im gonna try not to get my hopes up. So now its been about almost a month that we’ve been talking and im already starting to notice the similarities to the other sags in this blog,the detached attitude,the disappearing for days and calling me out of nowhere and start a conversation only to not respond. So my question is what do you think i should do with this one? I read that we’re supposed to be super compatible because we have eachothers moon signs and i was wondering if thats true or not? Oh and he also called me out of the blue one day and asked what i was doing the next night and i said i dont know why and he said he wanted to hang out,so i said ok and he got quiet so i asked what was wrong and he said yea,so i said just say whatever you’re thinking and he said just know that when we hang out tmrw i expect to kiss you. I was shocked,i didnt know what to do or say so i just laughed and he said he was serious and i said um you’re in a relationship,you have a boyfriend and he said yea what about him? That got me thinking that if we were ever to have a relationship,would he do the same to me? So the next day,i call him,he doesnt pick up which i expected and he texts me back like an hour later and said whats up and i kinda beat around the bush by asking what he was doing tonight and he didnt even remember what he had told me last night so after i got a little frustrated with him,i just asked if he still wanted to hang out and he said that he was “tired” and that maybe some other time. Im starting to catch onto his pattern of him disappearing and calling or texting me out of nowhere. Now as a scorpio,i NEED attention and affection,but with him its a different story,it seems like id have to ask him for it or something. And its true about being addicted to them,its like i get him i dont want him,but when i dont get him i want more. Theres just something about him that wont let me let go,its the most frustrating and stressful thing! I thought us scorpios were bad,theyre worse! Im deeply attracted to him and i dont want anyone else but sometimes i feel like getting someone else just to make him realize what hes lost,but thats just pointless. I mean I can make a list of what signs ive been with:
    Aries-too dominating and self centered
    Taurus-too boring
    Gemini-too flirty and always distracted but a little too clingy
    Cancer-really good connection
    Leo-too stubborn but fabulous sex,theres also something about them that makes it hard for me to let go
    Virgo-too boring
    Libra-i always have good relationships with them,my first love was a libra
    Scorpio-never been with one,im a little scared
    Sagittarius-currently talking to one,very frustrating
    Capricorn-never been with one but seem boring
    Aquarius-too cocky and used drugs and drank
    Pisces-too whiny
    So as you can see,ive never been so interested in someone before,well except for leos,but im extremely attracted to fire signs for some reason,i dont know why. Ok so i want to know what you guys think about my sag please? Thanks

  • Mcurie

    I am a saggitarian female, and must admit most of the above xteristics apply. I tend to be excessive about enjoying life, I have to buy, buy, buy anything I see that I like… And sometimes feel like people are just incredibly dumb to not see things as clearly as I see them… when I’m not being a saggitarian, I am a totally different person its almost crazy… I dunno, I am still trying to come to terms with the different sides of me and how to get a hold. I dont ever want to fully commit in a relationship, but I always expect the other person to commit to me first.

  • Sag Advice for the girls in love

    If you’re a smart girl, who uses her head for something besides an object to poke under a hair dryer-and you’d better be, because these men insist on intelligence in a woman-you’ll have caught on by now. Don’t be jealous. Don’t be suspicious. Give him lots of rope if you want to hang him eventually. Don’t question him, weep, nag or threaten to leave him. Smother him with freedom. Imagine how refreshing that would be to him. If you take life in the same spirit he does, and take people as you find them, you have the basic requirements of being his kind of wife-woman. As long as you’re basically honest with each other, flying kites together can be a ball. Why worry about when they’ll hit the ground? They look so beautiful and free, soaring up there in the sky. No, you don’t have to give this man everything he wants to get him. Just be what he wants. Be wide-awake-let him direct and dominate your energies. Love sports. Go camping with him and take your St. Bernard along for a chaperone. Be generous, affectionยกยฉate, enthusiastic, and don’t try to keep him locked up in your pantry making fudge every night. Make it clear he can’t keep you all to himself, either. Let him know you’re a free spirit, just as he is. Never throw water on his fiery ideas, and keep yourself busy with other things while he’s out shooting his arrows at impossible targets. That way, he’ll tell you honestly some lovely night that you are just about everything he needs in a woman. Once he’s gone that far, then tell him just as frankly that he’s okay in your book, too, but it’s time to make a decision. Point out that you like him so much you’d even consider marrying him, if he’d promise not to interfere with your freedom. Otherwise, you really don’t have any more time to camp around with him. It’s a shame, you’re so compatible, but you’ve always been curious what it would be like to have children. Motherhood is a new kite you’d like to fly. Be sure to arrange for an old flame to call you on the phone in the middle of your speech. Accept the date casually, in front of your archer. When you hang up, smile brightly and remark that there’s no reason why you can’t still good friends. Then invite him to come along on your date, so he won’t have to sit around all by himself. That should do it. (You’re welcome!)

  • InLove with Sag

    These people aren’t so bad if they are with someone who can accept that they will do whatever they want when they want… and thats perfect for someone like me. I’m an Aqurian sun and moon and he is a Sag sun and gemini moon. At first it was confusing to me how he can look me deep in the eyes and says he loves me but then disappear for weeks on end and dn’t respond to my texts or calls. But when he reappears he remembers everthing and responds back. I’m okay with it I love him, the essence of him and nobody gets me like he does. But if you are someone who can’t take that then move on otherwise you are trying to change the way your”lover” is which means you aren’t in love with him truly. Sag looks for their soulmate and if you can’t accept the way he is then he is in search of someone who can.

  • Ever

    i found the answers on why i cant keep a relationship going… because im a sag lol
    Nov. 25 1991

    now that i read this whole page i know what an what not to do ๐Ÿ™‚

  • frustrated aquarius

    I am soooo frustrated by this Sag guy I’ve just recently started seeing. If I can even say “seeing” because I see him in random bouts. I swear, he seems like he is bipolar. I still remember our first date so clearly. He lunged on the opportunity to make out with me and when he spontaneously went for the kiss he just as spontaneously drew back. What in the world does he want. He goes for passion and then decides he doesn’t want it? I was so confused and irritated because he was such a passionate kisser and seemed as if he was really into it. Needless to say, the situation was extremely awkward as he briskly walked in the opposite direction to find his car. The next day, he called me up and enthusiastically suggests that we should hang out again. When I responded, “Sure! I had a lot of fun last night” he mumbled back awkward “yeah…uh.. um.. yeah, it was fun” in the most unenthusiastic manner.

    Anyone have any ideas? As an Aquarius girl, I am very, very cautious about approaching ‘love’ relationships… so any advice would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CJ 74

    Frustrated aquarius: don’t take it personally, have of the things they do they don’t even know how it affects the other person, who it’s not like he wants to hurt you or anything. Just remember that to be with a sagitarius you need to let them go when they want, give them as much space as possible, let them do the calling, don’t harass them every day and don’t stick to them…. the more liberty you give them and the less clingy you are, then more they love you

  • Jet

    I defy someone to diagram the first sentence of the previous comment?

  • duane

    A Sag could diagram it. A Sag knows these things.

    And I defy you to explain the question mark after YOUR sentence?

    And if you think I’m being a wise guy, just realize that I can’t help acting in accord with the traits of my birth sign. The stars and planets rule me. I am helpless before their power.

  • Jet

    The question mark was because I wasn’t exactly sure if anyone could. I’ve been considering an astronomy article, now I’m not sure I can safely post anything on any subject here.

    I left for about an hour and someone’s having a spirited conversation on another thread (complete with deleted insults,) and I wasn’t even here to enjoy it.!????*?

  • duane

    Just joshing Jet. Like I said. Well, I think it would be great if you posted an astronomy article. Don’t expect a big Sag readership, though. They are busy being Sag-ish and messing up relationships with all these women here. But that leaves 11/12 of the world who will be glad to hear about something real.

  • Jet

    I guess it’s no surprise I’m a Taurus

  • libra

    I am a libran woman married yes married to a sag. Lord it is insane. the rollercoster is driveg me crazy., virtually driving me out of my mind. I have never met any one so selfish, self absorbed and arrogant. we have a son together and sometimes i feel that i am expected to be amother to both father and child. To all singles involved with sag. Enjoy the initial ride it does not egt better than the chase. everything goes downhill thereafter.

  • MMD

    I just logged on to this. Apparently, the distuction of sag men is consistent over the years and eons.

  • grape

    I haven’t been on here in a while to talk about my sag. Well he isn’t mine anymore. We broke up about a month ago after 4 years straight, not off and on, because he broke plans with me on thanksgiving to spend it with his ex and children. I blew up at him terribly. Cursing at him, I kept calling him on thanksgiving on purpose so he would have a horrible time. I usually do not do that, but it was an exception that day because I was so pissed. He answered after the 5th call and we were just screaming at each other and I cursed him out again. Our relationship has always been a battle I am a virgo (granted) and according to the signs we are not supposed to get along. In the relationship, I definately was NOT a pushover and he knew that. I would be mean to him alot of the time, and tell him off. He was very giving to me and took care of me financially but he lacked emotionally. Sometimes I didn’t really care because I am not the clingy type either, I gave him plenty of space, and our sex life was amazing, that never fizzled out. But after that blow up with him, I spoke to him after that, I called him and told him we needed to talk and I wasn’t playing, and we went out (I was still angry)and we talked a little but came back to my house, and I fell asleep on his lap, we did not have sex. After that I contacted him again because I needed a bed and he said he would buy it but he acted like a asswhole and said he would call me back, but never did. And I haven’t heard from him since. I did not contact him since either. It has been a month. I thought he may have been mad at me because I did not wake him up to take his children to school and he was 4 hours late in picking them up, I must admit, it was done intentionally. Or if he is mad because I did not call him on his birthday? I don’t know, I miss him terribly but I REFUSE to call him, it won’t happen point blank. But I think about him everyday. He never not called me for so long, if we got into it, it would cool over in about a week or two, not a month. Well someone give me some advise about this because I am hurt, but I will be damned if I will give in. Thanks.

  • Jet


  • grape

    Yeah cute comment(right), “Jet”, Jet what? You’re trying to be funny, but your joke fell flat “Jet”.

  • Jet

    Jet’s been my nickname all my life, I’m even listed in the phone book by that name. Sorry you’re flat grape juice instead of champagne. it was a good natured rib with no mallace whatsoever.

  • grape

    Well, grape is a name I made up. I would rather be flat grape juice instead of having “jetlag”. Champagne? I thought wine would be a comparison to grape juice, but hey that’s just me. Yeah your joke may have been a “good natured rib”, but being that I preferred a comment toward what I had actually WRITTEN, the rib has been broken and wasn’t funny especially when I’m in a mood that doesn’t warrant humor.

  • Jet

    “What is eating Gilbert Grape” just happens to be one of my favorite movies [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor], and if you had half a brain you’d know (since you’re familiar with the movie) that if I was trying to insult you, I’d have written “Arnie?” the retarded kid in the movie played so well by Leonardo DiCaprio. Instead I labeled you the hero played by Johnny Depp… “Gilbert?”

    So… do you want to let this go as a good natured reference to a movie and a friendly attempt at making youi smile, or are you going to keep whining about an insult that doesn’t exist?

  • grape

    First of all [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor], now you are pissing me off. You started with this bullshit. What do you mean if I had half of brain, if you had a brain at all you wouldn’t have made a stupid joke in the first place you dumb ass, I know the movie “What’s eating gilbert grape” not what is eating gilbert grape. [Personal attack deleted by Comments Editor] Don’t make comments at people trying to be funny because sometimes you won’t get the response you are looking for. If I want to whine about it, that is me and my business. I don’t know who the fuck you are and quite frankly I don’t give a fuck about you, so I am not going to dignify your stupid responses anymore, I am going to end this retarted blog conversation. Have a good new year idiot.

  • grape

    Okay Jet, I apologize for cursing at you, that was really not called for. You just caught me at a bad time when I was angry. Granted you probably were trying to make me feel better, but at the time I certainly didn’t think so. So I apologize. Well I prefer to end this on a better note without all of the anger. Have a happy new year.

  • Jet


  • Patrick

    I went on a date a year ago with a Sag. It was amazing. Actually one of the best dates that I’ve ever had in my life. I’m a gemini by the way. He had to go away for work and then he said lets be friends. I didn’t understand because an hour before he said that he was making out with me. After many months of feeling heartbroken, I finally read up on Sags and realized that they were problem children. We kept talking and connecting for months after but then he did the same thing, kissed me and told me he loved me and then ran away. I decided that this time I’m not sitting around to deal with his bullshit. Not only is he selfish, self absorbed and just freaking rude but he never takes the time to consider how the other person feels. He hits on my friends in front of me, he contacts me to ask for things but never gives me anything. He truly is a horrible piece of work. But I love him. I can’t stop thinking about him and it hurts me horribly. I guess it’s worse when all my other relationships fail I think of him and how happy I was in the beginning. I just can’t understand or accept that someone can be so selfish and never think about anyone but themselves. It’s just crazy to me. How does anyone deal with that? Geminis love and need freedom as well but they’re nothing like Sags! I just wish that I had never met him. this hurts too bad. He pops up when his relationships fail and then he wants me to be his best friend. He wants to dish all his drama to me but when I try to do the same he gives me a cold, ridiculous response like “So, move out if you don’t like it”. It’s just nuts!! What the hell do I do? If I move on from him then I’m going to completely cut him off which means pretending he doesn’t exist. As hard as that is, I feel like it’s necessary but whenever i do cut him off then somehow I run into him and it starts all over again. OR..I treat him like shit and I just look and feel like a complete dick who’s hurting this POOR CHILD who did nothing wrong. They just walk around having a sunshine day. God sometimes I wish I could walk around like that too.!!!

  • SagGirl

    Yeah, crazy I was reading all these. The only people I feel we can deal with are virgo’s and gems.

  • SagBen

    Any Libras have any advice on how to show a Libra I care? We are already attracted to each other , but I don’t want to start off wrong in any way.

    I’ve dated almost all signs, and would like to share any thoughts on relationships/flares.
    I like Libra best. Best combination of attraction and compatibility I think. Love Leo’s Passion. Usually bored by most earth signs.
    Fascinated by Virgos but it never works.
    Couldn’t stand being with a cancer even though I thought she was a great person deep down.
    Annoyed by Aries. But they make good friends. Aquarius and Sag are better as friends too.


  • AriesGal

    wow! nice discussion!
    ok im an aries, most compatible with Sags, or so they say.. and yes i kind of understand what is meant by that.. but really,,, i dont get them!
    to cut a long story short, i know this guy, a flirt, for a long time, common friends and all, but never gave him face. he doesnt live here.. up until a month ago he was here for the holidays, and we clicked.. he asked me out i turned him down. cuz i dont like flirts.. we randomly met again.. and this time i didnt turn him down. so in the remaining 20 days before he goes back to finish off his master (One semester left!!) we went out almost 18 days, i went out with alll his friends, i even met his dad several time (casually though..).. the 2 3 days we didnt meet up was cuz i was tired or my schedule didnt fit his.. and we said we liked each other and all.. and he said some nice things when i showed that im uneasy with this weird relationship, like give me a chance and i believe we can work smthng out.. bla bla bla.. when i met him he said he wanted to live there 2 3 more years.. now he tells everyone he might come back after this semester.. i dont comment..

    so ok, 3 days ago he left.. we were together the day b4 and all, and he was tellin me that he might come back for a friends wedding soon, and askin me when i will go visit.. so he left 3 days ago. and not a phone call. not a msg. nothing. and of course i didnt either..
    is this part of the freespirit not tied down thingy or is normal for a Sag to take a girl out every day with all his friends and act like a bf with fancy dates and romance and some fancy words and then thats it?

  • Ela

    hey everyone
    I have been dating a Sag guy who is 23 for 8 months now. actually ten,, but im a aries and im the one who is not attached in this case and usually breaking up and needing my space
    he is clingy, affectionate, insecure about attention i recieve ( but in denial) but always acting old school when it comes to other men looking at me,
    he is always apologising if he thinksss he has hurt my feelings even if he hasnt, he cries when i leave him and want out, and he was not like this in the past with anyone else …
    He has balls and is courageous is not a mummys boy or the type to take shit from others.. so this is him in a relationship…
    (let me get a ciggie)..okay im back…..
    Anyway he is honest and likes honesty, he fears being cheated on, and wants to get married..
    Now i have been there and done that and had my heart broken, minus the marriage part and id like to take it slow.. and reading everything about them being unfaithfull brought back old feelings of hurt and betrayal ( from my aquaries and leo ex who managed to hurt me)….
    This Sag guy im with shows no reason 2 be untrustworthy but look at all this feedback about sags… my sag was born on 19th December 1984, could anyone please email me telling me what he is exactly?? like chart wise..
    Thats just a bit off info about him for everyone who is with a sag… so as u can see some are a lil different…
    id be inbterested to talk further [Personal contact info deleted]

  • Ela

    he 24 sorry


    I am a Cancer, with a Sag man for 6 months now.
    We have a 10 year age gap (I being the younger)
    We both have 2 kids from prior relations.

