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Rutgers Win Dooms Big East’s BCS Championship Chances

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Successful college football in Jersey was once a far-fetched dream. After Thursday night, it’s a dreadful reality for the Big East.

Rutgers’ stunning –- and that’s not saying enough -– 28-25 win over Louisville all but confirms that the black sheep of BCS conferences will not send a team to the national championship game, even if the Scarlet Knights win out.

This isn’t even about the undeniable need for a playoff in college football. That’s not going to happen. It’s about the Urban Meyers of the world that voiced their disgust with Louisville possibly playing in the title game. It’s about all those coaches that didn’t speak out, instead using a top 25 poll to state their opinion. It’s about Jason Whitlock, who still voted the Cardinals 10th on his writer’s poll ballot even after last Thursday’s win over West Virginia.

All of them were right. The Cardinals do not deserve to play for the national championship. But if it wasn’t for last night, they would have been there Jan. 8. No one outside of a few columnists trying to be different actually believes Rutgers is BCS Title Game worthy. But a team that could have finished second in the country would have been.

Now Florida, Texas, and USC and all of the “stronger” one-loss teams can breathe easier. One of those schools will back into the title game without having to worry about some unbeaten Big East team, no matter what Rutgers’ record is.

In the long run, a strong team from the biggest media market in the world will be help the Big East thrive. The future of the league is promising.

It’s the present that’s looking cloudy.

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  • I somewhat disagree with the Big East being snubbed by the BCS after Louisville’s demise. We all know the Big East is STILL the Big East, and the conference champions is under contract to be in a BCS bowl. Even if the champions will be Rutgers, it would be unfair that the BCS selection committee will not give Rutgers a shot at the BCS championship. The others will fall along the way, and for Rutgers to be where Auburn was when it was in a logjam with LSU and USC is too much of a stretch, and perhaps a jinx.

    I don’t think the BCS wants to be given a black eye like the past two years before 2005. Ironically, that won’t matter to a joyous Scarlet Knight nation in New Brunswick who are still relishing their hangovers…

  • The different between Oklahoma, USC and Auburn that year was that they were all undefeated.

    What’s going to happen to Rutgers will be unprecedented.

  • Rutgers is a lot like Wisconsin. Imagine if Wisconsin beat Michigan. Then they’d be undefeated. But here’s the rub: Wisconsin doesn’t play Ohio State.

    Now suppose the Big East is basically the Big Ten without an Ohio State equivalent. You’re looking at an undefeated team with one super quality road win (Mich) and nonconf wins over the MAC, WAC, and I-AA.

    Could you put a 12-0 Wisconsin team in the championship game against Ohio State for a “true Big Ten” national championship, even if Florida had just one loss? I couldn’t.

  • RedTard

    Please do send Rutgers to play Ohio State for the championship if for no other reason than to expose the big easy pretenders for who they are.

    All those obnoxious big east fans can then go out to Vegas and put their money on Rutgers, I’m sure they’ll be glad to have it and’ll even spot you quite a few points.

    Realistically, Rutgers is about about as good as Oklahoma except Peterson was much better than Rice and Oklahoma’s QB can at least run in addition to throwing poorly aimed passes.

  • the other jesus

    Seriously you can not disreguard Rutgers. They might and probably arn’t the second best team in the nation, they are atleast now in the top 5. I dont care what you want to say about the big east for its past transgressions against decency in college football skill. Now however you must look at some of the shared games; namely Illinois, which Rutgers shutout, and illinois never really came close to scoring in; while they scored and had competitve games in thier own conference. The only way Rutgers deserves the second ranking is if they stop West Virgina in a convincing fashion. And please SEC save this bullshit about your conference for when it actually is as good as you claim (like last year). This year will show that the BCS is officially the dumbest Idea in sports history. We cant have hugely biased people, a couple people that could be confused for catatonic, and other morons with a computer chosing who will be #1

  • I don’t think I’d even make a friendly bet regarding Rutgers over Ohio State, but it’s fairly ridiculous to see people put definite stamps all over anything.

