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Saddle Creek 50 to be released April 8

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Saddle Creek is releasing a double CD set featuring one previously released song as well as one new and exclusive track from its entire lineup. The first disc is also an enhanced CD with 45 “weekly movies” from 2002 (click on the “Movies” tab). The following is the track listing for the double album:

Disc 1 (Enhanced CD)
The Faint
01. “Worked Up So Sexual” from Blank-Wave Arcade
02. “Take Me to the Hospital” (new)
Now It’s Overhead
03. “Wonderful Scar” from s/t
04. “Dark Cycle” (new)
Rilo Kiley
05. “With Arms Outstretched” from The Execution of All Things
06. “Jenny, You’re Barely Alive” (new)
07. “The Martyr” from Cursive’s Domestica
08. “Nonsense” (new)
Son, Ambulance
09. “A Book Laid On Its Binding” from Euphemystic
10. “The Moral of Rosa, Parolee” (new)

Disc 2

01. “Man and Wife, The Latter (Damaged Goods)” from Read Music/Speak Spanish
02. “Popn’ Off At the F” (new)
The Good Life
03. “I Am An Island” from Black Out
04. “Aftercrash” (new)
Azure Ray
05. “November” from the November EP
06. “Beautiful Things Can Come From The Dark” (new)
Sorry About Dresden
07. “Sick and Sore” from Let It Rest
08. “People Have Parties” (new)
09. “Captain” from Old Blood
10. “Pond Love” (new)
Bright Eyes
11. “Something Vague” from Fevers and Mirrors
12. “One Foot In Front of the Other” (new)

To order, go to the Saddle Creek Store. [Pic of Jenny from Rilo Kiley borrowed from the band’s website].

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