    Our relationship started quickly and prgressed VERY FAST!!!
    To say bluntly, I felt like he was the girl and i was the guy. He sent me love notes ALL the time. If i did not speak to him or text him within a 2 hour span he would call me to see what i was doing.
    He asked that we be exclusive after 1 week of dating and He told me he loved me after 2 weeks.

    We fell for each other hard and we fell fast. We seen each other practically every day.
    After 1 month he gave me the key to his apartment and i would stay over about 4 nights a week.

    Our sex life is AMAZING. We are both VERY Expressive and experimental. We will both do anything to please the other. And really have no boundaries to what we wont do for each other.

    He will never admit that he is a jealous person nor that he is insecure. But i know he is both!
    I caught him going through my cell phone numerous times but i never said anything because i have nothing to hide from him.

    Since about a month and a half now, i am getting the feeling that he is starting to get scared (? if that is the right word to use for this?) about the fact that this could be a very long term relationship. He does not message me as much anymore and i feel as if he tries to picks big fights with me over the dumbest things.
    He gets jealous over ANY guy friends. And has recently stopped asking me to come over with my kids. Or the days i have my kids he doesnt want us by for dinner.

    He has told me he does not try to get too attached to other peoples kids and he was starting to get attached to mine. And i feel this is why he is trying to distance himself at this point.

    He is now sending me so many mixed signals! And confusing the hell out of me. I understand the type of person he is (including as a Sag man) And i know what type of person i can be (especially as a cancer woman)
    I give him his space, i am not clingy, I am not a jealous person, I enjoy and appriciate his bluntness and honesty! I do not take his rude comments to heart because i understand him and know what he means by them.

    I know Sag men known to be commitment-phobes. However in heart they really are true romantics. I as a cancer, want my fairytale love story.
    However we are both on the same mindstate regarding marriage and having anymore children.
    I do not want anymore kids.. he says he doesn not want anymore but gives me signs and says things that insists otherwise…

    The biggest problem i am having is his TRUST issues. I give him NO REASON whatsoever to not trust me. But he still insists that there is a possibility that i can be cheating some way or another. (Keep in mind that i have never and will never cheat in a realtionship)

    I would love some advice, or insight as to tips to help keep this relationship steering in the right direction. I feel like his insecurity and trust issues may begin to hurt our realtionship. Is there anything more i can do to help him trust me?


    Just for the age comparison. He is 48 and I am 38.
    I feel many times as if he is acting like the youth but then calling me immature.

    Mind you he also has a key to my apartment and can come by anytime he pleases. So not sure where the trust concerns come in? Because if i am not with him, i am home…

    Signed.. Confused, because of all the Mixed Signals!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ela

    hmm sounds like my guy
    jelous and insecure……..
    no idea im scared 2 waste my time on my guy and eventually he turn out that way the way the rest of these ppl are saying sag’s are


    My Ex is a Leo too.

  • rachael

    my sagittaruis ex boyfriend text me today after breaking up with me because i was too dramatic and clingy in the relationship which i knew i was, but should i reply to his text? or should i keep him hanging? how would a sagittaruis guy react if i keep him hanging? i want to show him im not all interested in him etc

  • CJ 74

    Rachael don’t answer him….. it is the only way to show him that “you don’t need him”…. not answering texts and calls seems to drive them up a wall…. my ex has also been calling and texting this week but they all go unanswered and the more you ignore them, the more they try… but you know what?… it’s not worth it because in a couple days max they go back to their Sagitarius ways, so unless you are willing to put up with it, just forget.
    It’s difficult at times, especially if he starts to text or call you often but……..

  • Mad Leo

    These guys are selfish selfish selfish! They expect everyone to behave like a groupie and they are only available when THEY want to be. I am so frustrated right now. I just dropped mine yesterday.

  • Confused

    Oh well another story with a sag man! We are friends, and told him yesterday that i love him! He went beserk?! He broke up with his ex last year which is now couple of months ago, then we dated again! We stopped dating because it’s unfair for either of us, as we both recently got out of quite bitter relationships. What’s wrong with these half-horse half man creatures?? They are doing my head in! They’re like marmite- you either love them or hate them Grrrrr. He keeps saying he needs ‘space’ which i’ve been giving him plenty, but yet I can’t help my feelings about him so I told him how he means to me to find out where to stand after all..
    Please advise. Thanks.

  • Mad Leo

    Confused – I think that you should definitely give him a lot of space. It seems like that they need that in order to think things through. Sag Men do not like to feel pressured in any way. Once he has time to think and miss you, he’ll come back. They always pop back up like a virus. lol
    Don’t tell him you love him too much either. They don’t seem to do well with too much expression of feelings. They don’t appreciate it as much as you think they would.

  • Confused

    Mad Leo- thanks for your response :).

    Very true indeed, but then I just want to be honest with my feelings,and i just wanted to get it off my chest for a long time but atleast now he knows. Next stage, I don’t know how long will it take to wait for him to get over his ex? and shall I tell him I will wait for him? or don’t contact him at all, and let him make the first move..I understand his situation as I’m on the same boat as him, I didn’t want to fall inlove again but then it just happens again and it’s with him this time. I’m just worried if I made him that mad and I don’t want to lose our friendship. I’m happy to give him a lot space as i think he needs time to heal from the past wounds. I just had let him know that i love him, but i told him too that I’m not asking for it right now.

  • Mad Leo

    Well, it’s good that you let him know where you stand. I just came out of the same situation with a Sag guy. His ex came back begging for him right when we were dating. She’s around now as a “friend”, but I got so mad that I just cut him off since as a leo, I don’t play second fiddle. I think your Sag will come back around when he feels that he’s had more time to heal. You should just have faith that you left a good impression on him and that he’ll appreciate it, if not now, later. There’s nothing wrong with sending a text here and there to ask how he’s doing. Don’t worry about losing him. It’s hard to get rid of Sags. lol

  • Confused

    Lol, thanks (Mad Leo) and sorry to hear you were going through the same situation with these half human men creatures! that’s why it’s so hard to tame them and yet (you’re right) hard to get rid of them! Again, you’re right- he needs time to heal, and i think i just did not wait for the right moment but then I have no clue when I will be able to let him know as I have no idea when he is going to get over his ex, so it’s now or never approach (and I can’t fight with this feeling anymore)-oh dear sounds like a song! I just don’t know what to say to him (texting) after that confession, I don’t if this is going to affect our friendship or either lose him completely. Since you had a relationship with a sag guy, what can you advice? what type of girls they find attractive? I do know we have a lot of common i.e intellectual, common interest, hobbies, physical so on and he just scared to admit it. I am scorpio by the way and so was his ex!

  • Mad Leo

    Confused – Here is what I’ve learned about Sag Men:
    1. They like to have space to “do their thing”. That doesn’t mean cheat on you or anything, that just means going out and doing stuff they want to do without you bugging them.

    2. They like women who have their own life and own interests that can keep them occupied.

    3. They like intelligent women who can stimulate them mentally.

    4. They want your complete trust and they hate when you doubt them.

    5. They’re not very good liars, it is so obvious when they try to lie. Most of the time, they tell you exactly what they mean.

    6. They like to chase. Period. They don’t have as much interest when you chase them, but when they don’t hear from you for a while, they are left wondering “What is she up to? Why hasn’t she called?” and then they’re on you.

    7. They like optimistic people that won’t try and kill their dreams.

    8. They hate commitment. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for them to commit, but they have a harder time doing it than most of the other signs.

    9. They like girls who are not too emotional or at least who can keep their emotions in check. If you can keep a cool exterior, they’ll appreciate it.

    10. They can have a very short attention span – always looking for something new.

    I’ve read on many sites on how they can miss dates and be unreliable. In my case, I checked my Sag man at the door. I told him that he cannot miss dates with me or show up even five minutes late or I’d be gone. He was 20 mins early to every date. lol I think if you check them at the beginning, then they’ll wise up.

    Basically, if you are a fun, smart, optimistic, independent woman, I’m sure you’ll win his heart. You just have to make him work honey! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If people are making any decisions about a relationship – or anything else for that matter – based on a pile of stupid, ignorant superstition like astrology, you deserve everything you get…

  • Mad Leo

    I’m not saying astrology is the end-all be-all of relationships. If you’re not interested or you just want to be a jerk, why are you on here?

  • It’s a public space and I’m appalled that people might take this drivel seriously. Astrology is a pack of lies and people can cause or suffer a lot of damage by acting on this kind of opinion. That’s not being a jerk, that’s being kind.

  • Mad Leo

    Thanks for being so kind, Sir. How foolish of me to believe that it was not out of the kindness of your heart.

  • You’re welcome!

  • Mad Leo

    ha ha How sweet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Confused

    (Mad Leo)- Very true indeed, spooky but true! and I am that kind of woman! thanks a lot I really appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Christopher Rose)-I’m not surprised why you are being ‘jerk’ because you share the same first name of my Ex! This forum is only a discussion about Sag men characteristics and view towards relationships based on women’s experience/perspective with these type of men so if you have nothing good to say what doing on here for? Perhaps you’re wondering if your ex might be on here commenting about your past relationship?

  • Mad Leo

    Go Confused! ๐Ÿ™‚ I like your swagger. You’re definitely the kind of woman a Sag man would love!

  • shuja

    as a sagitarrian, I can confess that we are liars and cheats and we do what we can. We are chancers because it is in our nature to chance and if we can paint over the mess with a lie then all good and well. Compatible with Leo ? Sorry, we are only compatible with the mirror and the sound of our own voices.

    Just let us be, come along for the ride but forget about love.

  • Confused

    Shuja I appreciate your honesty simply because it’s in your nature as a Sagittarian. I don’t want to be superficial (believing in astrology) as I’m skeptic myself, but based on personal experiences, they’re close to be ‘accurate’ when it comes to starsigns personalities/traits (not all are true though but most of them are).

    I am inlove with a Sag, I understand his needs to be independent and to roam around, not expecting his love in return for now or maybe whenever he feels ready or maybe not at all, I can’t predict the future though sometimes I wish I could to ease the pain and curiosity or maybe I can’t change him at all to be a better man, but you know what (I fell for a guy ‘unexpectedly’, because I come not to love a perfect person but to learn to see an imperfect person perfectly).

    Some people see them as ‘jerks’ simply because they don’t understand their nature, maybe they’re scared of love/commitment because they just do, wounds from the past that so hard to heal, scared that it might happen again to them, so they retreat…They’re escapist (they like the truth but they just can’t face the reality of love/commitment/resposiblities)-they just find it so hard to understand though they’re so knowledgeable of most of the things around them.
    They don’t want a life-long term wife material, they just want a friend/companion who can join with their advetures and make the ride worthwhile
    Am I right Shuja? or correct me if I’m wrong I will deeply appreciate that ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mad Leo

    Shuja – I really appreciate your honesty.

    I guess you guys don’t lie all the time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I agree that this sign is not necessarily compatible with anyone.

  • Confused

    I agree, think this particular sign (Sagittarius) or shall I say there is no sign has a perfect compatible sign, or will this prove that this Astrology stuff about starsigns compatibilty is only theory (hocus pocus) as you cannot simply put all this into practice at some point.
    My reasons are, because I think perfect relationship/couple don’t exist in real world, simply don’t. There is no perfect one to every one of us, it’s all about understanding, compromise and sacrife and their willingness to work a relationship to go further–and that’s real love. I don’t believe in ‘love at first sight’ not because I never fallen inlove by the first time I meet them, as I believe it’s more like lust at first sight…since LOVE takes time and it does make you do silly things for sure, it’s like a drug (so addictive yet you can’t control it).

    Therefore, in conclusion, at first these Sag men would want all of those qualities they’re looking for in a woman, then next challenge is despite of the qualities, they would want a woman who will deeply understands them, they want strong independent yet understanding type of woman, who is willing to accept them for what they really are regardless of what sign you are. And, I really do love my Sag man no matter what because I just do.

  • Mad Leo

    Confused – At least you’re sure that you love him and you want to put effort into the relationship to make sure that it works. I agree with you that there is no perfect person for everyone. You always have to compromise. The key is that both people have to make an effort and compromise. It can’t be one-sided or it will never work. Someone will be left feeling unappreciated.

    I still believe that Sag men are particularly challenging. It takes a very patient and flexible person to be with them. It’s not for the faint of heart.

  • mizz.virgo

    hey im am dating a sag for about 7 months and we are both 20 yrs young and dealing wit him has been sooooo stressful but i love him to death.he said he was n love wit me after 3 weeks we been together and i told him i wasn’t n love wit him yet but im falling …ever since then he been avoiding me .it was weird to me cuz we would talk every day and then he stop ..but ever since then we would talk like 3 times a week and i would c him like twice a week cuz i live n brooklyn and he live n queens…but im not the clingy type and i’ll give him his space..he says he love me but sometimes i feel that he doesnt..i have never been n a relationship like this .he’s the first sag i been wit and im not use to this kind of treatment.n my past relationships i am use to the person calling me everyday but wit my sag i don’t get that and its weird to me..reading some of these post made me understand them more but i just don’t get them…the thing i like about my sag is he so sweet and kind and i love being around him ,he so passionate and the sex is o so good and he a good kisser and we never ever had a argument but i just feel that i need more to this relationship..i dont like that he smokes weed alot and drinks and smoke about a pack of cigs a day and he has asthma and he could be so lazy all he do is stay n the house all day and i am mad at the fact he didnt introduce me to his mom ..his mom had to tell him to introduce us.i need help ppl how do i get my sag to do what i want him to do without scaring him away ..and sometimes i feel that he dont trust me and i feel he’s insecure. I NEED HELP!!!!

  • sagatheart

    I am a Sag man. I have recently lost the love of my life – a pisces woman. And I can’t have enough remorse.

    I have thought hard about what happened. And I am going to give every woman (since I am a man, I can only speak for sag men) a secret about Sag men to make your lives simpler.

    Sag men are insecure to the core, but are intensely ambitious and competitive. They can’t accept defeat. And hence will put everything they have into something they think they want. This makes them a very good chaser. But I have learnt that no matter which sign you belong to, if you are human you will see pure love. If you love your sag man, show it to the core. With endearment, and no facades. Massage their insecurities with compliments.

    But when you do this, they might feel that they have you, and might get bored. Just like a kid gets bored with a toy after a while. But that does not mean they cheat. Sags have a strange outlook on things. If they get hurt or denied about something, they tend to back off or shut down. But a Sag is not made to be in that state. A Sag loves excitement and fun. You all have seen it and that is what attracts you to a Sag in the first place. So they have a tendency to look for excitement elsewhere – to fill the void in a way. This does not mean have sex with someone, but they might wander looking for affection/friendship/whatever. See, Sags love attention.

    So, if you want your way with a Sag, ALWAYS preface it with how much you love them and that it is not personal. Make it so that you would do anything to be with them, but can;t miss this another appointment. But can meet later. And they are so hot.

    Also always keep some distance in the relationship. That will always keep the SAG on their toes. Distance does not mean take away love. But a SAG loves a woman who is assured of herself and is always a little inaccessible.

    We are very very complicated. And it takes a very special woman to tame a Sag. I found her, but even then some of my wandering (not cheating) drove her away.

  • Mad Leo

    sagatheart – Wow. That was a good post. I get what you’re saying, but really, who wants to play games for the whole relationship? It’s not fair and it’s not worth it. You want to come to the point in any relationship that you don’t have to worry about “keeping him on his toes”. There are enough things in the world to worry about besides that. Sure, you can do that stuff in the beginning, but after a while it gets old.

    I do believe in putting in effort for the one you love, but not to the point where you are constantly frustrated and have more questions than answers. I say this – be in love with yourself first and then you won’t even want to bend over backwards for someone. It’s not right. The next person should be interested in you for you, not because you were able to artificially put distance between you two to keep things interesting.

    Maybe it’s the leo in me. I must just have too much pride to do all that game playing. I feel like you should be darn glad that I’m even dating you. lol

    mizz.virgo – Tell him what you want in a relationship, as a matter of fact tell him what you need. Guys are not mind-readers and his behavior is not going to get any better on his own. Believe me, if you don’t let him know what time it is, you’re going to constantly be frustrated and eventually resentful.

