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“S O A R” – a Black Ops Novel, by John Weisman

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This book has the feel of reality: it’s about a highly secret, highly dangerous U.S. mission into China to 1) recover an American espionage team stranded there and 2) disable a Chinese nuclear bomb stolen by terrorist forces inside China.

The author is stated to have “war-gamed tactical counterterrorist scenarios at Heckler & Koch’s International Training Division from 1994-2002.”

The blurbs on the back cover attesting to the book’s versimilitude come from such people as Richard Perle, Joseph Wambaugh, Oliver North, Sherry Sontag, and the actual creators of the Navy SEAL teams and the Delta Force.

I found it very absorbing, especially the description of a HAHO (High Altitude High Opening) parachute jump as experienced by a young civilian female bomb specialist taken along on the mission. Man, it makes you appreciate NOT doing something like that, especially if, like me, you’re afraid of heights.

The book is replete with acronyms, which you don’t have to worry about: simply read on. A superb movie waiting to be made.

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