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SAG Awards – Oscar’s Preview?

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This awards show is actually one of my favorites. For the sole reason being, that the actors are recognized by other actors. As well as the fact that the actors who win really do appreciate it, and are touched by the win.

Overall, I agreed with most of the winners. On the film side: Charlize won for Monster. Lord of the Rings Won for Best Cast. Tim Robbins won Supporting for Mystic River.

On the TV Side: Megan Mullally won for Will & Grace, Tony Shalub won for Monk, Frances Conroy won for Six Feet Under. Kiefer Sutherland won for 24. Six Feet Under won best Drama. Sex and the City won Best Comedy.

The biggest surprise of the night was Johnny Depp winning best actor for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. He wasn’t there, so we didn’t get a speech and so no one really had time to react to the shocking win.

I wasn’t thrilled that Renee Zellweger won. I’m getting tired of her same breathless speeches. I wish Mary Louise Parker and Jeffrey Wright had won over Meryl Streep and Al Pacino for Angels in America.

Two big questions about the award show. Why do they have supporting actor categories for film, but not for television? Did they miss and award, because they awarded actor and actress for miniseries or TV film, but there was not cast award?

The oddest speech of the night, was Sean Astin’s rambling about the people in the room and certain people making more than others, and who the hell knows? The most touching speech was Charlize Theron’s acceptance speech for Monster. After her happy speech at The Golden Globes, you could tell by her tearful speech for winning the Actress Award that it really meant something to her.

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