    If you need more attention, why shouldn’t you have it? I know the good moments with Sags are really good, but sometimes that’s not enough. Be willing to lose him and you’ll see how much his attitude changes if he really likes you. I find that they always tell women they love them after a really short period…interesting…

  • Confused

    (Mad Leo)-I definitely agree with you, it takes 2 person in a relationship to make it work and last and I don’t want to be feeling unappreciated in a relationship but then if I truly love him I would be willing that chance than never tried it at all…but for now I had to let him go, because I want to respect his decision and I don’t know how long I will have to wait for him to love me more than friends, but it’s all good as he regarded me as one of his bestfriends (not what I’m expecting to hear from him but it’s better than to lose him completely in my life as we both really enjoy each other’s company. I just had to let him know that I understand his decision for me not to wait for him and for us to stay as friends and maybe later it will survive.

    (Mizz virgo)-You both are pretty young, you will have to undertake a very long challenging journey to see a path for you two, but then you are still young yourself so don’t let this to hold you back, explore and experience new things in life, the more we look for it the more chances we couldn’t find the real meaning of true love. Maybe he’s not the right for you yet, or if you really meant to be together whatever happens you’re path will meet again, be positive ๐Ÿ™‚

    (Sagatheart)-Cool name, I don’t know if you are a truly Sag man at heart or it just happens that you’re a big fan of Sagat out of Street Fighter? Just kiddin’, corny I know.
    Anyway, I couldn’t agree more with your statement, he’s so like that or (you) may I say…I guess you Sag men are one of your kind!
    That’s reason then, as a scorpio I rarely give compliments because when I compliment though not often I truly mean it. I think it’s his insecurities too, he kept saying that he’s smart and good-looking and I never responded to that at all but I did let him know that ok but I’m not patronise you as you already know that. And he kept acknowledging me that I’m smart, fun, confident, exciting, mature, and beautiful and at the same I just have this dislike feeling towards flattery? strange I know but deep dowm I do appreciate such compliments if I know the person truly means it. It’s just I didn’t get a chance to prove and to show him how passionate I can be, when I was with him I wasn’t ready to give it at all to him because I was so scared then (we both had hurtful past relationships) til I’m so sure how I really feel about it, now I’m so certain about it, it drove him away and didn’t get a chance to show him how much he means the world to me but I know it’s not too late, if we are still friends and in that way I can still show it to him ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sagatheart

    Mad Leo – Yes, I agree with you. But every relationship has some games in it, at least in the beginning. No one completely opens their insides to another person. It makes them vulnerable and hence takes time to create that space.

    I was referring to keeping some distance i.e. having your own friends and going out with them but at the same time letting him know how much he means to you.

    I will tell you one thing – I haven’t seen many posts from people who are married to Sag’s. But hear this, once completely committed, once a Sag knows that he is in for the long haul, there is no one more loving, committed, devoted than a Sag husband. But you have to allow him to keep the fun going in his life, whether it is traveling or other adventures.

  • Mad Leo

    sagatheart – I totally get you. In my previous post I did say that it was okay to play games at the beginning, but after a while it’s not.

    Now if you mean distance by having your own life, that works. I thought you meant intentionally trying to be aloof in order to keep one’s interest.

    I agree that once a sag is committed that they are there whole-heartedly. However, it’s almost impossible to get them to committ, even if they love the person or it takes them a REALLY long time to do so. Sag’s require patience. If you don’t have a lot of it (like me) it’s not going to work.

  • mizz.virgo

    awwww thanks 4 the advice ppl ..that really help me a bit..i just really want it to work wit my sag i never went hard 4 a guy this much b4 ..usually i give up by now ..its just something about him that have me coming back..and sometims i feel that he dont know how much im n love with him but im not good at expressing my feelings thats not really my style ..i only express it once when i was drunk cuz we had broke up and got back together after i told him how i felt about him..i guess that what he wanted to hear cuz he was not talking to me for three weeks straight and the reason why is cuz i show that i didnt trust him and i had said f*ck u delete my number ..and i said that cuz he had flirted with my friend on the phone and i got pissed and he felt like he didnt do anything wrong and that got me even more piss..but anywho i just wish he knew how much of a good women i am to him ..but these days i don’t put all my focus on him anymore i go out with my girls and have fun so i could get my mind off of him

  • Confused

    Sags men can be your best friend and lover for a while but cannot be your lover for a life-time.

    They fear anything serious, negative, commitment, responsibilties, that’s why they prefer anything casual when in comes to personal attachment.

    And yes, it takes a very flexible, patient and understanding woman to be with them for a long run and that makes that woman ‘special/one of a kind’ for them despite, all the exterior qualities they had already found in a woman.
    Oh god, they’re high maintenance indeed.

  • Mad Leo

    Couldn’t agree with you all more! I’m with a Cancer man now and it is night and day from Sags. Wow. I’ll tell you the truth though, I wouldn’t have appreciated my Cancer had it not been for the Sag. At least they’re good for showing us what a relationship should NOT look like. lol Just kidding. They’re good people, just not good with committed relationships.

  • mizz.virgo

    hey ppl me again lol well im really thinking about letting my sag go ..im just too impatient ..i haven’t spoke to him in a week and i just getting tired of the same o bullshit and im not gonna kiss his ass …i seen him on aim yesterday and i know he seen me online 2 and he didn’t even write anything to me and i didn’t write sh*t to him either..he just get me so mad its driving me crazy i cant take it anymore but i love him ..i dont know what to do with this boy ..i never been this much in love with a guy before in my life.. i just wish i didnt love him so much sometimes..im a very sweet person and i feel that maybe i need to be more mean to him but im not sure if that would make him act right

  • mizz.virgo

    and why do sag hop in relationships if they not going to be serious ??i feel their a waste of time and heart-breakers and they only care about their self..the sag im with was chasing me for about a year and when i finally get with him i deal with this kind of bullshit smfh ..i dont think the female sag are that bad i think its just the male saggies..i need me a faithful taurus or capricorn or libra in my life.

  • Mad Leo

    mizz.virgo – You have to decide if you think he’s worth it. It’s not getting any better. Can you put up with this treatment for the rest of the relationship? Believe me, your love will turn to hate. You can’t just kick a dog all the time and don’t expect it to snap back at you one day.

    If you know that you’re going to grow resentful, then cut your losses while you can, even if you love him. You can love someone else eventually. I’m sure he’s making you feel insecure and unappreciated. Do you really deserve that? He can’t be all that if he leaves you feeling like crap. Remember that YOU are all that and if he doesn’t see that, he can kick rocks. At least that’s what I think… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linda

    Well I was with a Sag for 1 year and it was pure misery, I am a Capricorn. We are known for being loyal and understanding. The whole “relationship” was a roller coster ride, I didn’t have any drama so he created some. Anyway, he dumped me about a month ago and I am still miserable, not because I want him back but because of what he put me through. He really broke me down, and my spirit is broken. The sad part is I feel that I will be sad for a long time, even when I’m ready to meet someone new. I feel like I’m just damaged goods now. I hate him for that. I really loved him and he dumped me like I was a piece of crap. I did everything for him, even gave him his space. It was like he was never satisfied, he would always find something to complain about no matter how good I was too him. THIS IS SICK, WHO DOES THIS??

  • Mad Leo

    Sorry to hear that Linda. At least you know that it’s not just you. Obviously they have a huge reputation for being heart-breakers. I hope you feel better and are able to eventually move on to someone new. Look at it this way, now you will appreciate the next person that much more. That’s what my Sag taught me. He taught me what a relationship should not be like. Now I’ll never put myself in that situation again, even though I didn’t stay too long anyway.

    Just take it as a lesson learned. They are very charming. That’s what gets us, but that charm does wear off after a while. Then you just start getting mad and frustrated. The small bits of pleasure with them aren’t worth the large amounts of pain…

  • Linda

    Thanks Mad Leo, I’m still in shock that someone who said they loved me could act like they never knew me. I guess I can’t understand because I would never do this to anyone. I mean we were close, I really thought I had a friend for life. It’s beyond disrespectful and disgusting to do this to someone. Anyway, I’ve changed my number, I haven’t responded to his 2 text messages that he’s sent. I’m going cold turkey, this is the only way. He needs to know that you can’t treat someone like crap and think that they will still be there, HE NEEDS TO LEARN HIS LESSON. I am hurt so deeply, sometimes I’ll just start crying out of nowhere. Let me know you feedback on the silent treatment, thanks ๐Ÿ™

  • Mad Leo

    Linda – They really do have a way of separating their emotions. They can be in love with you one day and then totally ignore you the next.

    I think you did a good thing by cutting off contact. The thing I’ve noticed is that it really drives them crazy when they don’t have your attention. Usually they come back around when they haven’t heard from you for a while or if they can’t reach you.

    He does need to learn his lesson though. It seems like you’re really hurt. I hope you feel better with time. I guess you did have real feelings for him.

  • Grape

    Hello everyone! All sags are different, but most of them like it when you are a straight up BITCH. I commented a few months ago about my sag. We got back together after breaking up for 3 months after I made him sweat some, with no contact AT ALL. Of course he got at me. See I am a virgo too and we can be really mean sometimes. So when he gets in his little “sag” moods, I flip into “virgo bitch” mode and it gets him going all the time. The thing is with most sags is that, you give them what they think they want, and they will love the shit outta you for it. They want space? fine. They don’t want to commit? fine. They want to play games? Hey that’s fine too, but know this They love a challenge. Always keep their minds going. Wondering about you, what you are doing, where you are going, who you are going with. Some people have said its ok to play games only in the beginning? No. You gotta keep that shit going throughout the whole relationship. Not saying you need to play major games of poker type shit, but minor games of tic tac toe won’t hurt a bit, get my drift? Good luck ladies with your sags. Trust me if they really want to be with you, they WILL and they won’t leave.

  • Mad Leo

    Grape – Good advice, but you have to be the kind of person who is willing to play games the entire time. You have people who are and people who are not. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth it to always keep them guessing. Who has time for all of that? The whole relationship? No way. I guess you have to love them that much to do that. I think that they should love you the way you are without you having to do all that extra stuff. Dang. I understand it’s good to keep some mystery, but it’s hard to sustain that.

    Also, they will really want to be with you for that moment just like any man, but they can really want to be with somebody else too and leave. Nothing you do can change that.

    Playing cat and mouse forever will leave anybody exhausted and unfulfilled at the end of the day. It just shouldn’t be that hard if the person really likes you for you. Also, why in the heck should you give them anything they want? Please. Are they giving you anything you want? What if you want to commit, what if you want less space? They’re not worried about serving your needs. That’s just my humble opinion.

  • Linda

    Mad Leo, yes I did have feelings for him, I still love him as a person. He broke it off and I’m sad because I thought I had a friend for life. You are right they do have a way of separating their emotions. It’s been a month and I haven’t contacted him. This morning I’m feeling so guilty about the no contact on my part, I’m hoping it wont do too much damage. Then I think it’s the only way for him to learn his lesson. I guess I’m a little confused….but the bottom line is if a man wants you NOTHING can keep him away. I keep telling myself that. Also I guess I have the rest of my life to see what happens.

  • Mad Leo

    Linda – You are absolutely right. If a man really wants you, nothing can stop him from trying to get you.

    I wouldn’t worry about the no contact thing. You can have no contact with him for months like Grape and he can pop back up. Don’t feel bad about it. It will teach him a lesson and he won’t take you for granted as much.

    I know it’s hard, but time is on your side. It feels like the end of the world now, but it’s really not. Give it some more time. He’ll realize that he made a mistake. They usually do. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Linda

    Thanks Mad Leo, I’m in tears right now. I’m a mess, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Why do I care about someone who doesn’t seem to care about me? Thanks for reassuring me that I shouldn’t feel bad about it. Maybe that’s my problem, I care too much. I guess I was just feeling guilty because I changed my number and I didn’t respond to his text messages…..

  • Mad Leo

    Oh! I totally forgot that you changed your number. How is he going to reach you then? Do you want to get back in contact with him? Do you want him back? Do you feel like you’re still in love with him?

  • Linda

    Yes I’m still In love but I don’t want him back. I just care about him as a person. Since I changed my number I sent him an email today saying “Hello, hope you are ok, This way he can never say I didn’t reach out to him. I didn’t give him my number so I’m still maintaining the fact that he has to learn his lesson.

  • Mad Leo

    That’s cool. Hopefully he’ll respond to the e-mail. I guess you just want him in your life as a friend, but you want him to have respect for you. That makes sense. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Grape


  • Grape


  • Confused

    ONE WORD to descride them—They’re COMPLICATED! Grrrr

  • Confused

    Decsribe not descride lol, see they make you insane! they’re like a disease, you don’t like it but it stays with you!!

  • Cindy

    I am extremely skeptical that a good relationship could ever come of things like ‘playing games’, being tricky, ‘teaching people lessons’, and a focus on having a partner ‘serve your needs’ to ‘get what you want’.

    One might consider, before taking a person’s advice, whether the person giving it may themselves have some things to learn.

  • R

    I am a sag guy, and my problem in getting into relationships are because of womens trust issues. I have to admit I do draw alot of female attention, but when in a relationship I am loyal as hell. There is only one women on my mind. Before you judge a book by it’s cover get to know that person via a relationship you might be surprised. I have to admit it will take alot of patience and understanding, but in the end you will have a lifetime partner

  • Confused

    R- I understand your point your view. However, you Sag guys tend to say in the beginning, promise us eveything then break them. It can be really frustrating and disppointing. And most of the time you have this changeable persona, one minute you’re so into us and the next you ain’t?? why? Are you confused of us, that trusting issue you’re talking about or is it that you can’t tell what you really feel or want? You don’t know if you want a woman to be your partner or just a friend? We are not psychics, we can’t read your mind so please communicate as much as you can, and that is one the issue as well we are having problems with you Sag men because you guys tend to build walls than bridges. You want us to be patient and understanding but you are not willing to reciprocate?? how is that going to work?

  • Grape

    Well Cindy that is your OPINION. I do what works for me that is why I still got him. Anyway, I would have to agree with R, I think that they are very good companions. You are also right about being loyal. Even though my sag guy sometimes drives me crazy, from what I know he never cheated on me. If he did, he’s good because I never suspected anything ever. Sags are complex but it is true you have to get to know them.

  • Grape

    R, I have also found that they are true to their word. Again, I can’t speak for all. But my sag man does everything he says he is gonna do. It might not be on time or when I ask, but eventually he will do it. Its been a long road with my man, but as we progress in the relationship, I am understanding him better. You are SO right about the patience thing though. I think they are patient too.

  • nadia

    are scorpio women and sagittarius men compatible? i have been with one for about seven years now and we are still going strong

  • Mad Leo

    Grape – Didn’t you and your Sag break up for three months? The relationship couldn’t have been that on point. I’m just saying… Why was that?

    Cindy – I totally agree with you. That game playing stuff is for the birds.

    Confused – I don’t think that they reciprocate. Not when they don’t feel like it.

    R – Are you sure it’s women’s trust issues or do you do things to make them question your loyalty?

    Nadia – Seven years girl, you two must be compatible or suffering miserably for a long time.

    Everyone has their opinion on here. This is just an open forum. I don’t think anyone is out to insult the other person right now. I’m enjoying the dialogue. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • R

    What you have to understand the honeymoon phase ends in all relationships. Some guys cheat some guys stay. I as a Sag man never understood that until a later age. When things got boring I was outta there. I have since learned that things dont work that way. Funny my last girlfriend said to me, you dont have to come up with things to do to please me, What she didn’t understand that I was not doing it for her. I was doing it for me so would not become bored. This Sag guy loves to spend time with his girlfriends, and I love to do all sorts of things, anything new the better. I have been single for awhile now, and I really enjoy it, but it seems when I try to get into a relationship with someone I really like, they always have trust issues. Funny thing they dont even know me yet after a few months. You have to be around a sag for awhile to really understand them. Just be patient with us…

  • Mad Leo

    R – Good luck on finding an extremely patient woman. I do believe that some Sag men get it at a later age like in their mid to late thirties. You guys have to get over that boredom stuff. Sometimes life can be boring and sometimes it’s not. That’s that. Suck it up.

    Why don’t you try working on the trust issues with these women? Why aren’t you patient with them? Isn’t that the exact same thing that you’re asking for?