    Would Rutgers go unbeaten in the SEC? Maybe not. Would Florida go unbeaten in the Big East? I don’t know that they would.

    I can’t see how it would have been okay if West Virginia got to the title game based off of last year’s win but not okay for a team that beats them. Obviously, Rutgers still needs to beat them.

    You can’t take anything away from the Scarlet Knights. I would probably put money on every top ten team to beat them, but who knows? If they are undefeated, and only one other BCS conference team is, how do they not deserve consideration?

  • TC

    We all know the BCS is a joke. Rutgers could beat Ohio State or Michigan or USC or Florida… or Rutgers could lose to them. We will never know because the BCS stacked against teams that don’t have a big name. If Rutgers or even Boise State go undefeated this year, then who ever claims to be national champion, especially if it has a loss, will be a fake champion… again. Every team should have a chance at winning the championship each year, regardless of that team’s tradition. Every professional and college sport gives the cinderella team a chance at the title. The big name schools don’t want that because it could tarnish Ohio State to lose a title game to Rutgers or Boise State. The big schools are afraid to play ’em. Pathetic for such a supposedly tough group of men to be such pansies. The Big East, SEC, Mountain West, PAC 10 and every other conference should have a chance at the title.

  • RedTard

    Hey TC, my local high school went undefeated this year as well. Does that mean they could beat Ohio State and Michigan?

    Letting any undefeated team have a shot at the title simply makes sure no one will play anyone tough during the regular schedule. Perhaps USC will request a transfer to Conference-USA. Stick Florida in MAC, and Texas in the Sun Belt and you’ll get 4 or 5 undefeateds every year.

    The reason the big powerhouses get more respect is because they have more, better athletes. Year in and year out getting the cream of the crop in recruits takes it’s toll. Even if a second tier team plays as ‘good’, it’s hard to upset a USC, Florida, Texas, etc becuase across the board their players are bigger stronger and faster.

    You’ll see these teams get behind lot’s of times in the first half, but football is a game of inches and a few inches of height here and an extra half step of speed there takes it’s toll. How many times has USC done it in the last two years?

    Get behind, open the game up, let your athletes outperform theirs. Works (almost) every time.

  • “Now however you must look at some of the shared games; namely Illinois, which Rutgers shutout, and illinois never really came close to scoring in; while they scored and had competitve games in thier own conference.”

    All right. Illinois is 2-8 and beat only tumultuous Michigan State and I-AA whipping boy Eastern Illinois.

  • RedTard

    “You’ll see these teams get behind lot’s of times in the first half, but football is a game of inches and a few inches of height here and an extra half step of speed there takes it’s toll.”

    Let me be the first, and only, to congratulate myself for my almost prophetic words above. A big quarterback and a bigger linebacker on special teams sealed the win for Florida over SC today even though they were pretty much outplayed otherwise.

  • kndsmith

    sept.9,2006 rutgers 33 illinois 00
    nov.04,2006 ohio st 17 illinois 10

  • Illinois: 2 wins
    Illinois: 8 losses

    I have nothing against college-educated Jersey natives, please don’t start now.

  • Now 2-9

  • Just what in the hell is a team playing for, if going undefeated doesn’t even earn them serious consideration for a National Championship?

  • Ask Auburn, Utah, Marshall, Tulane, and Toledo.

  • Well…exactly!

    Look, I realize the stars are aligned against a college football playoff system…but it would be better, wouldn’t it?

  • Well look at the BCS standings:

    1 plays 2
    3 plays 5 (probably)
    4 plays 6
    7 plays 8

    How’s that not only a playoff, but the most innovative playoff in sports?

  • Well…if 7 beats 8, and 2 beats 1, does 7 go on to play 2?

  • Yes, if 3-6 all play poorly.

    Rutgers has an edge over Ohio State in that they’re ranked higher in the computer polls this very minute, although two upcoming games against Cincinnati and Syracuse may slip them down.

    But I surmise that a 12-0 Rutgers trumps a 11-1 Ohio State in the PCs, offsetting the fact that OSU will in this scenario have one quality win (Texas) vs. Rutgers, which has two.