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Sadhguru Jaggi, Mystic and Yogi, Talks to a Race Car Driver

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Indiscriminate and infinite love has the power to bring strange recipients to the giver. One could be a devotee, another a home-maker, a third could be a world class filmmaker or even a race car driver. Sadhguru Jaggi, a Mystic, a Motorbike enthusiast, a Yogi, a Devotee, a Father, a Friend, and above all a parent to the world in his own has brought interesting characters together.

For over two decades, this skeptic and Beatles fan turned Yogi and Mystic has brought millions to the world of bliss. It’s not about belief. He urges just as much belief in him as you have in the local grocery store or your gas station—to believe that what you will be given will not harm you. It may not give you bliss, per your own estimation, but just trust that it won’t harm you. That you will leave with the same burden and lightness as you came to him with. That is enough for him to transform your life in a way only he can.

In 2002, I was a skeptic and an anti-Guru person as well. But I knew fully well that I was seeking. Seeking to understand the Truth of this creation. Wasn’t interested in another Story about the “truth,” but the Truth itself. When the Observer and the Observed come together in a way that the Observer can “know” the Observed completely and not just have knowledge of the Observed, which is a mere estimation of the latter, then one can safely say that Observer has experienced the Truth of the Observed. When you experience Joy in the way only you can do and not mere lecture about the mechanism of joy, then you can truly laugh and enjoy the bliss of your being. It doesn’t matter how great a pundit you are in the mechanism of joy. It doesn’t matter how many of your theses on joy in a human being have been peer-reviewed in the most prestigious scientific journals. That doesn’t guarantee the experience of joy. Even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, finally committed suicide in the face of pain from cancer.

In 2009, I finally got the first brief glimpse of what could be that bliss, and then again in 2010. The latter was the most powerful experience ever in my life. But I am not alone. Many have gone through this journey. Many others are going through it.

As we all go through it, we have—as normal and ordinary mortals—a lot of questions. As instruments of learning and preparing the mind, spiritual lectures aren’t as effective as answering seekers’ questions. Sometimes, these questions can be very mundane. Sometimes very profound. No matter what the question is, it helps a seeker tremendously, if it is handled from the very basics and sans any conditioning.

Sadhguru has worked in that direction for the last few months in a different way. Those asking questions are not just public and popular names but also those who look most unlikely to be linked to a spiritual path.

In what are termed “My Conversations with the Mystic,” the first series was a deep conversation by renowned film director (of, among others, the Oscar-winning Elizabeth) Shekhar Kapoor. Their conversations together led to four DVD series:

  1. Love, a Chemical Hijack
  2. Education, Blossoming of a Child
  3. Miracle of LIfe
  4. Guru, a Live Roadmap

The second one was with poet and writer Arundhathi Subramaniam. She is also Sadhguru’s biographer, and is writing the book SADHGURU – More Than a Life.

At the end of this week, we will witness the most intriguing conversation—between Chris Rado, a race car driver, and Sadhguru Jaggi.

Chris Rado is strongly into drag car racing and  breaks records in time attack events. He and his family have several business interests related to racing, cars, and high-speed living. A few years back, Rado came into contact with Sadhguru and a simple program titled “Inner Engineering” transformed his physical life in a tremendous way. His health was changed beyond his imagination. Soon, most of his family did the program.

On Sunday January 30th at 5 p.m. Pacific Time (U.S.) he will have a conversation on topics of his interest. A free registration and an online connection later, one can indulge oneself in the world of this unusual Mystic and the Spiritual Race Car Driver.

At the least it promises to be an intriguing discussion.

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  • Ruvy

    Hi Desh! I see that Desicritics is no longer really with us… Nice to see you here….

    I probably will be too busy Sunday to listen to the radio. But it does sound interesting….

  • Hey Ruvi – long time, my friend! Yeah.. I stopped writing there long back.. but heard lately it was having some technical issues…

    Would start posting more and more stuff here now..

    btw you can watch Sadhguru live every evening in case you are interested:

    Sadhguru’s Q&A with public frm Tennessee every evening 6.30-7 PM CST US TIme this week

  • Reba Rey

    I checked this out and found that if you are not able to watch it live, then you still might be able to watch it later in an archived version of the event. If you register now for the webstreaming event, you should receive an email sometime afterwards with a link to the recorded conversation. Also, it’s a video AND audio presentation, so you can see them together as well.

  • Vinod

    I so agree about the part about trusting just as much as trusting the manager at the gas station. I’ve personally gone through and have seen scores of people who first came to Sadhguru with such skepticism, now are experiencing the peak of blissfulness and overall well being. Most of us are logical and thinking minds. Sadhguru’s ways of helping you break your binding ropes are totally unorthodox. Tune in to the event that Des has described. You’ll meet the most complete human being in Sadhguru!

  • Zen-In

    This seems very interesting. I am willing to tune in to check out what a racecar driver and a mystic may have in common!

  • ACC

    Very Intriguing. Will have to check this out.


    Hi, Desh! Thanks, for letting us into the urban/contemporary mysticism, easy for us lesser mortals to understand & practise. But, unfortunately, all this is happening in the U.S.
    How do we get access to Sadhguru’s discourses, in India?
    Sadhguru’s introduction as forwarded by you reminds me of the reluctant messiah in Richard Bach’s novel……I forget the name…….about a pilot……..who’s also looked upon as a messiah but, is himself not comfortable so much with the epithet. Anyway, it’s always nice to know about the “incredible” life experiences of people like us, and yet more evolved & aware. So, thanks. Now, it’s your duty to transcribe his conversations with Chris Rado, for us! Hoping to hear from you soon, on the same.