  • Grape

    For one thing “mad leo”, I never said my relationship with him was PERFECT did I? Every relationship has problems don’t they? Obviously when we were broken up, I realized how GOOD he was to me during the relationship, and started to understand why he did the things he did & in doing so he had more PROS than cons. Actually it IS on point. We have problems just like any other couple, and get through them. It doesn’t matter that we broke up for three months. Past tense. Period. We are TOGETHER NOW. That’s all that matters. I play games because that is what works for ME. Just like you mentioned in your sag “list of rules”, #6 they like the chase? Exactly my point. What is SHE doing, where has SHE been, why haven’t SHE called? And why haven’t you? Because you want to make his ass sweat for you, make his ass sick wondering who you are with and what you are doing. If that’s not playing games with him, I don’t know what the hell is.

  • R

    I am patient to a point, when you get blamed for every guy that has hurt them in the past, it gets draining. I have calmed down with the boredom thing. I must admit that I may have fault at creating some of the trust issues, but totally misunderstood. I think that when there is an issue like any relationship you need to talk about it, not just walk away. If I get insecure about something in the relationship you are going to hear about it. I am a total sag, sometimes I say things that may come across as hurtful, but sometimes the truth hurts. I am not perfect and niether is anyone else. I am always open to change if it’s for the better. I was recently involved with a sag women, and we just played the game to the point we both got bored, instead of just going out doing things and having fun. Would have been a great relationship. I dated a sag women years back and we were always doing things together and had a blast. I think in todays world people tend to play games to draw interest, and it works, only if the other person is not smart enough to relise what your doing. This Sag learns your schedule first, so when you try to play hard to get ( Game Over ) The other funny one she used was trying to decrease my value (ego). I just laughed and took it in stride. I moved on to a better prospect, and so did she, of course I got the better end of the deal… Funny thing is If we kept going with it and having fun. I would have treated her like gold, not that I did not treat her well. But no relationship = No special treatment, and trust me I gave way more then I should have…

  • Mad Leo

    Grape – Don’t get it twisted. I’m not trying to insult your relationship with your Sag. I’m just clearly pointing out that you obviously had problems with him. You started to say that they are very good companions, very loyal,etc. Almost like you had them all figured out.

    You see, it’s easy to say those things when things are good at the moment, then when things go south again your memory comes back. That happens to a lot of us when we go back to the same old person. You feel that things are great again and then the same crap happens and you snap back to reality and say “Oh, that’s why we broke up!”.

    Anyway, I’ve digressed, I do believe that it can be fun to play a little games at the beginning – I’m talking the first few weeks max, but you don’t want to have to put on a show for a person. Why be unavailable when you’re really not? Screw that. You want someone to want you any time, any day, available or unavailable. Why? Because they’re just that darned into you. Believe it – always get someone that is 100% into you. That’s if you want real happiness in a relationship.

    Again, this is just my opinion and I respect yours as well.

  • Mad Leo

    R – You seem like you’ve had your fair share of experiences in relationships. With your mindset, you should be able to attract the woman and relationship you want. It’s natural for people to bring the baggage they have from past relationships into the new one. It’s a hard cycle to break.

    I don’t think it’s your responsibility as a man to try and make a woman trust you. It is draining as you stated, but you have to try for a little while. The older you get (if you date women in your age group), the more baggage the women in your life will have.

    It’s my belief that when we get into a relationship we tell ourselves a story. For instance, if in a past relationship a girl cheated on you and she didn’t answer her phone, you might say “She’s out with some other guy. I knew I couldn’t trust her.” Another person who hadn’t been cheated on might say “She’s probably busy. She’ll call me when she’s free.” See, based on our past experiences, we give ourselves positive or negative scenarios without waiting to see the facts. I think this happens to a lot of people when they get into new relationships.

    You’ll find someone that’s right for you. It just takes a little time. Don’t ever settle.

  • BalancingLibra

    Wow, I remembered posting on this site a while back & can’t believe it was two years ago nearly. Anyway me & my Sag are still together & I feel like knowing him the way I do now nearly two years later & almost six years in that they get misunderstood because they truly are unlike many other signs. The thing is they can be loyal, committed, & honest as R points out. They don’t like to be crowded or confined in any situation whether it is a relationship or friendship.
    They do draw a lot of attention & are friendly people but women in relationships with them have to understand you can drive yourself crazy thinking they are cheating even if it really looks like they could have gone too far. In the beginning I had situations where i so certain he was doing something wrong only to get clear cut proof that he wasn’t. Sag’s have a tendency to go in to a store & address the sales clerk by their name on their tag & having a really positive conversation with them but they do that with everyone from young to old, male to female, it doesn’t matter. They don’t want to be with a jealous perso & in defense of Grape I think it is, game playing is not the point it is that Sag’s like to be with people who are independent & not waiting on their every call or things like that. They like to see that you have things going on when not with them & if you don’t have anything it is your choice to say you do or not. I wouldn’t discredit the person because they don’t want their spouse thinking they are sitting around waiting on them. We all have differences in life & sometimes it is about making a sacrifice for that person you are with. In a friendship if a person is scared of clowns but you love clowns you would probably not going to bring clowns around them because that person is your friend & you know it bothers them. The interesting thing is people tell people to not tolerate some things in a relationship but feel different when it comes to friendships.

    I am in no means saying be something that you are not or pretend to be a certain way when that is not who you are but we all have to evolve in life. Things you did in your 20’s you may not do in your 30s as you have changed some things which can be looked upon as positive. In my relationship I used to be a tit for tat which my Sag pointed out to me & knowing it wasn’t such a good habit & it really bothered him I worked on changing that and trying to not do that around him so was I wrong? I don’t think so. The same counts for him he used to do what I call ambushing which is if he was mad at me about one thing, he would wait & store up things I did wrong & then when ready would spring the three or so things he was mad at all at once which is something I really got irritated by & felt wasn’t fair to me. He understood how it bothered me & worked on changing that to the point he doesn’t do it anymore. Sometimes certain people around us in life can help us to become better people & vice versa because no one is perfect so I see nothing wrong with that. Sag’s can be very deep people who really have a zest for life & care about what other people feel but can also seem blunt & brazen as many of them are described as being. My Sag can be blunt sometimes & if I feel he went overboard with it I don’t hesitate to tell him but other times I can appreciate that he is keeping it real. Ladies they can be in committed, loyal, honest, one on one relationships & they can stay that way especially I feel as they get older. They don’t like people that hold grudges, like people that believe in them, that understand they enjoy freedom but not in the sense of being unfaithful (they only have one Mom & when they feel you getting that way they will back off), they have a tendency to only concenctrate on one thing at a time & find it difficult to multitask so if they are working on something & can’t call you back right away don’t take it personal. When you don’t pressure a Sag for their time you will find they give you way more time than you expected.

    Yes Sag males can be insecure & hide it well but it is not to a negative at least in my relationship. I work different from him. If I call him & he doesn’t pick up I might text & ask if he is ok which sometimes he doesn’t like for me to worry about him like that but if he calls me & I don’t pick up he will call right back up to 4 times & will be a little bothered if I haven’t called back right away. We are just different in that way & I don’t think he is intentionally being contradictory, he is just different. The thing about Sag males that I think gets most women is when they say what they do it can be in a matter of fact type of way that may make you think they are lying. Like my Sag got a new cell phone service once & said he was going out of town but I wouldn’t he wouldn’t be able to receive calls which I automatically jumped on as not making sense but when he put me on 3 way with him while he was checking his minutes he asked to speak to Representative & asked them if his phone would work outside of local area & they said no not unless he upgraded to different plan. He said he couldn’t receive calls so matter of fact that it seemed sneaky & I thought he could have been lying but I was wrong. They appear sneaky to some people & like they are flat out lying but are often telling the truth. The things they do lie about seem so silly that you wonder why they would even lie but this behavior confuses people with them because until you know them really well you might wonder if they are being sincere or truthful. Also Sag’s can have mood changes to the point that in the beginning I thought my Sag was bipolar & told him I thought so which he wondered if he was also but at this point it appears it is just subtle mood changes. They can tell you they love you so deeply one day & the next day when you see or talk to them they seem a little withdrawn, that is truly their makeup but the words that the more evolved ones say they mean. I feel like as a Libra that I understand my Sag very well after almost 6 years. He is my best friend, we work together in business, & we have a strong relationship which I feel balances things.I think working together in business keeps things fresh for both of us because it is something outside of the personal relationship & a common goal that we share. I know not all Sag’s are the same so I would never tell anyone to stick it out so if you try to understand the person & also know it takes two to make it work but things still are not going then I can’t tell you to stick it out. I do know for me as I told my Sag people go through thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes, car wrecks & in most cases rebuild but when snags in relationships get hit people are really quick to write it off. If a thunderstorm hit & you immediately go out to remove the fallen trees & other damage why can’t people be that way in relationships? If I really love someone I am going to do my best to make it work. Good luck to everyone.

  • Mad Leo

    BalancingLibra – That was a really good thorough post. Anything in life is possible, but there is also a thing called probability. I’m sure it’s possible for Sags to be loyal and all of those things, but it seems to me, by many of the posts here and elsewhere, that the probability of them being that way is not likely. I just don’t think they’re worth it or any man that plays with your heart like that for that matter. If they were really feeling you, they wouldn’t put you through all that garbage.

    Even those that turn out to be loyal, etc., gave their partners a very hard time for a while until they eventually gave up (in my opinion) and tamed their ways somewhat.

    All I’m saying is that at the end of the day, you have to be you. You do have to put effort into a relationship, but I still don’t believe in game playing. Remember, this is just my perspective. I’m not trying to put anyone down.

    There are people who will love you just the way you are without you having to do all these different things to keep them interested. Those are the ones you want. I know that people like a challenge, but if you’re lucky enough to find that person who just can’t get enough of you – plain old you, you’ll see what I mean. Anyone that leaves you with more questions than answers can kick rocks.

    Maybe I’m just a proud leo. Maybe my ego is too big. That could really be it. I just don’t feel the need to bend over backwards for somebody to love me. You have to be in love with yourself first and then you won’t accept anything less from a man than his devotion and love. He’ll see that you love yourself and want you. The game playing isn’t what brings a man to his knees, it’s your confidence and swagger that keeps him there.

    Everyone should do what works for them. Grape and BalancingLibra do your thing. I guess it’s just not my thing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, I don’t see that many married Sags either. The ones that act right seem to be older too. I wonder how many of them ever get married, not just dating…

  • Grape

    Mad Leo, no, I don’t have ANYONE in this world ALL figured out. Hell, no one does. You will never know someone to a T. There’s always something you don’t know. I know him well enough for my standards and I have learned about him throughout the relationship. Of course I have problems with him, I never said my relationship was PROBLEM FREE, but at the same time I DO think he is loyal and I DO think he makes a good companion. There are other things in the relationship that needs adjusting. If my relationship was “perfect” would I be on this blog conversing with others? No. Just comparing notes. It’s interesting.

  • Grape

    Wow, Balancing Libra. Reading that was kinda eerie! (smile) You are right about ALOT of things you said here. They have a way about themselves that makes you love them regardless, and makes it so hard to leave. You have that phone thing down man. My man does the same shit. If he calls me once and I don’t answer, he will call me 4-5 times in a row, and leave a message on my machine every time. And the cell phone too! I have mentioned also about the “spending time” issue. I’ve said when you give them what they think they want, they give you the opposite. When I don’t pester him about spending time with me, that is when he spends the most time with me, and I get tired of his ass! (smile)that is what I mean by “playing games”, if you will. Maybe there not necessarily games, but a stragedy. Then again it can still be games because there are stragedies to games. But anyway, I’m rambling. That was good advice.

  • Grape

    Oh yeah also to “MAD LEO” I think your name speaks for itself. I think a sag did you in big time, that is why you are so bitter. YOU ran into the wrong one. Has nothing to do with egos (just my opinion). And for the record I DON’T BEND OVER BACKWARDS FOR NO DAMN MAN. He does love me for me. I just do what I do. Hell, I have been jealous, mean, vengeful, hurtful at times. He still loves me. Oh and I’m not the bubbly type that they seem to like, hmmmmm….he still loves me. He knows who I am and he loves me anyway. TO EACH IS OWN.

  • A Friend

    Confused: Trust me he finds you very attractive. I know because of the openess with your sex life, which is really fantastic.

    I know he feels most comfortable with you, but dont do a thing to talk to him.DO NOT contact him. Believe me he will cal you eventually. When he does call make sure you answer, and just have a regualer conversation. He likes to argue, just because he LIKES to argue. Just state your point rationally and he’ll admire you more. If you don’t want to argue, tell HIM!
    Tell him stories about your life, your day, childhood. Stories just fascinate us even if you make it up, just make sure it’s fluid, don’t have awkward pause.

  • Mad Leo

    Grape – I am not bitter. A Sag did not do me in big time. I had a good relationship with my Sag, but I wasn’t willing to be as flexible as others. I’m not a bitter person. I put that as my name here just because I was mad at that moment.

    There is no need to be disrespectful. You are way too defensive. Try being an adult and have a mature conversation. I did not come at you like that. If I offended you, too bad. As I have stated many times, this is just my opinion. Everyone does not view things the same way. You’re the mad one. I don’t know you, so I don’t know if your Sag loves you are not.

    By the way, my Sag is still trying to get at me. So I could have him any day, but I won’t put up with the crap that others would. I’m not trying to hate, just stating my opinion. Don’t get nasty. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Grape

    I am an adult sweety. I can do whatever the hell I want. If I am defensive TOO BAD, that’s just me. Oh well. It’s not about having a MATURE conversation, don’t come at me in a condescending way. You can vouch your opinion with tact. I don’t put up with crap neither that is why I got at you. I’m not gonna let nobody try to insult me on a blog. If I am mad that is my damn problem. I don’t know you either and could care less. I state my opinion as well. Have a good day.

  • Confused

    You guys relax, there’s no need to argue, however since this is a forum/blog we are all entitled to put across our opinions and views but nothing personal. We should be discussing and sharing our experiences with these ‘wonderful’ men and giving advices on how to improve our future relationships not sticking our claws out, not worth it really, so chill ladies ๐Ÿ™‚

    (A friend)- You’re a friend indeed, thank you for your response comment- exactly spot on, well we have not talked for almost two weeks now since my confession to him that I’m inlove with him, when I asked him if he wants me to wait for him he said no, I don’t know if he just said that as a quick irrational response at that moment as he said that he does want to have a break from women and relationships for good? I dont know if he does not want me anymore or he will not love again? or he was just saying that because the hurt from the past has not healed yet? I really want to talk to him in person but I don’t want to say things he might misunderstood, I don’t want to complicate things again between us I do want to explain things to him that now, since I’m so sure that I do love you and I want to be you and I don’t want to get back with my ex anymore, because I wouldn’t love another guy if I was already happy with my current one and it’s true, he’s better. And that’s the reason why I’m so eager to talk to him but at the same time like what you said I will have to wait for him to contact me first, but for how long do I have to wait for that moment? I know he has insecurities and I’m aware of that, I’m not perfect myself either and sometimes I feel that I intimidate him. He showers me with compliments whenever he can when we were together but in contrast I rarely make compliments because when I do I truly mean it from the bottom of my heart. He said he considers me as one of his bestfriends? and our friendship will survive? I like the idea but I want more than that ofcourse, but I’m not sure if he meant he still wants me more than a friend but in platonic way/no strings attached or that’s it…we are just friends now for good? I told him that he needs someone who understands him, and I was trying to address that it’s me, only me who can damn understand you why can’t you see it?! you silly bastard! excuse my language. I don’t know what he wants from me. I don’t know if I shall let him go and cut him completely out of my life or just be patient..wait a little bit longer and the patience will be rewarding in the end.
    By the way, are you a male or a female? A sag?

    (Nadia)- I am a scorpio woman too, inlove with a Sag man (obviously).

    (R)- that’s exactly what I want to hear from him all of the things you mentioned and your thoughts, I just wish he can hear me and he knows how to communicate and deal with things not walk away from them ๐Ÿ™ I hear you and I understand you and I hope he will understand me when I explain everything to him. We do have a lot in common and he knows that as well but he is just too scared to admit it to himself.

  • Patrick

    Are there any geminis out there who’ve had a good relationship with Sags? How do you make it work between two crazy signs who have a lot of fun?

  • Mad Leo

    Grape – I’m sorry. I should have realized you were a child. That’s why you come off so immature.

    Confused – I totally agree with you. A forum is about expressing opinions in a mutually beneficial way. Good point.

    Are you still friends with the Sag? Why don’t you try talking to him little by little in a way that doesn’t really put pressure on him? You can always start off as his friend and then the relationship could slowly grow on it’s own into something more romantic.

  • Mad Leo, please don’t make insulting remarks to people about what you perceive as immaturity. It is against our comments guidelines and is also rather funny as you are spending so much time posting about something that is based on superstitious nonsense.

