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Russian Hospital Silences Infants

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We have all heard the old adage “children should be seen and not heard,” but it seems a hospital in Russia is taking the early 15th century saying a little too seriously. According to several news reports, a woman visitor to the hospital in Yekaterinburg, located to the north of Moscow, used the camera in her cell-phone to expose the wrongdoings.

After hearing the muffled cries of children, who are all reported to be orphans, the woman discovered the children had duct tape covering their mouths to stifle their cries. The woman, Elena Kuritsyna, complained to hospital staff and was told by a nurse to “mind her own business,” according to a report from BBC News.

While scandals are no random occurrence in Russia’s failing health care system, this particular event has caused a fair amount of outrage across Russia and has resulted in action from authorities. Prosecutors are planning to file charges against the hospital. The nurse in question has been let go from her job.

I’ll be the first to say I see children whose behavior is far beyond the definition of unruly, but to physically silence a child in such a barbaric manner is unacceptable, even after a couple of shots of Vodka.

The fact that these children were orphans only adds to the disturbing nature of this story. We are creating a world full of unloved and unwanted, yet we wonder why youth violence is on the rise. Children are the future. We should do more to protect them.

Here in America, more attention and money needs to be put towards education. Teenagers and young adults need to be taught to make sure they’re ready to have children of their own. We need to focus more of our law enforcement resources on catching those who prey on youth, and most importantly, parents need to take responsibility for teaching youth the difference between good and bad. 

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  • Luigi

    Actually Yekaterinburg is not north of Moscow but in the far russian east, beyond the Urals chain and already in Siberia. Good reporting starts with precision in the details….:-)