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Rush Prepares to Release Replay x3

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Hot on the heels of the success of previous releases R30 and Rush in Rio, the boys from the Great White North are preparing their fans for another round of DVD concert goodness.

Announced earlier this month, Rush is preparing to release Replay x3 on June 13, 2006. With new stereo mixes of the audio (thanks to guitarist Alex Lifeson), the four-disc set will contain DVD versions of some Rush classics, thus far only available on VHS (and some choice Laserdisc copies).

The set will contain 1982’s Exit…Stage Left, 1985’s Grace Under Pressure, and 1991’s A Show of Hands. The fourth disc is actually a CD version of the Grace Under Pressure concert. Reprints of the tour books for those concerts are also included in the pack. Rush has previously released both Exit…Stage Left and A Show of Hands live CDs (as part of their traditional ‘four studio albums followed by one live album’ cycle).

Recent years have seen a flood of Rush video footage, with both Rush in Rio and R30 garnering rave reviews. Replay x3 appears to continue this and will certainly help to tide over those of us who are salivating with anticipation at the news that the legendary trio is currently working on a new album.

This fan will most certainly be getting this latest set upon release!

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  • excellent! i don’t have any of those releases (except for my aging Show of Hands vhs).

  • Mark: I agree. This should be a good release. I missed both Exit. . .Stage Left and Grace Under Pressure. My copy of A Show of Hands is looking worse for the wear as well. Time to update.

  • I am sick of the infinitude of live releases from Rush – they never stop and add little to our appreciation of their creative talent

  • gonzo marx

    well now Aaman..here is one of the few times we have ever disagreed on something…

    i am quite happy to see these coming out regularily

    i own each of those concert videos on tape, and am quite willing to show my continued support for the band by buying the DVDs

    from the beginning, due to their Objectivist ideals from their early days…Rush has always striven to craft the best of their Art, and make an ethical profit while doing so

    by all accounts they appear to have succeeded, and now that they are staring retirment in the face, why not squeeze out everything they can by packaging up all the video taken over the last 30 years?

    fans will like it, new fans might be turned on to the older stuff, musicians will collect it to see hwo it is/was done

    and if it doesn’t appeal to you, vote with your wallet and don’t buy it

    nuff said?


  • Aaman: “I am sick of the infinitude of live releases from Rush – they never stop and add little to our appreciation of their creative talent”

    I respect your opinion, but do disagree with it. I could see your comment has having more weight if these were new releases of live material. True, we have had quite a bit of live stuff released recently from the boys.

    But this is simply an update on older shows that have already been released. One could see it as just trying to milk everything they can, but I prefer to see it as them giving their fans something many of us have wanted for years: the opportunity to update our old, worn-out VHS copies of these live performances for some better sounding DVD ones.

    Like Gonzo said, we can all express our true opinion with our wallets. Thanks for the comments from both of you!

  • michael D

    yo MAN

  • Jay

    This is SO sweet, my only version of the Exit… video is on Betamax so I have to go over to my Dad’s place if I want to watch it ‘cus he still has a working Beta player (I am NOT joking) so I’ll be so happy to get a proper version on DVD!

  • Jay: I agree. I think it will be excellent to have these releases updated and on DVD to enjoy!

  • Signals ’83

    I have the related albums and or CD’s but never had a chance at the VHS or Laserdiscs so I’m looking forward to the DVD release.

  • Louis Yun

    I just won the Rush DVD box set on the local radio station and I am looking forward to seeing the boys in action. I will report back once I watch the DVDs.