    Christopher Rose
    Blogcritics Comments Editor

  • R

    What you guys are in love with is the bad boy. The Sag is a natural bad boy, and what I mean by that is we dont really express our feelings well. Trust me It took me a long time and a lot of self work to get to where I am. I am still not quick to fall in love. I may be in lust at first, but want to feel things out to see if your a good girl or not. Yes I will tell you I like you and I really do, but love takes time. I have no problem asking for the relationship, if I like you, but that is just getting to know you a little bit better, and spend some quality time together. My thought,couples that play together stay together. Funny one of my close friends is Sag female, she is trying to change the type of guys she is attracted to. I tell her it is sense less, You are attracted to who you are attracted to. Trust me, I hate rejection as much as the next person, but if you dont have that attraction to start with it is not going to happen, and yes sometimes you get burnt, but at least your enojoying the ride. I guess I am a gambler when it comes to love. I have a pattern as well when It comes to long term relationships 3 Leos, 2 Sag, 1 Gem, 1 Virgo, I am more naturally drawn to fire signs. One question ladies why do you want to control your men? I think most relationships fail due to that battle for control. Dont you want your men to wear the pants?

  • A friend

    Confused: Believe just do not contact him at all, i know its been 2 weeks since you’ve talked, just live your life.

    If you did cut him out of your life completely, He WOULD and WILL find a way to talk to you/see you. So it wouldn’t matter anyways.

    Your a Cancer women right? i’m pretty sure you are Cancer. Truth is, canceer women are truly the only women that understand sag men/boys. I don’t know what it is.. Mayber your patience your williningness to understand our weird nature. I’m also 99.8% sure its only cancer women that can truly make us feel, like the world is okay even if it turns boring, we like how you don’t say compliments unless you really mean it. So, when you do compliment us, we FEEL it. Also, when were depressed, all you have to do is sit next to us and your presence truly makes us FEEL better. I really love cancer women, i don’t know what you do, but there is some sort of weird/comforting feeling you give us especially since were always on the move. I always think of cancer women as my personal Angels, i only known 2 Cancer women. It is such a pleasure to be around you guys. I’ve met many women and its only you women that really make me believe your the ONE type, wife, friend, girlfriend, Mother of my children, and whatever else you can be.

    We know your not perfect eithier but your negative qualities really just compliment us or there just easier to tolerate than most other signs.

    Just live your life and date other men, don’t get intimate with them though it would really hurt him. What i mean by intimate is sex. i guess you could hold hands or whatever.

    I’m 20 year old male sag.

  • Damaged

    OMG! I am so glad i found tthis blog. I have been reading sites all over for the compatibility of of a sag man capricorn woman. If you follow Astrology you know it says that we are a doomed couple. We have been together for almost three years now. He live in atalnta and I in Michigan. Well all of your guys are right on the tee. Sag men are so wishy washy. One minute they are all over you and want this concrete future and then the next minute they need their space. I experience the game playing, ( well what appears to be game playing) the not, taking me to meet his family, to the marraige proposals, then the lack of commitment. If you know about Capricorn woman we dont have time for this, not at all. My sag is 26 and we have been together 3 years. I am older than him so we have the age difference as well. In the beginning he was like i dont have time for games i nev er cheat im loyal, but then comes the your smothering me. I think he is entrigued by my mystery and my strength. He has envited me to move to Altanta with him, unfortunately every time I get close to make plans for a relocation something happens. This time in question, I was to come there for the summer, as I work form home and am able to travel. Again, as the summer nears, we argue and he says lets break, he then says he does not want that. I said enough is enough. Take a break. I have asked that we have no contact for a week. he is going home to Vigina to see his Mom , I said take a break and contact me when you return. He has text me but I have not responded as I’m at my witts ends, stuggling to let go. I hate being confused and not in control. I understand that my sign is more reseverd and afraid to take the fast lane, instead going for the more sercure road, but I need to know am Im wasting my time with this sag? We are both highly attractive so we are approached often, with his flirtaceous ways do I stand a chance. I know they walk away easily, and I do love hom very much. When we are together as he comes through every 3 or four months we are great he wants to go look for rings and make dates. I am willing to change (which us rare for us capricorns) , but we also highly ambitious and have to conquer everything we come into contact with, even our men. I can get that bitch additude grape so I know what you mean by that, and it seems that he loves that. I sometimes catch my self always thinking he is cheating but belives that he is faithful at the same time. Your so right mad leo if you leave him alone he comes back wondering what he did wrong. I am so assured of my self and cofident , and I know that this keeps him interested. I do sometimes feel myself slipping into the mind games though( unknown to him). Here is one thing I have learned Ladies ***very important note*** do not ever appear weak or constantly cry to the sagittarius man, they hate it….I think my hard capricorn exteior is what has keep him here so far as he has stated i am the longest relation ship he has had, you know that IS A SHAME FOR ONLY 2 1/2 YEARS. However, if any one can give any addtional info on my situation please do so. Thanx

  • Grape

    Mad leo, I’m sorry I should have realized you were a fucken asswhole.

  • Grape

    To Christopher Rose, I apologize to YOU for cursing. I just don’t like it when stupid individuals think they are better than other people and try to put them down. I guess that is their way of making themselves feel like somebody. Anywho, you are right about astrology. Even thought some people have similar traits, SOME people take it WAY out of context.

  • Grape

    Hi damaged, I meant to comment above but I was distracted. Anyway, with the age difference sometimes it can be a factor because the two of you think differently. My man and I also have an age difference about 15 years. Yeah I know that is alot (smile), but sometimes it seems to play a role in the relationship. Sags do have a way about them that makes it appear that they are flirting, but they’re really not. That is their nature, a free spirit and nice to everyone. I know its hard because you are more reserved, but don’t take it the wrong way, he’s really not flirting. I used to think the same thing until I’ve learned that he is like that with everyone. They are a peoples person and you may not be. It can drive you up a wall sometimes, but with time you grow to understand it. You’ve been together for a while and he didn’t walk away from you easily right? Even though some of them are good for that. Hell, you must be doing something right you kept him for this long. I know the road can get rough, you can even crash along the way. But if you keep the basics in your relationship such as trust, LOVE, communication, laughter, I’m sure the two of you will make it because without that you have nothing. Hope I helped! Good luck!

  • Damaged

    Grape that does does help. Thank you. I’ve been searching for a year for insight on the sag sign. It is good to finally hear someting other than we dont match. Your right, he has stuck around. My sag is an old soul and only date older woman. He is 26 and I am 36. It’s just so crazy when he is allways talking about marriage and having me go get my ring size, and then when I bring it up, he’s like what are you talking about? Y are you rushing, just crazy, but I guess that is just their nature. He does state that he has never thought about cheating on me, and sometime from his behavior it’s hard to belive. Like one time, I called him private because I was calling from work, to let him know I was getting off early. Well he is usually sleep at @ 6:00pm because he works nights. He answered, and when he heard my voice he hung up. I called and called and he would not answer. He text me and said Im at the dealer ship will call u in a minute. I said no! call me now, well, no call. We broke up for a week over this, and he promised and pleaded with me with me to state his case that he was not cheating. I went back only because I had no true proof, but if I did, it would have been a wrap. Once I forgave him, he was mad like I need space to know if I want this or not, because u cant trust me. For a whole week he would not call me, and me with my sttuborn self I didnt call either. Then I gave in, and he flipped it on me, couldnt belive it. Finally I said u know what, I’m done, and like you said he was immediately like putty in my hands. However, now, deep down inside I do belive him. From what you guys are saying, they are just off like that. Maybe he was just in female company, and would be scared of who I would react, becayse he is so insecure for me to be around male company. We havent spoken in three days as I asked him to take time to visit his mother for the Holiday. The mother that he has yet to take me to meet (smile). I hope that when he returns we can work it out, as you guys have really helped me understand him alot more. I wish I would have found this site prior, because I may have really pissed him off at this point. Will keep you guys updated if all is well. Thanks again.

  • Confused

    (Mad Leo)- yes, we are still friends. Well, he considers me as one of his best friends, and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing but ofcourse, I want him more than that but maybe he meant we are best friends in a relationship but also in a sexual way? either way, I still want him in my life as I adore him with all my heart. It didn’t work well at first because we rushed into things, you’re right. To understand each other’s differences we must take it slowly and patiently as friends for now. Good point.

    (A Friend)- You’re right, I did not contact him at all and it’s funny when we bumped into each other the other day, and he asked me if I want to hang out with him again, he wants to go and catch a film with me again but that’s going to be sometime in June! I am a Scorpio, I guess it’s the water sign thing which is the same as the Cancerians. I supposed, the Sags are attracted to our magnetism, intensity, confidence, sensitivity, depth, mysteries and sex appeal lol and our unique sense of humour ofcourse or in other words, we are just very interesting and exciting sign. And, his ex was a Scorp too. We have a lot of similarities, enjoy same things in life but also have different outlooks in life. He keeps letting me down, but keeps coming back to me? True, I try not to worry about it to be honest, I do have my own interests and hobbies in life that keep me busy and entertained and I like my own space too as I’m independent myself. They don’t like jealous/possessive women but they tend to be jealous themselves as well? How ironic huh, maybe it’s they’re insecurities that kicking in at times. That’s why they need someone to boost their ego to the max, oh dear.

    By the way, I find you too mature for your age and that’s rare a good thing especially for guys, well Sag guys tend to be mature when it comes to some topics with sensitive nature but you guys can act very silly too! I guess it should be balanced somehow and that’s not a bad thing, as it makes life more interesting.

  • A Friend

    LOL! That really made me smile, thank you for saying i’m mature for my age. I haven’t recieved a compliment like that, ever! Well i guess i was so off about you being Cancer. I just had this weird idea in my head that you were, maybe from the words you chose? Yeah some of us are pretty sensitive, to sensitive subjects. Like matters of the heart, but most of the time we try to lighten up life because god dam, it can be pretty depressing. Well dear scorpio, i apolgize for being so arrogant and saying you were Cancer. The first woman that i ever said ‘I love you’ too was a Scorpio, i kind of idealized her, then when i started to see that she wasn’t the Angel i imagined her to be, i freeaked! She really wanted to rush things with me, like sexually, not that i didn’t find her sexy and attractive but i was a virgin and needed more time to feel comfortable with her. I seem like such a pussy, but it doesn’t bother me at all now because i had legitmate reasons not to sleep with her. She also wanted to hang out a lot, not that i minded that either, but there were times when i had other things to do. She knew that but would make me feel guilty if we didn’t hang out, so i ended up sayin yes to her. You’re probably nothing like that, she was probably a more immature Scorpio. I still fantasize about what it would be like sleeping with her, because scorpio’s are so dam sexy not to mention seductive.

  • Grape

    Damaged, according to “astrology” I don’t match with a sag either being that I am a virgo. Supposedly it will never work. The signs I am compatible with according to “astrology” is a capricorn and a Taurus. Yeah, right, ok. Been there, done that, didn’t work AT ALL. Everyone in this world has a match with someone, and it doesn’t matter what sign they are. Granted, most of the sunsigns have similarities but everybody is NOT the same. We are all our own individuals that are completely different. You can’t determine persona strictly based on what month someone was born in. About that meeting the parents thing, I guess in due time because some sags have a thing with that. If the two of you bicker a lot, he might not feel comfortable introducing you yet. Why don’t you just ask him for argument sake. My sister was also dating a sag for 2 months and he introduced her to his family. Strange, but that relationship wasn’t nothing but a fling. Maybe it didn’t matter to him. It took some time for my man to introduce me to his family though. Well for some obvious reasons, his mom lives south, but when she came to visit he was sure to tell me so I could meet her. If so just wait and see what happens, if he takes too damn long something is up(smile)!

  • Somegirl

    If you really wanna date a sag, date one born Nov. 26!! They have mood swings/emotional tides tantamount to the Cancer and I would know I am one! lol! All in jest of course I agree with Grape, I will go as far as to say ALL men I have dated regardless of sign placement like mystery and chase. Most women I have known do as well.

  • R

    Hey My Birthday is Nov 26 haha

  • Somegirl

    Lol! My bf and one of my best friends share nov26 birthday as well, both great people!!

  • Lyr

    Wow, I think I have the same problem as other sags, but I try hard not to go cheating around. I can understand those other sagitars, but I’ve vowed to kill myself first if I ever do.

  • kat

    well, let me tell you my story. I met my sag on his bday, dec 16 and im july 28. we were instantly drawn to one another and have been together since. Another woman wanted him back but came to realize, because he actually told her so, she couldnt hold a candle to me! I had just got divorced after 20 years of hell to the wrong man and my sag is like a dream come true. His kind, tender heart wrapped me from day one and his passion for me is something I had NEVER felt before him! I love him so deep it almost scares me, but we still won’t tell each other yet. I guess were just waiting to be sure this time around. We have both been hurt and right now it just feels good having someone to care about. My gut feeling about this relationship is we are destined to be together. So many things have happened between us that are beyond coincidence and cant even be explained. It blows me away just thinking about how no matter what, we always end up with each other and closer then the time before. I could not have dreamed I could be this happy with a man. Yes, he’s a typical sag and I’m a typical leo but God, how it works! Making love to him is unreal and something I hope I never have to give up. It will really kill me if he ever finds someone else but honestly I believe he’s hooked and just doesn’t know it yet! So anyway, if your lucky enuf to turn a sag’s head, hop on and ride that wild horse where ever he leads you. Don’t even bother to saddle him, just wrap your legs around him and hold on! I promise you, it will be like nothing you’ve ever rode before.

  • Somegirl

    Some good advice based on personal experience with my sag bf. We started talking about the whole easy boredom deal, with my venus in Gemini I tend to be the same way. I basically told him I am a grown azz woman with better things to do than worry about keeping him entertained, so if he gets bored its his problem not mine! Now, I cant keep him away from me lol! So basically, just have a good sense of independence and be comfortable with yourself which really, I believe everyone should strive for anyway…..

  • Sanya

    Hi Guys…
    Am leo gal, in my late 20s. ๐Ÿ™‚

    This sag guy is my collegemate. Just saw him 3-4 times in college, soo charming he is… I was totally mad about him. But he never knew then… ๐Ÿ™

    Met this guy on social networking site after say 7 years… Am bit bold, so i said i had huge crush on him. He was very delighted to hear that…

    We met and started dating for 6 months… nothing physical and he said he liked me a lot on very first date… ๐Ÿ™‚

    He also introduced me to his friends… Not as GF though… ๐Ÿ™‚ and we all had gr8 blast… Am still close to his friends, and all hits on me… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now after dating him for say 8 months, we had our first kiss… It was soo wonderful!!! He said he cant wait for our next one.. we had it 2 times with little intimacy.. then he went for a vacation, msgd and called regularly…. Said cant wait meeting me…

    BUT now when he had return, i feel something is missing.. He is not making any efforts to meet me… I somehow managed to plan for a movie one day.. And after movie we had gr8 time in his car.. hugging kissing got naked ๐Ÿ™ but no sex.. This one thing i did not like much, some spark was missing…

    Well after this night, he dint call for 10 days… And when he called, he asked if i liked that night… I said i did… ๐Ÿ™ ( Na it was not gr8, i lied… )

    After this i met him in a party ( with his friends ).. And while coming back he dint care to drop me back home.. And when i msgd him saying – “I tout i will get a kiss today” his reply – “Oops, i dont know what to say”

    So fianlly i guess its ALL OVER.. ๐Ÿ™

    I dont expect a relationship…. anything serious with this guy.. Just want to have good time, coz this guy is amazing.. ๐Ÿ™ Love his company…

    But now since am not having his attention, am getting desperate…

    Please advice what to do…
    Oh yes, got invitation from his friends for party that is coming soon.. Should i go??? How should i behave to this guy in group???

    Also… Should i forget everything and move on??? Ignore him???

  • Sanya

    We chatted and he called immediately after that last night ( 5 days after that Oops!!! incidence ). Obviously i dint call or sms during 5 days including weekend.

    And guess what?? He was sooooo loving and talking sweet. Baby!!! Baby!!! Lets plan for our next meet… since long i dint have kiss.

    Gosh!!! All sags alike… But am enjoying every bit of talk we had.

    Ohh i love this guy.. emm not Love but i LIKE this guy… ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to be careful this time though…

  • KY33

    Im a libra woman dating a sagg man libra women needs stability and yes we do love to have our freedom. sagg always wants to party there is nothing wrong with that but libra needs that stability once again we can talk for hours and laugh about everything the only thing i hate is he likes to roam we just recently had a little argurment we got so angry with me usually I talk to him every day he has been 3 days and it seems like 3 years what to do is he coming back

  • Sanya

    I think just wait for him to call back. He sure will do…
    Meantime enjoy with your girl friends!!!

