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Ryder speaks out on West Memphis 3

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Winona Ryder spoke Saturday at the opening of an art exhibit in LA to raise awareness about the case of the West Memphis Three USA Today reports. LA Weekly also has a more in-depth article on the case (one of them has recently been moved to a supermax prison), the evolution of the website, and how the art show came to be.

You can see the art from the exhibit (which runs through September 20th) by Raymond Pettibon, Exene Cervenka, Jaime Hernandez (he did the image shown), Marilyn Manson, and others online.

Ryder says she learned about the case from the documentary Paradise Lost and started writing to the WM3 after reading MAra Levertitt’s book Devil’s Knot which will be out in paperback next month. I actually picked up a copy of the hardcover at the SF Library book sale Sunday and will write about when I have a chance to read it.

The article mention that her ex Johnny Depp and Eddie Vedder have spoken out on the case. Henry Rollins has been among the most outspoken and released a benefit CD of Black Flag covers last year. A feature film starring Michael Pitt, Gina Gershon, and Ricki Lake starts shooting in October.

Lots more information is on the website (and you can check out my blog which I’m starting to update again).

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  • Thanks a ton for posting this, every little bit helps.


    FREE THE THREE. Unless they really did it, then they should stay in jail. I still think it was the freaky step dad. Yo, that dude is creepy!


    BTW, that Rise Above comp rocks (excluding the Ryan Adams cut-somebody please send this phony huckster back to hell), especially the song where the dude from Clutch sings. And I love Henry, but he shoulda gave up the mic a little more.

  • jasiell

    Ryder and all others who “believe”
    that the memphis 3 are innocent ought to take a look at the states evidence instead of just focusing on bull shit thats coming from the memphis camp.
    The so called “retard ” who gave the confession is no more retarded then a fellow who works for me { he’s a little slow but in his right mind}
    Ryder should of taken the time and got the Whole story. Damiens probably laughing his ass off behind these fruitloops backs.

  • Ryan

    Free The Three Innocent utill provn gilty the ameican way bull shit

  • LaMysticRose

    Jasiell, one of the people who commented just not long before I did here stated that we should look at the evidence of the case. I suggest he do the same thing.
    Fact:Jessie Misskelly IS legally retarded, his IQ is 68 and the legal line for being mentally handycapped is at 70.
    Fact:There is no physical evidence to support the claim that any of the WM3 commited these heinous crimes.
    Fact:Any evidence that did support the WM3’s claim of evidence was suppressed.
    Fact: The local authorities had it out for Damien Eckols from before this case even arose. They didn’t even try to find any other suspects.
    So when people like Jasiell try and tell supporters of the WM3 that we don’t look at the facts maybe those people should take a real good look themselves.

  • joel

    i have been following this case since i first saw a review for the first documentary ten or so years ago. yes, it must’ve been a vey emotional time in west memphis after the murders, and it must’ve made everyone feel better to think that someone was paying for those awful crimes. but i think it looks pretty obvious that there is at the very least a “reasonable ” doubt as to guilt of those three guys. of course, anyone one of us ” outsiders” who think the convictions were wrong can be accused of looking at the evidence in a biased manner, but i have yet to run across ANY evidence whatsover that directly links any of those guys to the crime. most importantly, i think that the only reason that those convictions have not been overturned by now is because of the refusal of anyone in the local or state government to admit that a mistake was made ( a BIG one!). it affects careers of people in positions of power. plus, so much of the flak is coming from those darn liberal californians and other outsiders. i have seen petitions for the pardons of these men, but i think it could only work if there were more people in west memphis, and arkansas in general, willing to speak out about this injustice. at this point, however, the outsider influence is probably just causing a stubborn, opposite reaction form the state and local officials.
    i am very glad to see that so many others are aware of this issue now, and hopefully these three won’t have to spend too many more years in jail. can you imagine the law suits that are waitinig to happen when they get out?

  • tom schmidt

    When i first saw this documentary,”paradise lost” ,i had only caught the end of it and i was furious at the three defendants.I just figured the film was aqbout three teenagers who killed three 8 year olds. Later i saw the sequel ,”paradise lost 2″ and started seeing it in a different light. this was years ago. I was finally able to get the first video and i’ve watched both in order now and i am reading “the devil’s knot”. it’s now 2006 and i see these men are still in jail. It’s disgusting to think we live in a country were this could happen. There’s no doubt in my mind to their innocence and now i’m just pissed that nothing has been done to free these 3. You don’t need a law degree to see they had nothing to do with these murders. i commend the celebrities who have spoken out for these men and wish i had a more powerful voice to be heard. I have a nephew in the marines and another joining soon, and i seriously have to ask myself is this country worth fighting and dying for where 3 young teenagers can be convicted of this terrible crime with absolutely no evidence against them. one day in jail for these three is too much,thirteen years is a travesty. how can the people responsible for this sleep? i can only hope more people with the right influence can get this injustice taken care of.FREE THE WEST MEMPHIS THREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vlad

    hi, i just finished watching those mentioned ‘documentaries’ and ive yet to see anything which suggests they did or didnt do it. yeh, lets focus on the ‘creepy’ step-dad, afterall, pointing the finger at him cos he’s creepy, doesnt that bring some irony to the case because those 3 guys were creepy in the 1st place too? its funny how one sided people can be when it suits them.

    i do wish that someone would tell the public on what evidence they are in prison. i think its something the ‘documentaries’ failed in showing.

    its ok to feel sympathy for these 3 guys, but what if they did commit the crimes? i will browse the internet some more, because i for one, would like to read as to based on what did they put them in jail. the way we are led to believe they’re in jail is because they dressed ‘differently’. that alone doesnt add up in my mind. there has to be more as to why theyre in prison.

    if theyre innocent, i hope this is proven too. again, i found no evidence to say they’re innocent.

    anyways, thats enough from me for now.

    have a good one 🙂

  • people make me sick

    what is wrong with you people,you dont need reasonable doubt to realize these three are guilty.

  • Sheri

    The crazy stepdad did it…..Those kids had bite marks on their bodys,and the stepdad just accidently looses his teeth……Now his wife is dead too..come on already and FREE these guys

  • Ash

    This is riduculous, all of you who support these bastards are a disgrace to human kind! There is evidence against them, and all the documentaries and books and all that crap was created by a FEW people who believed the boys to be innocent. Then they polute the world with their opinion, and make you all believe them! are you all simple minded sheep??? It’s obvious they did it, there are people implicating them AT THE SCENE! There was a knife found AT ECHOLS HOUSE! And have there been ANYMORE HEINOUS MURDERS since they were locked up????!!! NOOO! they are disgusting, and they all deserve to rot in hell. thank you very much.

  • mike kramer

    They did not do this. i have studied this case from day one!!!!!!

  • judge

    they are guilty ,,search for damien echols
    early treating doctor reports they are a real eye opener ,,real scary stuff,,usa wake up the police cant just tell you everything there is a privacy act ,,do some real research its all there and you to will change your mind ,,he was the ring leader