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Russia’s Plan for Syria

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Author’s note: while most media outlets are writing that the details of the Russian plan for Syria have not been disclosed, one exception is the Russian News which is the primary source of this article. The link to the Soviet agency is included.

The United Nations Security Council’s plans to support the League of Arab States’ lead in dealing with bloodshed in Syria, currently most particularly in Homs, where hundreds have been dying daily, ended when Russia and China vetoed the resolution the Council had prepared. The Syrian government has worked to quell civilian uprising since March; they say they are fighting “foreign-backed armed gangs.” Now fighting alongside the feedom seeking civilians, thousands of soldiers, formerly of the Syrian Regime army have defected to the ranks of the free army. Syria’s interior ministry said the operations against “terrorist groups” will continue until order is restored in Homs.

Russia is committed to ending the civilian deaths, and a Russian delegation headed by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov arrived in Damascus on Tuesday. Russia, while supplying arms to Damascus, will continue working with Syrian opposition groups to mitigate the conflict.

The world has waited to hear details of the Russian Plan. The plan we now know calls for talks between Assad’s government and the opposition, talks that Moscow will coordinate. In addition, Syria will call a referendum to draw up a new constitution. This new constitution will end the monopolistic control of the ruling political party over Syria. Syrian President Assad has agreed to follow the guidelines of the League of Arab States by increasing the number of observers in all areas of Syria; even in the most involved and hostile areas. Russia has discussed these plans with the Arab League, whom Russia consider a “stabilizing factor” for Syria.

Neighboring Turkey declares meanwhile they will “start a new initiative with those countries who stand by the Syrian people, not the regime.” This resolve was released to news organizations by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in the Turkish capitol in Ankara.

(the photo comes from The Nation, and Pakistan News, published February 5, 2012)

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  • John Lake

    BBC NEWS Middle East reports today, 3 a.m., February 8:
    The Syrian city of Homs has come under renewed bombardment for the fifth day… Activists say more than 40 people have died as a result of the new shelling…The attacks come a day after President Bashar al-Assad promised the Russian foreign minister in Damascus that he would end violence and start dialogue.

  • Paul

    “The link to the Soviet agency is included.”

    Wait what!?

  • John Lake

    By agency, I simply meant the newspaper, the Russian News.

  • SqueakyRat

    That’s it? Supply more arms to Damascus, and lean on the opposition to lie down?

  • John Lake

    – Assad is ready for talks with the opposition
    – Assad agrees to keep to the Arab League’s peace plan
    – Assad calls to continue the League’s observing mission
    – Assad urges to boost the number of monitors
    – Assad commits to ending the violence
    – Referendum to be called shortly to vote on the new constitution
    – Syria to hold soon parliamentary elections
    – Russia to coordinate talks between Assad and the opposition

  • John Lake
  • Glenn Contrarian

    If anyone’s wondering why Russia’s backing the Assad regime, it has nothing to do with right or wrong and everything to do with Russia’s only Mediterranean naval base…which happens to be in Tartus, Syria.

    The great game is still on, it seems.

  • John Lake

    There is also a feeling in Russia, and in China, that if they tolerate outside agencies coming into areas and unseating ruling regimes, the same could happen to them.