    Well.. bout me…

    We went for friends bday party.. He picked and dropped me this time.. and while returning… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ It was sooo nice…

    He was planning for outing with his male friends this saturday.. so i made my plan for weekend with girls.. His plan dint work out!! but i didnt change my plan for him..

    Anywaz.. we are agreed on going out shopping coming sunday as both were free and wanted to be spend sometime togather!!! for which he said – He is eagarly waiting for coming!!! Me too… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also now for next weekend he already planned to take me out with his friends… ๐Ÿ™‚ Advance planning ๐Ÿ™‚ Can u believe it???

    So my understanding says.. Be urself!!! And he will come back…

    With my Sagg, am just enjoying whatever coming my way… No expectations as such…

    “He said he is very impressed with kind of girl i am.. says am hot!!! Am not going to buy this but wish if it means he loves me.. ๐Ÿ˜€ High Hopes!!!!”

    We also planned day out next weekend…

  • pinkie

    im a piscis. i think im def in love w. my sag, its been over a year since we met and we been on n off ’cause of the way he is, and he just disapears and stops talkin to me for no reason or he does something really bad, doesnt apologies n just drops me dead ass on my sorry ass n i try to move on but up to this day i havent been able to. I wonder what is this hold he has on me, i dont get how i fell in love w him cause others had done more but im just so attracted to him n how i feel when we r together, im just too happy n i feel complete, but i guess cause i show him how i feel makes him bored or somethin idk what it is but its def. frustrating, i thought maybe if i was the one to say goodbye would make everything better cause i could have closure that i never had since he would just stop talking to me for no reason, so i asked him why one of those times we were on again why n he said he would get depressed sometimes n just wanted to keep to himself, iit just kills me that he was in a 4 year relationship n he never left her idk anythin about it cause he doesnt talk much about his life n i never asked much idk why, im just like a totally different person when im with him, n i dont like confronting him much, sometimes i tried being mean but he wouldnt let me be, cant really help being super nice but i dream for that day he comes to his senses and finally decides that all he wants is to be w me or maybe i’ll meet someone else eventually.

  • Sanya

    ๐Ÿ™ Am Broken!!!

    Dont know how it happend.

    Late August i was out for 2 week vacation, and thought about him in the whole trip. He dint call anytime however i made 3-4 calls and had friendly talk. When i returned i knew my feeling for him is going strong so i decided to tell him this. Called him up, and asked him what he feels bout me coz i think i feel strong for you. His reply -“I consider you as a good friend”. BANG!!! WTF!!!

    “Oh!!! Gr8.. Now things are very clear” and i hanged up.

    Meantime, one of his friends say “xyz” revealed that HE ( xyz ) likes me.. To him i said NO.. Obviously i dont feel anything for “xyz”. I made it clear but Me and “xyz” is now meeting casually. Also we hang out with other common friend of me and my sag.

    Its been 2 months now, i havent seen my sag. Recently he called up ( first time after our talk i.e. in 2 months ), and we just had casual talk. He arranged party next day for all friends ( msged about party to all of us ), but i dint go. ๐Ÿ™

    I dont know how to handle this anymore. I want to cutoff from him. But i love him sooooo much. Wish i can get him back. ๐Ÿ™ But how can i??? He was never into me… ๐Ÿ™ I dont know if he miss me either. We were soooo gr8 together. We had so much fun. We also planned we will do this and that!!!

    ๐Ÿ™ Guys please advice… What should i do?? I cannot get him outta my mind.

  • dream

    Im a Virgo woman,dating a Sagg man.He really keeps me on my feet.Its a long distance relationship and ive never excepted being away from any man ive been with, but for sum strange reason this man has a taken a complete toll over my feelings.I love how hes always energetic but i cant help but think about how many women hes spending his time with.Im more reserved than him and much more conservative, But i know that he cant resist women.He says that he really care about me and he want me to be his wife,But i read up on a lot of things and thats not even in his nature. I love this man, But he doesent know that. And i dont want to tell him because im afraid of the out come. How would i really know if hes the one or if im just another woman in his life?

  • On the eve of the anniversary of my birth I proudly proclaim I am a Sagittarius! I’m independent, funny, extremely passionate and the typical archer! Women, take note, the Sagg man may come across as an alpha male but deep inside resides a sensitive, compassionate being who will return 200% of what he receives. Treat a Sagg man as the precious gift he is and you will never want for laughter, passion and excitement.

  • Oh Silas…are you quite certain you are gay?

    Really though, I will wait until tomorrow to say happy birthday and I will give you a special cake of honorary induction. (no, not into heterosexuality).

    But, for now, Happy Birthday Eve.

    p.s. I watched that movie, The Man for Earth. I liked it. It relates very much to what I was discussing with you in Roger’s philosophy thread–Tolstoy and Christian anarchism and the bible part that Irene posted to me that teaches that god did not want earthly rulers and she went on to say something like, the trouble starts when men decide to take that path and not just have one ruler, god, who is in heaven.

    We might discuss it some time, if you are game.

  • Here’s a shock for you, Cindy. I’m realizing I am far from gay and more human. I’ve learned in my evolution that it ain’t about gender and more about the person. If labels are necessary then I guess “bi” is the proper one for me.

    I’m glad you liked Man From Earth. and I am game for a discussion. And, not for nothin’, but wasn’t the main character an absolute dream? (That did sound ‘gay’ didn’t it?)

    Thanks for the b-day wishes. Tomorrow I turn 54 (yikes)! I feel like 30 and have the drive of a teenager! Life is good.

  • That did sound ‘gay’ didn’t it?

    Only to a teenager, but they think everything adults say sounds gay.

  • Funny. Every time Rush Limbaugh opens his mouth I think gay! But then again all I need to do is look at Eric Cantor, John Boehner (I mean come on, all THAT bronzer?), and John Ensign to realize that most gay guys I know are far more masculine than they.

  • That sort of relates (maybe) to what my niece and nephew said awhile back though it seems more like 5 or 6 leaf-rakings ago. When they were younger they must have said something was gay and I think my jaw dropped to hear what I thought was an unkindness. I quickly came to understand that I was just old and didn’t really know the score with contemporary chatter. Not rudely, mind you; they were very kind as they tried to explain to their old aunt what things mean these days. I guess experiences like these are meant to prepare us for the day we will be identifying with one of the characters in Cocoon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cindy, my granny believed that the secret to staying young was to surround yourself with them. At 75, we sent her to Bermuda with the 26 year old granddaughter of a friend. The 26 year old was exhausted after 3 days and granny was still going strong. What amazed all of us most was how 40-ish men were attracted to her. A week after granny came from the trip, 2 dozen roses were delivered. They were from the owner of a small railroad freight company. We grandchildren, of course, were amazed as there was no mention of him. The card (paraphrasing) thanked her for the most incredible two nights of his life. We don’t know what went on, it’s none of our business. But, it was a powerful lesson which I continue to follow. 75% of my friends are half my age, 20% older and the remaining my age. It keeps you young, my friend.

    And, in keeping with the theme of this thread, Granny was an Aries, which is one of the most compatible signs for Sagittarius and Leos.

  • Girl Bull

    I have read thru all these blogs and came to my own conclusion. My Sag is born around the Scorpio cusp. I have been into Astrology for a long time and think that this cusp really makes a difference. I wish everyone here posted their exact birthday because the weeks within the Sun sign are very different. I think Mad Leo is the most on point. You would have to be completely insane to do everything around what someone else wants. This NEVER changes with them. If I’m ignoring someone, its because I don’t like them, not because I do. If I’m doing everything away from my boyfriend, I might as well be single, because then, I won’t have all the aggravation. The fact that they don’t care about anyone else’s needs are what makes them capable of this. You’re probably thinking how this is possible, right? It is. They are incapable of looking outside themselves. While you sit there and justify they’re bad behavior, they will be thinking they’ve done nothing wrong. When you don’t do what they want, they become spiteful or go on to the next unsuspecting victim. That person will think you’ve come across this wonderful person, when in fact, they are like wolves in sheeps clothing. He IS nice, but this is when he needs something and has his own agenda. Don’t fool yourselves.

  • huma

    I share a very similiar experience.I dated a saggitarius man for eight months.In the beginning he was so romantic.Saying the right things and doing the right things.The minute he knew i had fallen for him he changed.He became distant and aloof.When i asked for an explanation he would say i get bored in a relationship very easily.He would say things like all men cheat.He told me that it was hard for him to commit and that he loved his freedom.They are very good at fooling you.My sincere advice is if like me you see the relationship going no where be stronga nd leave.You will feel way better about yourself.

  • madie

    You guys actually believe in this crap????????????????????

    That’s saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dr.p.neupaney

    According to me understanding Astrology is for self improvement. We need to evolve to suit the requirement of our partner/ spouse/ other relations/friends an d so on.
    We live here and our remotes are in the Heaven(Planets). No one wishes to born to be bad, it is just our thinking and we expect others to change to our needs. But in a relationship it is important both the partners understand each others priorities and come to some understanding.
    I have few relatives, friends and patients who are close to our family are Archers. They are always on move, physically or mentally.
    Very jovial and friendly people, only when they are really angry they will tell the truth their way, it is ok as we need to know the truth.
    When you study your birth chart, we don’t see just the Sun sign, there are other signs too, other planets, Rising sign and so on. So all these have combined influence on us and as such human psychology/ nature is complicated it is hard to explain.Better to understand each other thoroughly in a relationship and there are always ways to come to an understanding. This is not the end, every day we can start a new day, forgive and forget.
    When you understand the symbol of Sagittarius, half beast and half human, the signs which have animal symbols know when to apply brakes and the hooves present help them come out of difficult situations very easily. Being mutable sign the Archer bounces back easily from any difficult situation.Jupiter gives them luck and is a moving, expansive sign so they are always on move, but he is a family man so hangs his hat at home.
    Just take the example of few celebrity Archers, Walt Disney of Disney world, Mark Twain, Beethoven and so many others who are great and creative.
    When you read about the down side of Sun signs all are equally not good, so I feel we need to evolve ourselves and encourage and appreciate our near and loved ones and accept them as they are and help ourselves.
    These are just my views after understanding Astrology, very little:)

  • Moebabie

    I’m a Leo engaged to a Sagg!

  • Moebabie

    Saggโ€™s are so complicated, period. When he is in love he will move the mountain for his Leo….

    Sagg is very protective and very insecure of her.

    He will do everything for her, but that Leo tends to get inside him. Leaving him to question her.

    The sagg man is very course, blunt, and sometimes hurting…
    he means no harm this is his nature…

    Sagg hates ignorance… he will just shut you down, and keep it moving, as if he did nothing at all.

    Yes, they are travelers, love the outside, and than-some…

  • Moebabie

    Need to know more, then email me…….. or post your question

  • Moebabie

    When a sagg blows you off, that means he is w/ someone else.

    If he doesn’t introduce you to his mom, than you should move on, this is a hint!

  • Caz

    I’m a sadge woman who dated a sadge man for 3-4 months ten years ago and now I’m kinda back in his life again. We’re JUST friends and we’re in relationships with other people but we’re now on speaking terms again.

    Be honest with your sadge man. I mean it up front and honest. They won’t like it but you have every right to say what you mean and they WILL listen to you. They might be a bit nasty if you tell them like it is – but don’t allow them to give you any guff at all for your feelings. They will respect you for it in the long run.

    My sadge man friend and I are both Scorp-Sadge cusp babies with all of our planets in the same sign or in signs that trine. We’re supposed to be good for each other but we’re VERY much alike.

    I seeked him out again after ten years of not speaking and being apart. We had a huge fight said some really nasty -sadge things- to each other and our relationship ended completely or so we thought?

    Yes, Sadges can be faithful – if they know you’re with them spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and you share everything together and give each other freedom and space to do things. They like adventure!

  • Young Sage Man

    Ok i guess i should start of by saying im 25 im a sage and i agree with most of what everyone says about us. i have read alot of why doesnt he bring me around his friends or family well for me i was dating a girl who i ended up marrying she never once saw or talked to my mother until 6 months before we got married. for me its more of you are one part of my life and you belong here they are another part and they belong here and so on. i keep everything seperate and detached form eachother as much as possiable. while for me ive been asked if i was embarresed or ashamed to bring her around my friends and family it was nothing of the sort i just rather keep all aspects of my life where they are and how they are as it works for me just fine.

  • dudelit

    My Juno is in Sagittarius. And Juno is the asteroid you look at to see how someone is ONCE they’re in a relationship. The description many have described about their issues with the Sag is exactly how I am once in a relationship and it’s caused unnecessary friction that I can’t understand for the life of me.

  • Julie

    I cannot believe this but this Sage-Man thing has been going since 2005? Unbelievable that the same thing brought me to this website, the search for answers, cos I had looked almost into everything else even into the psychology of this person…I am shocked at how identical they all are? Phew it scares the day-lites out of me (Libra)! I can bet just out of the blue that most serial killers are Sage-man? Worth Investigating?

  • Julie

    My investigation has revealed that:
    Sagittarius are con artists, robbers and thieves, they do not in most cases hurt their victims, that is unless they get what they need.
    It now makes sense they con you into stealing your heart (and if they get your mind, heart, body, soul) there is no need to kill you, cos you will be dead anyway..Zombie

  • Patrick

    I wish I never met my Sag. He’s sometimes a part of my life and sometimes not. I cut him off and run but then I miss him and run right back. Even for just a friendship, he infuriates me. I love him. I really wish I didn’t. I really really really wish that I could simply release the hold he has on my heart and move on happily to a better existence. But alas, I think of him on those late nights and I think of him when I hear music. He comes and goes as he pleases. I hate him for coming into my life, promising me the world and then running without a proper explanation. I had to endure years of pain and then finally stumbling onto this site to realize that I’m not CRAZY or an obsessive freak. They drive you bat crazy and there’s nothing you can do about it except decide to cut them completely out of your life and pray for the right person–who wants to treat you the way you deserve to be treated–enter your life.

  • Bebe – Leo

    Well hello!
    I’m a Leo girl dating a Sag man for 2 yrs.

    I very much agree with what all you Leo girls are saying about how they can drive you crazy! My best advice is, you must learn to get over it, don’t let them boggle your mind. (This is for your benefit, not theirs). Anyway, there is really not that much to be boggled about โ€“ they are
    โ€ข fun ppl who like interesting conversation
    โ€ข enjoy their freedom and exploring
    โ€ข optimists
    โ€ข Very sweet ppl deep down inside
    DONT try to take their freedom away – they’ll hate you for it. If you be yourself (they appreciate Leosโ€™ intellect more than anyone elseโ€™s), not overbearing & remain light, theyโ€™ll come back to you. If you are there and willing to accept them, they will always return to you after their explorations. Thatโ€™s the way they are โ€“ give them the freedom they want, and in the end theyโ€™ll decided they want to be with you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Show you are dedicated, but not overly-so (they don’t like clingy partners). You must remain constant but not suffocating, because honestly, they need a stable force in their lives and they really appreciate a stable partner, although they wonโ€™t admit it.

    If you canโ€™t achieve this, then youโ€™ll continue to have conflict and ruin yourself from it. In this case better for you to date a Leo – theyโ€™ll be just as rigid and serious as you, which might be what you need emotionally.

    Sags are really beautiful ppl deep down inside, I see it in them very strongly. Their optimism and spirit is something you need to take notice of, itโ€™s a beautiful thing.

    PS. Iโ€™ve never met his family and itโ€™s good coz I donโ€™t really want to meet them anyway! Hehe!
    But donโ€™t feel down about it, if yous decide to stay together, youโ€™ll meet them eventually โ€“ so go with the flow in that aspect ๐Ÿ™‚

  • John D.

    The more I hear about Sagittarius people (especially guys), the more I think that as far as relationships go, they’re trash.

    If that hurts your feelings, too goddamn bad. Grow up.

  • Michimyne

    HELP! I started dating a sag… He is a security guard at this night club… He couldn’t talk obviously because he was working…guys were approaching me chatting… One guy stayed and chatted a bit too long and my sag got extremely pissed… Saying I am a pig… He doesn’t want to talk to me again, saying the guy was all over me… The guy was European … They are very touchy feely… But I really like this guy alot… I didn’t think he would be that jealous… Will he come back… After all he shouldn’t have invited me to a nightclub where he worked

  • Gemini Gal

    Sanya, I’m so sorry your in this situation that is hurtful to you. In relationships, I’ve learned that things work out best when I’m honest with myself about what will really make me happy. Only then can I be honest with the man care about – and a Sag. man needs and deeply respects honesty.

