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RZA has ‘soft’ track on Unleashed soundtrack

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When you have a martial arts movie with Morgan Freeman and Bob Hoskins in leading roles, movie-goers should expect something a little different than the usual drop-kick flick.

The Jet-Li vehicle Unleashed, an independent French film in theaters today also has a 23-track soundtrack featuring mostly Massive Attack as well as RZA, from the Wu-Tang Clan.

In his work and his studies, RZA (nee Robert F. Diggs) picked up a talent on the piano and his main contribution to the sound track is a song he wrote called “Baby Boy” with British singer Thea’s vocals over the top. (can listen at itunes or Amazon link above). RZA also penned and performs, “Unleash Me.”

He says, “Jet Li’s (character is) raised up like a pitbull… and he has no knowledge of anything else. His mother had passed away when he was a kid and he always heard this little musical voice in his head.”So I wrote a song to be his mother in his head, telling him that he will always be her baby boy, she will always protect him, she’s always there for him.” – An uncredited news release at Female First.co.uk

A Virgin Records news release about the soundtrack and the movie states:

It captures in music the story of Danny (Jet Li), kept as a near-prisoner by his “Uncle” Bart (Bob Hoskins), a gangster; trained to attack and, if necessary, kill, Danny knows little of life, except the brutal existence that Bart has so crudely and cruelly fashioned for him. But when Danny has a chance encounter with soft-spoken blind piano tuner Sam (Morgan Freeman) and Sam’s daughter Victoria (Kerry Condon), he senses true kindness and compassion for the first time and experiences the transforming power of music.

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  • excellent! I got a question for you TS.

  • bones

    thea is actually a dutch singer

  • the baby boy song just blew me away… never knew there was that soft side to the RZA….