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Rush return to form.

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Vapor Trails

(Anthem Atlantic)

Delayed by multiple tragedies and long overdue, the new one from Rush is an eagerly waited “event” release. Was it worth the wait? Initially no; at first listen this Rush album is nowhere near as approachable as some of their past output. Dark, moody and stark (the cover-art leads the way), it shows a side of Rush far removed from some of their more well known output. It takes at least 3 listens to get into this 13 track release. I am sure the band would not have it any other way. It has been written in places that this album sounds more “modern” than their normal output. Far from it, it is just starker, with virtually no keyboards or guitar synths. It’s Rush’s hardest album ever, with less of the muso/prog overtones of old. It is well worth the effort, and once fully digested, it becomes obvious there is no dross to be had. Not their best album, but not their worst either, any rating would vary almost from listen to listen. Fans will buy it come what may, the rest of you might have a few listens of someone else’s before making the investment. It will be interesting to see which direction the band heads with their next one.

Marty Dodge: 7

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  • It’s simply outstanding. Heavy and emotional. I just wish Alex would have added some real solos.