    You say you don’t want a serious relationship, but is that really true? Do you really want to keep getting hurt by someone who is not willing to commit to you? You deserve to be happy, and you deserve a man who can make you completely happy. I believe a Sag. man is happiest when in a loving and committed relationship, whether he knows it or not.:)

    The trick is to be honest about what you want from the beginning. At least he’ll know what you want and how to make you happy. This kind of honesty builds a lasting bond. If that’s not the kind of relationship he wants, at least he’ll let you know and you can move on. Either way, honesty is best.

    Good luck. Wishing you love and happiness.

  • mimi

    @ TheSagGuy – haha – being a Sag girl i totally got that “colour blue” theory – ive often thought it myself!..

    @stumped – let him go! – truth is hes busy doing his own thing and having fun!..you may not be the main priority in his life and hes keeping you hanging on as hes probably not quite made up his mind yet whether to end the relationship or who knows hes probably got another woman and you dont know it.

    as blunt and hurtful as that may sound – its probably the truth.

  • Leo&Sag

    I’m a leo and he’s a Sag (together 3 1/2 yrs), together we are a team, loving of our kids from separate relationships, spontaneous, adventurous, and not to mention when those doors close…wow!
    However, him in his freedom loving spirit, fell into the swamp, roaming in the wilderness, and now it’s a reality matter of infidelity. Indeed the apologies came, but now he has distanced himself from a good union and asked for more time and space. For me, I feel a loss and that I got emotional when I saw his hoof prints in the dirt (basically finding the truth) and felt that my trust for his freedom was violated.
    All these characteristics and comments are identical to our experience here. He has affirmed that he hasn’t moved on, but realizes his freedom caused some detriment. Of course, I’m like, well I respected your freedom and space, but you didn’t reciprocate that respect for my freedom and wanted me to keep a home for him, so I too, am confused.
    I want to still..

    โ€ขLove him as he passes through.
    โ€ขSet up home with him, but leave the door open, understanding heโ€™s going roam from time to time – and that does not mean he will cheat.

    I want to maintain the compatible mate as we both mutually agreed that we were a perfect fit and I’m the stabilizing force(even after this circumstance), but the saying goes, “I don’t want to fatten the frog for the snakes out there.”

    I’ve met the mom, 3 yr old son (and taken care of him), family, friends (but not all), and theyre all great. He’s a mama’s boy too, but there’s no qualms there.

    Trying to gain some reassurance here as to if this Sagittarius man will come back around, or will he continue to romp in the wilderness and will he realize that this Leo is still in his stable back in his greener pastures. Respecting his freedom, no problem, but I don’t want us to be outta sight and outta mind, either.

  • Leo&Sag

    @Moebabie…can I email u? your comments are on point. My Sag

    When he is in love he will move the mountain for his Leo….

    Sagg is very protective and very insecure of her.

    He will do everything for her, but that Leo tends to get inside him. Leaving him to question her.

    The sagg man is very course, blunt, and sometimes hurting…

    I’m curious to know more

  • christie

    okay,question which can only be answered by a sag man.What should one think if a sag guy doesn’t breakup,doesn’t talk and keeps making excuses/apologizing for not talking or staying in touch?I have asked point blank and all i get are excuses for not staying in touch.Is it so difficult to say that u’ve moved on?

  • delores delone

    I have been with my sag man for over 10 years and we have 4 kids together. They are great providers, spoil you and can be very sweet. On the flip side of it all the are huge know it alls. He talks like hes teaching me I think he loves to hear himself talk. Can be very rude to people and so bold its hurtful and has no remorse for it

  • ecerbii

    question can sagg males be jealous of a woman they are interested in i am a leo woman i have known this sagg male since high school we never became a couple but knew we had a bond life went forward we lost touch 4yrs ago we came in contact slept together i thought it meant something it meant nothing (i just found out 4 months ago ) he told me i was a mistake and he was in a relationship lots of reading about sagg men informed me that they know how to put sex and love on two different planes and keep it there 4 months ago a mutual friend of ours got us back in touch situation sagg male tells me is that same girlfriend he was in a relationship with was putting him out and he was homeless well a lot more had happened he hadnt worked in eight months his car broke down and he said the last straw between him and the girlfriend was an insult about her 11yr old son come to find out through him things were a lot worse for him he has two sons 1 -13yrs and another 7rs he is now living with his 13yr old sons mother and her husbandwith their two other children and housemate we didnt see one another for 2 months we just talked on the phone alot i mean each conversation lasted no less than 1hr well he informed me that he was ill and the condition made him lose 50lbs i told him i must have found it well we made a date went to dinner we were both shocked at each others appearence more so him than me i didnt care i felt he was still the same person inside but i noticed he became distant so he noticed i was going to practice with my running group that i was with 4 yrs ago when i saw him off and on he’d ask was i still with the group i told him yes well i have two cars my own place a great job he asked could he borrow a vehicle so that he cuold work save money to get his fixed i said yes well each time we have met total 3 its been at my place i through sublte actions let him know i was interested in intimacy with him each time he brushed me off during our conversation about 2 months ago he told me he was no longer the whore he once was and was looking to settle down i invited him to assist me in driving on a road trip he agreed (fastforeward )we are on the trip with my friends mother in her fifties while stopped to get something to eat we dicide to get gas i asked him to pump the gas he says no he eating so i say please so as were entering the gas station he turns to me and says is that what men do for you pump your gas (im nodding yes)take out your trash eat you out and f**k you @that point i was totally in shock id never heard him in a rude manner like that i was speechless mad angry hurt and embarrassed i didnt speak to him the rest of the trip and the trip was a 20hr drive each way when we returned i didnt speak to him as well three days later he called to tell me he visited with more of our mutual friends i asked him what did he mean by the comment he said it was meant to be a joke i said to myself not the case nothing about the comment was funny oh i forgot he added they cant pay your bills your too independant for that that what determined for me it was no joke the comment was a slur to me with underlying meaning i feel like there is something he dislikes about me or he totally dislikes me at this point but wont say why he has down played everything by talking but now its that he wont call unless its about my car totally no more interst is being shown it hurts but ive told my self if for any reason this is about the weight and he should reappear no matter how much i love him i would have to let him go it would make me feel he is very shallow and that he wants acceptance for who he is but does not accept others or me he said to me 2months ago that there were only two women he ever really loved and i was one of them but i felt the same about him yet seeing him this way because he drinks does pot and sees that he cannot function well doing either i encouraged him to stop he did briefly but the folks he lives with does pot he says he cant resist he called me the miss goody two shoes because i do not do any type of substance i told him i have my faults its just not those and am nowhere near perfect hepl anyone is he jealous shallow or what could be going on

  • JassyLibra21

    I was dating a Sag. Everything was fine, he’s a trucker so he’s gone for 2 to 3 weeks. We were already on the I love you basis, and he told me he loved me 1st. Last week I invited him to my cousin’s 4th of July pre bash. He accepted the invite and we talked about it all week. The last time he told me he loved me was 2 days ago and yesterday everything was good and he confirmed going to the cookout with me. Today was the day of the cookout and he ignored me all day and stood me up.
    I initially was worried from not hearing from him, but decided to call and text him from my 2nd phone #. Which he responded “who is this” to, so I knew then he had blown me off.
    We met through Craigslist, and so I decided to see if he had been on there lately, and sure enough 4 days ago he posted an ad looking for another woman.
    I texted him just asking him to tell me why he ignored me and what happened. Of course no response. Then randomly 10hrs later he sends me a text saying “no”! I responded “?huh” and now 2hrs later he hasn’t said anything else.
    I just want to know why he couldn’t have just told me yesterday he wasn’t going to my cousins cookout with me when I asked? Why didn’t he break it off the day he posted the ad? Why talk to me yesterday and just totally ignore me today?

  • dana

    holy cow this is amazing. im a libra sag rising and ill be damned i understand and see sag in me more than libra. amazing!

  • toots

    Thanks, tilymint. I’ve had the same problems with a Sag, as listed here. I can’t believe how similar my experience has been. Because of his shenanigans, we haven’t done the deed yet, although he very much wants that. I’m a Pisces and I need HIM, not just his body parts. Repeatedly, I could not understand why he pursued me, if he did not really want a relationship, but you help explain it! Essentially, he’s programmed to take what he can get, as it comes along, for great fun, primarily at his convenience. (and he is handsome, as someone mentioned here, so he gets away it. He has groupies!) I’m not the jealous type and often off on my own, too, so I thought that was good.
    At the same, as tilymint highlights, I also knew instinctively that he was a fine man and could be an excellent, if not fabulous, partner on a long-term basis. There was a lot there and I wanted it! That’s what makes us hang in there and why it ultimately becomes so tragic. I really liked him more than so many other men who have asked me out. (and I’ve never had a boyfriend like this with so many cancellations, excuses, gaps in contact–EVER) He recently admitted that he had feelings, too, and called himself my boyfriend and in a relationship (that seemed like a major accomplishment!). That made me happy, but when I had earlier plans with a girlfriend last weekend, he did not respond well. Besides, he’s almost always joking around, so how can you be serious with him?
    I’ve decided to let it go. I’m not going to grovel to him. I’m not going to settle for someone who switches gears and hangs back on me all the time. It’s just so funny how abrupt and seemingly contradictory he can be! Hot and cold, back to back. So thanks, all! I’m going to do my thing and be glad that it never got too serious. =) If he’s trying to escape Love, he barely got away from me! =)

  • toots

    It’s frustrating how my girlfriends were right about him all along. Time waster! But, incredibly charming! He really seemed like a stable, decent family man, but if they don’t really want you, that’s it. The die is cast.

  • toots

    I just want to add that one of my girlfriends is a Capricorn and she’s been happily married to a Sag for 15 years! Her Sag husband is like a dream man–kind, successful, funny, handsome, athletic. They make it work with him traveling for work and being away for half the month, each month. He’s a global product manager and he really travels all over the globe! Maybe that gets it out of his system?? She also says it helps that she has her own career and does quite well independently. She’s great. I doubt I come off as comparably great, blonde, or deserving, but I do think I deserve real love and more than a no-show man–ha! Thanks again for the great comments here.


    I’ve been dating a Sag. man for 3yrs. in RS, WY. I’ve always thought he was cheating on me and I can’t help but wonder if “ecerbii” were dating the same man at the same time??!! Everything said from the way you were treated, him being sick, the broken vehicle, him being kicked out etc… are IDENTICAL. ECERBII IF YOUR STILL OUT THERE LETS CHAT!

  • Tee

    I been seeing this man for about a month! He calls me too just say hi! He told me to wait for him! What do that mean! He already tell me to be good! Always ask me what I been up to when we don’t talk for a couple of days! I am a cap girl and I am jus?t giving him his space hes a sag guy! I catch him staring and smiling at me alot! I ask him what hes thinking but he won’t tell me! Do we have a chance together

  • Jennifer

    I know that I came in like real late but these things are so true! The Sag I liked was always giving me affection according to his own “whims”; he’d be so nice and caring all of a sudden with this barely disguised, hard-to-control intense look in his eyes( like he was so crazy for me) and then just relapse back into indifference, when I’d expect something consistent from him. It’s probably because he had so many girls’ hearts fluttering away for him(and he knew it, enjoyed it at times but got bored off by the easiness of his “conquests”). I liked him a lot(and he knew it too) but because I maintained my distance(because of his inconsistency, capriciousness and many random whims, which made me doubt whether he was actually serious about me)he started chasing me in subtle ways to make me fall for him. He only seemed to hang around for the chasing and he’d be so intense when I’d hold him off, as if I was the only one for him and no one else. Of course, since I was really young then, I thought that he was serious at first and I really played into his hands. Then he got bored and I barely existed in his life. Hurt, I’d go back but then he’d come after me with full force, that left me numb. Now what kind of a sick, twisted love game is this? It still hurts inside when I think about it(that all my beliefs were off the mark and I was just played with to ward off this guy’s endless boredom and need for new thrills)because he was the first guy I fell in love with. Yet he never would understand that about me nor all the girls he had hurt.Even though my intuition screamed-STAY AWAY FROM HIM, I stuck to him, because, I was going crazy for him(I was the only real one I suppose.) Why is it that these people chase you, emotionally force you to give into them and then just leave you, because you’ve been like ‘conquered’ and thus have become predictable and boring?



  • Robert Colson

    h…oo…lll…yyy shit!

    This board has become a festering cess pool of butt hurt girls who took things way too seriously!

    However, shame on the guys who played their cards dirty.

    I’m a sagittarius guy, and I can identify with many of these comments. Lemme tell ya. There’s no quicker way for me to feel like shit than to read these posts. It gets me thinking.. That’s exactly the point!

    Just by reading all of these soggy details, I feel like I’m being drenched with all the cum each one of these dudes threw into your vaginas.

    Why did I come onto this board in the first place?

    I hurt my friend. Who I held at arm’s length. I had no intention of marrying her, but we fooled around. I told her I love her, but refused to become committed. I was interested in pursuing whatever she’d give me, and she agreed to stay non-commited with. She agreed to stay “present”, and simply take things where they go. She agreed to be my best friend, through it all. She promised to be there, regardless of the outcome of this sexual relationship. She is a virgo.

    It’s been a year, and commitment has become a major topic all her friends bring up with her. She moved away to another part of the US, and although both of us are independent people who do not believe in long distance relationships.. a long distance relationship is exactly what became of our constant contact.

    My whole task throughout our relationship has been to open her up. To get her to try new things. To jump hurdles she’d been too afraid to try. To take risks, out of trust.

    We agreed to stay unattached, and be ambivalent about sexual encounters. Honesty would be the word of the day.

    I maintained thorough, undivided interest on her, reciprocating what I felt were her desires (to be commited). It became unhealthy, and she would always verbally grant me the freedom to live outside of our communication.

    So I had sex with a girl. I didn’t know I’d feel bad. I certainly never felt that my body “belonged” to anyone. But I felt bad. I immediately told my friend what I did, and she said I disgust her, and cut off contact because she was “too hurt”.

    So it seems.. both of us had a different idea of what “trust” consists of. She demonstrates her trustworthiness by being commited (because it is simply the right thing thing to do.). I demonstrate trustworthiness by being 100% honest in my communication. I ask for her opinions, and because my reasoning is sound, she’ll agree to my theories.

    In the end, both of us feel betrayed. I feel betrayed for I called her bluff (we were toying with an open relationship), and she cut me off.
    She feels betrayed because she feels that I should have simply “known” that it was wrong, and if I didn’t feel that way..

    I apologized profusely, for what I did was innocent. But she is unwilling to forgive, for she treats her feelings with the utmost preciousness. She sees this as a mind game that I”m playing. I’ll admit, she is a jealous person, and this is a sort of test. But if she is going to ditch at the first sign of trouble.. why would I commit to that?

    To be honest, she is not marriage material, but we never said it was, so why so serious?!

    Why so, serious, all of you?!?!?! Just let go and enjoy what things are, don’t cling, don’t get jealous, let the pieces fall, and everyone will get exactly what is right for them.

    Thanks for the vent, people.


  • The One That Got Away

    From my experience, Sag men don’t know what (or who) they want. I’ve been seriously seeing a Sag man for over a year and he still refuses to commit, saying he is not ready and doesn’t have time.

    I respected that and began to move on and somehow he just has troubles letting me go. I just don’t get it. I feel he sometimes take my presence for granted and only start to move closer when I pull myself away.

    I’m sick of this. Gonna put an end to this. I definitely can do with and deserve better.

  • Anexum sag

    am a saggitarius guy aged 24 and to all the comments youve posted here i think they are all true and well….we are just like that,i dont know whats wrong with us because its unexplainable……….the secret is that we are like liquid we take a shape of a container

  • confused

    ok so i met this sagittarius man on vaycay….he aproached me we exchanged numbers and whind up hanging with one another for two days straight…everything was awesome he made me feel comfortable secure, special i loved the attention i recieved from this man…btw im a cancer..anyways his vacation ended before mine so everyday he would text n when i would answer he would just ask questions such as “wht i did, where i went, did i meet any other guys” i answered all his questions i found it cute etc….so i came home and we shared another night togetherlike i said earlier he makes me feel complete and makes me laugh we actually make each other laugh.d a couple days went by and he wanted to see me again….he shared his past with me told me all about his family, ive shared my stories with him and he seemed interested. i do have a two yr old daughter in which he knows about he asked questions bout her n i responded….make a long story short the last time we were together he took me out to eat and showed interest but dissapeered on me after that, i texted he texted back once with a kiss face and that was it other than that communication stopped not sure why? i was actually assuming it could have been i was on my phone while at his house he probably thought iwasnt paying him mind but he showed no feeling just looked at me weird like i should know better lol im confused its only been a couple weeks but i like him not sure how he feels after that day? he says he has no gf but i dont know n now he wnts to see me soon but when its convienant for himself? help from any male sag or anyone who exp something similar

  • Pam

    Sag men are crazy….. No matter how much you give them space or how much you show that you care for them, they will hurt you… They are very selfish…. They say they like women who are honest and communicate but they are not honest nor do they communicate…. My suggestion to women….. When you meet a sag man RUN LIKE HELL.

  • Cancerian Leo

    Well. I’m in love with a Capricorn male with a Sagittarius Rising. I must say, he seems like such a Sagittarius more than a Capricorn.

    I’m a leo woman myself who is also on the cancer cusp and so sometimes I feel like a total Cancer but sometimes I get back into dominant mode as a leo woman… but mainly, my emotions are very strong and can be quite domineering. I also have Leo rising in me, but I feel like I should be more of a Cancer rising, haha.

    Anyway, I’ve been reading much of this thread and wowwww, I am very amazed by many people’s relationships :< I am so sorry for many of the people who have gone through a lot of hardship. I have gone through hell with a scorpio for 7 years and we only dated for 1 year and almost a half, but this new boy in my life makes me feel so much more alive again. He's a boy and he's not a man yet, but he's 20. He's still very young. I'm 19 going on 20. Obviously, we're both still young. However, I really would love to get into a relationship with him and we're just friends-- but as he is the way he is, he is quite a quickly turned on sexually-one and he is quite shameless and doesn't regret what he does. He messed up with me first and yet, he still hasn't gotten my virginity. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Normally, I was so much more clingier to my ex-scorpio guy and I was so much more emotionally involved with him-- but to my amazement, I am quite emotionally detached to my sagittarius "friend." At least, a bit far more detached than to the scorpio. I guess, it is because since he created some boundaries, as in telling me, I can't be his girlfriend -- then it just turns on the "Leo" in me and tells me to put protect-mode on my heart. :< I'm not the prettiest girl in the world and I am not very submissive to any guy but this guy is making me want to change my image to the sexier me and that is happening soon. He is quite physically attractive and he is attracted to prettier girls, so this might be one of the things that I must "improve" on for him in order to capture his attention and heart... he is quite a flirt and yet, I think when he is talking about other girls, I think he is just full of it. haha. Yet being my emotionally sensitive me, I still fall for his act and get sad sometimes. XP On the other hand, personality-wise, he thinks I'm great and fun and he wants to remain my friend. He has told me so many times that he just wants to be friends with me and that he'd rather have me fall out of love with him. I don't want to fall out of love with him lol despite him being my actual first real-life relationship and hanging out with a dude for the first time, honestly. My scorpio ex was a long distance relationship online. But, on the flip side, we both get along very well, we both can turn each other on easily and are sexually compatible, as well as easy to get along with each other and if we both our goals together, we can create something very special and we both enjoy traveling and experiencing new things. Honestly, I think we could have some kind of future together, whether it'd be short-term, long-term, or for life. :< I've only been seeing him for 5 weeks or so but, the start was great and we hit it off really well and somewhat passionately... now things are a bit on the rocks emotionally because of my feelings for him and he keeps bringing up the topic of me loving him (even though I'm not directly talking to him about it NOR want to bring it up). I don't know what to do and whether I should keep being his friend, even though it's only been more than a month-- but my feelings for him are strong and I do care about him. I love having fun with him and love being with him and I know he feels the same way-- friendship-wise. I'm just a bit torn that he might be using me in an emotional way... that he doesn't want to be alone. It's complex, his feelings and my feelings for him. :< I'm just glad it's not as bad as the scorpio ex. HAHA. I'm trying to give him some "space," although it doesn't seem like he really minds if I do interfere with his space, only a few times. He's trying to focus on building a career at the moment and I'm trying to just focus on school and my own career, which he wants me to get started on too. However, reading other people's responses to how they dealt with their sadges/sadge risings, he does have many characteristics of one. He does seem like a committment phobe, however he does seem quite emotional underneath it all for a sadge-rising/sun capricorn. He's not emotionally responsive though but when it comes to him talking about his past girlfriends, he seems to get a bit emotional and reminscent. (He has cancer in his 8th house and moon in taurus) It's also quite ironic that we both have VERY similar birth charts, in regards to the alignment of our planets, so this may be why we get along so well too and understand each other and our situations in many areas of our lives. For now, I just want to be emotionally stable with him and not have to leave him just because he says he doesn't want me to be his girlfriend.... I love him so much and I don't want to, but it hurts like a bitch lol Perhaps this upcoming weekend will change his mind when I change my outer self-image and bring some sexiness back into my life (style), haha. XP

  • Cancerian Leo

    By the way, this upcoming Sunday, I am meeting his parents and I want to totally blow their minds (especially his, but mainly his parents XD) away like some hurricane category 5 just came out of nowhere lmaoooo. Thus, the self-transformation is happening this week for me and I will be on my best behavior for him and for them…. I hope.

    So, sometimes his style with family seems a bit mixed with capricorn and sagittarius. Mine is more leo… but also cancer, HAHA. I am so excited to meet his parents and impress them– the thought of meeting his family (besides his brothers and cousins and others) makes me feel happy (cancer side on???) haha ;w;

  • single and loving it

    I’m a Scorpio woman who dated a Sagittarius guy for 10 months and I must say I gave that man a hard time when he wanted a relationship anyway I finally give in and I must say most of what u guys say its real…for me these sagittarius guys are manipulative,they are impatient,they are kind and caring but whilst he and I were dating it was very very chaotic anyway he finally broke it off..and give me all sorts of excuses to be honest I was in love with this man so after he broke it off I still use to wanna hear from him…now that I don’t care and I indicated that I’m happy and I give him the silent treatment ( which I’m good at) he all of a sudden know that he love me but he knew he did was wrong and he can’t get back with me cause he don’t wanna hurt me blah blah and he whole. Works. Another thing is that when sagittarius men are through with u they always wanna be friends so I told mine no I don’t want friendship man I swear this guy went crazy…I must say I have learned well from dealing with him…these men are just for a moment nothing last forever with them…I’m single and now looking for someone to commit and he hates that.he don’t want to give me up but I could care less as the days go by and I believe he is seeing it so he tries everything to keep my attention but I have had it. Good luck to anyone who wants to spend a life time with one ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ruth

    I’m a 50 yr old Scorpio and recent divorcee. Am 4 wks into a relationship with a Sag male–we’ve been friends since high school. He has been married twice before–both women cheated on him many times and he left. I watched this happen–it seems he is the only loyal Sag male on the planet, to read all the comments here–LOL. But, typical Sag, he is having trouble wrapping his head around the feelings part of our relationship. It’s been a whirlwind cuz we just blew past the awkward, getting-to-know-you phase right into a comfortable, highly trusting relationship with the physical attraction totally off the charts. We are trying really hard to take the physical stuff slowly and let the relationship develop. He is at a point in his life where he is ready to risk finding a mate again and I want to help him have a healthy relationship for once. When we are together, he is comfortable and relaxed. We have a lot of fun and I enjoy watching him in the limelight. When we are apart, he drives himself crazy with doubts and second-guessing. I’m thinking he just needs time to adjust to the newness as he is slow to adjust to change, so I should just stay cool and confident in what I see developing between us and let him catch up. Thoughts/comments?

  • Ruth

    PS–he has invited me on an outing with his brother’s family already (I knew the brother in high school, also) and have been re-introduced to his mother as well. Next Sunday we are going to his childhood friend’s house for BBQ (who I also knew well once upon a time, and we’ve been reacquainted because of this new dating relationship). BF’s birthdate is 12-18-62, if that helps. So, it seems he is serious about seeing if we have something real/long-term. Please comment.

  • Benjamin

    The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. -Albert Einstein

    Beauty is a beguiling call to death; and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of it’s siren. – Guy Ritchie

    I am a sagittarius and here is how I feel.

    Half of me feels like I should constantly be free at any cost, to easily continue my adventure of restless, endless searching, to better understand our world and share it with everyone in any possible helpful way.

    The other half of me realizes how impractical it can be to be so detached. How irresponsible it is take commitments so lightheartedly.

    The mysterious is indeed beautiful …. and very addicting. It is easy to forget everything else.

    I have so many people that love me and try to put a thumb down on me or get me to commit…..
    to their plans,
    their city,
    their music,
    their style,
    their job,
    their love.

    I love them all , I get excited and passionate , and try to take on too much. I hurt so many … but not intentionally.

    You cant keep anyone, and you cant expect people to live up to how you imagine they would/should.

    I am now very very careful with my commitments to try to not disappoint anyone.

    I often feel like I constantly fall back to earth hard after wondering off, and am always loved and cared for by those who have held down the fort.

    I need to make sure I show my appreciation and honor my word as much as I can, but be clear on what people expect of me, and that it is realistic.

    I travel too far away and feel lonely and always expect to return to the love of people who stay put, which is not always realistic either. This is where I need to be mature and clear with people about how I feel. About how I will always be volatile and impulsive and restlessly eager to explore and jump at the drop of a hat.
    Any sign can be immature.
    When the sag is immature he will leave unexpectedly with the need to explain anything to anyone. He will lie to himself to make himself feel better and then lie to others to make them feel better, but it doesn’t work.
    I believe sag is very very understanding and good natured and will help you however they can. They will always be on the run, which will hurt many who try to pin them down.
    You have to take them lightheartedly and be very direct with your intentions/expectations and demand some feedback.

  • Leo & Sag

    still recoverin from being in love with a sag man that still shows everywhere i may read up on it is my compatibility. we were great but the more i read all these posts i realized i got caught up with a philandering, promiscuous passive aggressive narcissistic man attracted to borderline personality women…they misinterpreted that as their chase and crazy making fulfillment to their internal desires…well at least in my book.

  • mk1980

    If you meet a sag man my advice to you is to RUN, RUN, RUN!!!! They are very free spririted and they will break plans with to hangout with their buddies all the time. They are fun but highly flakey…

  • totally confused

    i’m a gemini and there is this sagitarrius guy.. it’s so hard to read his mind and understand what he’s feeling !! is there a way to know ?i’m losing my patience now

  • Scapegoat

    I’ve had relations with two Sadge men, both younger than me. They were at different times of my life. I am a Leo woman.

    Both of the relationships were similar. First off, Sadges are fun. There is something mystifyingly creative about the Leo-Sadge connection. I was friends with both of these goofballs for years. Both of them seduced me. It took a lot of time to woo me. I don’t just jump in the sack for charisma’s sake.

    I would say both relationships ran the same timeframe too. About four years on and off. As a Leo woman, I attract a lot of men, so I wasn’t waiting around for either of them, though I loved them. Maybe others find Sadge love making short, but they are great are foreplay and experimentation. As a Leo, I love that. They will make you laugh and also are very spiritual creatures. I felt they both were spiritual kin to me, like brothers, without that sounding too weird. They love to primp and go out. I love having a good looking Sadge at my side. It’s empowering.

    The downside is that I felt neither of them valued me as much as I did them. There was a line drawn I didn’t like. I would introduce them to my friends and they sometimes wouldn’t let me into certain circles. This really kills the Leo pride.

    The Leo, will I turn, project those unruly Sadges out of their live with a bang. I moved to Europe after one of the relationships. Yup, that far away. The other one was so hot and cold if was baffling. It was almost like when he said go he meant stop and stop go. This one was my best friend for years. He told me our friendship was over but must have forgotten because now he is back in my life again, as is the other one, now as friends. I think this is because Sadges forget a lot and if you do want a reboot, just wait, it will come even if you left the relationship.

    Both of them got married to other women. One divorced, the other one Is still married, though I don’t know how. The game playing and hot/cold drove me nuts. Ok, for friends, but not committed lovers. Maybe if you catch them and then knock yourself up. I think Sadges love kids or the idea of kids. Not sure which one that is.

  • Scapegoat

    Another thing. If you say you aren’t going to talk to them for awhile, they will proceed to ask you if you can. The if you commit to it, they disappear. They will also come up with ideas and then act odd if you press with following through. I feel, as a Leo woman, that if a Sadge gives me an idea, it’s his idea, why is he acting like I am pressuring him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Then they will say to be patient because they want to, why you wonder if they will in the future. You can talk to these guys. Tell them you are hurt using “I” messages. I know it sounds corny, but it works some of the time. I am a girl of action, so this can drive me nuts. Again, I have no idea how a woman deals with a Sadge man everyday without getting depressed and confused. I love these pinheads like brothers, but maybe there is a reason why “incest” should not occur. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I try to give them space and let them disappear. But it sucks when you are working on a project with them, then they are just gone. Then they come back, but you are expecting them to go away again. You never know. I think I had them both tell me I can be angry or have love/hate for them at the same time, but they breed in this Leo woman. They should look within and know they are be dramatic, wishywashy and cruel at times to those who are fixed and caring. To promise and no deliver something important to a friend is cruel. I would assume it would be worse if I was their spouse. I can’t even imagine, but I guess it works out for some of them or their spouses just give up. Or they are equally wispy washy, but then I hope they don’t leave their kids at the mall and just forget about them after they see something shiny on the street in front of them.

    Good luck to you if you rope one of these wild horse bad boys. I’ve had the most amusing sex with Sadges, but I need more as a Leo to feel loved and complete. A Sadge can’t expect a Leo to hang around for long, even if they are in love. Leos like freedom too, but in a more considerate way.

  • pj

    Hi everyone,
    I hav read each n evryone blog. Wow. So mny opinions n touts out there. For evryone wanting to knw if sags marry. Well ladies Im married. Evry relationships have ur up n have ur downs. Yes ladies dey certainly do. Mi problem was wit too mny female friends. Nw we all knw u cnt contrl wat com oit somones mouth bt i do knw dis fo sho. U cn control wt friend u pic. Noone is on dis blog, slow or retarded. Bt if da female is callin u ur man sag hey baby, watcha doin boo. Hey honey lol yeah wt eva nig gt dat shyt on somewhere else. Eventually dey wil gt tired of seein tires, da hurt n pain dey cus n or course men will neva shw it n r stubborn dat dey r ladies n stil point dat darn finger lik its u bt trust mi dey knw da truth. So ladies b urslf, luv urslf, luk n mirror fix urslf up, leav go out, ansa da fon if u wanna tlk. If nt dnt if u dnt fl lik bein bothered. Giv space bt too much, lett dem com to u wen dey hav somthng on der mind dey wil tlk trust mi. Dey alwys hve ideas floatin abt helpin others. Yes dey lie abt stupid small things dat cud hav ben avoided n da lng run bt bk fire on dem which givs us ladies us beautiful intelligent women trust issues. Yes ladies dey realize dat dey hve fckd up n hve no otha bt to apologize. Forgiv n mov on. Wen c u do dis at da sam tim thnk abt wt irritates dem n try to wrk on it itll hlp n lng run n actually mit hve dem wanin to marry u. Im a libra hes a sag. Yes ladies its confusing at tims, moody, wishy washu, wantin, den nt wantin u, dats der gam or personality to c if u cn deal wit dem period. R dey they testin yes. Jus lik test dem to. Dats jus der on wy. To mi al sags r da sam. N some gurl i thnk dats ur nam trust mi he liks u n hes tjinkin of u nw. If nt mks his azz thnk of cl hom. Som times we hv tob the bold ones to mke it b known hey yeah we fckd n did da kissin. I lik u n i knw u lik mi to stop playibn gams boo. Wen cn meet go datin start fresjh n new. Bc obviously hunny boo boo lol the spark is der. I totally admired al of u al blogs. Honestly i did bc even thou im married lovin it happy at times i cry to myslf n ask whats goin on wit him nw. Its nt bc da spark is gon. Its several reasons bc if he dnt hve a job dats 1, he cud mis a fam mem dats 2, or he hasnt seen his chld bby moms actin stupid dats 3 men lik money goin out havin fun dats 4, new car 5, too tired 6, just nt getting enuf attention7 . Mines nt wrkin so i understand. N ladies wen dey r sic watch out fa da bigg bby rol lol. Gurl yes mam. Watch out bc its tru. We tak pain dey tak pleasure. Lol. They r nt gud wit pain dats y dey hide der emotions. Remember we r da bkbons n dey r da protctors. Im slpy nic chattin hopes dis wrks. Lov yall ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Cherriez

    Wow great!

  • Krystal

    My sagittarius told me he think i could be his soul mate. Were not even dating yet. Im afraid hes gonna vanish again like the past. What should i expect?